1 Chapter (JS)

Hey guys, M2t5 here with a new chapter~~!I have decided to use the evil read more thingy to get more pageviews…. Mwahahahaha………….

So to be honest, I planned to release 3-4 chapters today, but once again the length of Kuang Shen has foiled me. I’ve been editing for the past four-ish hours and I haven’t finished the chapter yet… so I’ll finish it tomorrow. (Only 3.5 pages left :D) So you can look forward to that. Anyway, Ash finished translating 34, and Fahmi had chapter 35 done sometime ago. So we may release those next Sunday, or maybe even 1 on Friday and one on Sunday. Just know that we have two SW chapters for you :P.

Btw did you guys see that Rakuin no Monshou was updated on the 29th… END OF VOLUME 3 HYPE… ahahahaha. We had no involvement with that.. (unfortunately)

ANYWAY…. I WANT TL’ERS… If you dream/think/speak/read/imagine/whatever else Chinese. APPLY HERE

I’m not kidding, even if you can only read pinyin/speak that’s fine. I want YOU. (To be my slave)





Remember the period game?





Not going to do it 🙂


2 thoughts on “1 Chapter (JS)

  1. What’s happening with bacchus ( Jiu Shen )? Tried to read vol. 2 chapter 5 and higher and ended up with vol. 1 chapter 5. There also is no links for next chapter on volume 2 chapters 1-4.


    • Jiu Shen is currently being translated very slowly, so currently we only have chapters 1-21 translated. (volume 1 chapter 1 – volume 2 chapter 5)


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