1 Chapter (KS)

Hey guys M2t5 here with another chapter…

O.o… THE READ MORE BUTTON STRIKES AGAIN~! 😛 (its a small pleasure… indulge me…)

Back to back releases, I know, its a miracle, could Dark Translations actually be active again…?

I don’t know, still waiting for GX, Fahmi and half of Demen to come back… (one half has already been tied to KS ch. 8… mwahahahah     the zombie strikes again…)

Speaking of which I have no idea what happened to Fahmi, I told him to concentrate on SSK, which he said he would do, and has promptly disappeared off the face of the earth… T.T. His computer was broken, but he said something about TL’ing off his phone or something. Anyway, I’m giving him a week before I email him again.

As for Sheng Wang, schedule still hasn’t been decided. Probably whenever I feel like going on another editing spree. (These KS chapters take a lot out of you…)

Mmm… maybe I’ll make a skit next time.. we will see.

By the way I still want Translators. I didn’t get a single translator application yesterday so I was sad… I sniffled in my little zombie cave while munching on editor limbs… (I mean I have to draw comfort from somewhere, don’t judge me…? Please…?) Don’t make me cry for two days in a row, apply to become a translator~~~. (It isn’t that big of a deal, I’m super nice… I only eat editors…) I’ve even linked the whole section, like the WHOLE thing is one big link. So you can’t even say that you missed the recruitment page. I’m looking at you… Yes you guilty leacher who somehow knows Chinese… APPLY (and be my slave). Notice me…? Maybe…?


Phew… I cringe looking at that last section… look what I go through to entertain you people… MONSTERS.

Anyway, back to normal, non-theatrical performances, boring Mewtwo announcements.

Uhh I don’t really have any… LOL

Rest in Peace

Look at my imaginary cat.

























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