Chapter 1

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Volume 5 Chapter 1-Leaving Yuna

Overlord on High: M2t5

Translated by: Demenious, GX

Edited by:  vanagandr, Challi, LosThanatos

Corupted by:  IT


I smiled and asked, “Since you decided to come with me, are you ready to depart?”

The silver wolf head nodded excitedly and said, “Yeah, the sooner the better!”

I thought for a while before saying, “If you guys want to come with me, you will have to give me your names. I can’t call you guys ‘Wolf God’ every time I need to talk to you… Wait… Do you even have your own names?

The two wolf heads looked at each other blankly and shook their heads simultaneously. The golden head said, “Our Twin-headed wolf lineage is passed down from one of the parents to the firstborn child. But ever since our clan was exterminated, we haven’t had anyone to mary, and we haven’t been given names.”

I looked at their beautiful fur and said, “Since this is the case, I will name you two. It will be easier to communicate with each other that way. From this day forth, if I say Jin Yin,” I mean both of you, “if I say Jin, I mean you.” I pointed at the gold wolf head as I spoke. “And when I say Yin, I mean you.” I pointed at the silver wolf head. The Wolf God’s four eyes spun as they mulled over the names.

The silver wolf head said, “Although they are a little… tacky we will accept them.”

Jin heartily said, “It doesn’t matter what we are called, as long as we get to play.” Jin seemed to be even more playful than Yin.

[TL note: Jin also means Gold in chinese and yin = silver.]

I nodded and said, “Well then, Jin Yin, quickly settle the things here, then we will leave this place as soon as possible.” Although they didn’t show it, they were more eager to leave this place than I was.

Jin yelled, “Yin Jian, come in.”

A silver streak flashed in, and Yin Jian’s nimble figure entered from the outside. He greeted Jin Yin with extreme respect and said, “Lord Wolf God, what are your instructions?”

Gold glanced at me and said in a deep voice, “Immediately summon all the werewolf elders to the temple, we have an important matter to announce, it concerns the fate of our werewolf tribe so you must hurry.”

Yin Jian’s body quaked, he raised his head, puzzled, and looked at the Wolf God, Jin Yin, before looking at me.

Yin said with slight impatience, “Shouldn’t you be leaving already?”

Yin Jian once again respectfully greeted and answered, “Yes, my lord, I will leave immediately.” As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and ran out.

I lowered my voice, “Since you have summoned the werewolf elders, we must properly discuss this beforehand. Your logic mustn’t have any flaws.”

Both Jin, and Yin agreed, it was clear that the elders wanted to keep Jin Yin there out of their “care and concern” for them. Even the Wolf God was scared of the elder’s power.

[EN: In case you guys can’t tell, the Elders just want to keep Jin and Yin here for selfish reasons.]

Jin Yin brought me to the back of the temple where their bedroom was located, this place was decorated very gorgeously, the murals on the wall were embedded with all kinds of uncommon minerals, the texture of crenulation was excellent, and the floor was bedded with long fur carpet made of unknown material. But what was most surprising was that more than half of the room’s surface was occupied by an enormous bed, these guys couldn’t have spent their entire day sleeping, could they?

Jin said proudly, “How is it, our room looks beautiful right?”

Yin glared at Jin and said, “Stop showing off shamelessly. Lei Xiang is right, we must discuss this properly, and we must unify our speech. Whether or not we can break away from this cage will depend on whether we can convince those old guys that we should be able to leave.”

As far as convincing the werewolf elders was concerned, I felt equally nervous. That was because only through convincing them would I truly make Yuna united under the banner of our Beast God religion, and Jin Yin was the most favourable tool to control them. Jin Yin, in order to spread the Beast God religion throughout the entire Beast Country as soon as possible, I have no choice but to use you.

Like this Jin Yin and I got together and discussed about the speech to deceive the werewolf elders of the vast Yuna.

Beastman Imperial city, Beamon king’s mansion:

kacha, hong!

Lei Hu, who just recently returned from the front lines, crushed a wall in his room into pieces as he choked his butler with his other hand. His glare was so intense that his eyes were about to protrude from his head. A command was squeezed out from the gap between his teeth, “Say it again, who killed my mother?”

Lei Hu had recovered from the blow I had dealt to him thanks to his valiant Beamon body.

The white fox butler’s face had long since turned apple red, as his hands frantically scraped at Lei Hu’s gigantic hand, squeaking as he was unable to say a word.

Lei Hu waved his hand and flung the butler aside, he said with hatred, “Say it.”

The white fox butler stroked his throat with his hands and coughed repeatedly. His eyes were filled with fear as he said with trepidation, “Second young master, it was third young master who killed the first lady.”

Lei Hu furiously roared at the sky. The yellow energy of the Heavenly Armour congested around his body. A fierce wave of fists blasted the white fox butler into shreds. Blood and flesh splashed, causing blood reek to waft throughout the entire room. He kept roaring while he continuingly swung his fists towards his surroundings,

“Lei Xiang you hybrid! How dare you kill my mother! I will tear you into millions of shreds!”

The former sturdy room could no longer sustain his devastating power, with a loud rumble it collapsed. One could clearly see the smoke rising out of the prince’s room from the outside of the Beamon king’s mansion. Lei Hu crawled out of the ruins of his room. The surrounding servants were so terrified that they had long since disappeared without a trace.

Since he couldn’t find anyone to vent his anger on, his fist headed straight towards the courtyard wall.

Just at that moment, a gigantic figure blocked his path, forcibly deflecting his violent raging attack. Hong! Lei Hu’s body was blasted and was sent flying back to the ruins of his room by the opponent’s powerful energy.

Lei Ao’s dominant tyrant figure appeared within his vision.

“Your injuries just healed, what are you doing here, throwing tantrums. Do you want to tear down my mansion?”

Lei Hu saw his father who he always feared and restrained a bit of his anger. He roared, “Dad, this hybrid Lei Xiang, he, he killed my mother! You must help me!”

Lei Ao’s expression was abnormally calm as he said plainly, “I’ve known that for a while, so what? Besides, I commanded that no one shall be allowed to call Lei Xiang a hybrid a long time ago. Do you treat my words as nothing?” A calm but threatening imposing manner arose from this Beamon King, which instantly pressed down Lei Hu’s wild fury.

Lei Hu raged, “I don’t care who he is; he killed my mother; I shall tear his corpse into millions of shreds!”

Lei Ao said, “Your mother asked for it, who asked her to provoke your brother, did she have nothing better to do? She’s dead and so be it. You better behave yourself, I’m already vexed having lost a war. If you annoy me again, don’t blame me for being hard on you later.”

Lei Hu’s anger was once again reignited, his tremendous roar could be heard throughout the entire imperial city, “Do we just let it pass like this? He killed my mother, your wife!”

Lei Ao frowned, “There are plenty of women in this city. Stop throwing tantrums. If you want take to revenge on Lei Xiang, do it with your own strength. If it I hadn’t protected you last time, you wouldn’t even have the chance to yell here. I have given you so many advantages; making an exception in passing down my profound skill of the Heavenly Armour and promising to make you my successor, but you threw it all away. You only know how to fight endlessly, and can’t make any progress at all. You can only blame your own complacency for your inability to surpass him. As a warrior, one can only depend on oneself, do you understand? However, I must warn you, do not provoke Lei Xiang right now, his majesty’s has taken a special interest in him. When I returned, his majesty ordered someone to notify me to not make things difficult for him regardless of any reasons.”

Due to him clenching his fist too tightly, Lei Hu’s veins on his hands were exposed, his eyes looked as if they were going to spray fire, he hissed, “Well then, Lei Xiang, you better wait, one day, I will let you taste death!”

Lei Ao calmly said, “Remember my words, if you want revenge, you must rely on yourself. Train more! As it stands now, you are definitely no match for him. If I ever find you destroying the things in this mansion again, I’ll kick you out.” Finished with his lecture, Lei Ao turned and left.

It seemed, the Beamon King’s Mansion needed a renovation.

Yuna territory, Wolf God temple:

I slightly smiled and told Jin Yin, “Alright, let’s do this.”

Jin said excitedly, “I can’t imagine those old geezers not giving in!”


Yin reminded him, “You should pay more attention. Later, you must not, by any means, expose any flaws in our argument. We only have one chance. If they discover something, it’ll be difficult for us to get away.”

“Report.” Yin Jian’s voice came from the outside

Yin glanced at me, and Jin said, “Come in.” A silver streak flashed and Yin Jian prostrated outside at the entrance of house, “Report, lord Wolf God, the tribe elders have gathered at the temple, waiting for lord’s instructions.”

Yin replied, “You can go first, we will be there in a minute.”

“Yes.” Jin Yin’s gaze was a little fidgety, I gave them an encouraging nod, “This is unavoidable, whether or not you regain your freedom depends on yourself.” This was also related to whether or not I could make steady steps towards the consolidation of beastman. I followed Jin Yin to the temple, the scenery there truly surprised me.

The center of the temple stood more than a hundred werewolves. Most of them had grizzled beards, while two thirds of them were propping on crutches. No wonder Jin Yin was scared, even I would be apprehensive if I ran into this group of old geezers who refused to die in peace.

An aged voice rang throughout the temple, “We pay our respects to the lord Wolf God.” All of the werewolves elders greeted while bowing.

Jin cleared his throat and said, “Elders, rise. Yin Jian, let the elders sit.” Speaking, Jin Yin returned to his own seat. I sat next to him. If no one lets these swaying elders sit, I’m afraid most of them would fall. I really don’t know why those old folks keep occupying the positions of authority, why don’t they go home and find a nice place to retire?

After the elders were seated, I felt their gazes, some were vigilant or downright hostile while others were curious, but they didn’t dare to ask anything in Jin Yin’s presence.

Jin said, “This time, I have requested all elders to come in order to announce a few things. Before I make my announcement, I want to thank all of you for more than 10 years of hospitality.”

Before Jin Yin could continue, a silver werewolf who sat at the very front, stood up on his crutches and coughed twice and said, “Lord Wolf God, we are all your people, serving you is our duty. Are you going to raise the topic of leaving again? Without you to lead us, your werewolf tribe will return to the terrible dark times once again! I encourage you to think wisely.” As he spoke I thought, Impressive. As expected, before Jin Yin could even approach the subject, he sealed the subject by mentioning his duty to the clan.

Yin used qi to inform me without others hearing, “This old man is the first elder of the werewolf tribe, he had the most authority before we came, and he is also Yin Jian’s grandfather.”

Jin smiled somewhat awkwardly and said, “Yin Sun, there are a few things we are going to announce today, and they are advantageous for the werewolf tribe. But before I continue, you must sit down.”

They were truly family, there was a ‘sinister’ grandpa and a ‘wanton’ grandson. Yin Sun looked at Jin Yin doubtfully before coughing again and sitting down.

[Yin Sun’s name 银隼 sound the same as 阴损 (sinister, vicious) where as Yin Jian’s name 银箭 sound the same as a vulgar word 淫贱 (wanton, lascivious) the raw used ** for this so it took me a long time to figure this out. 银阴淫 has the exact same pronunciation. Also 隼损,箭贱。] (look them up yourself, as I like this to be relatively clean)

*no wonder the mc was so surprised when he first heard his name

At his left hand, was a silver furred werewolf. He was the only one among the assembly that looked relatively young. He exclaimed, “Lord Wolf God, please instruct us.” Again, Yin used his qi to tell me, “This is the current tribe leader of the werewolves and also Yin Jian’s eldest brother, Yin Mao.” As I listened to Yin I became more and more confused, Why were all the stratum of the werewolf tribe members of the Silver family?

[LOL his name 银毛 can also be spoken as 阴毛 (pubic hair) ]

Jin imposingly swept his eyes across the elders before him, with a deep voice he said, “The first thing I will annouce is, all the werewolves of Yuna territory will join the Beast God religion from this day onwards.”

This statement was like a sudden clap of thunder, all the present werewolf elders were astonished and stunned. Yin Sun stood up again, wobbling, as he said respectfully, “Lord Wolf God, this Beast God religion……” Jin reached raised his palm to stop him from continuing, as he said with a heavy voice, “All elders should know that the beastman’s most influential God is the Beast God and without the Beast God, today’s beastman would not exist. The Beast God religion has been established under the command of the Beast God. His aim is to help us become the greatest race on this continent.” The elders immediately started to whisper to one another, it was obvious that they opposed his words.

Jin took a quick glance at me, I hinted him to follow our plan. Jin cleared his throat and continued, “Please be silent. I’d like to ask all of you a question. Yin Mao, since you are the tribe leader, will you answer this question?” Yin Mao immediately stood and bowed, “Please ask.”

Jin’s eyes showed a sharp gaze, closely staring at him as he asked solemnly, “I want to ask you, was my arrival to Yuna, beneficial to the tribe?”

Plop! Yin Mao knelt on the floor, with extreme sincerity he said, “Lord Wolf God, what lord has bestowed upon us was not only merely ‘beneficial’ one word can’t describe it. If you hadn’t led us to,develop and expand our production and taught us knowledge, I’m afraid Yuna would still be the most lacking tribe among the beastmen right now. And we would be invaded by everyone. That’s why we are not willing to believe in whatever Beast God. In our hearts, you are our only true God.”

Speaking to the end, Yin Mao literally had a tearful voice as he spoke. One could tell that he was really thankful towards Jin Yin. Jin Yin’s eyes flashed with joy and relief, since their many years of hard work had not gone to waste.

All the present elders followed after Yin Mao and knelt down, Yin Sun said, “Lord Wolf God, were we lacking in any way? If yes, please tell us. We will do our very best to correct it.”

Jin shook his head slightly and stood from his seat, saying in harmony, “Please sit elders, I just asked if we were beneficial, nothing else.”

He looked at this crowd of puzzled elders and said flatly, “The reason why I asked this question is to tell all of you my real identity. I am one of the Beast God’s people, it is that old man Beast God that has sent me here to help and guide you. That’s why you shouldn’t thank me, but thank lord Beast God. Without him the Yuna you see today would not exist. The Beast God has never forgotten his children.

I stood up and said, “That’s right, what lord Wolf God said is the truth: the Beast God has never forgotten us, his children! If you didn’t realise, your lord Wolf God is one of the twelve Gods of the Beast God religion!”

Yin Sun’s eyes shot out two rays of light, he scanned me up and down, then he said, “You are clearly a human, why are you calling yourself a child of the Beast God?”

Jin Yin walked to my side, “I will introduce you. This is the Vice Pope of the Beast God religion, he is not human, but a mixed blood of human and beastman, in his body flows the blood of the strongest; the Beamon tribe. This time he came to Yuna in order to check if I have finished my job successfully.”

Yin Mao said worried, “Successful, of course his work was successful, Lord Vice Pope. You can tell just by seeing the living standards of us werewolfs, just how huge the devotion is and how much our lord, the Wolf God, has for us.”

I laughed secretly, knowing that they were slowly accepting the Beast God unawarely. I smiled, “Yes, Wolf God has truly done well, he used a bit more than ten years to lead you and develop this territory, but he has made one grievous mistake.”

As I said this, Jin Yin acted ashamed, lowering their heads. Yin Mao suppressed his fury, he said unconvinced, “What has the Wolf God done wrong? Did sir Vice Pope not see the prosperous condition of his Yuna?

I said calmly, “Please calm down elder. The Wolf God has already said just now, he is one of the twelve oracles of the Beast God religion. These twelve Beast God oracles are the core of our Beast God religion. Their mission is to help the beastmen grow larger and stronger, condensing the entire Beastman country into the strongest power.

Wolf God’s mistake is that he was too devoted to his own land! He only developed Yuna! You all should know what condition your neighbour territories’ are in. Although it isn’t full of starving people, it isn’t like they are prosperous, or happy!

The werewolf tribe is a member of the beastman family! You have taken charge of your territory and strengthened yourself, while ignoring the rest of the world! How can you watch your beastman brothers live in a abyss of suffering? The Beast God states that all beastmen should grow together. That is why, from this day onwards, you will help your neighbors who live in poverty and let them experience the same prosperous life that you have.

Yin Sun asked me with suspicion, “Help them? What benefits do we, the werewolf tribe, gain from helping others?” I sighed and didn’t answer.

Jin said, “Elder Yin Sun you have the same thought as me in the past, ‘what benefits will we gain by helping other tribes?’ But this line of thinking was my worst mistake. You should know, in the last war, we suffered another crushing defeat. Why did this happen? That was because our army’s cohesion and fighting strength were abysmally weak, both due to our lack of resources and the limitations that were placed upon us by the Demon Clan. Tell me, can we, the werewolf tribe alone, contend against the Dragon empire and the Demon Clan? No. Only by making the entire Beastman Country stronger, would our long-term development be even greater. The whole Beastman Country is my home, but if we can’t even protect our home whom we share, what’s the use of discussing about our own future development?”

Every elder below was moved by Jin’s excellent speech, “Lord Wolf God, then what should we do? Should we give away our stocked food to the other tribes?” Asked Yin Sun.

I slightly smiled, “I will answer this question for the Wolf God, what you need to do is not distribute them the food, but share your seeds and teach them how to farm. Of course, before their first harvest, you need to give them food. But after the harvest you can retake everything with interest. This way it will not affect the life in Yuna, and it can also thoroughly help the other tribes. What do the elders think?”

For the first time a satisfied smile could be seen on Yin Sun’s face, “This is a good method. I agree with it, a few of our neighbour territories wanted to learn farming from us, but in the past…… Leave this matter to us, we will definitely make the glorious name of the Wolf God known throughout the Beastman Clan.”

Jin frowned, “No, you should spread the desire of the Beast God. Make everyone in the Beast tribe knowledgeable that we only have one true god which is the Beast God. Only due to his care could we could grow stronger. Every tribe must worship the Beast God as their highest totemism, and every beastman must become a faithful believer of the Beast God religion.

All the elders said at the same time with respect, “We obey the order of the wolf god, we pledge our life to vow loyalty and devotion to the Beast God till death.”

Jin Yin and I both smiled at each other, the first goal was achieved. The next was to get Jin Yin out of here.

I said, “Dear elders, because the mistake the Wolf God had made, I need to take him to the Beast God for him to receive punishment.”

Yin Mao asked shocked, “What? To punish lord Wolf God? Lord Vice Pope, you must not by all means. Without lord Wolf God, we would never have today. You must not take him away!”

Looking at those old wolves that were kneeling in front, I said in a deep voice, “This is the rule of the Beast God, no one can change it, mistakes need to be punished. But…”

Yin Mao hurriedly asked, “But what?”

“But if you heed the decree of the Beast God and do what I’ve said before, then Lord Beast God will definitely give Wolf God a light sentence. The better you do and the more beastmen you help, the lighter the Wolf God’s sin will be.”

Yin Sun quickly said, “We will, we definitely will. But, Lord Vice Pope can you please not take lord Wolf God with you. Without his lead we werewolves will lose our way”

Jin and Yin both hated him in their hearts. Every time they wanted to leave, it was this old man that hindered them from leaving. If they didn’t leave this time, then they would never have had another chance.

Yin, who hasn’t spoken a word up to now, said, “Yin Sun, we understand your worries for us, but if one made a mistake then he needs to be punished. Being a member of the werewolf tribe, we should face it bravely. You can be at ease, I will be fine. After some time the Beast God will send other emissaries to help you.”

I quickly helped, “What the Wolf God has made wasn’t an unforgivable mistake, after he atoned for his failures, he will return as soon as possible. ”

Yin Mao respectfully said to me, “Lord Vice Pope, then please speak well of our Wolf God and defend him! We the werewolf tribe will be grateful for it.”

Jin Yin suppressed the ecstasy in his heart. Jin said, “Be at ease, we are very good friends with the Vice Pope. He will certainly put in good words for me before the Beast God.”

Great, for the sake of leaving here, these two have already upgraded my status to “very good friend”. Anyway, the conditions have been set, the Wolf God has declared series of reformations, and arranged for the future development of the wolf tribe clearly and logically. Jin Yin has proved themselves worthy of having two brains, this guy is much more intelligent than a human.

[EN: It is tricky using pronouns to reference Jin Yin, for now we will be using themselves, but it may change in the future.]

Every policy that he created was wholeheartedly approved by the elders, this guy is truly talented.

Jin said, “Then we will trouble you elders with this matter. If you do as we ordered, we the werewolf tribe will certainly develop into the strongest of the beast tribes. I will leave silently with the group of the Vice Pope tomorrow.”

Saying this, there was an indescribable sadness in Jin’s speech. After all, he had lived here for more than ten years, there was inevitably some feeling that he could not give up.

Every elder stood up at the same time, following the lead of Yin Sun and Yin Mao they kneed down with three soundly kotow, “Please be well Lord Wolf God”

The eyes of Jin Yin sparkled with water as they walked to Yin Sun emotionally, and supported one hand on the grandparent the other on the grandson, “Elder, tribe chief. We will be leaving the werewolf tribe in your care while we are gone.”

Tears rolled on Yin Sun’s face, “Lord Wolf God, please come back soon. We will miss you.” Jin Yin hugged Yin Sun tightly, Yin cried out bitterly and Jin was also sighing.

Seeing this scene, I questioned myself for the first time whether my decision to motivate the Wolf God to leave his home was wrong. Of course, it was only a passing thought.

After sending the elders away, I patted the shoulder of Jin Yin, “It is still not too late for you to go back.”

Gold Silver turned around abruptly, the two heads said simultaneously, “Ah! We are free! Regret? We will never regret. We can just pay frequent visits later!”

Good lord, their playfulness is above all things. I said helplessly, “Then shouldn’t you be packing your things now?”

A golden silver light flashed, and they disappeared from my eyes.

I couldn’t help but shake my head as I followed them. When I entered their room, it was already chaotic; clothes were flying everywhere and the whole room was a complete mess.

In one moment Jin wanted to take this, in another Yin wanted to take that, they were extremely excited. I laughed, “Just simply take what you really need, it will be enough. Too much would only be a burden.”

While Jin was packing, he said to me, “We have made such a great sacrifice for you, how will you repay us?”

“Repay? Do I have to? Aren’t you also able to achieve your goal of going out to play? How about this; when we have the chance to visit the Demon Clan, I’ll find you guys a beauty with an absolutely fantastic figure.” Saying this, I couldn’t help but think of the splendid body and the gorgeous face of Mo Yue, and my heart skipped a beat.

[GX: Doki, Doki my friend Doki, Doki XD. Du untreue tomate! (You unfaithful tomato!)]

Yin unexpectedly roared, “No! You dare? If you dare to bring a Demon beauty, I will tear her to shreds.”

I was dumbfounded by what she said. Jin turned around and asked helplessly, “What’s the matter? Yin, you don’t like beauties?”

Yin suddenly lowered her head frailly and shyly, she said, “Isn’t…Isn’t there a beauty right here?”

Yin’s words made me wonder whether I should laugh or cry, “What? Both of you are actually female?”

Jin said helplessly, “No only she is female, I am a male, we are hermaphrodite.”

Hermaphrodite! I never heard about this, I was suddenly interested, I asked “What is a hermaphrodite?”

Jin said, “We twin-headed wolves are hermaphrodites, the golden head is male the silver head is female. After arriving at a certain age, we can use self copulation to give birth to the next generation.”

I asked foolishly, “Self copulation… How are you guys going to mate with one body? ”

A golden and silver light flashed and without any defence, I was heavily blasted out. Luckily the walls of the room were very sturdy. Yin furious voice came over, “How dare you ask this sort of question?”

Jin said, “Is wasn’t me, it’s her.”

I rubbed my painful chest that was just kicked as I stood up and said to Yin, “I am sorry, sorry, it was my discourtesy, I asked because I was just too surprised, I am really sorry.”

With that, the completion of Yin eased, she pouted, “Do not ask this sort of question again.”

“Yes, Miss Yin. So at what age will you able to bear a kid?”

“You asked again!?” Gold and silvery light flashed again. Even though I was prepared this time, but without transformation my power was no match for them, so I was sent out flying again.

The voice of Jin came, “I’m not too sure about this either, I think it should be at least 200 years old. So I don’t think you will be alive to witness it. Yin, don’t be so mad, we still need him so we can go out and play!”

Yin was raged, “Are you a man? He is bullying me and you don’t even help me, hmph.”

Jin helplessly said, “He was just asking, and he didn’t do anything to you too.”

Yin was furious, “What did you mean he didn’t do anything to me? Did you want him to do something to me? BAKA!”

TL: this also implies “are waiting for him to do something to me (before you react)?” We replaced “I won’t talk to you anymore” with: BAKA

IT: For those who don’t follow manga or anime, baka means stupid, idiot, etc. in Japanese)

Frowning, I walked over. Watching them was really amusing. Jin didn’t know what to do, while Yin turned her head to the side, pretending to be furious. Their hermaphrodite body was actually not bad, no matter how much they fight, they can’t leave the other. Interesting! “Alright, alright, don’t fight anymore. Quick, pack your things, didn’t you want to leave as soon as possible?”


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