Chapter 1

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Volume 2 Chapter 1: Concurrent Double-Fire Cultivation

Translated by: GX

Edited by: (Nobody put their names here T.T)

“My cultivation is only suited in the morning and evening?” Ji Dong was astonished as he looked at Xia Tan “Could it be because Yin and Yang alternate in the morning and evening and thus it is the only time when Yin and Yang are balanced?”
This time it is Xia Tian’s turn to be surprised. He nodded, “You are very smart. It really is so; but the Yin-Yang balance in the morning and evening only lasts for about half an hour. You can only cultivate in this one hour to achieve a result, and during the other times you can’t get a result. This is also why cultivating the Yin-Yang double system is so hard. Go, you don’t need to come to the lesson this afternoon.”
“Thank you teacher.” Now that Ji Dong’s strength returned a little, he left with Bi Su. Bi Su was anxious about cultivating and went back to Ding-fire department directly, while Ji Dong went back to his dorm room after eating lunch alone.
For Ji Dong this was just the beginning. He was shaken by how Bi Su’s stopped him today, making him fully understand how regretful it is not to have power and being part of the Yin-Yang wizard world.
Raising his hand to his chest, he was a little worried. The time of each day is precious. Besides early in the morning and in the evening, there is also another place suited for his cultivation: the earth’s core where the empress Lie Yan is. There is also the earth core lake. If he plans it well, then he will not waste a single minute. Lie Yan has already told him that he could cultivate there about 6 hours.
Thinking to this point he immediately walked behind the bar, and focused on mixing a cocktail. after finishing, he didn’t pour the cocktail out of the shaker, he even didn’t take of the cover of the shaker. He touched with his right hand the red lotus on his left chest, and called for Lie Yan.
A gust of light tepid spread from the left chest of Ji Dong, circulating through his whole body, and reaching his feet at last, then leaking from his soles. A fantastic scene emerged, Ji Dong could see one petal of the red lotus appeared under his feets after another, like languid stretching, then the petals rolled up, and surrounded his body. When the last petal surrounded his body, his whole body was already like a gigantic red lotus bud. The gentle red light didn’t release any energy, after a flash it disappeared from the room.
It was totally different than being sent by the random teleport scroll to the earth’s core, this time Ji Dong didn’t have the feeling of falling, he could only feel that his body was warm and cosy, a indescribable comfort, the Bing-fire and DIng-fire magic power also slightly brightened.
Red isolated his sight, after a few breaths, the red around him cleared, that scorching red world once again entered his view. But this time he wasn’t standing on the groove, but was falling directly towards the earth core lake.
Who knows how hot magma of the earth core, last time he was a few hundred meters above it and was almost grilled well done, if he continued falling, then wouldn’t he turn to ash and smoke? While Ji Dong was still surprised, he suddenly felt that the surrounding scene stopped, that red lotus which surrounded him transformed into a red bubble and floated above the magma, this was not the first time that he has this incomparable scorching feeling. The red lotus again took him to the earth’s core, at the same time it isolated him from the heat.
“Surprised you, didn’t it.” He could hear Lie Yan’s voice, Ji Dong turned his head, before he noticed Lie Yan was already at his side, also inside the bubble.
Even though it was not the first time that he has seen her, but the shaking in his heart did not half. Still in a red skirt,Lie Yan asked , “Is this for me?”
Ji Dong nodded, after opening the shaker he handed it to her, “I am afraid that it would evaporate here, that is why I didn’t pour it into a cup.”
Lie Yan took the shaker, “Thank you, little Ji Dong. You want to start cultivating, right?”
“How did you know”, Ji Dong looked surprised at her.
Lie Yan smiled mysteriously, “It is a secret.”While saying that the bubble brought them to the heaven like high wall, without seeing Lie Yan making any gestures, she already left the bubble and was floating in the air.
“Don’t waste time, you only have 6 hours a day here. When the time comes that you want to leave you only need to touch the red lotus on your chest and say goodbye to me, the red lotus will bring you back.”
Ji Dong asked, “Can I divide the 6 hours?”
Lie Yan answered, “Of course. if the six hours are over and you still haven’t left then the red lotus will automatically bring you back. Let me taste this fine liquor you have brought me today.”
While saying that she sipped on it, the Liquor in the crystal shaker was milky white, it looked like dense milk.
Ji Dong was a little bit nervous when he looked at Lie Yan sipping on the fine liquor, the Cocktail he mixed this time was seemly different than last time. If one says that while he was mixing the midnight sunshine for Yang Bing Tian, his mood was thankful, then this time he made it especially for Lie Yan, then it would be another feeling. the same material, but mixing it with different feelings, would make the taste totally different. An outstanding Bartender, will be good at mixing his feeling into the cocktail he was mixing. Yet while mixing the cocktail, Ji Dongs heart only was filled with admiration towards Lie Yan, while there wasn’t a single impurity.

“Wu…..” Lie Yan stared at Ji Dong and smiled, “This time tastes totally different than last time! Little Ji Dong, you are really an excellent bartender. Can you tell me its name?”

“Of course I can. Its name is White Moon. It is made with 5/10 of Bacardi, 1/10 of banana liqueur, 1/10 coconut wine and 3/10 of orange juice. Milky white, a little bit yellowish, sweet and a little sour while entering your mouth. the alcohol content is not high, so it is very suitable for women.”

Lie Yan nodded, and looked at the shaker in her hand again, “Use a cup next time, there will be more feeling with it. No need to worry about evaporation. you can start cultivating now, with the protection of my red lotus, it will filter the Bing-fire element and Ding-fire element you can absorb, no need to worry. I will go and have a little fun with the White Moon. See you tomorrow”

Drizzle of red brilliance quietly vanished, it only took Ji Dong to blink one time and Lie Yan vanished without trace.

Not knowing if she could sense his feeling while mixing the cocktail, Ji Dong’s heart was fidgety, he never fell in love, less chased after a girl, in this context he was a bigger greenhorn than being a Yin-Yang wizard. Let alone that he was so much different than Lie Yan, he could only tell her his feeling with his fine cocktails.

Sitting down cross legged, and closing his eyes, Ji Dong used a full second to calm himself down. But because the fire element in the earth’s core was very vigorous, when he released his guiding thoughts, the two different fire element rushed into him. Strong and passionate Bing-fire element and mild and gentle Ding-fire element fused with the double-fire magical power in his body simultaneously.

This time the repelling situation, which happened on the sports field, didn’t occur, Ji Dong felt as if was now inside a forge, after those double-attribute fire element entered his body, it was like all rivers run into the sea, they all concentrated in his chest, when it was flowing into his meridians inside his body, Ji Don felt as his skin, muscles and bones were stretching was pleasurable and moaning, under the stimulation of the two different fire elements in his body slowly changing.

After these energy circulated in his body, they combined in the two magical powers, the two magical powers were growing stronger bit by bit. Even though it was slow but there was no change in their growth.

This was the first time Ji Dong entered the cultivation state, Xia Tian once said, that before condensing the Yin-Yang crown, a Yin-Yang magician could only use his thoughts to feel the change of the Elements in the air, and guide them into one’s body and turn them into your own strength. Even though Ji Dong has the Yin-Yang in balance which makes him much slower in absorbing the Bing-Ding double fire elements than Yin-Yang wizards who only has one attribute, but he also has his advantage, and that is his much sharper 6 senses.

Being able to rely on the sense of smell to determine the ingredients of those cocktails in the Burning Passion bar, one could guess how sharp his six senses were. The six senses of a human is, eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and thought, the last one thought means mind, feeling his mind he could easily concentrate making the attraction of the elements around him speeding up, and making the absorption faster. Let alone this is the earth core lakeside, where one doesn’t know the concentration of the Bing-fire and Ding-fire elements. Because of that Ji Dong’s cultivation speed was much faster than those single attribute students.

Before cultivating too long, about 2 hours later, Ji Dong decided to head back. The red lotus sent him back into his room.

After becoming a level one apprentice, there were two mung bean sized magic powers inside his chest, if they didn’t emit light they would easily be overseen, he felt his magic power a tiny bit, even though it was not visible, but it absolutely grew.

It was already afternoon, it was still not the evening time when it was suitable for him to cultivate, Ji Dong was lying on his bed while recalling the process of cultivating from before, reviewing the feeling of those two magic powers entering his body, slowly the understanding grew in his heart, regardless if it was the Bing-fire element of the Ding-fire element, them entering into him started with the permeating of his skin, and slowly gathering in his chest, it felt as if his body was filtering, the final rest converged in the magic power in his chest, the growth of the magic power was not fast.But it was actually not so, those two elements was not being filtered, but was absorbed by his body. The warm feeling in his whole body should be the imperceptible influence of his own body changing, just as if using that scorching energy to burn the impurities in one’s body making the attribute in his body even more pure. Even though it was not eliminating that much of the impurities like with the help with those two crystal crowns, but this imperceptible change was more beneficial for the body.

Ji Dong’s judgement was right, during the cultivation process of a Yin-Yang wizard, the ten levels in the first stage before condensing the Yin-yang crown was very important, it was important, because during this process their body will fuse with their body’s attribute elements, cleansing the impurities inside one’s body, making one’s body fully linked with the Element. Only with that one could condense the Yin-Yang crown, also the more purer the body gets during the cultivation, the nearer the element is with the body, which means that one’s cultivation speed will also quicken.

After thinking about it carefully, the scheme in Ji Dong’s heart became more and more clear, before condensing his Yin-Yang crown all he could do everything that he could do, is use the time he has to absorb the two fire elements, the more the better for his body.

The evening came, Ji Dong started to cultivate in his room, he want to feel the difference between cultivating above the ground and cultivating in the earth’s core lake.

The moment he started cultivating Ji Dong couldn’t help but laugh bitterly, the same Bing-fire element and Ding-fire element, but when Yin and Yang are in balance the don’t repel each other, but the concentration in the air was ten times minor. Also when at the earth’s core lake, he didn’t need to guide the two elements so much in order to absorb them into his body, but he couldn’t do it when he was in the academy, now he need to use his mind to the uttermost to guide the not really dense fire elements to be absorbed by his body. One need to know this is the south fire empire, the region with the most abundant fire element on the continent.

The density of the fire element itself and the difficulty during the absorption and the time difference, no wonder Lie Yan said that cultivating 6 hours in the earth’s core lake was enough to compensate his gap to those single element Yin-Yang wizards.

But, even like this, Ji Dong didn’t give up on the training in the academy., even if it was only one hour, which could only bring 1/100th of what he could condense in the earth’s core lake, he would not give up on it. every single bit of energy, is the key to success in the future.


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  1. Hi, I’m an editor for a few other wuxia series and in the short span of 16 chapters I fell in love with this novel. Probably due to the mixing of my two favorite elements in a novel, food and weak to strong. Is there any way for me to help out in this process? Whether it’s editing or translating. The translating thing though is mainly me trying to learn more Chinese.


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