chapter 14

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Volume 1 Chapter 14: Red Lotus on the chest

Translated by: GX

TLC: Fallen

Edited by: Vanagandr, LosThanatos, Dana, Ash

Lie Yan nodded. “Okay. Then I will send you back to the human world. But you must remember: do not tell anyone that you met me or about what you have seen today; otherwise, I must make you disappear from this world.”

While speaking, Lie Yan raised her slender, jade-like hand and softly tapped on Ji Dong’s left chest. Ji Dong could only feel his heart beating against his chest as an intense heat flowed in. The surroundings started to flicker, and Lie Yan’s beautiful face shimmered into a red phantom. But her voice stayed the same and echoed near Ji Dong’s ear. “Remember what I said — and don’t let anyone know of this place. When you want to visit me, just touch near your heart and call out my name. During the transportation, you need enough time for ten breaths without disturbance. Goodbye, little Ji Dong. I am looking forward to your fine cocktail.”

The red light blossomed under Ji Dong’s feet, and a gigantic red fire lotus blossomed. When the petals spread wholly, they slowly closed, completely surrounding Ji Dong’s body. After the petals merged into a flowerbud, it gradually faded into the air, slowly disappearing.

A ruminant smile was visible at the corners of Lie Yan’s mouth while she watched where the flower bud disappeared. “This is an interesting little thing. I don’t know if he was lucky or unlucky: unlucky to be teleported to the heart of the earth, but lucky that the cocktail’s aroma woke me up from my deep slumber. I hope he won’t disappoint me. Little Ji Dong, if you tell someone about me, then your heart will be eaten by raging flames. When I was in the human world I heard about a word — friend. I don’t know if we can become friends in the future. It has been such a long time since I last visited the human world… It’s a pity that I now no longer have the freedom to do so. why is it that such formidable power become a restraint?”

Letting out a soft sigh, the red hair behind Lie Yan rose into the air. The whole geocentric lake also rose her mood was melancholy as it quietly swallowed her.

The red light flickered and Ji Dong felt his body suddenly cool down. The gigantic red lotus bud opened without a sound freeing him. The red lotus didn’t release the light of a flame and released him into the night.

“Here is?” breathing in the cool and refreshing air, then taking a look underneath his feet at the already disappeared red  lotus, then taking a look at the surrounding Ji dong surprising found that he has already returned to Li huo Academy, and was standing in a dark corner near the Bing-fire building.

“Have I really returned?” Ji Dong thought, feeling the clothes on his body. He didn’t know when the scorched smell had disappeared; everything had now returned back to normal. He felt like he went to another world and was perplexed —  “Was it just a dream? Was Lie Yan only a goddess in my fantasy?”

Ji Dong fiercely pulled open his jacket and looked toward his left chest, Immediately his heart , which felt somewhat crestfallen , began to beat rapidly, a distinct, vibrant red lotus was quietly imprinted there, just like a tattoo it stuck closely onto his skin, only every petal of that red lotus was like a vivid flame. A colour not part of the human world.

It was not a dream, it really wasn’t a dream…All of it was true. It was all too mystical.Even now Ji Dong was still unable to accept it.

Clapping his face, he tried hard not to think about that perfect face, but her face was already engraved into his heart. After taking a few deep breaths, Ji Dong could barely calm his heavy beating heart. He quickly entered the Bing-fire teaching building.

Ji Dong opened the door and entered his room, but a slightly excited voice could be heard. “Ah, you are back!”

Ji Dong jumped in surprise, A fire lit the oil lamp on the table, only now did he see that Yang Bing Tian was sitting on a chair in front of the bar, A look of surprise on his face after seeing him.

Lowering his head with a bit of shame, Ji Dong said , “Sorry, Headmaster Yang, I shouldn’t have touched your things. I thought it was only a picture scroll,”

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter,” Yang Bing Tian said with great relief after seeing Ji Dong. “It is good that you were able to return, but be more careful from now on. There are many things that should not be touched carelessly, though it is my fault for not locking the door. Quickly tell me — where did it teleport you? Oh right! The picture scroll you opened today was a Yin-Yang magic scroll known as the random teleportation scroll. It could have teleported you anywhere on the continent, even dozens of thousands of meters in the air — then you would fall down, directly to your death. I really am glad that you could come back, or I would’ve been restless — forever.”

‘Not only high into the sky but also deep into the earth,’ Ji Dong thought. He wouldn’t say it out loud, of course, only pretending to be greatly surprised when he clapped on his chest. “Looks like my luck really is not bad, I was only transported outside of the city, after walking for half a day, i was finally able to get back.”

“My teacher told me that luck is also part of one’s strength. I am really happy that you were able to safely come back, it is already late, you should go to rest,” he said with a smile. He stood up, preparing to leave.

“Headmaster Yang, wait. The cocktail I made for you was dropped after being teleported. I will mix a new one.”

Yang Bing Tian was startled. “It is already late, so let’s forget about it for today.”

“If one promises something, then he should do it — no matter what. It will be done soon,” Ji Dong  firmly said while rushing behind the bar, cleaning his hands, and taking out the shaker.

Gin, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, and egg white , these 4  ingredients were poured into the shaker according to the correct ratio and order, sealing the lid, Ji Dong entered a state of unprecedented concentration — a state he hadn’t entered in even his former life. Because at this moment, his mind was filled only with that perfect face and of when he embraced her small, tender hand.

In Yang Bing Tian’s eyes, Ji Dong at this moment had already closed his eyes, wearing a bewitched expression, but that shaker was jumping in his hand. The multicolored ingredients mixing together rapidly. This time mixing wine, Ji Dong did not use any fancy moves, only as if he was shaking a rattle drum in middle air, but his movement increased to the extent that even Yang Bing Tian could no longer see Ji Dong’s hand clearly, only seeing a faint red light flashing beneath the oil lamp’s shine.

This is cocktail which Ji Dong rarely mixed even in his former world. And it was also a relativily common cocktail. Choosing this is because the 1st thought Ji Dong had of was of her : gentle as water, a royally firely beautiful woman whose image condensed in his mind to form this cocktail

This cocktail held the name — The beauty in red. Yes, Ji Dong’s mind was submerged by the shadow of that beauty in red residing within his heart.

Yang Bing Tian left after drinking the cocktail. Drinking that beauty in red, He, too, was affected by the cocktail. As though he had remembered something, he only informed Ji Dong that he was done drinking and then returned to his room right away. Ji Dong stayed immersed in his clear memory. Even he himself was unaware when exactly he became muddle-headed and passed out.

Ji Dong woke up because of a thunderous knock on his door early in the morning. What he saw after opening the door were the friends he made yesterday, Bi Su and Karl.

Both their faces expressed a little impatience. Bi Su said, “Boss, why are you still not up at this late hour? Quick, let’s go! Teacher Xia Tian is teaching today. Yesterday, he proclaimed— ‘Those who are late are dead.’  So, let’s Hurry!”

Ji Dong was still a little dazed since he was not fully awake, but he was already being pulled by Karl and Bi Su to the sports field. At this time most of the first year students had arrived, it was almost time for the first lesson. Being in the cool and fresh air, Ji Dong finally awoke fully.

Karl wasn’t nearly as talkative as Bi Su, but he slipped Ji Dong a steamed bun and an egg.

“Good brother.” Ji Dong raised a thumb towards Karl as he quickly gulped down the bun and egg. Though they were not delicious, he thought they tasted amazing — as he had not eaten since last night.

“Assemble!” shouted Xia Tian with his rough voice. The Bing-fire and Ding-fire students quickly assembled, not sure if it was because this teacher Xia Tian had left such a deep impression on everyone. The formation was actually neat and tidy.

The two teachers, Xia Tian and Qiu Tian, walked over at that time. Teacher Xia Tian was wearing earth yellow shorts and on his upper body was a tight sleeveless shirt. if  Xia Tian left a deep impression before, then today, it was even more intense. His granite-like muscles were like liquid, casted iron and copper. As he stood there, he looked like a titan who had descended to earth. In addition to that, his fierce face built an enormous deterrence on those normal students, who were around 10 years old.

Xia Tian nodded. “Very good, everyone is gathered neatly. From today on, the Bing-fire and Ding-fire will be taught separately. The Ding-fire students will be guided by teacher Qiu Tian. The Bing-fire department will come with me, later on. I will lead you out of the academy for now, we are having today’s lesson outside of the classroom. Your one and only task is simple: to run around the Li Huo City once. I will accompany you till the end. Those who fall behind, don’t complain about me being cruel.” While saying that, Xia Tian raised his right hand from his back, and he was holding an impressive cane of about 1.20 m in length.

Originally, after hearing about the task from Xia Tian, there was an uproar. But after seeing the cane in his hand, everyone suddenly went quiet. Out of fear, not a single doubting sound could be heard.

Bi Su stood on the side of the Ding-fire department. He looked at Ji Dong and Karl with a rejoiced expression as he saw their misfortune. Clearly, the outside lesson for the Ding-fire department would never be this abnormal.

Xia Tian shouted, “Bing-fire department, Zhu Gui! Ding-fire department, Bi Su! Step out.”

Just when Bi Su was rejoicing due to their misfortune, he heard Xia Tian calling his name. His face instantly changed, and he quickly walked out of the Ding-fire department group.

But the one walking out of the Bing-fire department was surprisingly a girl. Yesterday, Ji Dong was giving great effort to listening to the lesson, and everyone else was also sitting — not noticing her, so only now did they notice. So, the Bing-fire department only had this one girl, just like in the Ding-fire department, Bi Su was the only male student.

The girl who was called Zhu Gui was from the Bing-fire department, and in height, she was only second to Karl — taller than everyone else. Ji Dong realized that the reason might be because a girl’s growth phase is earlier. What made him surprised was the look of the girl with the name Zhu Gui. She didn’t have a delicate face like the girls of the Ding-fire department, but had a hard and resolute feeling. Even though she was only 10 years old, she already had a hint of curves. A pair of big red eyes looked focused. Her forward-movement was simple but powerful. If it was Ji Dong’s former world, then this girl, Zhu Gui, would be a female soldier.

Compared to Zhu Gui, Bi Su’s movements were much softer. Even though one could not say it was sissy, it was absolutely not manly.

“Today’s outdoor lesson is specially for boys. Zhu Gui, you join the Ding-fire department for the time being — and you, Bi Su, join the Bing-fire department. Change your position now.”

“Ah?” Bi Su never thought that karma would strike back so fast, and his expression worsened. But he also knew that once Xia Tian said something, he would not take it back. Bi Su could only unwillingly walk towards where Zhu Gui stood before. Ji Dong and Karl were trying hard not to laugh out loud, but they were very pleased in their heart.

However, just as Bi Su was about to reach Zhu Gui’s postion, a red light suddenly flashed before him, his body already stopped by a hand. It was that tall in stature and only girl of the Bing-fire department.

“Objection! Teacher, I don’t need to exchange. I want to join the Bing-fire department’s outdoor lesson. I am a member of the Bing-fire department, and I don’t want special treatment because of my gender. Please allow it, teacher.” Zhu Gui’s voice was sharp, clear and powerful, and she had already returned to her place.

Xia Tian nodded . “Good, then you can join as well.” He was quite pleased.

Bi Su was not pleased after being stopped by Zhu Gui. He stared at the girl, who was taller than him, angrily and mumbled to himself, “Tomboy!” After that, he ran towards the end of the group where Ji Dong and Karl stood.

Zhu Gui glared at him coldly and clenched her fists a few times.

“Start out!” He took the lead and started running at the front. Then the 32 students, which consisted of the 30 students that belonged to the Bing-fire department in addition to the double department student, Ji Dong, and Bi Su, followed him closely.

In order to enter the Li Huo academy, all these students — apart from Ji Dong — passed the physical test, so the when this special outdoor lesson was starting it was no problem for them. Xia Tian led them out of the city from the south gate and started the lap around Li Huo city, and even though Li Huo was only a middle sized city, a whole lap around the city was terrifying and the 32 students had only just started their horrifying tour around it.

(to be continued)


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