Chapter 26


                                            Chapter 26 : Who dares to get in my way?

TL: Ash

TLC: Demenious

Edited by :  FLameT0ngue CR, Phirex F.F.A


Luo Hun had been watching with an indifferent look.

He had already known about the fact that Yang Qi had recovered his skills, but he didn’t think that he was actually so strong. Yang Qi had, almost within the twinkling of an eye, defeated Chen Miejin.

In a trice, Chen Miejin’s cultivation was about to be crippled, so he also had no choice but to appear.

Who could have imagined that, even after hearing what he had said, Yang Qi still continued with his actions. This was clearly a severe provocation to his dignity, nobody would have tolerated such a blatant provocation.

Hence, he ruthlessly attacked in a flash.

When his QiGong exploded, it was quick and violent as lightning, and its range was very far. He was able to attack something which was a hundred paces far from him with just one move.

The larger the Qi released, the farther the range of attack.

The Zhen Qi transformed into a large whirlpool behind Yang Qi and it was going to suck all of Yang QI into it.

“[Large Whale swallowing the Ocean]!”

An indistinct ocean whale appeared within the large whirlpool, opening its big mouth as if to swallow the entire ocean.

This was the martial technique that Luo Hun relied upon to become famous— [Angry Whale QiGong]. When this technique is activated, a powerful and strong image of a whale appears, and it was something that a common person was incapable of resisting.

When this attack was executed, let alone 7th tier, even an 8th tier expert would find it challenging to counter.

However, Yang Qi stood still without any movement.

6 arms appeared behind Yang Qi— 6 long, Zhen Qi arms. They were very life-like and each arm was 30 feet long, looking like a crab. It appeared tyrannical and gave an aura like that of a conqueror.

The [Undefeatable King Fist] mercilessly bombarded into the mouth of the large whale


The large whale which had seemingly swallowed all of Yang Qi’s vigorous Zhen Qi had been torn to pieces within a short moment by those 6 arms of Yang Qi.

Then that Zhen Qi whirlpool exploded and turned into a gale which kept blowing all around in the surroundings.  All the people within the gale were continuously blown backwards causing their feet to be lifted off of the ground.

“Who dares to hinder me?” From within the gale Yang Qi thundered in a callous tone, “I am going to cripple this man and no one present here is capable of stopping me. This time, the Chen Family has colluded with the Shadow Poison Sect and plotted the murder of my two older brothers. So I will now cripple their disciple. A tooth for a tooth; I am meting out justice.”

While saying so, he ruthlessly stamped on Chen Miejin’s Dantian and Yang Qi’s violently strong Qi destroyed Chen Miejin’s Qi ocean.

Chen Miejin let out a blood-curdling screech; and like a ball leaking air he became paralyzed, blood gushed out from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth.  He bellowed, “You. . .really destroyed my Qi Ocean. I will kill you. . . .”

With the Qi Ocean destroyed, he fell into utter despair; so much so that it would be better if Yang Qi had killed him.

On the Feng Rao continent, those who do not cultivate or practise martial arts are looked down upon wherever they go. To be viewed with contempt was indeed a fate worse than death.

In the past, Chen Miejin was considered as the Chen Family’s cultivation genius.  It was even considered that he had the opportunity to be the next patriarch of the chen Family.  But now, after his QiGong had been abolished, he was beneath even the lowest ranked servant, and later on his, life would be a living hell.

“You want to kill me?” Yang Qi withdrew his foot and looking at Chen Miejin, he sneered, “Right now you can no longer cultivate QiGong and you will be the target of endless mocking and humiliation. And I will be watching.”

“One more thing . . .  you . . .and you. Were you the ones insulting my Yang Family a while back? Each of you will also get your cultivation abolished.”

Turning around, Yang Qi once again looked at the Chen Family’s talented youths and suddenly his hand moved, as if jabbing at them.

Sou sou sou. . . . .

Under the pressure of his fingers, small balls of Qi appeared in spiralling forms, it was shot spiralling in high speed, into the Qi oceans of the men of the Chen Family just now.

These men’s bodies shook and simultaneously all went limp. Their Qi Oceans were destroyed and their cultivation abolished.

A while back, these few Chen Family men and servants were hooting and calling Yang Zhan an old bastard and Yang Qi a young bastard. Naturally, Yang Qi would not let them off since they spoke such words. So he abolished their QiGong, leaving them in a fate worse than death.

These merciless actions carried out by Yang Qi were tantamount to starting a war between two great families. But Yang Qi was not worried about this because the Chen Family did not have any Qi Lord realm experts. And regardless of how many men they would send, he would be able to hold them off.

Besides, Yang Zhan’s cultivation was on the verge of advancing to the Qi Lord realm.

Furthermore, the family had already found some clues in the past few days. They found that the harming of his two brothers was apparently due to the Chen Family colluding with the Shadow Poison Sect. Therefore, when Yang Qi was crippling these men, he directly pointed out this fact.


At this moment, Luo Hun flew over to him, and an intimidating aura enveloped Yang Qi, as if he would at any time attack Yang Qi. Even in his dreams Luo Hun did not anticipate that the [Angry Whale QiGong] — that he had cast with all his might — would be torn apart by Yang Qi. Just how strong was Yang Qi?

A bloody battle aura emanated from his body. He was itching to fight with Yang Qi and wanted to behead this arrogant youth as a warning to others.

Even though others fear the Yang Family, he, Luo Hun, remained fearless.  What’s more, even the Mayor, Yan Gu Feng, had always viewed the Yang Family as a thorn in their flesh and was often looking for an opportunity to destroy them.

A fiendish thought began to take shape within Luo Hun’s mind, “Since this youth Yang Qi has crippled a man right outside the Mayor Mansion’s gate. Just right, using this as an excuse, I can capture him and then kill him.” 

However, at this moment, he heard a ‘secretive voice’, “Luo Hun, you are probably intending to kill me right now. But do you think you can defeat me? Hmmph! Hold on till another time, then we will have a proper fight, but not today.  This is because I’m giving face to Miss Yan Feixia.  Since you f****** abolished my QiGong, I will take tit for tat.”

This was Yang Qi’s voice, condensed as a wire and transmitted directly to him.

“You were absent for a brief period of a dozen days and once again your QiGong has advanced by a realm, to the 7th tier!” Luo Hun was taken aback and he continued, “Very well. There’s no need for us to fight another time, I will arrest you today and I will carry out justice once more.”

Luo Hun realized that he must not let Yang Qi progress further, otherwise, in about a year or so, God only knew how much more he would advance. To his surprise, his attack just now, the [Large Whale that swallows the Ocean] was dispelled by Yang Qi.

He himself knew how terrifying this attack of his was — even 8th tier experts would scurry when they faced it, but it was easily ripped apart by Yang Qi!  However, he was still brimming with confidence and felt that he should kill Yang Qi at all costs.

“Good, Luo Hun, come at me then. Let me see how deserving you are of the name ‘The Armor Devil’!” Instead of sound transmission using QiGong, Yang Qi shouted loudly.

Two experts — one old and the other young — stood there, facing each other.

Their murderous intent rose intensely, filling the entire place.

“Yang Qi challenged the ‘Armour Devil’ Luo Hun — are my eyes deceiving me? Is he courting death? This Luo Hun is the one feared even by many of the patriarchs!”

“Did you all not see — just now Yang Qi dispelled Luo Hun’s attack! This power is most likely something only patriarchs possess. He is merely 18 years old but, how can he possess such a profound QiGong? ”

“His cultivation was abolished, and even if it was restored, it is still not possible to rise to such an overwhelming degree, is it? This is just like being possessed by some godly expert.” 

“This time, the Chen family’s loss is disastrous. The most talented disciple, Chen Miejin, was shamefully crippled. And the cultivation of the other disciples was also abolished. More than half of their most important disciples of the younger generation are lost. This event will lead to a war between the Yang and Chen families, and, perhaps today, there will be blood shed among these two families. From today onwards, there will be one less family among our Yan Capital City’s wealthy families.”

The men of some of the wealthy families, though shocked, also wanted to keep an eye on the proceedings. But they all had one common opinion:, all the spotlight at this banquet has been stolen by Yang Qi.

There was already no talented youth that could go against Yang Qi.

He could directly go toe to toe against the ‘Armor Devil’ Luo Hun — this was equivalent to a fight amongst patriarchs. They could not intervene.

“Boy, this time when you die, you can only blame your own excessive arrogance.” After he spoke to him, Luo Hun looked at Yang Qi for the time it takes to breathe in and out thrice. Then the armor plating on his body started to vibrate and this armor resonated the sonorous sound of clashing swords as the Qi circulated and revolved.

Then, an ocean appeared behind Luo Hun.

This ocean was completely made from Zhen Qi. However, there were huge waves on it and the faint cry of seagulls could be heard. There was even the sound of water being spurted when large whales come to the ocean surface.

If a person closed their eyes right now, they would be able to imagine that they were at the seaside.

When QiGong is condensed to such a level where it was same as the image of an ocean, it could be said that the Zhen Qi had reached the peak of perfection and that it was treacherous. It could be seen that Luo Hun was an expert at the peak of the 8th tier Qi Transformation realm!  

“Yang Qi, during my journey of training long ago, I found a dilapidated book — the Oceanic Emperor’s Scriptures. In it was written the way of executing the [Angry Whale QiGong], according to which, when you die from this QiGong, you will be buried below the ocean bed. It could even be said that that place is the best place for a burial!”   

Luo Hun was going to execute a powerful attack. 

Yang Qi quietly listened to this speech and his face also remained expressionless.  Even the white ape had been killed by him. Although Luo Hun’s QiGong was excellent, his Zhen Qi was not as vigorous as that of the white ape. With Yang Qi’s current abilities, he could fully utilize the [Power of the Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell] and with just one punch he could snap the enemy’s heart vessels.

However, he was also considering how he could prevent others from finding about the [Power of the Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell].   

If he did not use this QiGong, it would be hard for him to attack Luo Hun. Furthermore, even if he managed to kill Luo Hun, he would eventually need to prepare to face the wrath of the Qi Lord expert,Yan Gufeng, who would then find ways to exterminate his entire family.

“Hmph! Doesn’t matter, since Luo Hun wants to kill me, there’s absolutely no way i will let it happen without doing anything. Well you know what? In for a penny, in for a pound, I will kill him. Even if Yan Gufeng goes against my Yang Family, we shall fight. With my father’s and my combined strength, we need not fear him. And perhaps, during this fight, I might once again start to absorb the Lightning Mammoth’s power and awaken the 6th particle, and maybe even the 7th particle. When I possess even more power from the Ancient Mammoth, I would be able to advance to higher realms and then I need not fear even a Qi Lord.”

Thoughts flashed past at lightning speed, Yang Qi was already emanating his killing intent.

After he cultivated the [Power of the Divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell], his body was as if it was carrying the life essence of a Divine Elephant and thus he could advance courageously, he could suppress hell, and he could be firm and fierce.   

An elephant uses its power and massive strength to command all animals. Even tigers, the king of the beasts, would turn their heads and flee in its sight. Not to mention the Divine Elephants which could suppress hell.

“What are you two doing? Are you not going to stop?”

Just in the instant where their Qi was about to come into contact, and was about to raise the curtain of a cruel battle, a piercingly cold sword Qi cut into the aura between the two of them. Soon after, a woman appeared on the scene— it was none other than Yan Feixia.   

Seeing that it was the young miss herself, Luo Hun was afraid that she might be harmed by his massive Qi and quickly restrained his QiGong, then said, “Miss, why did you come out?”

“I heard something bad was happening at the gate so I rushed over. Why are you and Master Yang Qi fighting? Moreover, this seems like a battle of life-or-death,” said Yan Feixia, with a frosty look.



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