Chapter 30

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Volume 1 Chapter 30: The lone man who killed a thousand men

Translated By: Ash

TLC’ed By: Miki

Edited By: M2t5, Los Thantos, The Delinquent, Flamet0ngue, Editor san~

“The chief died?”

“The chief is at the peak of the 8th QiGong tier, how can he die? Only 9th tier Qi Lords are capable of killing someone like him.”

“Is it possible that this youngster is a Qi Lord? How is that possible? He is only 18 years old. An eighteen-year-old Qi Lord is rare within this continent and are genius that comes only once in a thousand years.”

“Let’s quickly head out. We shall return to report to the Sect’s elders so that they will send experts to kill him. His body is so tyrannical that it is certain that he will be able to refine numerous [Poison Puppets].”

Sou sou sou. . .

Some experts of the Shadow Poison Sect quickly flew away, using their QiGongs to be able to glide in the air.

At first, when they saw Yang Qi shattered their chief’s skull with his leg, they could only stare blankly. After they came to their senses, they began their escape. Each person knew that they weren’t a match for this 18-year-old youth.

“You want to flee?”

Yang Qi’s bellow out like a clap of thunder. With him as the center, all those soldiers who were within a radius of 300 steps of him collapsed to the ground, with blood flowing out from their ears, fainted.

Furthermore, the pikes and lances that was held by those soldiers were mobilised by invisible powers to raise into the sky and shot out at lightning like speed towards the backs of those fleeing Shadow Poison Sect members.

The steel pikes and lances started to rotate in the sky at high velocity, practically generating flames through friction with the air pressure, and an ironic fishy smell permeated to the noses of those who were at the plaza.

Aargh !  Aargh !  Aargh ! Aargh !

Seven or eight consecutive mournful cries could be heard as all of those fleeing Shadow Poison Sect members were skewered by the projectiles, resulting to them being nailed to the ground. Those with really strong Zhen Qi did not die immediately and were writhing  incessantly on the ground, giving off mournful cries that would make a person’s blood run cold .

At that moment, Yang Qi removed his leg from the shattered head of the chief of the Shadow Poison Sect. He jolted his Zhen Qi outwards, making the bloodstains on his feet to be blown away. His clothes became extremely clean, making it unbelievable that he had just experienced a bitter battle.

He turned back around and gazed at all of the experts from the Chen Family before he said in smiles, “Chen Da Lei, Chen Dalong. . . .you believed you could wipe out my Yang Family just by colluding with the Shadow Poison Sect? What a joke! If that is the case, we will now give you an opportunity — acknowledge allegiance to our Yang Family and become our slaves. I will then spare all of your lives. Otherwise, from today onwards, the Chen Family will be extinct; your entire family will be thoroughly eradicated that not even a chicken or a dog will be left behind.”


Chen Dalong’s eyes glowed with hatred, “You’re outnumbered so why should we be afraid of you? Junior, our Chen Family is deep rooted. We will have a life of death battle with your Yang Family and my Chen Family today.”

Although Chen Dalong sounded tough and unyielding, internally, his heart was beating like a drum. He had personally seen how Yang Qi eliminated the experts of the Shadow Poison Sect, impervious to their sword or spear. He wasn’t sure if any of the Chen Family’s experts was Yang Qi’s opponent.

Almost all of the Chen Family’s experts went berserk; they wanted to howl out hysterically as  Yang Qi’s QiGong were really beyond all of their expectations. At that moment, they consciously saw a beggar on the main street, and discovered that he was an Emperor who was mingling with the people incognito.

An 18-year-old youth was able to hold back an entire family that had allied with the experts of the Shadow Poison Sect’s members. This was the so-called ‘One man holding on against ten thousand men’-type of situation. If this matter was spread, it would not only cause a huge disturbance within Yan Capital City but even throughout the entire continent,.

Yang Qi’s display was enough to be known as a genius that could be seen only once a millennium.”

“Boy, do not be too arrogant! Let me ask you this — after such a battle, how much Zhen Qi had you use up? You are now only pretending to be strong but you are actually weak. I can see that your Zhen Qi has already been completely used up.”

The patriarch Chen Dalei voice was sharp, giving off a feeling as though he had revealed an inscrutable twist of fate

“Right, his Zhen Qi must have been completely used up. We shall make use of the time that he hasn’t recovered his depleted Zhen Qi to quickly end his life.”

“This time, the Yang Family killed so many of the Shadow Poison Sect’s members so they have already become that sect’s mortal enemies. Even if they survive this battle, they would still be unable to escape the vengeance of the Shadow Poison Sect.”

“Kill him! He is just like an empty shell, and is recovering his QiGong.”

Another Chen Family elder, Chen Dazhen, who was finally unable to restrain himself, grabbed onto a pike and leapt over a hundred steps to attack Yang Qi, just like a bird fleeing into the woods.

“[Hundred Blossoming Flowers]!”

It was a spear technique where Zhen Qi was emitted from the spear tip and transformed into a hundred fresh flowers that were blooming. This attack was part of the Chen Family’s [Hundred Blossoms Spear Spirit] — an attack which, when executed, could cause changes to the landscape and weather, just as if spring had approached. The marvel that was seen was very hard to describe with mere words.

“You are ignorant! Did you think my Zhen Qi was used up?”

When Yang Qi saw the attack of the  [Hundred Blossoms Spear Spirit] appear right in front of him, he scorned in a loud voice, “I will kill all of you trash people a hundred times, and even then my Zhen Qi will not be consumed. I was just merciful to you. Since you all wasted this opportunity and put your foot into the grave, I will help you to your deaths.”

Rumble. .rumble. . .

A huge wave of QiGong erupted from his body. Yang Qi directly extended one of his palm into the afterimage of the spears from the killing move [Hundred Blossoming Flowers] and unexpectedly caught on the genuine spearhead, making the the afterimages to be scattered into the wind.

“How can this be?”

Chen Dazhen fell down from the air as the spear point was gripped by Yang Qi, and however much he tried to pull the speartip away from Yang Qi, he couldn’t, making his face turned red from the effort in trying to free the spear from Yang Qi’s hold.

Yang Qi shook the spear.

The steel spear cleanly split into two, as if it were a broken bamboo, and the power of its explosion caused the area between the thumb and forefinger of Chen Dazhen to be torn apart.  He promptly let go off the spear, but shortly after that a shadow was already charging towards him.

This shadow caused the earth to shake violently, making Chen Dazhen feel as if a herd of large elephants were trampling about. Then, a black shadow struck his body, and he heard the noises of all his bones, meridians and flesh crumbling to pieces. Soon after, everything turned black for him.

He had died within an instant.

Let alone his flesh-and-blood body, even a man with a body of steel would have been pounded into a steel pattie upon being struck by the power of five Ancient Mammoths.

“Quickly, run away!”

Chen Dalei, at this moment, came to realize that Yang Qi was like an Ancient Demon God — someone he could not contend with. He also realized that the Zhen Qi within Yang Qi was as though it was infinite and his attacks seemed as if a large ancient beast had awakened.

He even believed that Yang Qi was not human, but rather that his body was possessed by a soul of an ancient large beast.

“He is no longer a human, but a monster. All of the powerful families within Yan Capital City must combine forces to behead the beast and eliminate of this demon.” At this time, all the members of the Chen Family had ideas of fleeing.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Dalei’s voice ordered and all of the private army soldiers gathered together and so did the Chen Family experts — they all gathered around Yang Qi and each raised their palm to prevent him from advancing forward.

“Do you think you can escape?” Yang Qi’s body charged ahead, like a large elephant, a fierce tiger, a roving dragon or a red-crowned crane. . . .He leaped several dozen metres high and pounced down. His Zhen Qi incarcerated all those within a hundred step radius, commencing a frantic massacre.

He flicked his fingers and balls of Qi shot out from his fingertips, penetrating the soldiers’ steel armour and ending the lives of the Chan Family’s warrior.

He made a swatting motion with his hand, utilised the [Undefeatable King Fist], and it caused the arteries of some soldiers to vibrate and break.

“[Inescapable Net]!”

Soon after, his 5 fingers pointed outwards and his Zhen Qi flew out, covering thousands of steps, resulting in a densely woven, silky spiderweb that blocked the Chen Family experts’ path of retreat.

Chen Dalei had thought to escape, but a large Zhen Qi spiderweb was in his way. With a brandish of his hand, a sword aura struck on the web, trying to cut open the web. However, the supply of Zhen Qi to this web was never ending, and it was like hacking at a flowing water.

“ You monster!”

The furious Chen Family elders were frightened and angry.

Currently, they did not consider Yang Qi as human, but a demon. Otherwise, they had no other explanations as to why he was so powerful and by saying that he was possessed by an ancient demon, they could reasonably accept his current cultivation.

“Hahahaha…… ”.

Suddenly, laughter was projected from the depths of the Yang Family’s manor. An extreme amount of Qi was contained within that laughter. The Qi charged towards the sky, causing the clouds to tremble slightly.

This was the [Qi transmitted to the clouds]!

Someone had just advanced to become a Qi Lord!

A person who just advanced to the 9th tier of QiGong and became a Qi Lord would, during the moment of advancement, their Qi would charge towards the clouds, resulting to a strange phenomenon that linked the heavens to the earth.

Yang Qi had continued to circulate his QiGong, and made a large interwoven net, besieging numerous experts of Chen Family. He knew that this phenomenon was caused by his father’s advancement to the Qi Lord realm. From now on, the Yang Family would only flourish and it would be difficult for anyone to obstruct them.

Sure enough, that loud voice said, “Qi-er, you really surprise me. However, you must not kill them, instead capture the experts from the Chen Family.”

This was Yang Zhan’s voice.

Along with this sound, a man’s shadow rose into the sky and started to descend, step by step.  This figure didn’t have any wings nor a flying type QiGong, and yet he walked as though he was on land.

Qi Lords experts had the power to fly for a short amount of time.

This was the strength of the 9th tier, the Qi Lord realm.


Almost all of the Chen masters were in utter despair when Yang Zhan landed on to the ground. Already, they were unable to deal with Yang Qi, but now another expert had appeared.

More importantly, Yang Zhan was now a Qi Lord, who amongst the Chen family could rival him?

“Chen Dalei, you shall die.”

Making use of this moment where everyone felt hopelessness, Yang Qi suddenly flew out and landed in front of Chen Dalei, slashing down at Chen Dalei with his palm.

Chen Dalei immediately resisted, and repeatedly displayed his family’s QiGong, condensing his Qi into numerous walls. However, Yang Qi’s palm unexpectedly shattered all of the Qi walls.

“[White Tiger carrying a Corpse]!”

The head of a white tiger condensed atop of  Yang Qi’s palm. Its mouth was wide open and looked ferocious. With the snap of its jaw, it was too late for Chen Dalei to avoid that bite. After being bitten, his Zhen Qi leaked out, and he fell under Yang Qi’s control.

The technique [White Tiger carrying a Corpse], was used for capturing. After a person was captured by it, he would be lifeless like a corpse and would be unable to move and could thus be controlled.

And now, the Chen Family’s patriarch was in a dire situation.

Chen Dalei was the current patriarch, who had been in command for 20 years, but now a junior of the Yang Family had taken him captive — one couldn’t help but sigh with regret over this turn of events.

The personal grudge between the two great Families – the Yang and Chen Families — had been known to all the powerful families of Yan Capital City. Some of the large powers had even crowded into this street to watch, but didn’t dare draw near them. Everyone just observed; waiting to see which party would come out weaker from this fight between the two tigers.

The outcome was the complete defeat of the Chen Family. But not only had the Chen family been utterly defeated— Yang Qi was able to fight the entire Chen Family’s army on his own. — This was simply too outrageous!

Before this event, most people had thought of Yang Qi as a pretty boy who brought misfortune upon his family, but now his image had been reborn in the hearts of all the people there.

Moreover, this was a tremendous reversal from his previous image.


Everyone felt as if they were dreaming, Yang Qi had transformed from a playboy to a peerless genius in less than a month! They just didn’t know what to say, it was as if the events up to  Yang Qi capturing Chen Dalei had a demonic aura. (EN: had been cultivated by a demon? Not sure, giong to have to check on this one.)

“Your patriarch has been taken captive. Are you still going to resist your capture?!”

Yang Qi’s words thundered through the plaza, as he apprehended Chen Dalei.


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