Chapter 25

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Volume 1 Chapter 25: Opposing the Chen Family

TL: Ash
TLC: Demenious
Editors: Vanagandr, Phirex F.F.A

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It was just a light and simple palm strike and yet the Chen Family’s genius, Chen Qing, had been struck and was sent flying along with his servants.  Moreover, their gorgeous palanquin was also smashed into pieces.

Yang Qi, seeing all those people on the ground, patted his clothes to clear the dust and said, “Trash! You dare to be arrogant in front of me? This trash of the Chen Family that came to take part in the gathering is the genius of the family? All I see is trash.”

Domineering, brutish and arrogant was Yang Qi’s current portrayal.

Recently, all of Yan Capital City was abuzz with the news of the Yang Family’s ruin and their loss of influence. Many of the customers of their business dealings had all struck at them when they were down. His brothers Yang Yunchong and Yang Hualin were facing a great obstruction

The reason why Yang Qi had just exhibited such domineering might was to create an image of himself within the Yan Capital City; to imply that the Yang Family hadn’t crumbled and that their vitality was exuberant.

He believed that this action of his would soon be spread all over the city. Later on, the Yang Family’s business would change for the better because of this matter.

“He lost? The Chen Family’s genius, the handsome Chen Qing, lost from just a single attack? Or perhaps, it was only half of an attack? What an extremely strong Zhen Qi! To what extent has Yang Qi’s cultivation reached? To injure someone with just a shockwave is. . .  —  he must be at the least of the 5th tier ‘Qi Exploding realm’.”

“I too did not see clearly as to which level his cultivation is at. I just saw him wave his hand, and it seems like his palm struck out and Chen Qing and his servants became like this. Chen Qing and the Chen Family’s people will definitely not leave the matter at that. Chen Qing isn’t the only outstanding young talent coming from the Chen Family this time.”

“Let us sit here and watch. It seems that Yang Qi has not only recovered his cultivation but has also achieved great progress.”

This scene had initially shocked the people, but gradually, all of the talents of the noble and wealthy families appeared solemn upon seeing that Yang Qi was now a formidable opponent. Therefore they all adopted a wait and see attitude and watched the fight between him and the Chen Family.

“What is going on?”

Meanwhile, some other people of the Chen Family gathered here. Some of their servants promptly went to help Cheng Qing and his servants, and treated their injuries. Whereas, the rest of the experts were casting angry gazes at Yang Qi.

“Yang Qi, you are really brazen. How dare you cause such a scene at the Mayor’s Mansion’s gathering! You deliberately caused trouble, challenging the Mayor’s Mansion’s dignity, perhaps the punishment last time wasn’t sufficient for you!” A youth, approximately 25-26 years old, calmly walked up and started accusing him of wrong doings the moment he spoke.

“This is the Chen Family’s number one talent, Chen Miejin. The rumor is that, as a child, he was fascinated by the martial path and displayed great talent and potential.  From then, he had been cultivating and he hadn’t taken any wife. It is also said that he had sworn not to marry till his cultivation has reached the Qi Lord realm. This man is already an expert of the QiGong 7th tier. Within the Yang Family, only Yang Honglie can match up to him.”

When this youth appeared, the surrounding experts all inwardly choked.

He gave an impression of a mighty mountain and bottomless well. Moreover, his remarks were swift and harsh without giving his opponents chance of any comebacks.

He spoke to Yang Qi while wearing a smile, but his eyes concealed killing intent.  Every word he spoke badmouthed Yang Qi, he wanted to cause enmity between Yang Qi and the Mayor.

“Deliberately causing trouble?” said Yang QI, indifferently, “It was Chen Qing who started it by using the [Tornado QiGong] to attack me. I only countered it. As for causing trouble, it is your Chen Family that first started to do so.”

“My younger brother only greeted you. Immediately, you went crazy and struck him from behind.” The smile on Chen Miejin’s face was replaced by a cold and frosty expression and an oppressive and powerful aura emerged from his body. He straightforwardly said that Yang Qi ambushed his brother, thus concealing the fact that the Chen Family skill was inferior. He said, “Since today is the Mayor’s Mansion’s entertainment, I will settle my scores with you after I meet with the Yan City’s Mayor. Now you had better kneel down in front of me and apologise to my Chen Family and also take out 10 million [Qi Gathering Pills] as compensation for my brother’s injury.  Then I will forgive you.”

“What a bastard….To kneel down and kowtow in order to acknowledge the mistake and also to compensate with 10 million [Qi Gathering Pills]? This will result in a permanent feud with the Yang Family! Who doesn’t know that the Yang Family lost their family fortune through compensation. They are in a difficult situation having to feed their bodyguards and household servants. ”

“Yes.  A few days ago, I saw that some bags of coarse grain were transported to the Yang Family’s home.  These coarse grains are eaten by the lower status people in poverty.  We aristocratic and wealthy families consume [Qi Gathering Pills] but it seems that is much too expensive for them and the Yang Family is unable to support its purchase. Due to such a downfall, the Yang Family’s servants would have definitely left them.  After all, other people only rely on the noble and wealthy families for [Qi Gathering Pills].”

“This time there will be an acrimonious falling out between the Chen and Yang Families, however, the Yang Family have recently  been facing difficulties. It is time to kick a starving dog.” The talented youths whispered while observing.

“What do you say?”

Chen Miejin leisurely folded his hands behind his back, a murderous expression lurking in his eyes as he said, “Today, If you don’t kneel down, kowtow and admit your mistake, I do not mind abolishing your QiGong again.  Let us see whether your aunt, who is studying at Tian Wei Academy, is again able to find a recovery elixir for you.”

“Once again abolish my QiGong?” Yang Qi laughed involuntarily, ”Then why don’t you come and give it a try? Not to mention you, even if the Chen Family’s patriarch, Chen Dalie, personally comes, he doesn’t have the qualifications.”

Chen Dalie, the Chen Family’s patriarch, was an expert at the peak of the QiGong 8th tier ‘Qi Transformation’ realm. He was extremely well known for his prowess and has been a commanding officer for 20-30 years.  But what Yang Qi said just now was the truth. After having fought and killed the white ape, Yang Qi’s cultivated had increased and now only Qi Lord realm cultivators could be a threat to him.

However, this speech sounded very egotistical to other people. It was full of arrogance. No matter how great he was, he was still a youth, there’s no way he could possibly be compared to patriarch. These words were plainly a taunt directed at the dignity of the Chen Family’s patriarch— it was like a slap on the face of all the Chen Family’s experts!

In short, these words could make the Chen Family go to war, and bring about a confrontation between the two great families.

“Darn it!”

“Kill him, cripple him.  He must be tired of living.”

“This is a very big humiliation for us.  He dares to insult my Chen Family’s patriarch. He will never be forgiven! Well, Yang Zhan, you old bastard, it seems you have raised one just like you.” The people of the Chen Family, one and all, shouted loudly.

“What?” Yang Qi’s expression changed and crackling noises echoed from his body, his muscles and bones letting out sounds like thunder. His gaze raked each man of the Chen Family, sweeping them one by one like gunfire. “Who was that? Who dared to speak recklessly and insult my father? Quickly come out, and kneel down before me. I will leave each of you with an intact corpse. The Chen Family members are probably tired of living.”


Upon hearing this, Chen Miejin became extremely angry and his frosty expression changed to a more sinister one.  He said, “Yang Qi, since you want to die, I will help you do so.  [Tornado Dragon and Tiger]!”

After Chen Miejin’s shout, the image of a tornado dragon and a tornado tiger appeared from behind him— a dragon formed from the clouds and a tiger from the wind.

At that moment, the Chen Family’s number one genius seems to have the strength of a dragon and tiger as he struck in the air.


A Qi wave appeared beside Yang Qi in the twinkling of an eye.

This Qi wave split the air, producing rumbling noises and vibrations that wherever it went, there were cracks forming along the ground, as if it had been struck by a series of blows from a hammer. Just imagine a little, what would happen if this wave struck a person? It was very likely that that person’s body would be immediately disintegrated into minute particles.

In a trice, this shock wave struck Yang Qi’s body, but it did not cause his body to splinter and thus die. Instead, it seemed to have hit a huge bell and a melodious clang of a bell was heard.  Yang Qi had remained where he stood. 

“[The great Golden Bell Shield QiGong]?” 

Chen Miejin stared blankly.

Shua!  By now Yang Qi had already appeared in front of him and he did not even have the time to react and was hit by an attack, which severely struck at his Zhen Qi shield .

With a sound of a bubble popping, the body protection QiGong was smashed open and a foot kicked at the dantian region in Chen Miejin’s abdomen, where his Qi ocean was.

“How is this possible. . . .I am at Qigong 7th tier. . . ” Chen Miejin struggled futilely.  Yang Qi’s foot was like an elephant’s leg and when it stepped on his body, he was unable to even move a muscle.

“Is the QiGong 7th tier so amazing?” Yang Qi said, coldly, “First your Chen Family insults me, then you want to abolish my QiGong? Very good, then I will take revenge and cripple your Qi ocean. You will live as an ordinary person for the rest of your life.”

Saying so, Yang Qi lifted his foot and was about to step on him.

Now, if he really did trample on him, it was certain that Chen Miejin’s cultivation would be crippled and his Qi ocean would be destroyed.


At that precise moment, a loud roar was transmitted from the City Gate. Soon, a tall figure appeared, wearing a full body armor of steel, just like a war fiend. This was the leader of the entire garrison of Mayor’s Mansion’s guards — Luo Hun!

This was that Luo Hun who had once before destroyed Yang Qi’s Qi ocean. If he hadn’t been hacked by lightning, Yang Qi would now be living as an ordinary person, suffering all kinds of humiliation.

Luo Hun’s QiGong cultivation was second to none in the whole of Yan Capital City. When compared with the patriarchs of those noble and wealthy families, he was far better.  Moreover, he had a nickname— the “Armored Devil”.

The meaning behind this name was — all year-around, throughout the four seasons, Luo Hun wore his cold steel body armor, it never left his body.  Excluding bathtime, he even went to bed, thusly attired.  Apparently, he seemed to be cultivating a queer type of cultivation method; every time he fought, he was as brutal as a devil. And he was a faithful servant of the Mayor Yan Gufeng.

Actually, Yang Qi had long discovered that the conflict between him and the popular genius of the Chen Family had all been secretly observed by Luo Hun from inside the city.  

Now, when it was the climax, Luo Hun had appeared.

However, upon hearing Luo Hun’s objection, Yang Qi coldly laughed.  As before, he still brought his foot down to trample, he believed he could go against what Luo Hun said. He wanted to see just who could stop him if he wanted to cripple Chen Miejin’s Qi ocean.


Luo Hun’s expression changed; seeing that Yang Qi did not listen to his command, his eyebrows became ramrod-straight, like two sharp swords. There was a steely glint in his eyes and wherever his gaze landed, the people there couldn’t help but want to avoid those eyes— it gave them the painful feeling as if when a knife cuts through your flesh. This was the “Visual Attack” effect that could be used when the QiGong cultivation had reached the 8th tier, Qi Transformation realm.

He issued a soundwave which sounded like the wind blowing in a gale.  His palm moved forwards in a pushing motion and suddenly the air surged violently.  It was as if a great scourge had descended upon Yang Qi and his release of  Qi was so fast it was amazing to see.

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