Chapter 5

The classroom was very big and could accommodate 80 people. Currently it was half-filled, in the front was the black board, the walls were painted in a powdery white, seems like this is the place where I’ll study in the future. I found a seat in the back rows and the Ho brothers sat at my side.

The bell rang, a roughly 26, 27 years old female teacher walked in, her stature was not very tall, shoulder-length dark hair and a beautiful and refined face, from looks she seemed to be very gentle. She first coughed once and then shouted loudly: “Students, please be quiet. We’ll begin class.” Her voice was very sharp and clear, it brought a very comfortable feeling.

The teacher was surprisingly young, this was very out of my expectations.

The classroom quieted down.

“I’ll do a self-introduction, my name is Zhuang Jing, I will be the teacher of this class, my main responsibility is related to the magic lectures, I hope everyone can cooperate with me, study hard, and fight for the school’s honor, and also for first year class 6’s honor. If anyone has magic related problems you can come find me.” I thought to myself, seems like this teacher gets close to people easily, to be such a young instructor for us new students, she must have exceptional abilities.

“Next, each student will also do a self-introduction, starting from the left-side first row.”

At the left-side first row was a girl, if she was a man you can say she is tall and strong, a height of 180 centimeters, a waist measurement similar to her height, if I use a contemporary word to describe her – Earth globe. She did not have a stage fright at all and stood up in a “whoosh” and said: “Nice to meet you Teacher Zhuang Jing, hello fellow classmates, my name is Feng Juan. I have learned fire magic and some family passed down techniques, I hope we can get along in our studies…. (omitted next 1000 words)” Wow, truly a bitch, going on and on and on until the teacher couldn’t stand it anymore and said: “This is fine, classmate Feng Juan, this is good enough, next.”

This Feng Juan then finally reluctantly sat down, but, obviously her craving was not satisfied.

Behind her was a thin small man, compared with Feng Juan from just earlier they were total opposites, he stood up and said with a hoarse voice: “My name is Long Zhuang, please take care of me in the future.” When he finished speaking, he immediately squat his butt down.


It was finally my turn, I stood up and as much as possible controlled my voice to be gentler, I said: “My name is Lei Xiang.” The girls from class saw my big and tall figure, handsome face and started to throw flirtatious looks. Others are still easy to cope with, but I accidentally received that sister Fen’s wink, the dinner from overnight almost came out. I forcefully endured the rolling bile as it came up and quickly and sat down.

The teacher seemed to show interest in me and asked: “Classmate Lei Xiang, what have you learned previously?”

I had no choice but to stand up again, but I no longer dare to study my surroundings and stared straight at the teacher: “I learned some fists and battle force techniques.”

“Oh, you never learned magic?”


“Then you have to work hard in the future, to catch up to everyone else’s level.”

“Yes, teacher.”

The Ho brothers followed and introduced themselves, their identical appearance gave everyone a deep impression.

“Alright, everyone finished them self-introductions, I hope everyone can respect and care for each other, working as a team to improve. Next we have to pick a class monitor, in the future they will help manage the class with me, everyone should think of how we should elect someone.”

A student called Wu De stood up: “Teacher, from what I know, each class has a chief student. Why not start a competition, pick a chief student, and let him be the class monitor, this way everyone will also be convinced.

Teacher Zhang nodded and smiled: “Not bad, do other classmates still have any suggestions?

Majority of the students did not oppose, the ones who did did not any have any better ideas, later Teacher Zhuang Jing announced: “For the next class everyone will go to training field #4, through a competition we’ll pick a class monitor. Class dismissed.”

I quietly asked the Ho brothers at my side: “Can we forfeit, what is a class monitor? Will it affect our studies?”

Huo Xing said: “It probably won’t affect our studies, I heard if the class monitor gets along with the teachers they can learn more things. In this school there’s a Sky Dragon team, only second years students who is the student chief can have the right to enter, I heard you can learn some profound techniques in there. In the school there are 6 grades, almost every grade has 6 classes, so the Sky Dragon team should have 30 people. They are the true elites of our institute.”

So that means, being a class monitor have its advantages, at the least it can bring better study opportunities. Seems like I can’t forfeit.

There was not really any rest time between periods, I followed the students and made a beeline for training field #4, it is behind the school building and usually used by magic-martial class or students.

The girls from class were constantly chatting, from their tiny voices I faintly heard my name. I unconsciously touch my face a bit, am I really that handsome?

There were a few confident, not bad-looking girls, and they came and leaned close to me in attempt to charm me with their looks. How can they tempt me with this level, each and every one of them hit a snag.

Finally at the place, training field #4 was a large room surrounded by 5 levels of terrace which can sit around 4, 5 hundred people, and in the middle was a 20 meters wide elevated arena.

Teacher Zhuang Jing went up the arena: “Alright, pick the ballot down there, are there any students who would like to forfeit?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Unbelievable, more than half gave up, mostly girls. Teacher Zhuang Jing calculated a bit, in the end 16 students were left. Through a ballot we were divided into groups, through fighting the winner will advance and the loser will be eliminated.

My first fight was against Huo Xing, he sent me a helpless expression, “Lei Xiang, come, let’s fight first.” I nodded and took the lead going on the arena.

Huo Xxing drew a long sword: “I will not hold back, you also have to do your best.”

I said: “Come.”

“The mighty God of Fire, grant me endless raging flames.” Along with Huo Xxing’s chanting his longsword turned red, emitting a scathing heat, I still stood motionless waiting for his move.

Huo Xing shouted, rapidly rushed in front of me, suddenly a sword came down, I lightly moved sideways but did not dodge his sword. The long sword hacked straight at my shoulder, Huo Xing did not think I was that brave and quickly drew back in fear of hurting me, but the inertia was already too large and he could not stop in time, the sword brimming with flames chopped at my shoulder and a “paa” sound came out.

Actually, from the strength of his strike I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, I purposely let him hit and only felt a small burn. I smiled slightly at him and raised my left hand and in one swipe grabbed his sword, and my right hand palm shot out.

When his sword chopped at me, Huo Xing felt as if he just chopped ice, from my hold the sword could not move. The sword filled with elements of fire actually could not hurt my palm, in shock, he was struck off the arena from my palm strike.

This whole process was a matter of seconds. I only used enough strength to send him off but not enough to hurt him, Huo Xing couldn’t help but look at his long sword, the edge was bent a little.

Amazed, he ask: “Lei Xiang, what technique is this? For you to be actually not be afraid of a sword cut.”

I calmly said: “Not “not afraid”, but your strength was not enough, do you want to try again?”

Huo Xing shook his head: “No need, I admit defeat.”

The other students below the stage were stupefied, never having imagined the first fight’s result would be like this. They couldn’t help but look at me in a new light, I instantly became the favored winner.

Teacher Zhuang Jing announced: “The first fight winner, Lei Xiang. Next fight, Feng Juan vs Huo Xxing.”

I walked off the stage, pat Huo Xing’s shoulders and said: “You should be satisfied, you are the first who lost to me and could leave with a whole body.” Huo Xing was stunned by what I said, I ignored him and look up at the match.

On the stage Huo Xxing and Feng Juan started fighting. Fenyan uses a large hammer, waving it up and down  the wind whooshed all around, the heavy hammer in her hand was like a feather being swung around effortlessly. The hammer was also enchanted with fire magic, although her body looked cumbersome, but her movement speed was not slow at all, like a leaf lightly blowing around Huo Xxing and eventually triumphantly pushing Huo Xxing to a corner. The gale formed from the iron hammer did not allow Huo Xxing to get within 3 meters of her. He only used to sword to send some fire magic. This fat woman truly has an abnormal strength.

Huo Xing gasp: “This is a girl? Too scary.”

I flatly said: “Your little brother is losing, he has no way to show his true strength.”

Sure enough, I just finished talking Huo Xxing’s sword was blasted away by Feng Juan’s hammer, the hammer stopped 3 inches above his head, intimidating Huo Xxing’s until his face was washed white.

Feng Juan proudly smiled: “You lost.” She became the second to enter the quarterfinals.

With only 1 lesson’s time the best 8 were decided, my next battle was against male student called Luo Lei, he uses a gun. From my observation his gun techniques were tricky but not enough power.

The second round first fight, Luo Lei and I entered the arena on Teacher’s Zhuang Jing’s announcement, Luo Lei said: “You won too effortlessly just now, I will not give you this kind of chance.”

I coldly snorted but did not reply.

“If he didn’t lose purposely then he underestimated his enemy, I will not make the same mistakes. Fine, I’ll let you see what is true skill, watch out for my gun – Galaxy Manbu [1],” Having said so, his ten feet two long gun produced bright dots which seemed to filled the sky, dispersing and charging towards me. The naming is not bad, the end of the gun kept producing gunfire sound, I couldn’t tell where he was firing at at all. He was truthfully is stronger than Huo Xing.

I raised my hands to shield my eyes and wrap Armor of Heaven Thunders around my whole body. My clothes brimming with thick chi and on my body were waves of slight stabs of pain, Luo Lei’s Galaxy Manbu completely stabbed everywhere on my body.

I lowered my hand, coldly looked at him, Luo Lei looked at me stunned, muttering: “Now I know why he lost just now, you are really sword and gun proof.”

“I am not impervious to guns nor swords, but you both just don’t have enough strength.”

Luo Lei said firmly: “I will not give up, come again. The steady earth, by your great power pierce through the enemy in front of your eyes – Earth Spear Strike.” So he is learning earth magic.

Below my feet the ground began to sway, a massive earth spike rushed up, I dodged backward. Although it missed but my body was covered in cold sweat from the surprise, an earth spike this big, even my defense will not guarantee I won’t be harm at all. Right at this moment, the second earth spike rushed up.

Just avoiding it is not a solution, I used all my strength and dashed forward, the earth spikes constantly stabbed up right behind me. In a thrilling escape I kept evading one spike after another, although it was not a direct blow but I could not help but be scraped at a few places, if not for my strong defense, perhaps I would be all black and blue and over, but my clothes could not be saved.

Finally, I reached 3 meters to the front of Luo Lei and high-jumped into the air, shouting: “Wild Thunder Drop!” This is the first time since I left the Beast Capital where I used 13 Fists of Wild Thunder in a battle.

In the air I charged forward filled with a large energy, a big fist continuously becoming larger and larger in Luo Lei’s eyes. He felt the air was surging with worked up with energy, all the escaping spots were locked dead by this one punch, making him unable to get away.

Luo Lei clenched his teeth, the gun in his hands pointed with his strength at me.

Actually, when I was high up in the air I already knew, I won, because he had no way to block my punch exerting all my strength.

My right fist carried a large lump of battle chi striking against Luo Lei’s long gun, in the air was the sound of shattering, Luo Lei was “sent” out of arena by the strong force of my punch. His long gun scattered fragment all over the ground, if I didn’t draw back a large part of my battle chi at the last moment and change the explosive power to a “sending” power, I’m afraid he will never be able to see the sun tomorrow.

I stood on top of the arena, hands behind my back, with an air of one of the hero under heaven. I coldly said: “Now you know how lucky you are, sorry, for destroying your long gun.”

Below the arena Luo Lei did not suffer any injury, naturally he knows I was showing mercy and bitterly retreated to one side. Teacher Zhuang Jing blinked her eyes, and inwardly thought: “This Lei Xiang is very strong, Luo Lei’s nebula gun techniques were somewhat famous before he came to this school. In the class or even the grade he’s ranked near the top, I didn’t think he would be defeated.”

As she was thinking so, I said from the arena: “Teacher, shouldn’t you announce my win?”

Teacher Zhuang Jing just reacted and hurriedly said: “Lei Xiang enters the semi-finals.”

I jumped off from the arena, the Ho brothers ran over, Huo Xxing said: “Old Lay[2], you were really great, your punch just now was too beautiful. Seem like being class monitor is yours, how about you teach me?”

I said: “My fighting technique is not suitable for you, it’s better for you to train your own techniques.”

Huo Xxing seemed to hit a nail, looks a little angry. I ignored him and went to a corner to meditate, because the competition will be completed within today, that’s why endurance is very important. Although I won over Luo Lei, but I am not as relaxed as I look. Those earth spikes still caused some harm to me, also the battle from just now used up a lot of my energy, if the next two opponents are at Luo Lei’s level, to be the class monitor would pose some difficulty.

I thought in my heart, the opponent in the next battle could possibly use magic, I have to make the first move.

I sat quietly and circulate the energy in the body, regathering the chi of Armor of Heaven Thunders and completely disregarding other matters.

After just a little while, the chi gradually returned to their best condition, I breathed in deeply and stood up.

Walking to the side of the arena, I was right in time for the end of the show, Feng Juan danced around with her large hammer and tossed the opponents sword along with the opponent off the stage. Truly a fearsome strength.

Teacher Zhuang Jing announced: “Feng Juan’s victory, ending quarter-finals. the next round will be semi-finals. First match, Lei Xiang vs. Feng Wen. Please enter the arena.”

My turn? Seems like the time I was in meditation was not short. Going on the stage, I stood at one side. The breeze caressed my face, in a blink an extra person appeared on the opposite side, what a fast speed, my heart could not help but feel awed.

This is Feng Wen, a well-proportioned figure and in his hands a longsword. He smiled slightly: “Seeing your battles earlier, I know you are strong, but I already have a method to deal with you.”

“Stop the rubbish, come.” To prevent the other from using magic, I was the first to initiate the attack. With my left foot forward and body charging straight, I threw a punch. A strong chi headed towards Feng Wen and the wind caused his clothes to flap around in whistles, and right at this moment, the Feng Wen in front of me suddenly disappeared. My powerful punch actually hit the air, he was not only fast in speed, but his battle chi was also very strong, to escape from my battle chi.

In my short moment of shock, I felt a sharp wind attack behind me, I did not dodge and turned to use my chest to block his attack while sending out another quick punch.

A wind arrow accurately hit my chest, but my fist hit air again, Feng Wen stood shocked at one side of the arena: “Your defense is really high, you can even directly take my wind arrow of this intensity.”

Feng Wen rapidly flew around me, occasionally giving me a wind arrow or wind blade type of magic, but basically will not directly fight me and I repeatedly punched empty air and wasted my energy. My battle chi from Armor of Heaven Thunders was still too low and cannot reach far, it was simply not a threat to him. Ah, that’s right, I integrate dark magic and battle chi together, like when I fought father last time.

I stood in the middle of the arena, letting his wind magic baptize me, my outer clothing became even more tattered under his wind magic, showing my undergarment and my super strong muscles. I secretly watched the direction he was moving and continued gathering dark chi in my body, an ice-cold transparent feeling filled my whole body, my senses became much sharper.

At the moment Feng Wen continued to attack while thinking, at this rate, perhaps I will not be able to break his defense and my magic, battle chi is almost used up. I don’t know what this guy does, being so sturdy. This can’t do, I have to use my ultimate move. Thinking so, Feng Wen shouted: “Harsh Gale Sword!.”

All the chi in his body gathered on the sword, while he also used wind magic to enhance his speed and rushed over. His body in midair, he rapidly spun around and though still 5 meters away from me, his battle chi already pierced my skin and caused faint stabs of pain. If I let him hit, even with my defense I will be injured. I loudly yelled: “Great attack.” Circulating the already condensed dark chi, I directly threw a punch at him.

A black and white chi came from my fist, I do not believe I will lose in power. At this moment when both forces were about to collide, Feng Wen in midair unbelievably flipped over to the left side, avoiding my killing blow and his longsword pierced towards my chest. Feng Wen was using wind magic to change his direction, no matter how I dodge he could catch up.

At this critical moment, my heart became surprisingly calm, a clear feeling went towards the direction of his attack and I shouted: “Wild Thunder Shakes Heaven.” Along with his attack appeared many fist shadows, completely locking the spots he could go, and we attacked head on.

Feng Wen never imagined I still have this trick and already had no way to dodge, he clenched his teeth and rushed forward with even more speed. Boom! Sword and fist collided in the air, my strength was too dispersed, and even this absolute power was only on even grounds with him, and I still felt I am at a disadvantage.

The cloth on my chest were pierced to pieces from the longsword’s battle chi, while also leaving an half inch deep scar, and blood flowed out from the open wound. The chi channels in my model definitely suffered from shock. I gasp and took coarse breaths while using both hands and one knee to support my weight from the ground, this is the first time I’m injured since leaving Beast Capital.

Feng Wen from appearance looks a little better, but his chi were pretty much used up, and his long sword was only half intact. Like me he was also one knee down on the ground and using the broken sword to support his body, his inner chi channels were shaken severely from my attack, an ice-cold feeling enveloped his whole body, he was using all the strength left to dissolve the dark chi.

I used my left hand to pressed on my chest wound a few times, blocking the blood flow and forcefully getting up while barely standing steady. This was the first time I question father’s “one strong against 10 wise” and it’s also the first time I realized the importance of skill and technique. Now if I want to win it’s difficult, all the chi in my body were expended, plus the chest wound, an occasional pain was sent over.

Feng Wen was also shakily standing up and said: “Still want to fight?” On his face appeared a helpless smile. I bitterly smiled: “If you can still continue to battle, then I lose.”

“We’re both on the same boat, seems like Feng Juan has the advantage now.” After he said so we both fell backwards.

Teacher Zhuang Jing quickly jumped onto the arena and examined our wounds, after finding no life-threatening injuries, she let out a relieved sigh: “Neither side wins? Quick, classmates help bring them to the infirmary.”


Where is this? Such a thick smell of medicine, I forcefully opened my eyes and sat up, just now even slight movements brought pain from my chest, I could only lie back down on the bed, and I felt my wound being wrapped in thick gauze.  I endured the fierce pain and did not let myself groan and forcefully turned my head. On the bed next to me was Feng Wen. This is probably the infirmary then.

I circulated the dark chi to examine my chi channels, the ones around my chest were already blocked, but it was good that my Armor of Heaven Thunders resisted most of his battle chi, otherwise, it would be troublesome hurting the heart chi channels. I used dark chi to connect the blocked chi channels little by little, after sometime, I heard someone walk in.

“These two fellows, still not conscious. It’s just a class monitor, why risk their life. If they’re going to risk their life they should wait until the grade-wide competition. Now this is great, just at the beginning of the school year and already in the infirmary.” This is Teacher Zhuang Jing’s voice.

I felt a small ice-cold hand on my head, “Still fine, no fever, will probably not have any infections.” Uncontrollably, my heart began to feel warmth, why did she care so much for me? Because I am her student?

“What’s wrong with Feng Wen, he should not have more serious injuries than Lei Xiang, why is he still not waking up? Why is his body so cold?” Teacher Zhuang Jing’s worried voice transferred over.

The blocked chi channels were mostly cleared by me, I opened my eyes and Teacher Zhuang Jing was sitting right by Feng Wen’s bed, hand on his head.

I weakly said: “Teacher, he is suffering from my black ice battle chi, I have to cure him from it.” In truth he is suffering from dark chi.

“Lei Xiang, you’re awake. What’s your black ice battle chi? How come I never heard of it, but it is truly very strong, how are you going to help him?”

“Give me his hand.” The two beds were not far apart, only an arm’s length away.

I put my hand on Feng Wen’s pulse and slowly sucked away the dark chi from his body, trails of dark chi gradually transferred back to my body. I did not feel as if I exerted energy, but rather felt dark chi was abundant. My mind became more awake.

“Teacher, he is probably fine, just needs some rest.”

“Your battle chi is very impressive, only you can cure it, originally I thought Feng Wen will wake up before you. You guys, why did you have to fight to the death. I wanted to pick one of you to be class monitor, but now Feng Juan became the class monitor. If you have the strength wait until the grade-wide competition to use it, to bring honor to the class. If it’s your own people why bother go all out?”

She could still say, unceasingly, “Teacher, how long was I out for?”

“One day and one night. The first day of school and two went to the health office, the school principal almost scolded me.” Teacher Zhuang Jing’s face showed an angry expression.

One day and one night, my poor Black Dragon is suffering from hunger again, “Teacher, can you bring me outside?”

“Why do you want to go out? You need to rest to heal your wound.”

“My horse is in the school’s horse stable, I want to go feed him. He haven’t eaten since yesterday evening.”

Teacher Zhuang Jing said: “Fine, you rest, I’ll help you feed him, I owe you guys.” Said so, she stood up to go.

“You can’t. Teacher, my horse only eats what I feed him, I’m afraid you can’t.”

Teacher Zhuang Jing wrinkled her eyebrows: “Why is it so troublesome. Alright, you wait here, I’ll bring a wheelchair, it’s alright if I push you there right?”

She still have some ways, not a long time, she found a little old wheelchair, I want to try to sit up, but chest hurts, and then fell back on the bed. Teacher Zhuang Jing said: “Ok, let me do it.” Instantly took me up from the bed. A fresh aroma came from her body, the scent making me a little dazed, her only 1 meter 6 something height carrying 2 meter tall me could not avoid some body parts touching, the soft touch stimulated my nerves.

Teacher Zhuang Jing looked at my reveled look, sat me down on the wheelchair, and gave me a busted chestnut to eat, angrily said: “What are you doing, are you still going to feed the horse?” secretly thought in her heart, little perverted ghost want to eat my tofu, thinking till here, her face became red, looking at my tall and strong body and handsome face, could not help but dream of perverted stuff, she strive to shake her head, thought of: What is wrong with me, he is my student.

Of course I don’t know her heart’s struggle, I only sober up when head hurted, busily said: “Ah! Sorry teacher, let’s go.”

Zhuang Jing pushed me to the horse stable, I quickly get good quality forage and fed Black Dragon, I said apologetically to it: “Let you starve again buddy, it’s all my fault.”

Teacher Zhuang Jing said: “This horse of yours is really not bad, one look and you know it’s a precious horse. Where did it come from?”

If other people asked me this question I will definitely ignore, maybe it’s because just now closed the distance between me and her, I unexpectedly could not reject her question, “Black Dragon originally is a wild horse, is conquered by me. And then have been keep following me since.”

“How about letting me touch it.” it’s not true right? Look at her jump for joy look it’s just like a small child.

“Best not touch, it’s temper is very irritable, have also kicked someone to death.”

“That scary? I don’t believe, I have to touch.” speaking, Teacher Zhuang Jing walked over, used hand touching toward Black Dragon. Black Dragon’s eye showed alertness, step back one step, long neigh once, stood up.

I quickly yelled out loud: “Black Dragon, don’t be unreasonable, is a friend.” Black Dragon seem to understand my words, moving horse hoofs toward another direction.

Teacher Zhuang Jing was scared, seeing that Black Dragon did not attack her then collect back the water chi that she just gathered. “Scared me for a moment, this horse of yours is unyielding enough. Seems like it can understand what you are saying.”

“I also don’t know what happened, it’s like we can communicate through the soul. Let’s go back.”

Teacher Zhuang Jing carried me and did a ghost face at Black Dragon, and then pushed me back to the infirmary. Of course, in the process of carrying me back to bed again could not avoid


One day passed, Feng Wen also woke up, ate breakfast. He asked me: “How are you, better yet? That day your chi was really powerful, originally I still had attacking power, but let your chi froze the whole body and veins all shrank, could not gather up strength.”

“My internal injury is basically all well, the sword wound on the chest also closed up. I’ll be fine in a few days.” speaking from my heart, I admire his martial power, unexpectedly can pierce through my super strong defense, seems like, I still have to strength amor of heaven thunder’s practice in the future.

“What battle chi are you practicing? Defense is really strong.”

“Strong what, still let you broke through.”

“My twirling dragon chi is very famous, it’s like a tornado spinning to attack, it can freely change direction, has very strong pierce power, I have never seen anyone that can take it head on. That day my last attack used all the twirling dragon chi plus wind magic speed up, was only able to barely pierce open your defense cover a little bit, just now colliding with your defense cover I saved some strength because of afraid of hurting you, but at last I already used all strength and still could not completely break through.”

“So it’s spiral style chi, no wonder it has such strong pierce through power. Hurting me is fine, but my clothing is ruined by you.”

“My sword is also broken by you, we are each the same.”

When speaking till here, Feng Yun and Ho brothers came. Feng Yun just came in and start to yell: “How was it, you two, no problem right? I heard from the Ho brothers say that you two were killing till the sky and land is dark.”

Feng Wen scoffed: “You look at your mouth, ever since small you were like this, once you start to speak you can’t stop, can you stay quiet for a little bit.”

Feng Yun said: “Ever since small you bully me, now you don’t even let me speak?”

Huo Xing asked surprised: “You two know each other?”

Feng Wen smile lightly and said: “He is my cousin, we grew up together when we were small, only one leans toward learning magic, one leans toward learn martial techniques only.”

Huo Xing said: “That’s is just good, everyone is not outsider. From now on we are going to be miserable, letting Feng Juan that head……became class monitor, originally I thought Lei Xiang will definitely get it, who knew midway you came out.”

[1] Manbu means filled cloth – lit. Galaxy Filled Cloth, but I think it describes a river of stars like on a cloth, that’s why Lei Xiang said the name is not bad


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