Chapter 12

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Volume 1 Chapter 12: QiGong Sixth Tier

Translated by: Ash, GX

TLC: Fallen

Edited by: Vanagandr, LosThanatos

Within Yang Qi’s hand the long spear was letting loose an aura of hell, which was condensed by the usage of the special Zhen Qi circulation of “Power of divine elephant that suppresses hell”.

Dark God’s Spear!

QiGong sixth tier, “Qi Armaments” condensing Qi to weapons. It doesn’t just randomly condense Qi, rather there are various complex patterns of Qi circulation with different kinds of Zhen Qi combining and scattering through the pores of the body. Then according to each combination of QiGong, it is condensed into a corresponding weapon.

If it is carelessly condensed, then its strength would be greatly diminished and it can easily be defeated.

Like this “Dark God’s spear” Yang Qi condensed, appeared plain and looked as if it was made of stone while surrounded by a strong aura of hell. The bleeding spear would make anyone who glimpsed at it feel as if his soul was being sucked into Hell.

With a spear in hand Yang Qi appeared just like the Dark God that dominates Hell.

“Dark God’s spear, strike!””

Hong Long!

Within his body the tremendous power of the Mammoth was charging rampantly, forming a series of whirlpools. The energy of these whirlpools was not the common vortex energy; rather it was the unique “Whirlpool of Hell”.

Under the urging of the whirlpools a portion of explosive power surged out.

The Dark god’s spear pierced through the sky, flying over several hundred places, piercing into the body of the mountain; that mountain seemed just like tofu, it was completely unable to obstruct the penetration of the Qi Armament spear. A sound of metallic screech pervaded the air and a pitch black cavity with unknown depth appeared.

“How powerful his spear of mine is! Its degree of penetration and power is even comparable with Yan Shi’s 8th tier Ice Cold Qigong.”

Yang Qi looked at the mountain on which the deep hole was – even the rocks had all been disintegrated. This was clearly the might of the “Power of the Divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell”. Regardless of how the Zhen Qi was condensed or what the means of power were this was something no other QiGong could even be remotely capable of contending against.

In the great hall, Yang Shi, utilizing his Cold Ice QiGong, had condensed a long azure spear. But its power was not so different compared to Yang Qi’s spear.

However, he had the cultivation of the 8th tier.

Even now, Yang Qi was only at 6th tier.

Yang Qi bending his waist, stooping down, and picking up a stone from the ground. Within his body the “Hell’s Whirlpool” suddenly burst forth, and that stone suddenly emitted a long whistling noise, while in mid-air bursting into a blaze of fire, and then striking the rocks on the surface of the mountain bevor directly exploding; seeming as if it was gunpowder.

“Good! To be capable of using a stone to pierce through the sky and induce a powerful blaze, it is necessary to at least be at the peak of the 7th tier. My Qi Gong’s strength is unexpectedly this powerful? Unfortunately, I cannot freely control this power, and have to pick up the stones by myself.”

Sixth tier Qi Gong can only condense Qi into weapons, but cannot separately use Qi to pick up items.

For example, something like picking up a stone: A powerful person of 6th QiGong tier will do it by himself, but a person of the 7th Qi Gong tier, can form his Zhen Qi into a hand and use it to pick it up.

To freely pick up and receive items, that is the most outstanding characteristic an expert of the 7th tier, “Qi Imagination realm” is capable of.

Furthermore,they are also capable of recovering Zhen Qi during battle, have long stamina, and an unending stream of vigorous QiGong with an attack power that is 10 times stronger than that a 6th tier expert has.

Exactly because of this, Yang Hong Lie, who had achieved a cultivation of QIGong 7th tier, was insufferably arrogant and tried to oppress Yang Qi. Due to this observation, even if Yang Qi had a vigorous Zhen Qi, he would still not be his opponent.

But now relying on the powerful ”Power of Divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell”, Yang Qi felt he could fight confidently against Yang Hong Lie. Especially if the “Dark God’s spear” was unexpectedly used, it could even kill experts of 7th tier on the spot! There is no one that can escape from this single strike.

“Dark God’s spear”, was not just a simple weapon; while exploding, there was also the sound of a hellish bellowing as if countless evil ghosts and spirits were screaming, and this caused the people’s mind to be in a state of confusion, basically incapable of escaping. This was a double attack on the mind and body.

In fact, even if it was an exceptional genius that obtained the “Power of Divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell”, he would still be incapable of condensing the “Dark God’s Spear”.

The reason Yang Qi was capable of condensing it so rapidly was because the essence of the lightning elephant within him contained the Zhen Qi of an expert cultivator.

The golden fairy within the space between his eyebrows, he(Yang Qi) did not know what happened to him, and why he had this appearance. What remained of him was his essence, which was also his original appearance, that entered Yang Qi. This gave him all kinds of psychic understanding, far surpassing any ordinary person.

Circulating the Zhen Qi within his body, Yang Qi was endlessly pleased and had the desire to raise his head and laugh loudly to the sky; within only a few days he had cultivated to QiGong 6th tier, the Qi Armament realm. Within the whole Feng Rao continent, this was a rare occurrence.

“Undefeatable King Fist!”

Accompanied by bellows, Yang Qi continuously displayed this quasi-King level martial skill. Qi flow was circulating, and the palm shadows looked like a mountain. Each of the strikes hit faster than the one before. Wandering through all 4 sides, every move was tearing apart the air. The surface of the ground, the mountain rocks, etc., everything seemed to have been hacked with a huge hatchet, as a thick layers had been scraped off.

“Dark God’s Spear” this type of martial techniques could not be used carelessly, if it was seen by other people then it would bring great calamity upon oneself. If it was a normal fight , then showing off the Undefeatable King Fist would be enough.

A quasi-King level martial technique is also not to be underestimated.

With the training of the past days, Yang Qi had already practiced “Undefeatable king fist’s” six moves again and again exhaustively, until he mastered every single move to perfection. Even though he could not perform like Yang Zhan, who was able to condense 6 arms made of Zhen Qi, and could in one strike burst open a lake of water and like explosives, eviscerate a mountains, but Yang Qi could also easily rip apart comparable experts of the sixth tier.
Midnight was approaching and coldness began to fill the air in the valley. Yang Qi stopped his training; leaping up, he jumped between the trees, more agile than a monkey, and he shuttled through like the birds who dwell within a forest, towards the outside of the mountain.

If it was an expert of the seventh QiGong tier, then it would be a different story, as they could tread on trees to travel, and could also use their Zhen Qi in accordance with special techniques and condense it to form “Zhen Qi wings” and then glide high up in the sky; within a day walking 3000 miles will not be a problem.

After “Power of divine elephant that suppresses hell” is cultivated to the seventh tier, then it could condense a pair of “Devil’s Wings”, which were far superior to every other Zhen Qi wing techniques.

Of the Qi Gongs within the Yang family, there was currently not a single technique that could use Zhen Qi to be condensed to form wings; this was a weak point.

Normally “Zhen Qi wing” techniques were very rare, and were secrets not told to outsiders.

“Yun Hai Lan, Song Hai Shan….the debt you owe me, because of your deception, I will sooner or later make you repay me. But now was not the time, when my cultivation will be advanced and I’ll have completely refined the lightning elephant within my body, you two will pay the price for how you deceived me.”

In Yang Qi’s heart revitalizing the family, as well as supporting his father, and brothers were still secondary as he had a thorn in his side, and that was Yun Hai Lan, that bitch who deceived him.

If I don’t take vengeance for this then I am not a man!

Very soon, Yang Qi had passed through the mountain’s forest and came to the road leading to Yan Capital City.

All around Yan Capital City within a circumference of several hundred miles were some towns, villages and small cities, spread out like a constellation. A dense network of rivers of interwoven roads; some roads were so wide that a dozen carriages could travel side by side, paved with bluestone that made it look neat and tidy.

In Feng Rao continent there were many QiGong cultivators and practically all people cultivated. Even if they were commoners, their strength was unusually large and building roads and cities was very simple for them.

But for most of these commoners what they cultivated were the bottom ranked mediocre QiGong techniques. At most they could only reach the 4th tier the realm of “Qi Refining”.
But even if they were only of the 4th tier, they were still completely full of energy and able to lift a 50 kg rock whenever and run around. These herculean citizens assisted in repairing the roads, building the walls of the city, digging moats and mining rocks; they were very quickly at all that. Therefore, in the whole Feng Rao continent, there were magnificent buildings everywhere with wide roads and abundant supplies.

The “Feng” character (TL: it means fertile, plentiful) in Feng Rao continent’s name also reflected in its bountiful surroundings.

These commoners occasionally were able to earn enough Qi Gathering pills to cultivate on their own and breakthrough to the Qi Exploding realm. Then they would be scouted by nobility or wealthy families and enter their clans to work as guards of the family, and slowly integrate into the clan and receive a status and superior cultivation techniques.

“What? It seems that there is a fierce battle on the banks of Yan river?”

Suddenly, Yang Qi’s ear pricked up something.

He came down from the mountain, madly rushing along the river bank towards the city walls on the banks of a vast mist covered river which was a dozen miles wide. The whole Yan Capital City was build near that river, hence using water to travel was very convenient.

On both sides of the Yan river, there were wide sandy river banks, densely grown reeds and a giant overhanging cliff. The terrain was rich; it had many dangerous rapids and many local mysteries. There were also some brilliant QiGong masters who had built houses along the bank on both sides of the Yan river and resided there.

As he madly rushed to one place on the wide river bank, fluctuations of fierce QiGong was transmitted which caused him to halt his rush and step forward nimbly. Immediately, he saw a dozen black clothed people attacking a single woman.

These black clothed men were experts; at the very least each of them was at the 5th tier Qi Gong the “Qi Exploding” realm. Among them was a leader, who was especially clever, with just a casual strike the Zhen Qi behind his back had actually condensed into several hideous faces. This was a QiGong cultivated using one’s own Zhen Qi mixed with toxic substances.

This leader was capable of condensing Zhen Qi to form face masks, which means had unexpectedly achieved the cultivation of the 7th tier “Qi Imagination” realm. Compared with Yang Qi’s cultivation, it was still higher by one level.

“This is…? Shadow Poison sect’s Qi Gong?”

Yang Qi’s perception was already extremely high, and immediately from the body of that “Devil mask QiGong” he detected the same flavour of poison as that within his brothers. It was very evident that this group of black clothed men were the same enemies who attempted to deal unfavorably with the Yang family.

That besieged girl was dressed in white, had a Cyan sword in her hand, and was freely swaying. Wave after wave of cyan coloured Jianqi lashed out from the sword, congregating but not dispersing, transforming into a series of fluttering red-crowned cranes breaking the hideous masks.

Swish swish!

An intensive sound of dense falling raindrops rang out as a crossbow was fired. It turned out to be those dozen or so black-clothed experts utilizing their weapon, a long spear-like crossbow. With a machine spring sound of kacha, they fired continuously.

“Army Destroying Crossbow?” Yang Qi upon seeing it, was taken aback. That crossbow was actually an extremely powerful weapon; when launched, it could destroy the Zhen Qi protecting the body. Even if it was a Qi Shield, it was unable to withstand this attack.

The Qi Shield displayed by Yang Kui appeared invincible however, if it met the “Army Destroying Crossbow” it would be simply pierced through.

The sky filled was with arrows, which looked like densely packed locusts as it rushed towards the woman dressed in white.

Soon the white-clothed woman neared the river, and had no way to escape, if she retreated any further she would fall into the river. But, shua, a pair of huge wings of Zhen Qi stretched out from the back of the white-clothed woman. With each wing extending over 3 feet, it caused a gale in the area and allowed her to hover in the sky looking like the red-crowned crane unexpectedly flying around and dodging the arrows that were shot from the crossbow.

“This is…. ? Wings of Red-crowned Crane Qi Gong, Mayor Mansion’s high-level technique? Unexpectedly, this is a person of the Mayor’s Mansion.” Yang Qi startled, he instantly moved his body.

(to be continued)

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  1. thank you for the chapter!
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