Chapter 13

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Volume 1 Chapter 13: The Punch that breaks the Golden Bell

Translated by: Ash, Demenious

Edited by: LosThanatos, Vanagandr, Octavian, John Doe, Gx

[White Crane’s Wings] is a high-level QiGong technique, even if it was not equal to the ferocity of [Undefeatable King Fist], however if one promptly used [Wings of White Crane] , one was capable of flying high up in the sky. Although it couldn’t be genuinely compared to the White Crane that soars above the 9 heavens, however this imitation could rise up to several hundred meters in the sky and glide more than 10 miles.

This QiGong, its value was said to be about the same as “Undefeatable King Fist”, after all, with it one was capable to escape from enemies and to go in and out of dangerous zones. Therefore, this QiGong had great worth in terms of usage.

In the entire Yan Capital City, only the Mayor’s mansion’s direct descendants could use the [Wing QiGong] techniques.

As for the rest of the noble families, although they had powerful QiGong skills, they did not have flying techniques.

The [White Crane QiGong] however, was the secret technique of the Mayor’s mansion, which could be learnt only by their direct descendants. Now, this “lady in white” displayed this technique, thus one could immediately be certain of her identity.

“A sword aura that causes 19 states to tremble….”(TL: a line from a chinese verse about the rise to fame and downfall of some chinese olden personality)

The “lady in white” who had risen into the sky, dodged the arrows; then swooping down, she readily struck out with the sword in her hand, until it was repeatedly vibrating and strands of Zhen Qi passed through from the sword blade, condensing the lethality of the sword to the peak; after that it pierced down directly. The crowded river bank, unexpectedly, was entirely enshrouded by images of a sword.

“[Dragnet Kill]!”

All the pebbles on the surface of the river bank were turned into dust, from the stress caused by the sharp sword tip.

At first glance, Yang Qi immediately knew that this sword was an outstanding divine weapon, capable of amplifying QiGong, and was classified as a treasured object.

There were some Divine Weapons that could amplify your QiGong by many times, and with which it was not impossible to overcome opponents whose level was higher than yours.

The black clothed people’s leader knew that this sword was extremely powerful, he raised both his hands, and immediately an oval-shaped Qi shield arose.This Qi shield was like a huge bell, and enveloped him and his subordinates within it.

“[The great Golden Bell Shield QiGong]!”

The sword tip struck down upon that Golden Bell Shield QiGong, a burst of flame arose and the gold structure emitted metallic noise. The sound seemed to resonate upon the entire river bank.

Continuously piercing with the white sword, the “lady in white”’s sword Qi was incapable of penetrating [The great Golden Bell Shield QiGong], apparently with her Zhen Qi it was difficult to support the attack. The wings behind her back had started to become transparent, an indicator that it was going to fade away.

Not everyone was blessed with having a QiGong as profound as Yang Qi’s.

“Good chance!”

The black clothed men’s leader abruptly stopped his QiGong and the huge golden bell turned to counterattack. It transformed into a huge iron hammer and struck back high up in the sky.


The huge hammer struck down, and the vibrations caused the “lady in white” in the sky to fall and she landed on the sandy shore. She couldn’t use her Zhen Qi, blood spurted out of her mouth and her beautiful face was revealed.

“How does this feel? You are injured, aren’t you? You just recently advanced to QiGong 7th tier, Qi Imagination realm, and your skills haven’t yet matured but I entered this realm more than 10 years ago. Just by relying on the [Green-edged Sword] in your hand, you dared to contend against me? ”The black clothed leader walked towards the “lady in white”, step by step, with great pressure.

“Shadow Poison sect, how dare you come to my Yan Capital City to plot against me, do you wish to die?” The “lady in white” severely asked.

“Hmph! In our Shadow Poison sect’s eyes, Yan Capital City is nothing. We will take down the cities one by one, and finally we will exterminate the Sheng Zu dynasty. Then we shall take over the Feng Rao continent and become the rulers.” The black-clothed men’s leader sardonically smiled and said, “You used the [White Crane QiGong]. So you are most certainly the Mayor, Yan Gu Feng’s daughter. Just right, since I captured you, I’ll extort some [Qi Gathering pills] from Yan Gu Feng.”

“Hahaha, Boss wouldn’t it be better to let our brothers enjoy her first? We don’t have to fear that she would resist, because our shadow Poison sect has a kind of pleasure drug; once she consumed it, any dignified woman will also become a slut!” A black clothed man laughed wildly in an attempt to crumble the confidence of the “lady in white”.


Suddenly, the “lady in white” pointed her sword at him; it was forcefully urged, and as quick as lightning, across a distance of several hundred steps, it directly pierced into the heart of this black-clothed man.

That black-clothed man shrieked miserably and slowly fell down.The rest of the black-clothed men, one by one, retreated. They had not anticipated that the “lady in white” could still execute such a heaven-defying attack.

“Damn it!” The black-clothed men’s leader looked back at his subordinate and cursed, and while revealing a smile, said ‘What a futile sword strike, but since you executed this blow, your Zhen Qi has been depleted even further! I don’t give a shit about your desperate attempts, how about you try to kill another man?”

As if in response to the black-clothed men’s leader’s speech, a few noises peng peng peng peng….could be heard as his voice faded. His subordinates bodies all exploded and became clumps of flesh. Each of their bodies were pierced through and noiselessly fell down on the river bank, corpses were now littered across the area.

This was just not any small surprise, both the black-clothed leader and the “lady in white” were shocked.

Following that in the sky small pebbles bursted into flames, twinkling as they repeatedly struck towards the black clothed leader. These pebbles could even pierce through an iron shield, they were the hidden weapons created by Yang Qi’s Whirlpool of Hell.

“[Qi Rasengan]!!!!” The leader in black didn’t even have time to dodge. QiGong burst out from his body, continuously snapping his fingers, Qi Rasengans were precisely struck at the pebbles. Each strike generated an explosion in the sky, as if a series of fireworks were set off.

“Who? Whoever assualted my subordinates, come out.”

The black-clothed men’s leader said in an utterly discomfited manner.

Yang Qi took large steps and walked out of the reed, the imposing aura made the black clothed leader move back a few steps, “How dare you attempt to murder the daughter of our Yan Capital City in the middle of the road, how bold of you.”

“Boy, who are you?” The black-clothed leader said with a sinister look,”You killed so many of my subordinates, aren’t you afraid of my Shadow Poison sect taking vengeance against you?”

“Revenge? Nobody will know that I killed you; you have been living in the underworld for so many years, don’t you know about killing all eyewitnesses?” Yang Qi began to laugh loudly.

(TL: the underworld here is more like a ‘gangland’ or a society of assassins, thieves, bandits, etc. The chinese calls it 江湖 (Jiang Hu), it is a lawless society, assassins were often hired by nobles to assassinate their enemies or rivals.)

This sentence had caused the “lady in white” to chuckle, she thought secretly, “The way this youngster speaks is pretty interesting.”

“Kill me? I see that you do not even know how to write the character “kill”.” The black-clothed men’s leader’s body moved, and approached Yang Qi at high speed. He was like a huge python that was pursuing its prey, slithering in a zigzag manner he covered several hundreds of steps within the blink of an eye.

(TL: in Chinese, it is said that he moves like the character “之”)

“Be careful, this man’s poison techniques are extremely profound..” The “lady in white” warned. From her bosom, she took out a small medicine box, broke it open and swallowed a pill from inside it. Obviously, this medicine was effective to recover her Zhen Qi and physical strength rapidly.

Before her voice faded, Yang Qi could already see a huge Zhen Qi devil-mask coming, to engulf him, it had a fishy stench, and was threatening.

The overwhelming power of the opponent couldn’t be underestimated.

“[Undefeatable King Fist]!” Secretly utilizing his entire Zhen Qi, Yang Qi directly cast out its 6 moves: Unbeatable, Unfailing, etc. He continuously cast these 6 moves. The circulating Zhen Qi accumulated, and was completed in the blink of an eye. The flowing Qi circulated within his body and a huge Qi field suddenly exploded and collided head-on with the devil mask, stringing up the yellowish sand to fill the whole sky.

The devil mask was directly crushed to bits by the powerful Zhen Qi.

Yang Qi could feel the severe consumption of his Zhen Qi; but due to his overly rich and dense QiGong, with the power of two gigantic mammoth, it poised with the imposing manner of being able to remove a mountain with just a step, his Zhen Qi was restored within one breath. Surprisingly, he took big steps forward and the [Undefeatable King Fist] once again bombarded the black clothed leader.

“What kind of QiGong does this boy cultivate?” The devil mask of the black-clothed leader was crushed at once; the Zhen Qi scattered into the air. He just crossed swords with the “lady in white”, and it had consumed quite some energy, “This boy’s QiGong is only at the sixth tier, its quality is far lower than mine, but why does it give off the pressure of an awakened ancient beast? And every blow seems like the trampling of a huge beast?”

He once again adjusted his Zhen Qi, and prepared to use another killing technique, but Yang Qi’s [Undefeatable King Fist] once again bombarded, the violent and wild punches enveloped his body like that.


“[The great Golden Bell Shield QiGong]!”

The black clothed leader once again cast his absolute QiGong defense. A golden bell appeared and enveloped the surroundings, dissolving the bombardment of Yang Qi’s Undefeatable King Fist that came from the top.

“Let me see how many of my punches you can resist!”

Yang Qi absolutely did not give the opponent a chance to catch his breath, within his body the [Power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell] broke out and was used for the [Undefeatable King Fist]. With his QiGong condensed on his palm, which formed into an iron hammer the size of a water jar, he repeatedly bombarded the bell. In the blink of an eye, his Zhen Qi started rotating in midair and executed several hundred punches.

Weng weng weng…

The Golden bell got struck repeatedly and vibrated, the intense sound waves could even be seen with naked eyes. They dispersed on all sides of this bell, and the black clothed leader within it repeatedly drew back. From the corner of his mouth, a trace of blood flowed down, evidently the jolting had quaked and injured his inner organs.


The black-clothed leader’s sharp and intense roar sounded out. Within the Golden Bell Shield QiGong he revolved and unexpectedly the golden bell revolved too.


Yang Qi’s loud roar quaked the mountains and rivers and interrupted the speech of the leader of the black-clothed men, causing him to repeatedly retreat. His punches and kicks were like a thunderstorm, every punch was like a large axe hacking the mountains, like a large elephant uprooting trees. His whole body was seemingly aroused by his QiGong, he appeared formidable and courageous, arms like steel and bones of iron, bulky to the point of intimidation.

Using the [Undefeatable King Fist] repeatedly, casting all 6 moves of it each time in an unending loop, its momentum reached the peak. In just the blink of an eye, only waves caused by the punches could be seen, and the not even the shadow of the person who executed the punches.

He was like an ancient spiritual deity that did not know tiredness, waving its huge hammer and chiseling on a mountain.

“This…..this is a human? How could one’s QiGong reach a state of such vigor and franticness?” The “lady in white” was unable to react, stunned by the scene before her eyes.

Within just a short moment of exchanging blows, the black-clothed leader fell into an absolute disadvantage. He could hardly use another QiGong technique, with all of his current power he could only maintain this [Golden Bell Shield], or else he would be crushed into meat paste by the bombardment the moment the golden bell breaks.

He was not skeptical. Even if he was holing himself up inside a building made out of iron, it would soon become a steel pattie. Although the opponent’s QiGong was only at 6th tier, ten of sixth tier men added together would still not rival half of his richness in QiGong.

“Boy, do you really think…” the black-clothed leader said in a fury.

“Think your ass!” Yang Qi roared again and cut off the opponent’s ire, and then within his body another particle seemed to have awakened; the sound of a butterfly splitting its cocoon resonated. Unexpectedly, at this time, a third particle was awakened by the excitement of the lightning elephant. And again, he morphed and now possessed the power of three Ancient Mammoths.

His power rose again, suddenly and sharply. His Qi soared like a long arc.


The whole Golden Bell Shield split into pieces, as Yang Qi attacked like a ruthless, fierce mammoth trampling on the ground. The sand-bowl like fist bombarded straight upon the body of the leader of the black-clothed men.

Merely one punch,…one punch ……
With her mouth wide open, the “lady in white” had a dumbstruck expression; while the beaten leader of the black-clothed men flew up into the sky. All the seven apertures on his face (ears, nostrils, mouth) spouted blood, his chest had caved in and he softly collapsed on the ground like a jute sack.


(to be continued)

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