Chapter 6

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Volume 1 Chapter 6: An Eye for an Eye

Translated by: GX, Demenious

Edited by: Vangandr, M2t5

Father’s QiGong far surpasses my own.

In an instant Yang Qi is enveloped in a screen of light. He knows right away that his father’s accomplishments in QiGong cultivation have reached unfathomable depths, proving him worthy of being a powerful man of the eighth tier of QiGong.

Although now he cultivates the “Power of the Divine Elephant Suppresses Hell” and thus broke through to the fifth tier “Qi Explosion”, but when he compares himself to the eight tier “Qi Materialization”, It remains as if the 8th tier is heaven and the 5th tier is earth!

The QiGong realm is divided into nine tiers, every tier has heaven and earth-like changes. Especially after the fifth tier, every tier-advancement multiplies your fighting power by ten.

“Once I master the ‘gigantic thunder elephant’ technique, my power won’t be worse than the power my father has now. And at that time I will be able to personally take responsibility for what I’ve done and revive the honor of my family and erase all the misfortune I’ve brought, in one fell swoop.” He erases his presence and stands beside his father.

Although he receives his father’s protection, he still feels gazes of disdain, hatred and even despise from everywhere in the conference hall. He knows that the patriarchs are gunning for his life.

Nearly all the representatives of the family have arrived.

Chao Lu city’s branch, Bai Shi city’s branch…… The Yang family’s place of origin was the Yan Capital since a few hundred years ago. Afterwards the clan often branched out, and arrived at various cities to operate on their own, so as to avoid being destroyed should misfortune occur.

As time passed, the Yang family grew bigger and bigger, but the Yan Capital remained as the core and centre. Only the head of the Family, who lives in the Yan Capital, can assign manpower to the various branches; visit every Yang family’s building without restraints; has the authority to appoint and dismiss personnels for every branch and the main-family.Meanwhile every year each branch of the Yang family has to pay thirty percent of their profit as tribute to the head of the family. That’s how great of a position family head is.

One could say: The head of the family is like an emperor, and the branches’ principals are his vassals.

Theoretically only the circle of elders holds more authority than the head of household. They are a group of antiques who focus all their thoughts and efforts on hidden training, so they live in seclusion. But because they would only declare their position during a major decision-making of the family, practically the family head holds nearly all the authority.

Each branch-leader will always hope to win over the support of the elder group and thus seize the great position of the head of the house.

This time, Yang Qi has stirred up a terrible disaster, and it is going to cause the family to sustain a grave loss. As all of the branches’ principals see hope, they immediately gather, and some have already presented a petition to the circle of elders, in hope to chase Yang Zhan down from the family head position and become the family head themselves.

After being deceived Yang Qi got wiser so he is a 100% sure that the branch-leaders all crave for his father’s position.

Once his own family loses the power, the wall falls and everyone will push, who knows how and what kind of miserable end will befall them.

“Haha, Yang Zhan you still protect this little animal?” Seeing that Yang Zhan has used his Qi to protect Yang Qi, Yang Shi, who is wearing a large sprinkling gold cloak and leather boots while sitting upright on the chair with a large golden saber, utters a question. One can see that his surrounding atmosphere flickers with layers upon layers of ice crystals.

Cold air pervades in the entire conference hall.

Those who have a slightly smaller and weaker physique are shivering with cold, just some of the most talented youths have a change in their complexion, one by one they have started to operate their own unique QiGong to withstand the cold.

While they are operating their Qi to withstand the cold, these talented youths are also very excited, because they know, a good show is coming. The Bai Shi city’s branch-leader has begun to rise in revolt against the family head, Yang Zhan.

And the best pretext is- his unfilial son, Yang Qi.

“If my son is a little animal, so does that make me an old animal?” Yang Zhan said insipidly, “Yang Shi, are you scolding me indirectly?”

“Hmph!” Yang Shi coldly snickers and immediately stands up, the cold air on his body becomes denser and denser, “We the yang family are facing compensation of a tremendous amount, it is a disastrous loss to our family, and all of it is caused by your son, this kind of sin, not even making a mince of him can make good of his sin. Today, in the presence of everyone, you must give an account for your son’s actions. Yang Zhan, you failed to educate your son, so you too are to be blamed for it. You must write a petition to the elders, resigning from the position of the family head, and we shall re-elect a new family head.”

“Oh? Re-elect the family head? So this was your intention.” Yang Zhan didn’t even move one bit, like a monolith, “If I do not serve as this family head, who will do it? Don’t tell me, you-Yang Shi will? Are you able to bear this responsibility?”

“Yang Zhan!” Yang Shi erupts, both his hands rotate one round. And in an instant, all the cold air condenses into a crystal lance with its entire body decoratively designed. With a wave of his hand, there’s unexpectedly an imposing manner of hundreds-miles-ice bounds. The originally blistering hot summer has apparently turned into the depth of winter.

Chi La!

The crystal ice lance launches from his palm, ripping apart the air while spiraling at high speed, heading towards Yang Zhan.

Yang Zhan’s pupils constrict as his large hand clutches the air. There immediately appears a boiling hot airflow before him. The crystal ice lance wooshes into the boiling stream of air and to one’s surprise, it starts to melt, while halting in the air.

“True Flaming Wave” Yang Zhan casually looks at the condensed crystal ice lance and insipidly says three words. The high temperature airflow which is capable of melting gold and metals, has unbelievably evaporated the crystal ice lance midair!

ka cha, the few flagstones under Yang Shi’s feet completely crack.

This is a mutual one-on-one-fight between two experts of the eighth tier of QiGong.

However, in just moments of fight, the outcome of battle has been decided, it is evidently Yang Zhan who has the better skills, and Yang Shi who lacks the maturity of power.

“Yang Shi, I’m surprised that your QiGong has advanced and reached the eighth tier, the “Qi Materialization”-realm – extremely miraculous. But with just this you desire to compete with me, thus vie over the position of family head. Your skills are still somewhat lacking for it.” Yang Zhan speaks proudly.

Yang Qi is fascinated while watching from behind his father’s back, this is a real expert. Variations of QiGong, controlling heat and coldness at will, impenetrable defense and changing the form of QiGong.

“Yang Zhan, i still have a few tricks which I didn’t put to use yet so how about we compare our skills today?” Yang Shi ruthlessly flings his sprinkling gold cloak. As whistling of wind rings, his fighting intent surges fiercely.

“Alright, alright, we are not here to fight in this family meeting today. Yang Shi, you will not become the head family even if you win. One must win during the family head selection assembly that the elder group organizes in order to become the head of our Yang family.” Yang Xu swings his fan as he stands up. He waves twice, and the continuous noble spirit disperses the murderous atmosphere, which is then replaced by calmness and peacefulness. This is his “Zheng Yang QiGong”, very pure and mild.
TL: the meaning Zheng from “Zheng Yang QiGong” is “positive”, and the “Yang” comes from “Yin Yang”, which also means “positive”.

“Yang Xu, what do you have to say?” Yang Zhan returns to sit on the chair of the family head, “If you are going to speak about my son’s punishment, then you don’t have to talk. My son’s martial skills have already been crippled, his Dantian is broken, and he was even struck by lightning, so even the heavens have punished him, but since he didn’t die from the lightning it means that his sin is eliminated, the heavens have forgiven him.”

“Your son is already crippled, but death penalty is unavoidable, and giving punishment is unescapable. Before I came, I already discussed this matter with many brothers. First, for the loss of the Hidden Dragon pill, we shall not provide even a single penny for the compensation; this is your son’s fault, you cannot let everyone bear the responsibility, you, Yang Zhan must find a way yourself. Secondly, Yang Zhan, you must resign from the position of the family head for this matter. Thirdly, you must hand out your son, he shall be punished again in everyone’s presence.”

Yang Xu who looks like a scholar, yet speaks with such viciousness, he is a man of character who smiles with evil intentions.

Yang Qi also starts to worry, if the family doesn’t pay for the loss of the Hidden Dragon Pil and his father is the only one to pay the whole price, he’s afraid he will lose all his fortune.

In accordance to the seniority of the family, Yang Xu is his fourth uncle, but now he wants his death.
TL: His father’s fourth younger brother.

“Just these three conditions?”

Yang Zhan coldly smiles and says, “First, it’s my son’s misfortune and because he is also part of the family all of you have the responsibility to protect him so all of you have to pay. Secondly, I will not resign from the position of the head family. Thirdly, I will of course not hand over my son. Thus, I do not agree with any of your conditions. I am the head of the family, and defying the orders of the family head is a serious crime!”

“Yang Zhan, you!”

Yang Shi, Yang Zhen, Yang Xu,and some of the family experts have a change in their complexions, “It’s your son’s accident, and you let us compensate the loss? Do you really think that you can do whatever you please just because you’re the family head? Do you really wish for the family to fall apart?”

“Yang Zhan, you’re too protective of your son.” An elderly that didn’t open his mouth before spoke, “Your son’s martial arts are completely crippled so we can decide to not look into it, but as for the money of compensation, you must pay yourself. And as for the matter of family head, we don’t have the authority to make decisions, but the petition has already been presented to the elder group. Before long, the news will be transmitted so we will sit here and wait.”

This elder has a higher seniority than Yang Zhan, he is Yang Zhan’s third uncle. He’s also a Mayor of a city. But he is not an elder of the Yang family. Yang family’s elders are all old antiques that have at least exceeded the age of a hundred years, there are even experts of the ninth tier “Qi Lord”, their life expectancy has also reached the end. They are hidden in secretive places to search for a breakthrough in seclusion, in order to surpass the “QiGong Realm” and enter the “Fate Stealing Realm” that can seize lives from the heavens.

“Since the third uncle said it, I will take a step back, i will compensate. Regarding the matter of the head of the family, the elders will respond and if they don’t want me to be the family head I will step down. As for my son Yang Qi, i will certainly help him recover his powers.” Yang Zhan’s expression changed slightly. His stiffness just now was to pretend to move ahead in order to hide the intention to retreat. As the family head, it’s natural that he doesn’t want the family to split. As for the compensation for the Hidden Dragon Pill, if you want the family to pay, these people will definitely not do it.

“Now that we have an agreement.” Yang Xu waved with his fan, “Yang Zhan your son Yang Qi is a shame for the family name, but I heard that you have two other sons, whose skills are not bad and are currently training out there. I assume that they will come to this family meeting. Whenever there’s a family gathering, we, the Yang family would always conduct a competition among the youngsters in order to find the best candidates among them, and the elders will always give rewards. After all in ten or twenty years the fight for the family leader of the next generation will be theirs.”

“Very well, an assessment of competition between young disciples is a must during family gatherings.” Yang Zhan nods, “Chong-er and Long-er will return soon, none of my, Yang Zhan’s sons are useless trash.”

Just as he speaks, suddenly, the sound of someone running hurriedly comes from the outside, then the butler hurries into the room, with blood stain on him, with a glance one knows that something terrible has happened.

Yang Qi’s heart infirmly twitches.

Something big is going to happen.

“What’s going on?” Yang Zhan appears to anticipate something.

“Master……” The butler looks at the many people that are present, and can’t help but hesitate.

“Hehe, is something happening again? Why, is it something not suitable to speak of? What do you fear? We are all people of the Yang family.” The people from a few branches of the Yang family start to laugh, they also predicted, Yang Zhan had troubles again.

“Butler, speak.” Yang Zhan’s expression is solemn.“Master, young master, the second young master have suffered an attack on the way home, they are now injured gravely.” The butler once again delivers grievous news!

(to be continued)

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