V2C9 – II: Amazing everyone with a brilliant feat!

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Translators: Ash
TLC : Miki
Editors: LosThanatos, vanagandr

Not even waiting for Ji Dong’s reply, a teacher of the Ding-Fire Department, Liu Jun, who never got along with Xia Tian, coldly said, “You are a student with a trash innate talent, there is no need to waste our time. Even if you can train to level 2 or level 3 Apprentice, what is the point? Such a person can never become a genuine Yin-Yang Wizard. Teacher Xia Tian, he actually interrupted the Dean’s speech, what kind of discipline do you teach your students?”

Three years ago, Ji Dong had already disliked that fella, but at that time, it was indeed due to having two conflicting flames that resulted to the fall of his cultivation to the level 1 Apprentice, he couldn’t rebuke him at that time. But the current he was not the same as the Ji Dong of three years before. Not waiting for Xia Tian, who had a sudden abnormal change in his expression, to open his mouth, he said in a deepened voice, “That is right, I am an audit student, but before I leave the academy, I am still one of its members. But you, as a teacher, insulted me by calling me a trash, is this how a teacher should behave?”

Liu Jun, having been rebuked by Ji Dong immediately fumed and was unable to take it anymore, he said, “You are just an audit student and yet you dare use such a tone to speak to me!”

Ji Dong sneered, “My class teacher is Teacher Xia Tian, not you. What qualifications do you have to reprimand me? Are you even worthy of being a teacher? When you were fourteen years old, I do not know what level you reached. I will now use facts to show you who is the genuine trash!”

The students in the audience were already struck dumb; Ji Dong was rebuking a teacher in front of so many students and teachers, although it let many people feel delighted, but his words were really shocking. Even the powerful Zhu Tian- Zhu Gui siblings from the earlier days were not as unbridled.

However, while everyone was shocked, a dazzling radiance had already erupted from Ji Dong’s body.

A glaring red light surged upwards, just like the rampage of raging flames, as it wrapped Ji Dong within and shone down with a faint golden hue to it. It soon condensed above his head and when a white coloured Yang crown with a complete crown star made a grand appearance, no one around made a single sound.

That crown star that was emitting a red light and the throbbing flame mark upon the central crown peak, all of it was like a vicious slap towards Liu Jun’s face.

“Impossible…” Liu Jun’s initial reaction was to exclaim in shock and disbelief.

Ji Dong just coldly sneered; at this moment, the light in his eyes had become increasingly arrogant, it was as if the previous life’s God of Liquor had reappeared. He remained stationary and the red light that had flared transformed; the fierce exploding Bing-fire changed abruptly to a gentle and tenacious blue colored Ding-fire and at the same time, the white colored Yang Crown above his head transformed into a black colored Yin Crown and a blue colored flame pulsed on the crown peak. His ferocious and frantic temperament had changed within a blink of an eye and Li Jun felt that Ji Dong’s gaze was just like the cold, unblinking look of a viper.

When the Bing-fire Yang Crown was released upon Ji Dong’s head, there was pin-drop silence. And when it transformed into a Ding-fire Yin Crown, there was a huge uproar. All the teachers who had been sitting upright on the platform, including the dean, Yang Bing Tian, suddenly got up to their feet, their faces expressing their incomprehension and disbelief as they looked at Ji Dong.

A yin-yang balance of dual fire elemental person having condensed a Yin-Yang Crown was something that even Yan Bing Tian, who had reached the five corona realm, had never seen before! He had never even imagined that Ji Dong could train successfully.

It was as if Ji Dong had not seen the amazed looks of all the teachers in front of him. Folding both palms near his chest in a greeting gesture, the magic power surrounding his body appeared to change, with the right side the color of red and the left side the color of blue light blossoming out from his body with his own body as the median between these two beams. The Yin-Yang Crown upon his head also became a crown that was black on the right side and white on the left side. Both the crown star and the crown peak consisted of the intersection of two colors red and blue.

With his palms touching each other in front of his chest extending outwards two different coloured flames were released from his palms. It could only be seen as an astonishing feat for both the red and blue flames to be released simultaneously by a person. With the Yin-Yang Crown having contrasting colors of black and white, it seemed that Ji Dong’s arrogance was not unwarranted; with his having a yin-yang balanced physique and still reaching such a level made him have the qualifications to be arrogant.

Coldly glancing at Liu Jun, Ji Dong did not continue provoking him. This made Liu Jun feel as though he wasn’t even worthy of being attacked in Ji Dong’s eyes, which made his expression become unsightly. He did not dare to stay any longer. After viciously glaring at Ji Dong, he quickly got off the platform and left the place.

The flames were retracted and the arrogant look in Ji Dong’s eyes also subsequently faded. He then turned towards Teacher Xia Tian and deferentially said, “Teacher, Ji Dong didn’t let you down. Do I currently have the rights to become a student of the Li Huo Academy again?”

While he looked at Ji Dong, an unspeakable emotion flickered in Xia Tian’s eyes. When Ji Dong said that he didn’t let him down, Xia Tian felt his heart brimming with shame. To other teachers, it seemed that from the way Ji Dong was so respectful towards Xia Tian and his achievement today was all due to the instructions of Xia Tian but in reality, Xia Tian had already given up on this audit student long ago due to his yin-yang balanced physique.

“Today’s achievement is the result of your own hard work. Fourth year audit student, Ji Dong, in the final exam’s result, he is a Bing-Ding dual fire element, Level 12 Scholar. Grade: Outstanding. Dean Yang, I request you to allow him to once again become an official student of the academy.”

Yang Bing Tian, who by now had slightly recovered himself, nodded and said, “Yin and Yang dual elemental Yin-Yang Crown is something that I am also seeing for the first time. With a balanced yin and yang physique, to have such accomplishments now makes it obvious how much effort Ji Dong has put into his training during the course of these last 4 years. I permit him to rejoin the Li Huo Academy as an official student and due to him being able to reach the result to graduate, he will also be on the list of the recommendations to the higher educational establishments. Alright, the fourth year exams have come to an end at this very moment.”

When Yang Bing Tian was declaring the end of exams, Karl and Bi Su were unable to hold back their surging emotions so they abruptly rushed up and hugged Ji Dong.

“Boss, you hid the truth from us! The one who is the most powerful among us three brothers is actually you. You are now level 12, but you actually keep that from us!”

Ji Dong wryly smiled and said, “It is not that I wanted to hide this from you. Normally, you guys are scared of giving me mental blows so whenever we met, you guys always deliberately avoid mentioning topics regarding cultivation. Thus, I didn’t have the opportunity to tell you about that! But it’s still my bad and since it’s my fault, I’m willing to accept any punishment. ”

Karl and Bi Su looked at each other and gave a smile which seemed to harbor some evil intentions as they said, “Boss, today at noon, you shall be our exclusive bartender.”

At noon, after the exam which was equivalent to a graduation exam, only the three brothers were gathered in Ji Dong’s room to celebrate and glasses of liquor were being continuously consumed by them, including Ji Dong who had always valued liquor-tasting had also become infected with this cheerful atmosphere. After four years of hard work, he was finally able to enjoy its rewards. The four years of loneliness and depression all seemed to have now dissipated. The three drunk themselves into a stupor and slept without a care about their image in Ji Dong’s room.

In the evening, Ji Dong was the first to awake from his drunken stupor. Perhaps because of these past four years, his biological clock had become attuned to this time as the time when Yin and Yang energies between heaven and earth would simultaneously intersect during dusk.

After carrying his two brothers, who were sleeping on the floor, to the bed, Ji Dong then sat down. Despite already having a Yin-Yang Crown, he absolutely did not want to squander his cultivation time. This was also his first time cultivating after he broke through level 10 and became a dual element Scholar.

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