Chapter 7

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Volume 3 Chapter 7: Bidding Farewell

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While lowering his head, Griffin said, “Brother, you must not say this! You gave us our lives. If there’s anything in the future, just say the word; we will support you without hesitation. Damn it, that son of a bitch Su Cha, us two grandpas aren’t dead yet! Wait until we go report back to his Majesty, we’ll see how his majesty takes care of him. Now that he has lost four Fallen Angels in one go, I’d like to see how he’d fight us.”

I said apologetically, “I’ve held you up for quite some time now. If you’re in a hurry, you can just leave. Jiyan’s taking care of me now.”

Gwynn said with determination, “How can this be? Even if we were to leave, we will leave after your injuries are completely healed. If we left just like that, how could we rest assured? Although we will be delayed a bit, I think his majesty will forgive us. Don’t speak any more, you should rest.”

I bitterly mourned in my heart. I originally intended to find a chance to ditch them; what if they invite me to the Demon Clan’s main camp? I didn’t think that these two brothers would be so righteous, so it seemed that I needed to find another excuse.

Griffin suddenly said, “Brother,  I’ve thought of an idea. Our injuries are not completely healed, and your injuries are still rather serious; to recover as soon as possible, let us three heal together. This method can be done much quicker. Although I’ve never tried it before, there is sure to be an effect.”

I nodded and said, “I will listen to everything you brothers say.”

“Good, you just woke up so rest for today. We brothers will set up a barrier nearby and we’ll start first thing tomorrow morning.”

The Gu brothers and I sat down in a triangle with our legs crossed and palms joined together, with Jiyan protecting us on the side. I made my dark magic cycle one round in my body in accordance to the Demonic Arts, and then transferred it to Griffin; after which Griffin cycled it one round  before transferring it to Gwynn; lastly, Gwynn transferred it back to me. I then transferred it to Griffin once again, forming a never ending cycle that was based on three people.

When it started, there were some clashes due to the difference in level of cultivation of the brothers and me. But as time passed, our dark magic gradually started to fuse.

The cycling speed greatly increased with the energy from three people cycling in each other’s body. Although this wasn’t able to raise our progress in the Demonic Arts, it was very effective in healing injuries and repairing meridian channels.

One day passed, two days passed, three days passed; we were still cultivating uninterrupted. The thick black mist completely wrapped around our bodies, causing Jiyan to no longer dare to stand close to us. She waited -at the side, chewing the rations out of boredom.


On the fifth day, three clear whistling sounds rang at the place our crossed legs met, the mist that was enclosing us rushed into each of our bodies. The sound of the whistle was clear and powerful; even the towering old trees surrounding us were rustling and trembling because of the shock.

Our injuries healed at the same time. I stood beside Jiyan in a flash. I had received the largest benefits during these five days. Due to the achievements of the Gu brothers being higher than mine, the three streams of energy merged into one and divided all the dark magic into three equal parts in the end.

Thus, I directly entered  the late stage of the fourth tier; breaking through the fifth tier was just a matter of time. And although the Gu brothers had their injuries healed, their dark magic had been degraded to the realm when they first reached the fifth tier.

Actually, Griffin and his brother had already known that this would be the result, they were just using this opportunity to repay me for saving their lives. Since they offered, I did not mention it.

Jiyan excitedly asked, “Are all your injuries healed?”

I nodded and replied with pleasure, “It’s all thanks to the care of the two elder brothers, my injuries are all healed. Look, aren’t I so lively that I can fight and kill right away? Haha.”

Jiyan pouted and said, “Just knowing how to fight and kill, I am going to be annoyed to death.”

I smiled and said, “The fighting and killing is to protect you.”

“Pu ha!”

Jiyan laughed and said, “There are three experts here; who would want to plot against me? I was almost bored to death here. Since you have all recovered, let’s be on our way.”

At the mention of leaving, my heart tightened as I said to the Gu brothers, “Two elder brothers, what are your plans?”

Gwynn replied, “No matter what, we should go to the main camp; we still haven’t accomplished the mission his majesty gave us. Then we would probably directly return to the royal palace to report this incident to His Majesty. Since this concerns the security of our clan, you should follow us back to the Demon Clan’s main camp after all.”

I thought, it’s here. I shook my head and replied, “No, I cannot go.  What reason do I have to go there? To see my sister? She might not even recognise me, I should just finish the mission His Majesty gave me.”

Griffin patted my shoulders and said, “Brother, don’t be sad, with your character and skills, you’ll be successful one day. Since you’re not willing to go, we won’t force you. Once we reach the borderlands, let’s part ways.”

Listening to what he said, I couldn’t help but let out a breath of relief. I smiled and said, “Don’t worry, brothers.  We shall meet again.  Let’s be on our way then.”

We urged our horses on. Riding leisurely on the main path, Gwynn said while smiling, “We are finally on our way again. I really feel alive after surviving a disaster, it’s the first time I’ve ever come so close to death. At that time, when the dark energy orb was about to hit me, I thought it was over. As a soldier of the empire, not dying in the battlefield but by the hands of our own people would have been the most disgraceful way to die.”

I smiled and said, “Gu brothers, don’t say it that way, the opponents planned this for a long time, there was no way to prevent it. If you don’t die after a disaster, luck will definitely be coming your way. This might be you brothers’ chance!”

Griffin said, “I originally thought that our strength was something to be proud of, but only now do I know how laughable we are. Brother and I have decided: after we finish these few missions and after this war has ended, we will find a place to train properly. Even if we can’t break through to become four-winged fallen angels, we want to at least reach the sixth tier.”

Jiyan smiled and said, “You two brothers are so ambitious, there will definitely be a bright future ahead.  As long as one works hard, even if you aren’t able to reach the standards of His Majesty, you will have no regrets. I believe that the lord general will definitely feel happy for your hard work and training.”

“Thanks for the encouraging words from brother and sister, we also hope for this.” After listening to Gwynn saying brother and sister, Jiyan’s face suddenly became as red as a mellow apple; she buried her head in my arms and stopped making any noise. Even the serious Griffin started to laugh loudly with his brother.

Two days later, we arrived atop a small hill. “Look over there, that is our Demon Clan’s main camp. The walls on the opposite side are where the fort of the Dragon Empire begins at the base of Stelu city. Your destination is over there, be careful.”

It’s afternoon right now, so the Demon-Beast alliance main camp was very silent . The dragon flag of Fort Stelu on the opposite side was fluttering. It seemed like the war had just started.

I sighed and said, “I really don’t know what they are thinking; they have fought for so many years and no one could make any progress, so why are they still fighting? With such a great cost, is there no effect on our kingdom?”

Gwynn looked at me oddly and said, “Brother, it’s not right to say that. Exterminating humans and conquering the continent is the hope of every citizen in our Demon Clan. Don’t be so passive. One day, we will breach Fort Stelu.”

My heart clenched harshly, and I knew that I had said the wrong thing. It was good that they didn’t question me any further.

“Exterminating humans is the hope of every citizen in our Demon Clan?!” What bullshit! I’m certain it’s just the will of the royals.

I had finally come back. Although the Dragon Empire was not my home, when I saw the fort, I felt very warm. It was as if a lifetime had passed. Jiyan, who was in my arms, gazed sadly off into the distance; I didn’t know what she was thinking about.

Griffin’s ear moved and he said with a deep voice, “Someone is coming.”

Gwynn smiled and said, “Little brother, you don’t have to be so nervous do you? Only our people can possibly appear in this place.”

Griffin’s thick face reddened and said, “Perhaps, but we should at least have our guard up a little.”

I focused on my hearing, and as expected, I heard a team of twenty heading this way with great haste. From their united steps I could tell that they must be well-trained soldiers.

Not long after, a regiment holding spears in their hands appeared in our vision. The Demon Clan insignia on their uniforms proved Gwynn’s prediction to be correct.

The regiment quickly surrounded us, pointing their spears at us with alarmed looks. A soldier that looked like the captain made two steps forward and shouted, “Who are you people? What are you doing here?”

Gwynn smiled and said, “Who are we, you ask? Would an outsider be standing here?”

The little captain’s expression changed and shouted, “So they are spies!  Everyone attack; don’t let them escape.”

I secretly laughed, it seems this little captain misunderstood Gwynn.

Griffin coldly snickered.

These were normal soldiers, even the weak Jiyan could easily take care of them.

Griffin could no longer restrain himself; hearing threats even after arriving home, these soldiers were already doomed. Griffin made one step forward, with a pa! sound, that little captain was fanned out heavily by the force , ramming into a few of the soldiers that came with him. As the other soldiers saw that their captain was hit, they immediately charged at us. Griffin spun around a little in the same spot, making all the spears that were pointed at him miss.

“Ping, ping, ping, ping!

Without missing a single one, the twenty infantry soldiers were knocked down to the ground by Griffin, immobilized on the ground.

Gwynn walked two steps forward, pulling back Griffin who still intended to give more beatings. He advised, “Forget it, brother. These blind soldiers are also doing their duties.” As he spoke, he threw out a royal token.

Covering his face, the little captain picked up the royal token and looked at it. He was immediately so frightened that he prostrated himself on the floor. He said with a trembling voice, “I did not know of lord’s esteemed presence, this lowly servant has offended my lord in many ways, my lord please spare my life.”

Griffin coldly snorted and said, “Look more carefully next time. Wait here, afterwards we will return to the camp together.”

The little captain hurriedly organized his sorry team and stood aside with their heads lowered.

Gwynn held my hand and said, “Brother, this is where we part, I don’t know when we will meet again. Always be careful during your mission, if things don’t turn out well, return as soon as possible. No matter what, we brothers will always support you.”

I nodded and said, “I know, thank you for your kindness.”

Griffin also walked over, and we all shook hands.

“Take care.”

“Take care.”

Bringing along the unlucky infantry regiment, both of them left, heading in the direction of the Demon Clan’s main camp.

Looking at their leaving silhouettes, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. Although we are not of the same clan, they were indeed very kind to me.

Jiyan smiled and said, “Those two were quite kind, I dare say their loyalty to you wouldn’t waver even if they knew your true identity.”

I shook my head and said, “Not necessarily. We each have different masters; although the Beastman Tribe and Demon Clans are allied. When it comes to one side benefiting, who knows what will happen. Anyways, we should leave. If we skirt the main camp of the Demon Clan, we should be able to return without any trouble.”

Jiyan’s eyes reddened, and she silently nodded. At this moment when we were about to part, neither of us were willing to say anything. We just quietly enjoyed each other’s presence. Although the main camp of the Demon Clan was large, there still were borders. We gave the camp a wide berth and arrived at a place near the fort without encountering any trouble.

I pulled Black Dragon’s reins and stopped. I tightly embraced Jiyan, I could feel my collar becoming soaked. The sun in the sky was blocked by a thick layer of clouds, and a heavy feeling settled in my chest.

Jiyan suddenly turned towards me and started to cry loudly while embracing me. Stroking her pale blue long hair, I comforted her.

“Don’t be like this. As long as I am still alive and you still love me, we’ll meet again one day, right?  You should be safe here,the fort just up-ahead. I can only come with you until here. Come on, don’t cry.”

Jiyan lifted her head and gazed at me with tear streaked eyes, “You definitely cannot die, you must come back and find me! promise me!”

“Definitely. You must also take care of your health.”

Jiyan tightly embraced my chest and said mournfully, “We haven’t parted, but I’ve already started to miss you. What should I do?”

I nuzzled my face against her earlobe and whispered, “When you miss me, look at the purple crystal. My heart is contained inside.”

Jiyan took out two purple crystals and rubbed them against my face. She childishly said, “I want them to be tainted with your smell, it would be best if it never dissipates. I love you, Lay-lay.”

Listening to her words, my heart suddenly boiled over. I caressed her head with both hands and tried to kiss her passionately, but the result was obvious. I was once again thwarted by that unknown power in her body. Although I wasn’t dealt any damage because I was in peak condition, I was still thrown to the ground and left in a sorry state.

Jiyan jumped down from Black Dragon and pulled me up, saying hatefully, “Before you return, I’ll definitely be able control this hateful thing.”

I smiled bitterly and said, “I hope so. Although one may quench one’s thirst by thinking of plums, I hope to eat your plum, regardless of whether it tastes sour or sweet.”

Jiyan smiled sadly and said, “Whether it’s sour or sweet, this plum will forever be yours.”

I hugged her and affectionately said, “Jiyan, I love you too.”

Jiyan glued herself to me.

“These words are enough for me. This plum will never be destroyed. Even if it rots, the seed will remain forever, waiting forever for you to return.”

After a long time, I lightly pushed her away, “It’s time, you should go.”

Jiyan tugged a lock of her own long hair, used Black Sable to cut it, and then threaded a piece of cloth around it to tie the long hair together. She then placed it in my hands and solemnly said, “This is my promise to you, look at it when you miss me.”

As the maiden’s pale blue hair lightly swayed in the wind, I carefully tucked the long hair into my vest. I replied, “Until I we meet again, I will not part with it even for even a second” with a serious face.

Jiyan looked at me with misty eyes, and backed off step by step, until she was 10 metres away, where she abruptly turned her head and ran towards the fort. Crystal drops sprinkled and scattered in the air as she left, leaving a shining rainbow under the sunlight, trailing behind her. It was so beautiful, yet so heart-breaking at the same time.

I stood at that same place until the girl that I had unexpectedly fallen for had left. Black Dragon walked to my side and comforted me with his head.

Stroking the mane on its neck, I murmured, “Black Dragon, since Jiyan left, we should be on our way too.” Suppressing the sorrow of parting, I mounted the horse and shouted, “Go, Black Dragon. Let’s go home.”

Riding on the Black Dragon I galloped towards the beastman military camp. However, was that place really my home? I travelled along the border of the fort and smoothly entered the Beastmen Territory.

The bleak and desolate landscape was in a deplorable state; It was a wasteland lacking even a decent forest.  Although this was largely due to the war, I still felt that the existing regulations for the land weren’t enough. No, it wasn’t that the regulations were not strict enough, it was that there weren’t any rules at all. This place was so far away from the Beastmen royal city, who had time for this place? Every time a war was declared against the Dragon Empire, we, the beastmen, would just listen to whatever the Demon Clan said.

Speaking of intelligence, the Beastmen were indeed inferior to the Demon Clan, but what’s more important was that almost all the assets and logistics were managed by the Demon Clan. They had taken control of our economy and thus gained the right to speak. While thinking, I rode Black Dragon to the back of the main Beastman camp.

The Beastman military camp was connected to the Demon Clan’s, but compared to the cow-leather tents of the Demon Clan, our tents were so simple, crude and thin. If we continue developing like this, sooner or later, our country will fall. Although I didn’t have a favorable opinion of the Beastmen, I am a descendant of the Beamon family. I am one of them, (Beamon) thus, no matter what, I cannot allow the Beastmen to decay. This time, I had accomplished the mission that the Beastmen emperor gave to me. From the looks of this mission, the Beast emperor went to great lengths to make the country prosperous, even now.

Let’s see what they will do when I return. If they trust me, I will do everything I can to help the Beastmen grow stronger, or at least to avoid the oppression of the Demon Clan.

The promise I made to the Jiyan sisters was for three years, but it was also the last time I would stay in Beastman country. The life here does not suit me.

“Who are you?! Don’t move.”

A few holes appeared in the ground, and about ten werewolves jumped out from inside, each holding a slanted knife. The hidden guards were probably defending the rear from a sneak attack by the Dragon Empire. Looking at their faces, they seemed to be quite devoted to their duties. I took out an ID token and threw it at them. The leader of the werewolves hurriedly took the plate. Seeing the symbol of the vice general of the Beamon troops, his whole body immediately trembled in shock. He anxiously looked at me with doubt in his eyes.

I coldly said, “Hmph, why, do you not believe my identity? I am the vice general of the Beamon army forces, the third son of Beamon King Leo, Layson. Hurry up and report to your superior!”

The leader of the werewolves did not dare act carelessly, and respectfully said, “Then please wait here for a moment, I will report to my superior.” This is a necessary procedure since I look like a human.

I nodded, and after the leader of the werewolves left a few words to a werewolf soldier, he turned and ran to the main camp. The other werewolf soldiers no longer dared to surround me; they stood straight at my side. I questioned them, “How’s our situation right now?”

The werewolves looked at each other blankly, no one dared to answer my question. It seemed they were still quite doubtful, so I did not press them further and silently waited. A werewolf’s running speed was quite fast; after a while, a few figures with large builds appeared in my vision. Although I couldn’t see them clearly, I could be sure of one thing: they were people from the Beamon tribe. Their height of over 4 metres stood out in the field.

“Third younger brother, why have you come?” The leader was, surprisingly, my eldest brother Laylon.

I expressionlessly nodded and said, “I have accomplished the mission father entrusted to me, and came back to report. Brother, why did you come to welcome me personally?”

Laylon laughed and said, “It’s been a year since we met. You are tougher, but the situation on the frontlines isn’t too good. Father feared that something might happen so he sent me.”

Even though I rode on Black Dragon, I was still much shorter than my brother. After going through war, I could tell that my brother was currently much bolder and more powerful than in the past.

“Brother, you said that the situation in the frontlines isn’t good; what’s going on?”

Laylon raged, “Hmph! It was those Demon Clan bastards! Actually, our allied forces had the advantage, but those bastards suddenly retreated from battle a few days ago, leaving our forces behind. This allowed the Dragon Empire forces to encircle us, resulting in severe losses.

Just the Beamon army alone has already lost 200+ people; in total, the Beastmen forces’ loss exceeded 10,000. It’s a tremendous loss.”

I said with a frown. “Did father discuss this matter with the Demon Clan?”

“Of course! But those demon bastards replied that we didn’t retreat in time, so it’s our fault. Third brother, you know that we Beastmen do not retreat when charging; The Demon Clan is only looking for excuses. If they’d charged with us, we might’ve already taken Fort Stelu. Your 2nd brother almost started a fight with them because of this matter.”

“A fight?”  The Demon Clan’s power is almost completely derived from the Fallen Angels. Can my two brothers even compete with them?

Laylon nodded. “Oh, right, you don’t know, but 2nd brother’s skills have already surpassed mine. His Heaven’s Thunder Armor already reached the 3rd tier like father’s; He will not lose to a dragon knight in one on one battles.”

During this war, second brother had many outstanding military exploits and became a major general. Looking at Laylon’s shoulder, I see that he is still a brigadier general. We Beastmen adopted this military ranking system from the Demon Clan. Currently, my father (Beamon King Leo) was the highest ranking officer as the general. In the previous war, he was a commander. Second brother was really good at fighting; he was smarter than Eldest brother. However, Eldest brother definitely put in as much effort as 2nd brother; it’s just that 2nd brother probably took all the credit for Eldest brother’s achievements.

As for the improvement in skill, I really don’t understand. Originally, there was a definite gap between Eldest and 2nd brother. Thus, unless father gave him special treatment, there was no way he could improve so quickly.

“Looking at your vigorous body, your skills must have improved quite a bit since you left. Eldest brother can no longer see your true power. It’s good that you are back; the three of us working together can surely take Fort Stelu.”

After hearing that, I secretly sighed in my heart. This big brother of mine is honest and straightforward; he doesn’t care about his life during war, but his brain just works a bit slow. At the moment, the Demon Clan is clearly ordering our clansmen to take the frontlines and die, using our clansmen as meat-shields; Regardless of whether we win or not, the beastmen will suffer the most losses, since we Beastmen are first to die. How could Eldest brother not see this and keep going on about attacking?

Even though I can understand this much, I have no way to persuade him. What Beastmen value the most is raw strength. If I tell him to not advance so boldly, he would surely think that I look down on him.

“Please be more cautious in future battles, big brother. I think all will suffer losses from this attack on the Ford Stelu, and no one will benefit from it. So many years have passed, but when have we ever succeeded? It’s better to preserve our strength and wait for the next opportunity.”

Even if I had said my persuasion so euphemistically, Laylon’s expression still changed drastically. He furiously said, “Third brother, what are you saying?! As a member of of the Beamon troops, all we need to do is kill the largest amount of enemy forces on the frontline. What ‘preserve our strength?!’ Are our Beamon Troops supposed to live on just for the sake of staying alive? I don’t want to hear any more of this.”

I sighed: “How is my mother?”

Laylon’s simple brain immediately forgot his anger with my change of topic and he nodded and replied,

“It’s hard to say. I brought her food before I had left for war, but she was still the same as when you left.”

“Thank you for taking care of her. Big brother, did she… did she ever ask about me?”

Laylon shook his head. “She would not speak to me. Whenever I visited her, she would give me a glance at most, but she kept all the gifts I brought with me. She is a human after all; her way of thinking will be different from ours. Don’t think about it too much. We’ve arrived at the camp. Look over there, the biggest tent is father’s residence. Come, let us go there.”

The Beastman camp was arranged according to military rank: the rank decreases as you move further from the center, and the central location is where our Beamon army and Wild Lion armies are. They are the only two troops with tents made of cow leather like those of the demon race.

Laylon and a few Beamon guards were the first to rush into the 7 meter high tent.

“Father, I am back. It really was Layson.”

I immediately went in after that. The layout inside the tent was very simple and plain; most areas were empty; there was only a huge desk. Father, who was sitting on the dragon skin chair, coincidentally raised his head. His appearance had not changed much, only looking a bit tired. He was wearing simple thick leather armor, with a huge golden shoulder guard on his left shoulder; my father’s typical appearance. After seeing me, father asked in a low voice,

“Why are you back? Don’t tell me that you can’t stay over there at the Dragon Empire anymore? Don’t you know how important the mission that his Majesty gave to you is?”

I didn’t have even a slightly  good impression of him; I didn’t salute him either. The Mad God Chi enveloped my whole body, giving me a breathtaking presence.

I plainly answered him: “I have finished the mission.”

At first, when he saw that I had become stronger, his expression slightly softened, but after hearing that I had already finished the mission, he stood up abruptly, his eyes exploding with an ominous glint.

“What did you say? You finished your mission? This quickly?”

Raising my right hand, I said with a cold voice:

“I, Layson, swear by the honor of the Lay family upon the Beast God, that I have already accomplished the mission which His Majesty gave me. If there are any lies, I will willingly die, being swallowed by ten thousands snakes.”

Hearing my solemn vow, father slowly calmed down, and said to Laylon, “Bring your little brother a chair, then leave with the others. I have questions for him.”

“Yes, father.”

Sitting on the fur chair designed for Beamon, I felt very small. This is probably the best treatment I could have ever gotten from father. After my eldest brother left, father’s eyes shone with great excitement, “Quick, tell me; how did you finish the mission this quickly, and tell me about your experience during the time in the Dragon Empire too!”

I sat up straight and took a deep breath.

“To make a long story short, at that time, I used the identity you gave me to enter the Dragon Empire. After I successfully passed the entrance exam of one of the four greatest schools in the Dragon Empire, the Sky City Academy, I clashed with some nobles there, so the vice president of the Sky City Academy locked me inside the academy’s library.

I stayed in there for three months, memorizing everything useful for us Beastmen, including various ways of training, war strategies, governing policies and the like. At the same time, during a year or so of being in the Dragon Empire I learned many things about their administration. And this time, the Sky City Academy students were to be sent into the battle; in order to avoid conflict with our tribe, I feigned death in the melee to escape and came back to report my duties to you.”

Father muttered to himself as he looked at me with indecision and hesitation.

I continued, “Are you doubting the usefulness of the knowledge I acquired, father? Rest assured, the things I chose to memorize were the most useful and important works in the library. After reporting to you, I wish to go to the Imperial City so I can quickly write down my knowledge for His Majesty’s use.”

Father nodded.

“I hope that you have indeed finished your mission. How about this; I will give you a few soldiers, and you can go with them to the Imperial city immediately. Whether or not you have finished your mission will be decided by his Majesty. Right now, I am directing our forces and don’t have more time to talk with you. Leave. Now go call your eldest brother for me.”


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      • I sighed: “How is my mother?”

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