Chapter 6

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Volume 3 Chapter 6: Desperate Fight on the Main Road

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Gywnn sighed and said, “The internal conflict in our Demon Clan is very intense. If not for the existences of these two four-winged Fallen Angels, his majesty and my father, I’m afraid that the fights would have happened long ago. Their representative is the other big authority—— the Su Cha prince. The Prince is his majesty’s brother, and he has more than ten Fallen Angels in his camp; his is the largest force of power besides his majesty. The prince is overwhelmingly ambitious; he has long wanted to overtake his majesty. I don’t know who leaked the information that let him know of the incident about his majesty passing his power to the princess. With such an opportunity, he would of course want to suppress the power on this side as much as possible. That Su Er has already reached the sixth tier of Demonic Arts, and is very powerful. The other few are also at the level of fifth tier. We don’t stand a chance. You should hurry up and leave, if not, it will be too late.”

I looked at Jiyan who was in my embrace with a determined gaze. My gaze alone had told her my decision.

Jiyan smiled and said: “Men should have something they should persist in. I will support you no matter what, but don’t drive me away. I want to stay here with you; even in death, I want to be with you.”

She was really very intelligent; she penetrated my thoughts with one sentence. I laughed bitterly, “You can leave riding Black Dragon. I’ll be distracted If you stay here, and you can’t fight either.”

Jiyan shook her head and said, “Pay no attention to me, just do what you need to do.”

The Gywnn brothers treated me so sincerely. That’s why even if they are enemies, at this time, I definitely cannot abandon them and leave. If I did, I wouldn’t deserve to be a man and I’d never become a peerless powerful being. I definitely cannot escape even if I were to face danger.

At this moment, Griffin and Su Er’s conversation has broken off, and the four opponents surrounded us like a fan. Su Er said sinisterly, “Do not let even one escape. Darkness condense in thy soul. To have fallen is to be freed. Awaken! Myriad of magical powers that hath slumbered in mine blood.” Almost at the same time, the four of them completed the Fallen Angel transformation.

Gwynn blocked in front of me, unsheathing his own long sword with Griffin. “Darkness condense in thy soul. To have fallen is to be freed. Awaken! Myriad of magical powers that hath slumbered in mine blood.”

However, I was the first one on our side to transform. After transforming, I flashed beside the two of them, Black Sable pointing slantwise at the floor: “You guys don’t have to try to persuade me anymore, let’s get through this together. Three vs four, we might not lose either.” Although that’s what I said, I didn’t have the slightest confidence in my heart.

My transformation startled Su Er, “Another Fallen Angel? A newly successful transformation? Fine, I’ll let you be destroyed in your undeveloped stage.”

The Gwynn brothers knew that they could not persuade me, and they also felt gratified due to my actions; they transformed into Fallen Angels and guarded both of my sides. Seven pairs of beating wings of the Demon Clan’s strongest type of army stood against each other on the main road. Our powerful imposing manner should cover an area of a few hundreds meters in diameter. Jiyan had already run to somewhere far away riding Black Dragon.

At the place where we seven people stood tall and upright, there was not even a glimpse of sunlight as it was completely shrouded by the black mist released by us, and the black mist will become the barrier for our decisive battle. I felt an unprecedented immense pressure, the hand that held Black Sable was soaked with sweat.

14 flashes of ice-cold gazes clashed in the sky, no one was giving the slightest concession, under the comparison of momentum, we are obviously at the disadvantage, we can’t let this go on like this, if we faced the peaked attack of the opponents when they are at their peak momentum, we might not necessarily be able to take it on.

At that moment, I struck first. I accumulated all of the Mad God chi with dark magic power mixed into it, channeling it through both of my hands to transfer it into Black Sable. With one step forward, Black Sable heavily slammed onto the ground. The Gu brothers, who were used to working together, both flew up to my sides, and like lightning, they charged towards the enemy.

A gigantic explosion started the desperate struggle, the power of Hurricane blasted behind the back of the four opponents, bringing shreds of rocks, and two types of energy surging towards them, covering the land and sky.

The Gu brothers made their move, and leapt at them at the same time. Their long blades turned into two black glows/shadows cutting down at Su Er at the same time. The opponent was not even the slightest bit shocked/baffled by the attacks coming from both sides, dividing into two teams two opponents spread their wings, to face the shards of rocks from behind while Su Er, and the last opponent faced the Gu brothers’ attacks.

After releasing Hurricane I took a deep breath, raised Black Sable high, and leapt at the opponents. The sound of the collisions kept producing uninterrupted Ping Ping rang throughout the sky, The Gu brothers combo attack was incredibly powerful, they actually avoided the attacks of the last opponent, and concentrated their most powerful attack on Su Er, their battle strategy is very accurate, destroy the leader, and the gang will collapse.

Su Er was being continually pushed backwards by the endless combination attacks of the brothers. At this very moment, I came to them, I didn’t stop the other enemy; instead, I charged towards Su Er with my sword, shouting: “Violent Dance of the Mad Dragon.” The Gu brothers cooperated greatly and wiped out Su Er’s attacks, blocking both sides of his exits at the same time, making him using his own body to counter the the ink-black dragon which I had transformed into.

Those two that were dealing with Hurricane has completed their mission/duty. They were flying here at fast as they could, while the other enemy charged at me from my side with full force, adopting the ‘relieve the besieged by besieging the base of the besiegers’ strategy. If i continued to attack Su Er, I would definitely get hit by him.

However, in this hasty gap of time, he definitely won’t be able to bring out his full power immediately. This condition benefited us a lot; if we could critically damage Su Er, we would certainly cause great damage to our opponents. I gritted my teeth, and decided to hit Su Er; even if I was hit by my opponent’s attack, I wanted to take his life.

Despite facing a situation of life and death Su Er was abnormally calm. He fixed his gaze at me sombrely, and abnormal happiness flashed in his eyes. His body urgently swayed as he avoided the attack from the Gu brothers in a flash. A dark energy orb suddenly appeared on his chest, and with a loud roar, he violently pushed the orb towards me.

The Gu brothers were not weak either; even though Su Er dodged their incoming attacks, he was still gashed by the chi, leaving two deep wounds on his arms.

The ink-black dragon that I formed heavily clashed with the black energy ball, and the berserking violent wind threw all four of us apart at the same time. The trees around the main road all fell flat apart, and the earth beneath us completely exploded.

The Gu brothers were dodging the soil that had been scattered into the air, while leaping in my direction, since the current me was unable to control my own body. The clash just now has caused my entire body to be paralyzed momentarily.

The Gwynn brothers made a turn in the air, flying to the both sides of my body, and grabbed both of my arms. Because of the heavy backlash just now, it caused me to avoid the attack from behind.

The power from the shock of the rebound gave me a mild injury. To my astonishment, even though Su Er was spraying a sky of blood vigorously, it felt like his injury was not that serious at all. I couldn’t even deal him a critical damage in such an advantageous circumstance, it was really unfathomable. I had exhausted almost all of my power in that attack just now. That instant of advantageousness had now been vanished.

Su Er’s stood there with his hair disheveled, and his comrades surrounded him with him in the centre. In the turbulent winds, his clothes were shredded into pieces and his body soaked with blood, making him somewhat terrifying/scary. Su Er sealed his blood veins, glaring at us without even looking away for a second, and a voice came out from the gap of his teeth: “You guys take care of the Gu brothers, leave that boy to me. If I don’t break his bones and crush him to dust, then my name isn’t Su Er•Lucifer.”

He used his hand to wipe blood that was across his lips and licked, an evil grin appearing on his face: “You made me hurt, and now I will return the favor ten times over.”

I adjusted my breathing rate and gripped Black Sable tightly, the following battle will be even veil compared to the previous one, the opponent would not give us the previous chance again.

“Brother, you should hurry up and leave after all, we should be able buy you some time, you’re only giving away your life if you stay here.” Gwynn urgently convinced me. I slowly shook my head hard, my mouth put together six words, “Fight-to-death,with-no-regrets!”

I had also thought about escaping, but if I ran, this trauma would be buried in my heart forever; it would have an unpredictable effect on me in the future. If I ran, what would Jiyan think? In her heart, I would become a coward.

What I didn’t know was, because of the change in the relationship, in Ji Yan’s heart, power was already not as important anymore. She was riding on the Black Dragon watching our battle carefully for afar, mumbling: “Lay-lay, you definitely cannot let anything happen to you, if the situation turns out badly, just run away.”

Love had long caused this arrogant but kind girl to put down everything; my safety was the most precious thing to her. Too bad, I still didn’t know about it right now. If I did, who would want to risk my life!?

The formerly long main road was destroyed by the apocalyptic crash and had formed a large round hole. Right now we were in this hole.

Other than Su Er, the other three enemies were holding their martial swords up high. At the same, they transformed into three black bridges with a loud shriek, and made an abrupt turn towards us. The Gu brothers faced the attack with their twin blades, hong hong clashings sound of air were continuously produced in the sky. Because the Gu brothers had such great teamwork, for a short moment, the opponents weren’t able to do anything to them.

I concentrated completely on Su Er. He stared at me with an evil grin on his face and chanted: “Oh great God of Darkness, as your servant, I am willing to exchange my precious soul in return for a momentary power. Please accept my request, and grant me the purest among darkness, the evilest, and the most explosive power. Darkness Distillation.”

I knew this magic, one needed to be in the Sixth Tier of Demonic Arts in order to use a Sixth-Level Dark Magic. It had no fundamental damage, but it could completely recover the state of oneself in an instant. The absorption of dark elements from the air could reached up to 1.5 times of its original state, and it belonged to supporting class of dark magic.

However this magic’s side effect was incredibly severe. After the period of use, the user needs to cultivate for a month in order to recover to one’s original state. During that period of cultivation, one must also suffer lots of unbearable pain. Since he had used this magic, he must have had the intention of not letting a soul get away.

There was no way stop him, since the usage of this magic was very fast. The thing that I needed to do now was to recover the two kinds of energy in my body’s energy as soon as I could, so I that could as least put up a fight with the opponent later. As he was mumbling the chant, an eerie black hexagram appeared below his feet. Purple light instantly surrounded his entire body, as if the light was being absorbed into his body. His eyes changed from the black eyes of fallen angel to an evil purplelish black.

“Kid, go die.” The martial sword slashed horizontally, and a black purple energy slantingly lashed out towards me. When the energy was released, even though it was still a long distance away from me but I could already feel his aura tightly locking me down. Only after a reckless struggle would I be able to dissolve this assault forcefully. If I didn’t, I’ll be followed by his attacks, and there will only be a death road ahead.

I lifted Black Sable and transferred dark magic into it, simplistically slashing out the same path according to his attack line. In the instant the two power clashed together, the power with a strength entirely different from the first collision completely crushed my sword chi to shreds, and heavily slashed into my chest.

I let out a scream and was sent flying horizontally before heavily ramming into the wall of the hole. The cloth on my chest had a large slit cut out, showing the inner clothing. If it wasn’t for my thick skin, I’m afraid that I would die in his blade.

Gliding his martial blade on the ground, he walked towards me step by step. As he approached closer, the pressure abruptly increased; even if the Gu brothers wanted to help me, they were powerless.

Two vs Three, it was clear that they were at disadvantage, being tightly trapped by three opponents. If it weren’t for the injuries of the opponent, I’m afraid they would have long been unable to maintain this situation right now.

Su Er said: “Kid, you’re tough, but that just now was just an appetizer, the real main course is still ahead. I won’t let you die easily, I will cut you inch by inch. Haha, hahahaha.”

“Why the hell are you laughing, watch my blade.” Black Sable caused a large whirlwind and directly aimed for his stomach. Without waiting to finish my technique, I instantly floated up into the air. Black Sable created a sky of shadows of swords that flew towards Su Er. Since my strength cannot be compared to his, then I would have to rely on my speed, hoping for a miracle to happen.

Su Er leisurely waved the martial sword in his hand, and he counted my attacks, one after another. I tried to strike from difficult angles as best as I could, gathering Dark Magic and Mad God’s Chi on the tip of Black Sable, contacting the points of the blade, causing Su Er’s martial sword to produce ting ting noise.

Su Er’s martial sword was heavier than half a hundred kg; it was like the size of half a door. Under the situation of close combat in this short distance, even though he had a great reserve of defense, the attacks weren’t enough; I was using this weak point to circle around with him. Although the Mad God Arts’ third mode was more powerful, in comparison, it had consumed too much energy. The current me was completely relying on speed to spin around with him. Mad God’s Chi was mainly used to increase the speed. At a point, Su Er really couldn’t get rid of me.

What made me felt surprisingly happy was that, from the moment I was gashed by the chi that Su Er let out and sustained minor damage, an energy was continuously flowing from below my lower right belly. It was a very warm energy; although it did not treat my injuries, it brought vitality to my surrounding of injuries, stimulating the surrounding cells of my injuries to repair themselves.

The right side of my chest gave out a faint fragrant scent, uninterruptedly stimulating my nerves , causing me to remain in a hyper mode all the time. This allowed me to fight Su Er with overflowing spirit.

I knew that the scent on my right chest came from the bloodstone, because Ji Yan had once said, BloodStone helps to refresh the mind; it was for the clarity of mind. But what is the vitality that passed by, it must be one of the gems, but at the moment, I couldn’t recall where was each gems placed by Jiyan back then.

Too bad I didn’t have the purple crystal that could save the magic power, or else there might have been a slight chance of victory. Su Er was not rushed to exterminate me, he was just lightly using his martial sword to block my attacks; an evil grin was still being kept on his face.

I knew that he was waiting for his partner to get rid of the Gu Brothers, and he did not want to get hurt either; that’s why he had not using his entire might. However, my current ability could only allow me to maintain this current situation. Once the distance was pulled between us, I’m afraid that would be the moment I would my life. Although my defense was superb, if i was struck by that tough and gigantic martial sword, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be pleasant at all.

The area of the hole that we were battling continuously expanded; if one looked from the above, one would discover that the entire hole was pervaded with a layer of soil fog. Only the shadow of a person.

Ji Yan had long tied Black Dragon at afar, and ran over here alone. She squatted down on border/edge the hole, nervously watching the battle between me and Su Er.

I was wielding my power with all my might, the desperate combat made me felt great satisfaction. The two energies in my body continuously merged and released, and Su Er surprisingly realized that I was getting more and more powerful as I fought; I didn’t show a slightest hint of tiredness. His power was way stronger than mine, and was coupled with the supporting dark magic. Based on that, it should be quite easy to get rid of me, but the main point was that he didn’t wanted to get hurt. He wanted to defeat me with a complete victory, so he dragged on, waiting for the instant when I would become disheartened, before giving a death blow.

But my increasing power made his heart chilled for a second. He felt a burst of coldness in his heart, as he thought to himself, “If it another 20 had years passed, I’m afraid that the Demon Clan would be ruled by this kid’s hands.” Thinking back here, Su Er couldn’t care less about him getting hurt anymore. He risked his life as he was struck by Black Sable, going all out in releasing chi from his entire body, and sent me back with a shockwave. While I was still flying backwards, he raised his martial sword over his head and shouted, “Darkness Air Slash.”

The surrounding black mist that seemed to have been absorbed this strike, turning into a black band of energy that was slashing at me. The Gu brothers simultaneously shouted: “Don’t take that attack head-on, quickly dodge!” But their words came a little too late, as I had already swung Black Sable and clashed with this so-called Darkness Air Slash. I solidly struck at his martial sword, and the energy that gushed at me cut on my shoulder, making my blood splatter everywhere. My shoulder first numbed, then a burst of intense pain came from the wound.

I knew that my collarbone was probably broken. A great amount of dark magic rushed into my body, crazily destroying the meridian channels in my body.

Su Er shouted and delivered his martial sword. The shock sent me flying out, my blood spraying wildly. Black Sable flew out my hand, and part of the hand between the thumb and the index finger was shattered by the shock. Almost everyone thought that, after receiving such serious wound, it was impossible for me to survive. Only Jiyan understood that with my Beamon body, although I was heavily damaged by this attack, it couldn’t take my life. She could no longer care about other things, as she flew down and stood in front of me.

At the same time I was wounded, the Gu brothers’ situation wasn’t any better, due to both of them giving away some attention to warn me. The opponents caught their openings and forcefully assaulted a few times, it was two vs three after all, so they were at disadvantage in general. Both of them were also spewing blood wildly and was sent to a side by the shock.

Su Er complacently let out a loud laugh, “You guys look after these two brothers, I’m going to settle with this kid. Right now, I’m afraid he is still be breathing. Hey, this girl really beautiful; although I’m a little old, making you feel paradise and hell at the same time is still not a problem. Hurry up and get out of the way, let me finish with this kid. I’ll find a deserted place, and properly service you later.”

Jiyan was so angered by his words that her face became red, her hand that held the magic staff was slightly trembling. Right now I was lying on the floor behind her back. There’s not one place on my body that wasn’t was suffering in pain. My right lower belly continuously delivered a life force that was replenishing my body. I also saw the Gu brother’s situation.

It’s over, everything’s over. With Jiyan’s strength, what could she possibly do? Currently, my only regret was not persevering my attempts to force Jiyan to leave when the fight first started. Hearing Su Er’s humiliating words, my heart surged in anger. The pain from my wounded meridians intensified, and I spew out another mouthful of blood.

As Jiyan was thinking about using light magic to go against Su Er, a black shadow flashed past, and the magic staff fell into the enemy’s hand. Su Er laughed, “Girl, since you wish for pleasure right here, then I shall fulfill it. Brothers, after I do this, you all will have a share. I’ll let his kid see how his own woman will be treated by us. Hahaha.” The remaining people also followed and laughed wildly.

Gwynn supported his body and sat up, he raged, “You, you beasts, you cannot do this. Brother, your elderly brothers are sorry to you, we will not forgive these animals even after we have gone to hell.”

A Fallen Angel coldly snorted, throwing out two dark energy orb towards the brothers, hong hong, noise was produced as the brothers were sent flying by the blast at the same time. They were firmly inserted in the soil of the wall of the hole, their blood looked anomalously horrendous, as the whole wall of soil looked as if they were in purgatory. Although this wasn’t enough to take their life, they could no longer wish to remain conscious. Due to losing conscious, the Gu brothers returned to their original state; the wings behind their backs were gone, and their hair also returned to its original form.

Jiyan’s face was deathly pale as she stared straight at Su Er with a look of despair as Su Er slowly walked towards her, one step at a time.

Suddenly, Su Er stopped in his tracks in alarm, as he looked behind Jiyan unwaveringly.

Jiyan blacked, she turned around and looked, as she discovered a pair of red iris, delivering a gigantic force, she was thrown above the hole.

Turned out to be, while Su Er was humiliating Jiyan, I could no longer keep my conscious clear, as the rage in my heart triggered the nature of Berserk. The black wings burned red in the fire of rage. Both my hair and my eyes changed afterwards. The wounds on the body were closing and recovering speedingly; even the broken collarbone connected itself.

I stood up, lightly floating, and I flew over to Jiyan’s back. The remaining conscious in my brain told me that I cannot hurt this girl before my eyes, in the instant I waved, I sent Jiyan out the hole.

My entire body was letting out a dangerous aura, without the slightest hint of anger in the voice, “All of you, die.” I spreaded the red wings, sending the dark energy orbs they fired flying, a tyrannical power congested beside me, the roots of my hair stood up. Black Sable was attracted to my hand, under the the insertion of energy, it surprisingly turned into the same eerie red.

Su Er exclaimed in shock: “You, what monster are you?”

I lifted Black Sable and said slowly, one word at a time: “You will be first one to die.”  A red light flashed as I appeared behind Su Er, staring unwaveringly at the other three people.

Su Er let out a cruel scream, a wrist sized blood hole appeared on his chest, blood spraying out wildly as he softly collapsed onto the floor. Actually, he wasn’t that weak, although the current me that has transformed into Crimson Angel had absolute power above his, but the difference weren’t big, it was definitely impossible to kill him with one strike, it’s just that for a moment he wasn’t able to accept such eerie look and the form of my mutation, his movements slowed down a little, dark magic wasn’t utilised either, and he died under my ghostly speed just like that.

But because he had extraordinary power, he did not turn into a sky of blood rain like White Skye had, the sixth tier of Demonic Arts was indeed extraordinary. I swung Black Sable horizontally to the front of my eyes, lightly licking the blood on it’s surface, “Who’s next?”

The remaining three Fallen Angels backed off one after another. Someone among them let out a scream and the three of them flied and fled out into three different directions.

Did they really think I’m monster? As their momentum become disheartened, they could no longer become a threat to me. Right now, I was only thinking about blood, blood, blood.

Red glow continuously flashed. Suddenly, two people in the air have their waist slashed, the last one was nailed on a large tree by the Black Sable I threw out. Perhaps this state was too frightening; originally they only needed to hold out until my berserk transformation had disappeared, and they’d be able to take my life. However, the current result was….I attracted Black Sable back to my hand and stood there in the middle of the hole, laughing crazily. The surrounding was flooding with evil atmosphere. The originally black mist had been completely absorbed into my body.

A red light flashed, I flew out the hole, Jiyan was just in front, she looked at my ferocious face with pale face, unconsciously backing, even Black Dragon from afar was nervously digging the ground with its forehoof.

I looked at her with unsettled expression. Suddenly, I staggered and knelt on the floor with one knee, the red color on my body slowly disappeared; returning to the former black, right after the wings were kept into my body, my eyes and my hair also returned to their original color. A streak of black blood flowed down from the corner of my lips. As I looked at Jiyan desolate and indistinctly, I said brokenly, “Sa…….save……both of……them, make……up……a story……tell……them, wait…… until….th…….they’re….. a bit…… better, let…… them……quickly……bring…… me……to……a…….safe……place…….to……recover, did I……scare……you? Sor……sor……ry.” After the last word, like a falling jade pillar I collapsed on the floor.

Two streams of ice-cold chi endlessly cycled throughout my body, repairing the injuries throughout my body. My conscious gradually became clearer, and I directed my remaining dark magic in my body to  cycle with these two energy of the same source, the lower right belly continuously delivered vitality that was replenishing my body. Compared to the Crimson Angel transformation last time, the drawing of power this time was even more severe. After all, I killed four formidable enemies. If there wasn’t the continuous support from the vitality and these two forms of energy right now, I’m afraid that if I didn’t die this time I would be crippled.

The Dark Magic cycled within my body for another seven cycles. The two energies from the outside gradually dispersed, and I slowly opened my eyes.

“Ah, Ah Lei, you’re awake. That’s great.” A few droplets of water dripped on my face.

I focused my vision and discovered Jiyan not far away from me, with a face like a pear blossom had bathed in the rain. I opened my mouth and spoke with hoarse voice: “Are we safe now?”

Another voice came from beside; it was Gwynn: “Brother, it’s already safe now. Even if Su Cha still wants to chase after us to kill us, he doesn’t have anymore people at hand. How are you doing, are your injuries any better?” I turned my head; the Gu brothers were sitting cross-legged next to me, their eyes full of gratefulness as they looked at me.

“A lot better. Where are we?” I surveyed the surroundings. It was currently daytime, and there were large trees around us. It seemed like we were in the jungle not far from where the incident had occurred.

Gu Feng said: “We are in the forest next to the official path. We’re about 3 kilometers away from where they intercepted us. Thank you, brother. If it wasn’t for you, we would’ve had to reincarnate.”

I forced a smile and said: “Second Gu brother, you shouldn’t say that. If I didn’t kill them, I would’ve died as well. Jiyan, can you tell me what happened since I fell unconscious?”

I did this for a reason. Who knew what kind of story Jiyan would make up? If they asked later and I didn’t reply correctly, wouldn’t I blow our cover? Although they didn’t have power anymore, it was still better to be cautious.

After I awoke, Jiyan had been constantly in an state of excitement. Hearing me ask her, she immediately understood my intention. She held my hand and warmly said: “Close your eyes, and I will tell it to you.”

I obediently shut my eyes, and Jiyan actively began to tell me what happened after I had fainted.

It turned out that after I had fainted that day, Jiyan had momentarily lost her head, and had no way of healing me. She could only wrap my wounds, and then afterwards fetched the Gu brothers from the edge of the hole. She couldn’t handle the three of us alone, so she could only pull us into the forest. After half a day, in the dead of the night, the Gu brothers had awakened first.

The two of them didn’t ask about the situation. They quickly began to heal themselves all the way up until the second morning. After the two of their injuries had improved, they brought us to where we were now.

When they asked Jiyan about the situation, Jiyan told them that the Demon Emperor once passed down a kind of Demonic Dismantling Law, it can instantly outburst one’s own life potential. And of course, there’s a price to pay.

Speaking of it it’s hilarious, Jiyan actually said that I drawed out twenty years of life force in exchange for immense power, sending the four opponents to their deaths one after another. The Gu brothers naturally could not be more grateful, without waiting for their injuries to recover they started to take turn to treat me with Dark Healing Magic, steadying my the condition of my injuries.

I was unconscious for an entire 7 days. Two days ago, the Gu brothers had already pretty much recovered. So the two of them treated my injuries together, which were the two outside energies of the same source that I had felt.

Under their hard work, I had finally awoken. Jiyan’s ability to make up stories was really amazing! After I finished hearing her recount, I opened my eyes and said: “Thank you to these two brothers for treating my wounds for me. Are your own injuries fine now?”


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