Chapter 8

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Volume 2 Chapter 8: Courteous to the Wise and Condescending to the Fools

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Black Dragon had gotten three times fatter, and looking at me, he made an unsatisfied snort. I pet his head and said:  “You lazy bastard, you only know how to eat and sleep. Look at how fat you are!”

Jisue said, “It’s about time that he exercised, he just sits there and eats. He probably can’t even run anymore.”

I smiled and said, “I’ll take you for a ride then .”

Jisue said, “Sure, just like back then.”

Ten minutes later, Jisue and I relaxingly rode Black Dragon into the wilderness outside the city. Jisue rested inside of my arms, looking deep into the distance, as if she was thinking about something important. There is an unspeakable warmth in my heart as I smelled the fragrance of her long hair.

I slowed down black dragon’s speed and embraced Jisue softly.

Jisue closed her eyes and said, “Lay, Imagine how great it would be if we could do this our entire life.”

I kissed her pinkish cheeks and answered, “Yeah, I’m also hoping that we could do that, don’t worry, I will protect you with my life. We will stay a perfect couple forever.”

Jisue looked up and stared into my eyes. Suddenly embracing my neck, she kissed me heavily on the lips. At first I was surprised, but following that,  I quickly became intoxicated by Jisue’s passion.

Black Dragon suddenly let out a long neigh, and raised his forehoof high. It scared the hell out of us who were immersed in the river of love. I quickly embraced Jisue and held the rein tightly with the other hand.

Three people appeared in front us, dressed in resplendent clothes. I could tell with one glance that they came from rich families. The foppish one said, “Yo, you guys still being lovey dovey over there? Missy, can you stand this big block?”

His words gave rise to a loud laughter from his companions.

Jisue’s was so angry her cheeks reddened and she tightly gripped my clothes.

I became furious and my whole body let out an evil aura, an icy cold chill washed over them and made them shut their mouths. I sniggered and said coldly, “Are you tired of living? How dare you block my way?”

Just the last time, I went out and I slaughtered White Skye and his three hundred underlings. Due to the amount of killing I had done, my killing intent had greatly risen, so much so that it had been restored to the state it had been in when I was travelling through the beast country. I now had the urge to make those who I disliked disappear from this world, let alone those who irritated me.

The annoying one on the right raised his bow and fired an arrow at me as he said, “Why, are you pissed off? I’ll shoot you. Die!”

His arrow was so slow it was almost as if a snail was crawling towards me. I plucked the long arrow from the sky, pushed down on the refined steel with a thumb, the shaft of the arrow was immediately bent into a 90 degree.

As Jisue felt my killing intent, she whispered, “Layson, please don’t resort to killing, let’s just leave.”

That foppish head’s ears were quick. he said, “Wanna leave? Not so fast. Why don’t you stay around and play with us?”

I could no longer tolerate their insults against Jisue. I jumped down from my horse preparing to teach them a lesson, but right as I was going to make a move, the sound of rushed footsteps came from the surrounding far away.

The one in the middle laughed loudly and said, “My men have arrived, how will you run now?”

It sounded as if they were coming from all directions, I immediately returned to Jisue’s side and unsheathed Black Sable while looking at my surroundings, listening for a gap in their encirclement.

The one on the right said, “Second elder brother, look, that brat is scared now, haha!”

The shadows in the forest became more and more distinct, finally I could see who they were clearly. I was surprised to see an army of royal guards from the Dragon Empire. Did they figure out that I was the one responsible for the White Skye incident and come to apprehend me?

The person the middle shouted, “GUARDS, Take these two people down!!”

An officer rode out from inside the front lines of the soldiers and immediately replied, “Yes, second prince!” As he spoke, he corralled his horse into a charge aimed directly at me!

Looking at the guards skilled in riding and imposing posture, I realized that they were not easy opponents. I transferred my chi into Black Sable and slashed down at his spear. The clash of the sword and spear produced a sharp metallic sound. His attack was so powerful that my hand went numb from the collision of our weapons.

The leader of the soldiers let out a surprised “Eh?”, It was obvious that he did not expect me to be able to block his assault.

I said to Jisue*, “Snow, be careful, they are all officers .”

The troops backed away leaving a wide space in the middle of their encirclement for us to fight. I can now see my opponent clearly, his armor indicated that he was a centurion. To be able to reach such a high rank at his age, he indeed has some latent ability that surpasses all his peers.

The centurion spoke loudly with a clear voice, “Huh you have some strength, I didn’t expect a commoner like you to be able to block my spear, one more time!” He immediately charged at me again after speaking.

Suddenly a majestic voice resounded, “Stop.” I was shocked, this voice had obviously come from a distance, but his voice was so loud that it sounded like he was speaking right next to me. Just the sheer power of his voice was enough to make both my opponent and I lose our balance. But what was the most frightening about this voice was that out of the crowd of soldiers encircling us, only my opponent and I were thrown off balance. I instantly knew that this was the strongest person that I had ever encountered. Even my father would have to use his full strength while fighting this person.

A tide of soldiers appeared in the distance, and an ocean of yellow soldiers was slowly approaching us. Jisue was astonished as she said, “Those are his highness’s imperial carriage guards. They are his personal troops that guard him when he leaves the palace, why would they be here? Could it be that his highness is hunting today? But nobody informed me of this!

After the centurion heard that voice, like a polite and respectful student, he put his long spear away and brought his horse to a side with full courtesy.

The three foppish youngsters instantly paled, The middle on said in a low voice, “Damn it, they came at just the wrong time, why did they have to come here as well?”

The ocean of yellow slowly advanced, coming towards us. There were three people leading the soldiers. The one on the right was a handsome teenager wearing silver armor and holding a longbow. In the middle there is a middle aged man, he was wearing a black silk robe with golden armor. He left his head exposed, revealing his beautiful golden hair which hung loosely to his shoulders. Even though he didn’t even seem furious, he had an imposing aura that suppressed everyone around him. I could tell that these two were related to each other. On the left, there was adorned in the uniform of a palace guard. Even though he didn’t wear any armor, I could tell by looking at his insightful eyes that he was an ultimate expert.

Even a wooden log would be able to tell that the person standing in the middle was the current emperor of the Dragon Empire. He is also my uncle from my mother’s side.

They arrived in front of us in no time. The person who was on the left questioned the crowd of soldiers, “What’s going on? Who are these people?” I immediately noticed that his voice was the same one that rang powerfully minutes earlier.

The centurion respectfully saluted, and answered in a respectful and cautious manner, “Sir Marshal Lantis, his second prince ordered us to capture these people.” To my surprise, the person wearing the uniform of the palace guard is one of the three greatest dragon knight of the Dragon Empire—— Lantis. But his presence is understandable, after all, the imperial family is travelling, the emperor must be escorted by experts at all times.

As he heard the centurion’s report he turned to look at the king. King Zeing asked, “Second son, what’s going on here?”

The young man who ordered the guards to capture us replied haltingly, “Father, I thought that these people were suspicious, so I ordered my guards to catch them so that they could be interrogated later.” The king glanced at us, focusing on Jisue, as an experienced and wise person himself, naturally understanding the situation.

The king’s eyes blazed with fury as he snorted, “Hmph! You disobedient bastards! You only know how to eat and play and pay no attention to your responsibilities! Get Lost!”

The three foppish princes turned and ran with dejection. Before the the second prince ran away he glared at me with his gaze filled with resentment.

The king turned to us and asked, “Who are you people, and why are you here?”

Jisue suddenly spoke, “Uncle, Lantis uncle, did you not recognize little Snow* anymore?”

Lantis carefully inspected Jisue and suddenly exclaimed, “Ah! aren’t you Jaiden’s* daughter… Jisue?”

Jisue quickly replied, “Yup, Uncle Lantis, I am your niece Jisue.”

The king now recognized her and said, “Oh it’s little Jisue! It’s been far too long since I last saw you, uncle almost didn’t recognize you. You really are getting more and more beautiful as you grow.”

Jisue dismounted from Black Dragon while pulling me, she then knelt on floor and said respectfully, “Jisue greets your Majesty.”

I also quickly kept away Black Sable, and knelt down, saying, “This lowly commoner, Layson, greets your Majesty.”

King smiled and said, “Enough, we are family, there’s no need for these formalities. Stand up and speak.” The King paused and pointed at me, “Oh, Jisue, who is this?”

Jisue pulled me up as she stood up, her cheeks were red as she replied, “Your majesty, he is my schoolmate from Sky City academy——Layson. We came out to play today, but we did not know you were coming here, so could your royal highness please not blame us for interrupting your royal march?”

The king smiled, “Silly girl,how could uncle blame you? I hope that those good for nothing cousins of yours did not bully you. When I return, I will teach them a proper lesson.”

Jisue said, “Thank you,your majesty.”

Lantis suddenly leaned towards the king and said something softly into his ear. The king’s expression changed. He looked at me and seemed to observe carefully, as he questioned, “Are you the Layson who challenged Liwer’s son during the Sky City academy’s tournament…that Layson?”

I nodded and said, “Yes, your highness.”

The king let out a clear loud laughter, and praised, “Not bad kid! You already so strong despite your age. Continue to work hard! I hope to see you join the Dragon Knight troops in the future!”

I scratched my head and said, “Your majesty, I’m afraid that becoming a Dragon Knight is impossible for me.”

The king was surprised and asked, “Why is that? Joining the Dragon Knights is the dream of every citizen in the Dragon Empire. Do you not wish to become a noble? Do you not strive for your country’s success?”

I shook my head while explaining “ No your majesty, it is simply that this lowly commoner cannot become one. I stumbled across a book of Black Magic, and happened to train in it. If I even received the opportunity to get a Dragon Mount, I would not be recognized by a single Divine Dragon. I did not dare deceive your majesty, that is why I told the truth right now.

Jisue’s face turned ashen and she pinched me, indicating that I shouldn’t continue. Although black magic was not forbidden in the Dragon Empire, it was taboo. That was because the ‘Black Magic’ that humans use are very similar to the Demon clan’s ‘Dark Magic’ and the demon clan was the empire’s most fearsome enemy.

The king frowned upon hearing my words. After thinking for a while, his eyebrows relaxed and he turned to Lantis, “This kid is still pretty good, he is very honest, keep an eye on him in the future. Even if he can’t become a Dragon Knight in the future, you can still use him in other places.”

Lantis nodded while saying, “He indeed has a lot of potential, with careful training and proper development, he could develop into someone with outstanding talents.”

Jisue was stunned. She looked at the king idly.

The silver armoured teenager beside the king smiled and said, “Cousin, was that decision surprising? If father were to care about little things like black magic, he would not have become a sagacious king, nor would our dragon empire have developed so much.”

The king was visibly pleased by these words, he laughed and said, “Well spoken. oh, Niece Snow, this is your cousin, he will inherit the throne in the future. When you have the free time you youngsters should gather and meet more often in the future.”

DE: older brother cousin from the mother’s side

The imperial prince jumped down from his horse and walked straight towards me. He patted my shoulder and said, “Brother Lay, hearing uncle Lantis and father’s praises of you made me think that we should exchange pointers sometime in the future when we are free.”

After hearing how he addressed me as “Brother Lay” my opinion of him greatly increased. Such a humble prince will certainly become a great king like his father in the future.

I quickly replied respectfully, “This lowly commoner would be honored to spar with you.”

The king smiled, “Well then, you youngsters should talk some more. Come on old friend Lan, lets not disturb them. Lets go hunting! We must catch a silver fox before we return!.” The king promptly whipped his horse around. He left at such a speed that not even the dust surrounding us was disturbed, he was followed by Lantis and then the troops.

Jisue suddenly spoke, “Look, those are Dragon Knights.”

I looked towards where she was pointing and sure enough, gigantic colored dragons were flying through the sky shadowing us with their huge numbers. They were each at least ten meters long, and had a warrior on their back carrying a four meter long spear. Each and every one of them were awe-inspiring, and with just one look I knew just how powerful their combat capability was.

The imperial prince smiled, “It is father’s royal march, there always has to be a troop of dragon knights protecting him. It is even more important that he is guarded right now because we are preparing for a war with the demon-beast alliance. We have to be a lot more cautious right now.”

My heart skipped a beat, I asked, “Your highness, is the war starting again?”

The prince nodded, but his expression dimmed a little. He sighed again and replied, “Yeah, we are about to wage war again.”

Jisue was surprised, she asked, “Cousin, what’s the matter, why do you seem sad? Are you against the war?”

The prince answered, “Yup, waging war places a huge burden on the citizens of the country, especially those who live in the areas where our armies clash. Frequent wars will destroy the country, do you think seeing corpses everywhere is fun?”

Jisue stuck out her tongue and asked, “Then why do we still need to wage war, why can’t we just live in peace?”

The imperial prince smiled and replied, “You are too naive, this war was mainly provoked by the demon clan.”

I asked, “How did the demon clan provoke us?”

The prince looked at me astonished as he asked, “Brother Lay, did you not know about the sad incident that happened outside of Kuasy City?”

I awkwardly smiled and answered, “Some time ago I trained too fast and, a qigong deviation occurred, so I was recovering for a long time. It’s been about half a year. I only came back to class a few days ago when my injuries healed.” I intentionally exaggerated the amount of time which it took me to recover.

The prince said, “Oh I see, training cannot be rushed, brother Lay you should be more careful next time. Well about the event that sparked the war, three months ago, we received some terrible news from Kuasy city, near the capital. Kuasy Cit’s count, White Skye and three hundred of his men at arms were slaughtered by someone in a single night. White Skye’s body was reduced to dust, we could only recognize who he was from the various pieces of armor scattered around the battlefield.

Jisue added, “White Skye was a formidable dragon knight! It’s hard to believe that he died!”

The prince nodded and said, “The opponent was definitely an expert. According to uncle Lan’s analysis of the technique and skills used to kill the count, only a fallen angel from the demon clan could cause such destruction, and there’s a possibility that not just one fallen angel who caused this but rather a group of them. Father was furious, and he immediately sent his messenger to make the demon clan recount it’s sins, however the demon clan refused to admit responsibility. This just increased father’s fury, and he declared war against the demon clan. The demon and beast clans have been closely related and mutually dependent on each other for generations, naturally they made an alliance once again. Now the borders are full of soldiers, and fighting is as common as water and fire.

I never thought that me killing White Skye would lead to a war between the three races, oh what a criminal I am. I felt very bad in my heart, originally, I hoped to create balance and make peace between the three races using my own power, but now I’ve done exactly the opposite.

The Imperial Prince saw my gloomy expression and said, “Brother Lay, rest assured, I don’t think this war will last very long. These wars have lasted for so long with nobody being a victor, nobody is keen to fight wars forever. I’m sure that in the next few days, they will sign an agreement. Honestly speaking, if father had wished to eliminate those two races, he could had done so long ago. With the dragon empire’s power, we could crush them just by mustering some Holy Dragon Knights……” The prince suddenly covered his own mouth, he looked around, making sure that there was nobody else around. After confirming that there was no one else besides us, did he breathe a sigh of relief.

Jisue asked, “Cousin, what’s the matter?”

The imperial prince laughed awkwardly and replied, “It’s nothing, my mouth just slipped a little.”

I laughed and asked, “What were you saying about raising some more holy dragon knights?”

The prince urgently raised his index finger and put on my mouth, indicating that I should refrain from speaking anymore. He lowered his voice and said, “This is the dragon empire’s biggest secret, since you heard it today, you must forget it, if you cannot, you must not speak to anyone about this, not even to the people closest to you. If father knew you knew about it, there will be major disasters coming your way.”

I asked “What’s it about? Please tell us, we swear that we will never let this out of our mouth.”

The imperial prince shook his head and said, “I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone, only the three great marshal and my father and I know about this, not even my little brothers knows about it. Well… since I’ve mentioned it to you I might as well tell you the full story, however, you must not leak it to anyone else.”

After seeing us pledge our agreement, the prince continued, “Well, hundreds of years ago, our ancestors united the land and formed our Dragon Empire.The Dragon Knight troops, were formed during the reign of our third king. They were composed of formidable dragon knights; humans who have trained to the blade master level. Once humans have trained to the standard above that of sword saint, their life force will greatly increase. That is why most dragon knights have a life expectancy of 200 years or so. Whenever a dragon knight reaches the age of 80 years old, they will retire and join the the Holy Dragon Knight troops. But even after retirement, the Holy Dragon Knight troops can still ride a Dragon. That is because if someone has received the dragon race’s recognition once, their contract with Divine Dragon is maintained until the day he or she dies. Right now, there are 17 Holy Dragon Knights in the Dragon Empire, and each one of them is stronger than the current great marshals. The oldest has already reached the age of 170 years. Do you think that the demon-beast alliance could survive If  they were to make a move?

After hearing to what he said my face was suddenly drained of its colors. So the dragon empire actually had such a powerful hidden strength as its support. Don’t even mention the Dragon Knight generals, just one Dragon Knight with his gigantic dragon possessed apocalyptic destructive power. With so many powerful experts, the demon-beast alliance truly would not have the ability to resist.

Jisue asked with surprise, “Then why don’t we eliminate them? Are the demon clan and the Beamon Tribe not our enemies?”

The imperial prince muttered to himself saying, “That is because, long ago, our ancestors received a commandment from God on a fortuitous occasion. God declared that every living thing had the right to live. He will not allow us to use our full strength and upset the balance of the land. If we do, we will receive divine punishment. Because of this commandment, we have maintained the balance in the world. Every time the three great martials retire, they become a part of the Holy Dragon Knight troops, thus maintaining our levels of power, while hiding it from the demon-beast alliance. As long as the demon-beast alliance doesn’t threaten us or do anything unacceptable, we will not actively go after and attack them.”

After hearing the imperial prince’s words, my heart has settled down. At least the demon-beast alliance will be able to survive. I smiled and said, “The Dragon Empire certainly has a bright future with someone as wise as you lined up to be the future king.”

The imperial prince laughed, and said, “Don’t tease me. Actually, I have always wanted to become a commoner so that I could travel the world with my friends like you guys. I yearn for that kind of life the most. Not one as the King.”

I smiled and said, “Well it’s not impossible. When we have a chance, we should travel around the land, wouldn’t that be great?”

The prince smiled and said, “It’s not that simple, even coming out of the palace once in a while is incredibly difficult. Since your injuries are not completely healed, I will let you get away. But when you are completely healed, we really should have a good spar. My skills aren’t below those of Liwa’s. Liwa is my good friend, and we spar regularly. My hands have been itching to battle you ever since I heard about you from Liwa.

I smiled, ” I to wish to accompany your royal highness in a spar.”

The imperial prince took out a Royal Crest from his chest and threw it to me as he said, “Take this, you will need it to enter or leave the palace. You can drop by anytime. Let’s spar when you have the time. I’m really lonely in the palace, I really hope to make some more friends. Sister, be sure to come as well if you have the time. Brother Lay, don’t you bully my Cousin.”

Jisue’s face reddened when she heard the prince words.

Looking at our awkward expressions, the prince laughed and said, “I’m going to meet up with father now. You must definitely come find me. Goodbye until we meet again.”

How could such a humble imperial prince not move my heart. I quickly nodded and replied, “ I will definitely go to the palace to meet you when my injuries have recovered. I won’t pull any punches even if you are the crown prince!”

The prince was greatly delighted as he replied, “That’s what I’m really hoping for, a real opponent!” Finished speaking, he jumped up onto the horse and left at a great speed.

Looking at the silhouette of his back gradually getting smaller, I said to Jisue, “When your cousin becomes king, he will definitely bring the Dragon Empire to even higher heights.”

Jisue smiled, “Yup, he has earned your respect in such a short time. It is getting late, we should head back as well.”’

I sighed, “They are born from the same king, but why do they differ so much?”

Jisue knew I was referring to the other three princes, and she answered, “Who knows, perhaps they were not burdened by the pressure to succeed the throne and got used to not having to bear any responsibility.”

I wrapped my arm around Jisue’s delicate waist and gently mounted Black Dragon, placing her in front of me. With a pull of the rein I shouted, “Black Dragon, let’s go back. Woohoo!”

Black Dragon let out a long neigh, spread its’ hooves and galloped  quickly towards the capital.

By the time we rushed back to school, afternoon classes had begun. Jisue complained, “Every time I’m together with you, I’m forced to arrive to class late. how will you compensate me?”

I smiled bitterly and said,“I have already given you myself, is that still not enough? Anyways, I don’t have classes this afternoon, haha.”

Jisue lightly hit my chest and cried out, “Meanie!”

A magical broadcast suddenly rang out across the school, “Attention all students and teachers. Attention all students and teachers. There will be an all school assembly in the field after afternoon classes. Attention…” It repeated itself ten times.

I said surprised, “What’s so important that the entire body must assemble to hear it?”

Jisue said, ” I don’t know either. Anyways, there’s not much time left until school ends. Let’s just wait here until classes end.”

While we were waiting, we put Black Dragon back into his stable and found a shady place to rest, silently enjoying the scenery with each other.

There were only a few minutes left in class, and nearly all the teachers and students were assembled outside. Everyone was looking around, uncertain as to what was happening. It was obvious that nobody had been informed of this announcement ahead of time.

Finally, the field was full of almost 2000 teachers and students assembled and closely packed. The principal, the vice-principal and other leaders came and stood on the stage. The dean of students, Janfen shouted, magically enhancing his voice, “Students, please be silent, the principal has something important to announce, so please listen carefully.”

The field slowly quieted, and the principal quickly enhanced his voice. The principal cleared his throat and said in a serious tone, “As many of you know, our country is currently at war with the Demon-Beast Alliance. This war is an excellent opportunity to train, and for this reason I have decided to send out a small team of students to support the front lines. I encourage all of you to sign up for this opportunity.”

The field, which had just become silent suddenly exploded with confused shouts and whispers. But everyone was talking about the same thing.

“Isn’t fighting wars the army’s job? Why ask students like us? It’s not like we have to enlist.. There is no way that I am going!”

“Is going to war something fun? I still haven’t met monsters like those demons and beasts, and now I have that opportunity. The only thing is that I’m unsure about is whether it’s safe or not…”


The principal shouted, “Please be quiet, don’t make a ruckus. Going to aid the frontlines is a very good chance, real battle is the only way to improve your battle sense and experience. Only by surviving through gore and fire, only by contributing your blood sweat and tears will you be able to gain true strength! As for your safety, we have already decided to let you accompany the reserve Dragon Knight troops. As for the amount of people that can go on this trip, we have limited it to one hundred people. If you wish to go on this trip, please see director Janfan to sign up after the assembly is over.”

Once again, there was a buzz of chatter amongst the students. But the principal continued, “Quiet down! There is one more matter that I have to attend to. I have a list of names of students who are required to go on this excursion. First year Layson, God dammit, why am I the first to be named. Making me fight my own people.. Isn’t this too cruel? first year Fengwan, first year Frosty…. second year Rudi, third year Jiyan…” In the end the principal named 18 people, all of them the elites of their year.

M2: Italics are Layson’s inner thoughts in the middle of the monologue.

If we are accompanying the Dragon Knights, what is the difference between this trip to the front-lines and a tour of the outskirts of the empire? Isn’t it just a huge joyride? The Dragon Empire by itself is already stronger than the Demon and Beast countries combined, so why do they need student soldiers? I figured that the principal must have an ulterior motive.

The principal finally finished talking, “Those whom I named just now will stay, the other spots free to anyone who wants them. Very well, disperse.”

Immediately afterwards, the vast majority of the students rushed towards director Janfen. It seemed that everyone also figured that the trip would involve more entertainment than danger.

We 18 people who were named in the beginning walked towards the principal. When we arrived in front of him, he said to us, “The main reason behind sending you to the front line was to increase your experience when confronting an enemy during life and death struggles. Only through cruel battle will you fully cultivate your skills. I’ve discussed this matter with the vice-principal, and we are going to find some easier enemies for you to deal with during your stay at the front lines. Now go back and prepare, we depart in roughly a week’s time.

Fenwan and I faced each other, I saw a glimmer of excitement in Fenwan’s eyes as he said, “Now that we have the chance to go to the frontline, it will be much more exciting than staying in these dry and dull classes, right, Layson?”

I smiled bitterly, “What’s so fun about going to war? Isn’t it all slaughter and bloodshed?”

Jiyan approached and said, “Can you go to the frontlines with your injuries?” I couldn’t believe that she was concerned about me. I reasoned that she was only concerned about me because she didn’t want her little sister’s heart to break.

I nodded and said, “It’s already almost healed, although I still lack 30-40% of power, It shouldn’t affect me that much.”

Jiyan lowered her voice and said, “Then be careful, I’m leaving first.” Hearing her words stunned me. This was completely different from her usual self. What was wrong with her? Did she spoil her brain, or did she hit her head?

Waking up from my shock, I noticed that Fenwan’s saliva had almost flowed out of his mouth while he stared straight at Jiyan’s disappearing silhouette murmuring, “I would be willing to lose twenty years of my life, if she became my wife.”

I slapped his face and said, “Stop dreaming. Go back to your dorm, I need to find someone.”

Fenwan giggled and said, “Go find little sister.”

I made an attempt to hit him, but Fenwan had already turned and run away while laughing.

I searched through the crowds for half the day, but I still couldn’t find Jisue. Finally, after the enlistment was over, I heard a familiar cry. I followed the sound until I found Jisue crouching and sobbing in a corner. I hurriedly ran over and squatted down next to her, asking, “What is wrong Snow, who bullied you?”

Jisue suddenly pounced into my arms, not holding back any of her tears.

She cried so much that I couldn’t make anything out of what she was saying, I asked her many times about it but she just wouldn’t answer.

After a while, the front of my robe became wet with her tears, but she had she stopped crying, no doubt tired. I lifted her beautiful, weeping face like a pear blossom bathed in the rain, and asked gently “What’s wrong?”

Jisue’s eyes pooled with tears, and she sobbed, “Ju, just now there were just too many people, I didn’t get to sign up.” before she even finished her sentence, she started crying again.

I let out a breath of relief, while patting her back I said, “I thought someone had bullied you! So this was the matter… Actually, you not signing up for the exercise is a good thing! I was worried that you would be in danger if you went.”

Jisue raised her head and said, “But that’s not important, who knows how long it will take for you to return if you went to the frontline? It might be dangerous, so of course I would want to follow you, if not, how can I rest assured? I didn’t get to sign up, I……”



SU: I heard blood bags were pretty good?

DE: I’m not dracula *cough* I mean a vampire. I only drink badass real blood like yours.

SU: Even though blood bags contain real blood?

DE: Drinking blood bags feels lame…. Ahem! I don’t drink them I’m a necro……




Anyways, I also suspect that M2 is a zombie… Beware.


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        In the first one you’ve got the P and R the wrong way around, so you have suPRasses when it should be suRPasses (obviously without the caps) just a minor point but thought you might like to know.
        As for the name translations believe me I get it :p

        Liked by 1 person

      • Not sure about that, I may have to revisit volume one chapter 1-2 to reread that part. From what I remember it wasn’t the case, but then again, I am not sure. 😛


      • from my point of view his dad became king of the bemon race because he was the strongest. So what is a genuine noble/royal?


  4. It’s only been a few days, but it’s all gone. (T . T) Thank you guys for all you do and promoting this on GT was a really good move, or else I would never have found this TL. Thank you.


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