Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Troubling Emotions

Translated by: Demenious

Edited by: M2t5

TLCed by: Arron, Deceptioning,

Qi, the origin of all life.

QiGong is the method of cultivating the source of life

When one’s level of cultivation reaches the peak, they will gain supernatural abilities

Those who reach the peak of cultivation are said to be able to walk on water, be invulnerable to physical harm, to be able to breath in the clouds, and to be able to spit azure fire from their mouth, to have exceptional hearing, and to live without eating, to be infinitely knowledgeable, and to be able to locate anyone within a thousand miles….

Yang Qi is someone who cultivated to this level.


Feng Rao continent, the Capital City, Yan.

Yan is the richest and most populous city of this continent. Even during the night it is brilliantly illuminated for miles around, and the city streets are clogged with an endless stream of horses and carriages.

It was the height of summer, dark clouds are currently gathering in the dark sky. The oppressive rolling of thunder is heard off in the distance, and the air ripples with water vapor. It seems as if a thunderstorm will start at any moment.


In a deserted corner, next to the city wall, the ground suddenly shakes, and a deep crevice appears

A young man is seen in the depths of the crevice, he seems to be 17 years old and is dressed entirely in black, in his hand there is an exquisite box. Shou! The young man jumps out of the crevice like a leopard.

This young man is Yang Qi.

Yang Qi was the young master of a wealthy and influential aristocratic family within the City of Yan; the Yang family. Inside the city, Yang Qi is a little well-known as a QiGong master. Although he was young and his body was neither robust nor strong, but his body was brimming with mysterious energy. Energy that seemed to swirl around, just waiting to explode and break out.

This leap makes the energy flow inside his body, this flow producing a “Hong! Long! Long!” sound.

“It seems like I will soon reach the fifth tier of QiGong cultivation; the Qi Exploding realm. When the time comes, I too will be able to become an expert who is able to materialize Qi. This take me to the top.”

Looking at high and tall walls of the city, Yang Qi feels very satisfied. With a flash, he enters the pitch black forest which surrounds the city. He is incredibly fast, his speed rivaling that of a black panther; a true display of his inhuman strength.

His QiGong has reached the 4th tier; the realm of  ‘Qi Refinement’.


On Feng Rao continent , where all experts cultivate Qi, there are nine tiers of cultivation.

The 1st tier is ‘Qi Inhalation’.

The 2nd tier is the ‘Qi Utilization’. At this tier, a practitioner can transport the Primordial Qi throughout his body, using his channels to circulate his energy and distribute it along his acupuncture points.

The 3rd tier is ‘Qi Accumulation’. In this tier, a practitioner can gather the primordial Qi in his body and store it in his sea of Qi, or dantain.

The 4th is the ‘Qi Refinement’. After gathering the primordial Qi, and reaching this tier, one can refine their Qi. Their Qi becomes tempered through repeated honing.

The 5th is the ‘Qi Explosion’ tier. At this tier, one can release Qi from their body, and have it manifest shockwaves.

Cultivation of the first through fourth tiers, “Inhalation, Utilization, Accumulation and Refinement,” only allow the practitioner to circulate Qi throughout their own body. In short in the first four tiers, Qi can only be used to strengthen the body. However, upon reaching the the fifth tier, the “Qi Explosion” realm, one’s Qi undergoes a transformation and allows one to release their Qi in shockwaves to attack from afar.

Only when one reaches the 5th tier, ‘Qi Explosion’, can they be considered a real expert.

The so-called “Qi Explosion”, is one of the classes in  the cultivation of QiGong, also serves as a line of demarcation.

When one attains this realm, they can perform hundreds of god-like attacks. Snapping trees in half from a distance becomes a simple matter. These practitioners’ fighting power is extraordinary, their strength can rival that of a hundred men.

At the sixth tier, ‘Qi Armament’ one can condense their Qi into weapons.

When one reaches the seventh tier, ‘Qi Imagination’, a practitioner can create the image of anything on earth. One can condense their QiGong into temporal forms of ferocious beasts or even feathered wings of any shape, taking to the sky.

The eighth tier, ‘Qi Transformation’ is miraculous. By condensing one’s Qi all over the entire body to form a protective Qi shield, one can become invulnerable to injury.

The ninth tier, named ‘Qi Lord’ or the Grandmaster of Qigong, is a tier that Yang Qi cannot even imagine in his the wildest dreams.

According to legend, those who have broken through the ninth tier can snatch fate from the heavens. By entering the ‘Fate Stealing Realm’, they can be reborn, their lifespan many times longer than that of an ordinary expert. However, Yang Qi has never seen anyone who has reached this realm before.


Yang Qi is speeding through the forest, flickering in and out of the trees. He stops when he sees the back of a woman. She is wearing a blue dress and has a noble temperament that can suffocate those around her.

“Lan, look here, I brought the Hidden Dragon pill. I had to use my status as young master and go through countless troubles to steal it from the lord of the continent’s mansion.”

Yang Qi, looking at Lan is visibly excited, as he holds up the box in his hands.

“Oh, Yang Qi, you finally completed this task.” The girl who is as calm as the sea finally turns around. Her face was exquisite beyond compare and she reaches out with her ivory hand, “Let me take a closer look at what you brought.”

“Okay” Yang Qi did not hesitate and gives the box to Lan.

Lan takes the box from him. The instant that she opens it, her stunningly beautiful face is illuminated with a reddish glow, showing another kind of charm. The fire-red medication pill shines just like a flame whip dancing. The fragrance of the medicine overflows and scents the air.

“Lan, you said that if I helped you attain the Hidden Dragon Pill, we can run away and travel far away, right? Let’s go right now.” Yang Qi hurriedly says.

“I’m sorry Yang Qi.”

“Lan” quietly keeps the box away. There is a calm look on her face as she says, “I still have things to do, I cannot run away to faraway places with you right now, let us talk about this matter later. ”

Deng! Deng! Deng!

It is like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky

Yang Qi staggers three steps backwards, his face pale and draining of all colors, “Lan, I risked dying getting this pill from the mansion of the continent lord. I only stole this because you promised me that we will elope. Now you have changed your mind? Why? Why did this happen?”

“Let me tell you why.”

A voice comes out from the pitch black forest behind Lan. A young man walks out, covered in armour. He is extremely handsome, has a high stature, and a haughty face. He seems to be looking down on Yang Qi.

“Lan is a dignified princess of the Yun Hai City, how could she have taken fancy of some kid from the Yang Family? Not even mentioning your small Yang Family, even if you were the son of the Mayor of the Yan Capital, Lan would not give you a second glance. She was only using you, don’t look for more than you deserve!”

“Lan, tell me that this isn’t true.” Yang Qi’s face is ashen, but he was still holding out for his last hope.

However that last glimmer of hope is destroyed by Lan’s words.

Lan looks incomparably calm as she says, “Thats right, Yang Qi, I used you to attain the Hidden Dragon Pill, but I don’t wish to harm you, you can leave now.”


Yang Qi is trembling all over, his hands and feet are ice cold, “Lan, I never thought that you would change your mind like that. Where can I go now? I stole the Hidden Dragon Pill, I can never return home, and everyone in the Yan Capital City must be pursuing me right now. If they catch me I can only expect death. I hope that you will give me the Hidden Dragon Pill, and from now on, we won’t owe each other anything.”

“Give it to you? Dream on kid, nobody spits out the meat that is already in their mouth.” The armored young man laughs coldly, “Now get lost, if you pester us any longer, I won’t be so nice as to let you go.”


Suddenly, Yang Qi explodes, like a feral tiger, and his figure like that of a snake. He ferociously charges the young man dressed in armor, his hand like a giant axe, slashing down ruthlessly.

“White Tiger Carrying Corpse!”

The skill that he uses is the strongest QiGong killing technique of the Yang family; “White Tiger Carrying Corpse”

“You are seeking death” seeing Yang Qi leaping at him, the armoured young man’s eyes flicker with disdain, and a shockwave is let out from his body.


Abruptly, an indistinct transparent shock wave spreads from the young man in armour.

When the shock wave reaches Yang Qi, he can’t resist in the slightest. His technique is not able to be executed  as he is sent flying backwards by the force. He fell to the floor with a heavy Pu Tong! and blood sprays out of his mouth.

Yang Qi looks shocked, “The fifth tier of QiGong, Qi Explosion!”

“That’s right, I’ve cultivated and reached the fifth tier of QiGong long ago. Before me, you are like an ant.” The armoured young man claps, “This White Tiger Carrying Corpse technique is quite the killer, unfortunately in your hands it is just pitiful, not even equal to kids playing with toys.”

“What is your name?” Yang Qi strains and tries to get up, his gaze full of hatred.

“I’m Song Hai Shan, I’m Lan’s cousin. In a few days Lan will become a disciple of one of Feng Rao Continent’s largest factions, the Tian Wei Academy. How prestigious is she? How can someone like you dream to get close to her? Since you are asking for my name it seems that you wish to take revenge. How could I be so careless as to let you go?”

As Song Hai speaks, a violent, whirlwind-like, air current rises up into the sky from his body.

“So you are the most talented practitioner of the younger generation of Yun Hai City.” Yang Qi speaks strenuously, “I will kill you Yun Hai Lan, today you deceived me, and sooner or later I will pay you back.”

“All the more reason that I can’t let you live.” Song Hai Shan is just about to strike.

“Cousin, someone is coming. Let him be, spare his life this time, let us leave.” Lan frowns and reaches out to stop her cousin, looking out at the faraway Yan City, with a flash, she disappears into the dark night leaving this message behind, “Yang Qi, when I become a student of Tian Wei Academy, I will compensate you.”

“Hmph kid, count yourself lucky, Lan doesn’t want to kill you, I will listen to her. But the Mayor of Yan City won’t let you get away, so your life will be short anyways.”

Song Hao Shan left with a sinister smile, following Lan into the forest.

“Yun Hai Lan…….” Yang Qi sees them leave at an incredible speed. He realizes that their QiGong cultivation is far greater than his, and that currently, he can’t rival them. He once again spits blood out from his mouth, and his heart aches even more.

As Yang Qi, lies on the forest floor, he thinks of the past. He was out helping his family business when he met Yun Hai Lan. She looked like a fairy, and it was love at first sight, not only that, but Yun Hai Lan seemed to respond to his advances. After meeting for a period of time, she requested the Hidden Dragon Pill, he considered it for a long time, and after deliberating for a while, promised to get it for her.This caused him to fall to his current state.

Yang Qi starts cycling the Qi in his body, he knows that he has to run otherwise the guards of the Yan Capital will catch him. Not only will he become the shame of his family, he will receive a harsh treatment, making him miserable.

However, when he is utilizing his QiGong, and is just about to recover his moving ability, he hears a Shua Shua Shua sound, following that a few shadows that have explosive aura appear before him.

Yang Qi falls into despair as he notices one of them; a male wearing steel armor that weighs at least 100kg. Even though he is wearing such heavy armor, his movement is not restricted at all, he almost looks like an armoured beast.

This man is the imperial bodyguard of the mayor’s mansion, Luo Hun. His QiGong has long surpassed the Qi Exploding tier, and is looking at Yang Qi quite maliciously.

“Yang Qi, you stole the Hidden Dragon Pill, if you give it back, I’ll spare your life.”

Luo Hun’s eyes are devoid of any human emotion, and he let out a serious killing intent, increased by the steel armour he is wearing. He walked forward until he reaches Yang Qi, and suddenly reaches out and pats Yang Qi’s underbelly, right above his dantian.

Yang Qi once again spits out a mouthful of blood, and feels like a balloon that lost its’ gas. He could feel the results of his training over thirteen years wasting away.

“You… crippled my QiGong” Yang Qi’s face became ashen, despairing his fate. Once one’s Dantian is cracked, he won’t ever able to accumulate Qi again. He is destined to lead a normal life for the rest of his days.

“You stole the Hidden Dragon Pill, letting you off a cripple is still too light a punishment.” Luo Hun coldly says, “The only reason that I am not killing you outright is because you are the young master of the Yang Family. Even then I’m only being merciful because of your aunt.” Luo Hun then turns to those who came with him and says, “Everyone, tie him up onto that tree. I’m going to report this to the City Mayor and then bring the Yang family to come see.”


A few imperial guards tie Yang Qi on the tree, and scout the area while others guard him.

After observing their actions, Luo Hun clad in his steel armour weighing at least 100 kg, leaps into the sky like a gigantic bird, gliding towards Yan Capital City.

Hong! Long!

At this moment, lightning flashes in the sky. The storm that has been brewing for a long time, finally befalls. Because it is a summer night, it is hot even during the thunderstorm.

As heavy rain pours down, streaks of silver snakes, tear through the pitch black sky. The rain spills down to the forest floor like waterfalls.

“There’s too much heavy lightning in this rain…” An imperial bodyguard watching over Yang Qi remarks as he looks at the water pouring down from the sky. His whole body shivers briefly as he sees the lightning arcing down one after another into the ground like dancing silver snakes.

Che La!

Suddenly, with a flash, an ancient tree is struck  by the lightning, immediately setting it on fire in the heavy rain. Silver snakes are crawling everywhere in this hot humid whether. It is truly a ghastly sight.

“If we continue to stay here under the tree, we will be struck by lightning, let’s leave the forest.” The frightened guard says, “Today’s thunderstorm seems a little unusual, I have never seen one so large. If we stay under a tree, we will be struck down by lightning. There won’t even be a place to complain about our grievance. Rumor says that even experts that have surpassed the Qi Lord tier can’t survive a lightning strike from the heavens.

“What about the kid?”

“Rest assured, his martial arts are crippled, and he’s also tied to the tree, how could he flee?”

The few imperial guards hurriedly flee the forest.

Pi! Li! Pa! La!

Just when they leave the forest, a flash of especially blinding lightning strikes down towards the forest. The tree struck is the tree that Yang Qi is tied to.

Immediately, electric current sparkles all over Yang Qi’s body. His whole body lets out a toasted smell.

(to be continued)

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