Chapter 1

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Volume 4 Chapter 1: The Beast Emperor’s Mission

Translated By: Demenious, GX

Edited By: raltzero, Boon, vanagandr Speedy, Verslint, Lum, Phirex

I found a few servants, and ordered them to buy medical supplies, so that they could make nutritious medicine for my mother. Actually, although I previously claimed that I would return her beauty and whatnot, I did not have the slightest confidence in being able to do so. After all, my mother had spent many years suffering heartache, and her mental age was far older than her physical age. A couple of days were not enough to heal this. Even if her mentality had recovered, restoring her youthful beauty might be impossible. I could only do what was within my power. Even if I used magic along with the nutritious medicine, combined with the power of two life-recovering stones, she would still require a miracle to recover.

“Tomorrow I will enter the palace to meet the Beast Emperor. I don’t know what his attitude towards me will be like. Regardless, I feel that he is a good king and much wiser than my father. He is my last hope; if I cannot save the Beast Clan through the Beast Emperor, then the Beast Clan is surely doomed. After all, even if a person has power, there’s a limit to that power, and right now, I’m like a bottle of vinegar that’s half full.”
TLN: He’s saying that even if he can make some things happen, he can’t make other things can’t happen, thus “a bottle of vinegar that’s half full”

I ate a simple meal and returned to my own room to cultivate the Demonic Arts; I had to remain calm so that I could make my report clearly to the Beast Emperor, and thus win him over with my perspective. Only by doing it this way would it be possible for him to agree with my point of view. Whether or not I would be of help in the revival of the Beast Clan would all depend on whether I could convince the Beast Emperor when I met him the next day. Only after getting his full support would I be able to fully exercise my own power.

On the way back to the Beastman Country, my Demonic Arts had successfully broken through to the fifth tier, and this was all thanks to the Gu brothers. After entering the fifth tier, I discovered that rising any further was abnormally difficult, just as they had previously mentioned. What I regretted, was not asking them about the most favourable circumstances to breakthrough the bottleneck. It seems that I could only proceed bit by bit and try to do it with the basic steps. I hoped that I could stumble upon the so-called favourable circumstances. When I stopped cultivating, I realized that the day had passed and it was now the next morning. The chilled air currents that were formed by my Demonic Arts were cycling in my brain, and there was an unprecedented and distinctive peace. After hurriedly eating my breakfast, I headed straight to the Royal Palace with the eight Beamon guards escorting me. Once we reached the Royal Palace we were blocked by the guards at the entrance, “Stop right there; speak! Why have you come to the royal palace?” Due to me bringing the Beamon Guards with me, the attitude of the royal palace guards was quite respectful and polite.

I plainly said, “I’m Layson, the vice general of the Beamon troops. I wish to meet His Majesty. Please help me deliver this.”

Surprisingly, the guard glanced at me and bowed, “Please wait a moment.” As he said that, he singled out a person, who then rushed towards the inner palace. Without taking long, the guard returned running, “His Majesty has ordered that Layson, the vice general of the Beamon troops, is to meet him in the main hall.”

I nodded and walked straight into the palace, bringing the Beamon guards along with me. This is the second time I had come to this place. I could still remember the last time I came here, I was really amazed by such a grandiose palace hall. However, after witnessing the magnificent and grandiose architecture of the Dragon Empire, I couldn’t find anything at all to appreciate in the Beast Emperor’s palace .

I relaxedly looked  at my surroundings and walked quickly towards the main palace hall. I lifted my robe and knelt on the floor outside the palace hall, and said loudly, “Servant Layson has come to meet his Majesty.”

“Is it Layson? Come in”
Although I was at quite a distance from the Emperor, it sounded like his voice was coming from right beside me, hinting at the depth and strength of his Majesty’s skill and power. I let the eight guards wait outside of the palace hall and walked in alone, the royal palace hall was 20 metres high. Besides the Beast Emperor, there were only about 10 guards and servants present.

The Beast Emperor was still the same; wearing an embroidered robe and jade belt, a shining crown was placed on his head. His expression was very calm but it conveyed the strength of the king. I knelt down once again, “This servant greets Your Majesty, long live Your Majesty, long live, long live.”

The Beast Emperor’s voice was very gentle, “Rise. You came back so quickly; was the journey smooth going?”

I  stood up and moved to the side, answering respectfully, “Reporting to His Majesty. Your servant did not neglect your trust, and has returned successfully from his journey. ”

“Oh, lift your head.”

I slowly raised my head; The Beast Emperor sitting on the throne had both his eyes shining, and I faced his gaze, undaunted. The Emperor’s eyes revealed a trace of excitement within; he smiled, “Good, you are worthy of being Leo’s son. Come with me, let’s talk in the imperial study room.”  I thought to myself, “This guy can really keep his equanimity, he indeed  possesses the aura of a king.”

“The others can leave; It’s of no concern to the rest of you.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Beast Emperor sat down behind a large table where he would often read. After sending away the guards and servants, he smiled and said, “Sit down and speak, Layson.”

“This servant has no position in front of His Majesty, and since this servant has already gotten used to standing, please let me reply this way.”

“Alright. Just now you said that the journey was a success, which means you have accomplished your mission; do I understand this correctly?”

I said with my head lowered, “Yes, Your Majesty, I have accomplished the mission you bestowed upon me.”

The Beast Emperor said delightfully, “Very well, now hurry up and tell me about your journey.”

And so, starting with the moment I departed for the Dragon Empire, I explained: How I started the fight with Hua Lun, was quarantined by the vice principal, was able to acquire the mission’s materials and data in the library, and how I finally faked my own death and escaped.

Of course, I skillfully skipped the parts that shouldn’t be told.

After listening to my report, the Beast Emperor said in a deep voice, “According to what you said, that vice-principal was really quite kind to you, so why didn’t you stay there longer? The time we gave you in the beginning was ten years.”

“Your Majesty, please allow this servant to ask you a question.”

“Hm? You may ask.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty. I would like to ask, what does Your Majesty think about the situation of our clan right now?”

The Beast Emperor frowned and said, “This question is going too far. *sigh*, Our clan’s situation isn’t very good; looking from some perspectives, it can be quite dangerous. Why, do you have an opinion?”

Listening to him, I was dumbfounded; I never thought that the Beast Emperor would say it so bluntly.

“It was like this. When I left this place and headed  to the Dragon Empire, I was attacked by hundreds of bandits. From what I have seen, our clan is in chaos, and it’s gone to the level that people will cower from hearing about it. Since I have already accomplished the mission Your Majesty gave me, I would naturally want to return as soon as possible, so that I could assist Your Majesty in governing our clan into order.”

A light of fury flashed in the eyes of the Beast Emperor; he asked, surprised: “Did you say you want to assist me in governing the Beastman clan into order? I haven’t misheard, have I? It would still be rather inappropriate if these words were spoken by your father.”

I abruptly raised my head and looked straight at the Beast Emperor, “Your Majesty, if you aren’t willing to listen to my words due to my young age, then you are not the gracious king that has impressed this servant. t does not matter if one is advanced in age, it is not the beard that makes the philosopher. In my opinion, Your Majesty would not be so improvident.” Even if I was facing the emperor of the Beastmen, I did not have the slightest fear.

The Beast Emperor started to laugh loudly, “Very well, kid. You have charm, courage and knowledge. Our country lacks a talent like yours. Since you spoke this way, I will listen to what you have to say about governing the country.  However, you must know that the chaos in our country is different from any other. There are many things that are not under my control.”

I nodded and said, “Your Majesty, I understand. But, before I explain, please forgive this servant’s crime of disrespect. If the following words of this servant anger Your Majesty, then please forgive me.”

“Yes, proceed.’’

“Thank you, Your Majesty. I came back with the purpose of repaying the country with my own self. I basically understand the situation of our clan; even though you are the Beast Emperor in name, there are about ten clan elders under your command. Although they would often not participate in the politics of this country, they would still surely interfere during crucial times. Every tribe has their own beliefs, if they make a public appeal, someone will surely respond. When you said that some things are out of your control, this is what you meant, am I correct?”

The Beast Emperor slightly smiled; he nodded without a change in expression, “You see through this matter very thoroughly; since you understand this, you should also understand my difficulties. It’s not that I do not wish to govern, but these tyrannical people prevented me from governing. Right now, only the Lionman tribe and the Beamon tribe are under my command; the other tribes haven’t been acting suspiciously for quite some time now. However, once I give an order that threatens their interests, we will definitely face opposition, as they will rally together.

I felt very comfortable after hearing the Beast Emperor’s words. His words emitted the presence of a wise King. Since he intends to govern the Beastmen clan, I’ll do my best to help him.

I muttered to myself a little and continued: “Your Majesty, although we cannot directly govern, we could take care of them one by one. Even though each tribe has their own religious beliefs, the Beast God is a real God whom every beastman praises. Can we……”

The Beast Emperor, no longer able to remain calm, leapt to his feet, eyes glittering he asked,  “Are you implying……”

I nodded and said, “That’s right, what your majesty is thinking, is exactly what this servant of yours wants to imply. However, before taking care of them, sire must first govern the country into order, only through this we can regain the people’s trust . As for the matter of worshipping the Beast God, it’s very easy to resolve, we can form a Beast God church and then send some reliable people to influence each tribe, bit by bit delivering The Decree of the Beast God to the people, letting them break away from the chains of their former religion.

I leaned on the beast emperor’s ear and told him the way of changing the religion of all tribes. After listening to what I said, the Beast Emperor was a little uncertain, “Can this work?”

“Of course it can, your majesty,

The atmosphere abruptly intensified. I looked at the Beast Emperor with determination. After a long while, the beast emperor sighed and said, “Alright, for my people, I’ll do as you have suggested. Your ideas are very innovative and are indeed very functional. If this succeeds,  our clan will be fully united at that time and as a result we could stand on equal footing with both the Humans and the Demons. If you can implement this, the first pope of this Beast God church will be you.”

I shook my head while smiling, “No, the first pope must be you and the succeeding pope must also be a Beast Emperor, only by doing it this way can it prove to be persuasive.  And only then will you be able to achieve a real centralization of state power. I am only a single pawn of yours. This matter cannot be rushed, we must proceed slowly and cautiously, this servant has a three year plan……”

The more he heard about my plan, the more he was astonished, with the process I described, it was as if all threads neatly tied up, closely linked together and all of them are feasible plans in reality. The beast emperor sighed and said, “To have such a talent in my beastman clan is really a blessing to our people, and it’s also my good fortune. I will leave this matter to you.”

“You have my thanks, your Majesty, the materials that this servant has acquired from the Dragon Empire are extremely useful, I will find people to write these things down. As for the aspect of magic, I feel that it is not quite suited for our beast clan to learn. However, the cultivation techniques and war strategies are indeed rare treasures. In order to unify the tribes your Majesty will need a great amount of authority, and now is the best time to foster it.”

The Beast Emperor said, “Initially this was my goal and real intention behind sending you to the Dragon Empire. I have prepared for this moment for a long time, I also tried to groom some people for this purpose, there are some talents ready for you, I will put them under your care, and you can foster them, how does that sound?”

I smiled bitterly, “Your Majesty, this servant is not a sage; I have limited energy. The matter of forming an academy for the empire is still a matter in need of your Majesty’s personal attention . I will be fully responsible for spreading the Beast God Religion. Also, this servant needs to take care of another thing.”

The Beast Emperor blanked, “What else do you need to do?”

Coldness flashed over my face, with a voice full of hatred, “There are who-knows-how-many Bandits rampaging in our clan right now; they cannot be underestimated Your Majesty. My estimation is that the number of bandits in our empire is beyond our imagination. It is their doings that have truly weakend our empire. If nothing is done concerning this matter, how can the people live a prosperous and content life? What this servant wants to do, is to annihilate them all.”

The Beast Emperor jumped out of shock, “Complete extermination, how many people will be killed? Can’t we get them through amnesty?”

I lightly shook my head, “Your Majesty, people who stir up trouble for the nation need severe punishment. Killing these people will not only improve this country but also have a deterrent effect. In about two years time, this servant plans to have the country safe enough, so everyone can keep their doors unlocked at night. If we don’t become ruthless, how could this possibly be achieved? This is also a crucial point in the proselytism of our Beast God religion; If we don’t show the people real results, how could they believe in our Beast God religion?”

The Beast Emperor stared blankly as he sat there in a daze.

I apologized, “Your Majesty, this servant said too much today. How about you rest for today and this servant will come back again tomorrow.”

The Beast Emperor shook his head and said, “No, I am not tired. It’s the opposite; I am too glad. Do you know why? I’ve already waited 20 years for this chance. Even though I’ve had a good relationship with your father; he can war well but he can’t rule a country. After all these years, you are the only one that have finally given me hope.. I’ll tell you a secret, in fact, I am a hybrid too; there is human blood running in my beastman veins. This is why even though I am a lionman, I have superior intelligence. Also, precisely because of this intelligence, I am where I am today.”

Hearing him say that, I felt that the gap between us pulled closer and at the same time I felt that the position the beast emperor has now was not by luck. His ability to win over people’s heart is not second to that of the Dragon God Emperor’s.

“Your Majesty, then I will continue; I had started to think about these ideas when I was still in the Dragon Empire. If you can support me, then this servant can’t help but want to speak out.”

The Beast Emperor gave a gentle smile, “No more nonsense, now get straight to the point.”

Although he was blunt, he was clearly kinder and more cordial. Of course, I would not let his kindness overwhelm me, he is only doing this is to make better use of me.

“I said this previously; I am a pawn. As I am taking action, Your Majesty must back me up. The talents you were talking about, how good are they?”

“Be at ease, they have the mixed blood of human and beastmen like us, they are hybrids, some of them are even like you, hybrids of the three races, human, beastman and demon. They are all intelligent and are only in need of good guidance, I also tried my hardest but the teaching methods are simply too insufficient; we don’t have the suitable teaching materials nor suitable methods and thus we weren’t able to polish their inborn intelligence all the way. Their loyalty is absolute and without question, because of their blood, they endured a lot of hostility inside their tribes and I was the one who rescued them from it. ”

I asked relieved, “With this I am at ease. How many people?”

The Beast Emperor replied with a light smile, “There are enough for you to use.”

“This servant has a list of the needed type of talent, please have a look. This batch of talent must be the best of the best.” As I speak, I gave him the list.

The Beast Emperor took the sheet with one hand and read it out , “the Beast God religion needs 12 people with the coordinating management talent, they will manage the future of educational administration of each territory; The military affair needs 50 people, with commanding talent; For farming the more the merrier, with coordinating management, science and technology talents… Oh Layson, I understood the first two, but this last one, why do you need so many people?”

I smiled and answered, “Your Majesty, our country is currently like a slave for the Demon Empire, but what is the reason for this? It is because of the lack of resources.

Actually, our land is not smaller than theirs and in fact is much more suited for farming. But due to all kinds of reasons it was always abandoned, encouraging primary sector activities, such as farming and extraction, is the only way of making our country wealthy and to improve our war potential. Military talented personnel is not as important for now, on the contrary.

My plan is: at the beginning, we encourage the production in the area near the imperial palace, the talented people that your Majesty has fostered will teach others how to grow crops, if necessary we can implement this forcibly, after some time there will be visible results.”

“Every time after this servant clears an area from the bandits, your Majesty can send these people there to encourage farming in that land. With this, there will be no disturbance for the beast tribes, so they shouldn’t  complain and they might even willingly cooperate with us because everyone wants their tribe to become wealthy, right?

There is a huge reason why this servant want to hunt down all the bandits. After a certain harvest we can stock up resources for future purposes. With this we could also get rid of the Bandits, if everyone has something to eat and to wear, why would they go robing? At the same time this is also a way to win over people’s hearts and the best time to proclaim the Beast God religion.”

The Beast Emperor laughed, “Good idea, we are already fed up with the faces of those representatives of the Demon Clan, I endured up until now solely for the resources, this idea of yours is excellent.”

I bowed and said, “My thanks for the praise, your Majesty. But for now the most important thing is to cultivate personal talent, it would be for the best if we could groom the first group within half a year, and within them will be the 12 Beast God messengers which is the most important, but not only the cultivation must be good, their minds must also be firm. They must do the same as me, which is to hunt and kill bandits, earn public reputation and we must let all the people know about the existence of the Beast god at the earliest possible time. When the  belief reaches to a certain degree, it will be the time for our final victory. While I’m training them, I will lead the attack, paving the path for them in advance.”

Beast Emperor nodded, with a little excitement in his voice he said, “Beamon troop’s vice general Layson, hear my command.”

pu tong!

I kneeled soundly onto the floor, with a respectful voice, “This servant is here.”

“In order to let the Beastmen Empire develop smoothly and steadily, you are removed from the position of the Beamon army force vice general, and conferred to be the vice general of close imperial guards, national patrolling imperial messenger, have the right to act first, report later. Also from now onwards you’re the vice-pope of the Beast God church, you will be in charge of every internal affair of the church.

“Thank you your majesty, long live our emperor, long live, long live.”

“Stand up, this is a command we’re giving you verbally, later on an official imperial decree will disinclude the last one. This is what you hoped for right? Do you have other requests. Just speak up.”

I kneeled on the floor, and didn’t stand up. I respectfully kowtowed three times, “Your Majesty, if you trust me this much, this servant will inevitably strive on to the end and I will not stop until I die.”

Beast Emperor walked out from the desk and personally helped me stand up, “There isn’t a need to die before stopping, sigh….. we really wish the beastmen empire to grow strong. Layson, it would have been great if you were my son. What a pity, what a pity.”

Hearing what the Beast Emperor said I instantly understood what he meant. Because I don’t have any meritorious service, suddenly getting a promotion will draw people’s suspicion.

I kneeled down again “this servant son pays respect to father emperor”

Beastman emperor laughed loudly, “well, well, well, my son is really smart with no match. From today onwards you are my stepson and I am your godfather, lets see who dares to say anything about it.”

“You have my thanks, your Majesty”

“I’d rather hear you call me father; having you as a son is my greatest pride.” The Beast Emperor was indeed very shrewd; after deeming me useful, he spared no amount of pain nor effort to win me over.”

“Father, this son will prepare the knowledge acquired from the Dragon Empire as soon as possible.”

“Yes, this matter is currently the most urgent one. We should resolve it quickly.”

“And I have two personal matters that I’d like to report to your majesty.”

The Beast Emperor glanced at me and said, “What is it? Speak.”

I hesitantly muttered to myself a little and said, “Father, because my dad’s wife humiliated my mother, I killed her in a rage. Only later did I learn that she was your cousin; Because of this I am here to ask for punishment.”

The Beast Emperor waved with his hand, “This is nothing important, I will forgive you. You are deemed not guilty. What is the other?”

I laughed coldly in my heart, “The other is that this servant son will use three years to make the beastmen empire strong from the foundation but after these three years I wish to give all the power and authority back to your majesty, and live a free and careless life.”

Beast Emperor frowned, “How can this be? We still need you for many things. You are still young; why are you thinking about seclusion already? After you help me to develop the beastmen tribes, there will be no one above you but me.”

I sighed, “Power and authority are like floating clouds to me; I only wish to find a quiet and peaceful place to spend the rest of my life. I’m saying this now, because I fear that otherwise, you will not let me go when the time comes. But, you need not worry, if the empire needs me, I will do whatever I can to help you. Besides, the empire is yours, and if I have too much power and authority, I’m afraid that people will have idle chatter about it.”

Speaking of this subject, a picture of the Ji sisters surfaced in my brain; I really wished to find a quiet and peaceful place to form a warm family with them.

The Beast Emperor was a little fidgety; he angrily said, “Who will dare to criticize? We will talk about this later on.”

I thought to myself, “Even if you refuse to let me leave when that time comes, I will still vanish discreetly.

After we had discussed it in more concrete detail, I took my leave from the Beast Emperor: “Father Emperor, the things this servant son said today were too diverse; you should think about it for awhile before we continue. I will take my leave for now, and as soon as possible, present you with a folder full of useful information.”

“Ok, no need to hurry. You just got back. Go and have a good rest.”

“Thank you father for your kindness.”

Under the gaze of the Beast Emperor, I slowly walked out of the imperial study room. Today was quite the success; The Beast Emperor fully supported my proposal, exactly as I had imagined it, and everything else would be decided depending on future developments.

“Beastman Empire, I will do what I can for you. This is my affectional response for raising me, I guess.” After I left, the Beast Emperor spoke towards the outside of the door, “Can I trust him?”

A black shadow flashed. A vague figure floated from behind the Beast Emperor, “Looking at the nature of this son’s speech, he has surely dedicated himself to serve this country from his heart. At least for the time being, we can believe in his word. But this person is too intelligent; your Majesty needs to be on guard.” The voice of this person was gloomy, deep and powerful, yet there was no way to determine the age.

The Beast Emperor stared blankly, “Be on guard?”

The black shadow whispered something into the Beast Emperor’s ear.

The Beast Emperor’s face lightened, “Good, lets do this.”

The black shadow said, “If his heart possesses any malice, I will definitely nurse him a grievance under my sword.”

It was already noon; without knowing it, I had chatted with the Beastman Emperor for the whole morning. I quickly left the palace, and with the eight guards I returned to the mansion.

After entering the mansion I immediately called for a servant and asked, “Has mother eaten yet?”

The servant respectfully answered: “To answer third young master’s question, the madam already ate and is currently taking her afternoon nap.”

“Ok.” It seemed that mother had recovered her hope, “Like this: you need to add more honey, black sesame, and like nutritious things in her meal later on; do you understand?”

“Yes, third young master.”

“You can go now.”

After making the servant withdraw, I headed straight to the bedroom of my mother; the door was not closed, and so I crept inside.

My mother slept very steadily, and was very peaceful, with a little smile on the corner of her lips. I softly covered her with a quilt, as a warm sensation overcame my heart.

After so many years, this is the first time I’ve seen such an expression from my mother. Seeing her face resting peacefully, I secretly swore, no matter how difficult, I would definitely make her cherished dream come true.

I slowly backed out of the room and was about to dine, when a servant ran towards me hastily. I coldly scolded, “What is the matter, why in such a hurry? Did something happen? ”

The servant gasped with a rough voice, “Third, third young master, his Majesty sent people here, they namely want you to go and receive the imperial edict ”

“OK, I understand.” Why did the Beast Emperor send the people so quickly?

With a head full of questions, I hurried to the courtyard.

Most of the mansion’s inhabitants were gathered in the courtyard; seeing me arrive, they quickly made way for me. The stepmother who had defended the vixen earlier, mixed into the crowd, was gloating happily: “Let him kill people randomly and see what happens. Even his majesty has stepped in; let’s see if he can escape from this.”

Although her voice was very low, how could it escape my sharp sense of hearing? I secretly laughed coldly, and didn’t show a reaction at all.

There were four lionmen in the courtyard, in addition to a group of people from different tribes dressed in simple clothes. The leader, a lionman, held the imperial edict in his hand. I stepped forward with large strides, “I am Layson, there is an imperial edict for me?”

That lionman respectfully said, “You are sir Layson?”


“Layson, receive the edict!”

I knelt down: “The servant Layson receives the edict.”

The Lionman announced: “In the name of the emperor, the beast emperor’s imperial decree states, ‘Beamon King Leo’s third son, intelligent and resourceful, powerful in martial skills, fearless of danger, has accomplished a significant mission that his majesty entrusted to him. He is the pillar and talent of this country who closely meets his majesty’s expectations.’ His majesty has handed down an imperial edict, that from today onwards, Layson will become his majesty’s foster son; With this Layson is removed of his position as Beamon’s vice general and is conferred as vice general of the close imperial guard, as a national patrolling imperial messenger, and has the right to act first and report later.’”

It turns out it’s to confer an additional title on me. Now that was quick.

Even though I was kneeling down with my head lowered, I could feel the surprised gazes of those surrounding me. As for that stepmother of mine, I’m afraid that her jaw had already hit the ground.

“Your highness, please receive the edict.”

After hearing the request of the lion envoy, I reacted, and quickly answered, “The servant Layson will thankfully receive the imperial edict.”

I stood up and accepted the imperial edict. The lionman envoy moved closer to me, saying with a low voice, “Your highness, the shorthand scribes his majesty let me bring are all very talented, and have been assigned to your command. Also, his majesty wishes to see you in the palace tomorrow.”

“Alright, I understand.”

“Then this servant will first return to report.”

While sending off the so called imperial envoy, I secretly thought, “The beast emperor is really acting quickly; looks like I am in his favor. Which monarch doesn’t want to strengthen his country for free and without effort?”

I raised my head and looked at the eight shorthand scribes; one leopard man, one werewolf, one foxman, one centaur… none of them from the same tribe. I spoke to them in a low voice, “From now on you are my subordinates. Butler, come here.”

The king’s mansion’s butler was a shrewd and old white foxman; hearing my call, he quickly arrived, “Third young master.” I spoke in a low voice, “Go, arrange a slightly bigger room for them to settle down.”

“Yes.” The foxman housekeeper hurriedly ran off.


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