Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Detoxification

Translated by: Ash, Demenious

Edited by: M2t5, Hadi

“What is this?” Yang Zhan looked at the antidote in his hand and suddenly realised, “Could this be… the antidote! Where did you get this from?”

Yang Zhan’s QiGong was very sharp; he could immediately tell that the potion’s faint fragrance could control the Poison Qi within his sons’ bodies.

“It is an antidote, but I’m unsure as to whether it can dispel the poison from first and second brother’s bodies. We must test its efficacy. I found this upon the from the body of a 7th tier QiGong expert of the Shadow Poison Sect who I killed.” Yang Qi said as he held out a copper bell and the bank certificates for 10 thousand [Qi Gathering Pills] while saying, “This is a treasured item that is of considerable value. These bank certificates can be used to reduce the family’s expenses. These came just in time to save us from going bankrupt.”

Yang Qi also informed Yang Zhan about saving Yan Fei Xia and how he killed some of the Shadow Poison Sect’s members. Yang Zhan became more astonished the more he heard of Yang Qi’s travels.

“Good, good, good… You have reduced the hostility that the Mayor’s mansion holds for us by rescuing Yan Gu Feng’s daughter. But you didn’t rescue any one of Yan Gu Feng’s daughters but rather Yan Fei Xia. I have heard that Yan Fei Xia is Yan Gu Feng’s most beloved daughter. From childhood, she had been sent to Zhen Long academy and has only recently returned to visit her family. She holds a very high status within Mayor Yan’s family.”

Yang Zhan took the bank certificates and the copper bell from Yang Qi. He put the bank certificates aside and fiddled with the copper bell before exclaiming, “[Great Golden Bell Shield] QiGong, great! Even if a common civilian were to only use this high-level QiGong amplifier to cultivate, he could create his own aristocratic family. Its value alone is at least 600-700 thousand [Qi Gathering Pills], which is pretty much equivalent to the Yang family’s annual profits. This indeed has solved our desperate situation.”

“Father, what about this antidote?”

Yang Qi was still the most concerned about the antidote.

“This antidote is more than strong enough to dispel your brother’s poison…” Yang Zhan had inserted his QiGong into the bottle just moments before and observed the antidote dispel the poison.


Yang Zhan’s vigorous QiGong transformed the antidote within the bottle into two gaseous arrows which swiftly entered the two brother’s bodies.

Their bodies violently shuddered.

Yang Qi immediately moved to his brother’s sides and transmitted his Zhen Qi into their bodies, replenishing their strength. Yang Qi understood that he had to replenish the strength that the poison had whittled away at his brother’s profound strength.

“Third Brother, your QiGong is very vigorous.” First Brother’s face was filled with incomparable awe. The feeling within Yang Qi’s meridians was like a long river, surging on endlessly. First brother was able to tell that Yang Qi’s QiGong had reached a new level. While it wasn’t as pure and condensed as his father’s, it gave off a majestic impression; it was very profound and mysterious.

Moments later, the Poison Qi was removed from first brother’s body, and his exhausted Zhen Qi had also been replenished. He stood up so fast that the air around him whistled, “At last, I have recovered.”

“I too have recovered.” Said their second brother. He suddenly jumped up as Yang Qi’s Zhen Qi surged through his body with a pop! Unexpectedly, his QiGong broke through to the fifth tier, “Qi Explosion” which he had been stuck at for a long time. Astonished he said, “Third bro, you are the reason that I broke through to the fifth tier. Surprisingly, you seem to have profited from the lightning strike, as your QiGong has transformed to such an unfathomable realm. Your strength is truly our Yang family’s blessing.”

“First brother, second brother, you both have recovered your strength and made great progress. Nobody will dare mock us in the future. Even if we have lost everything right now, as long as one is still alive, they can earn it all back.” Yang Qi was also very happy with the result.

Yang Qi’s two brothers stacked their hands on his as they said, “You are correct, third brother, we must work hard together to help father and revive the family.”

Yang Zhan smiled as he watched his three sons, for a second he looked pleased, but his expression instantly hardened as he said, “I have learned of the people who wanted to harm the Yang family. It seems that the Shadow Poison Sect has been the main perpetrator of this plot to remove us but they are supported by every wealthy family within our Yan Capital City. Among all the wealthy families, the Chen family has given the most support. While originally they didn’t have the capability to defeat us, but Qi-er’s matter momentarily weakened us, and they immediately took advantage of our weakness.

Yang Yun Chong, Yang Qi’s first brother, said, “Father. I have a question. While the Yang family is considered the strongest among the wealthy families in the Yan Capital City, and we have frequent conflicts with the other wealthy families, the other families have never sought to destroy us. Why are they suddenly so eager to eradicate our family? Do they not think that we will fight back?”

Yang Qi’s lips moved; he had also wanted to ask about this.

“This is because of your paternal aunt.” Yang Zhan paused before saying, “ Your Aunt is a member of Feng Rao Continent’s number one sect, The Tian Wei Academy. She rose to prominence at a young age, labelled as a genius, and is one of the sect’s important seedlings that must be nurtured. The rest of the wealthy families are jealous of your aunt’s luck, but don’t dare attack her at the Tian Wei Academy. Thus they decided to destroy our Yang family. Should she hear the news and come back, they could deploy their experts to deal with her.”

“So this was why…..” The 3 brothers suddenly understood.

Yang Qi recalled a particular young lady, spoon feeding him mouthfuls of food.

“Yang Qi, if you still refuse to eat, your aunt will have to beat you.” A young lady, with braided hair in the shape of ram horns, held a soup spoon and was carefully blowing the steam away from it, fearing that the soup would scald the young boy’s tongue.

No! I don’t wanna eat…” The small boy incessantly kicked at the ground with his two feet, continuing, “I want to go out and play!”

This was exactly the image of his aunt that Yang Qi had in his memories.

Now, in a flash, 10 years had passed. Yang Qi wondered, “What the aunt I once knew look like? And to what extent had her QiGong cultivation reached?”

“Father,what should we do now?” Asked the second brother, Yang Hua Long furrowing his eyebrows.

“For now, you two brothers should slowly restore our industries making sure to be careful. Be sure to calmly observe our enemies movements.” Yang Zhan waved his hand, “During this time, I will do my utmost to break through to the ninth tier, “Qi Lord”. Qi-er, you have two things you can do. You could either continue to cultivate as much as possible, or you could go to the Mayor’s mansion and establish a relationship with Yang Fei Xia, changing the Mayor’s opinion of our family.”


The three brothers simultaneously shouted with approval, fully confident that their family would revive.

“Qi-er, there is no need to blame yourself.” Yang Zhan said, “Although you may have put us this situation by impulsively stealing the [Hidden Dragon Pill], it is good because you made these men act prematurely. If you hadn’t done this, then who knows what elaborate and underhanded plot they would have come up with. At that point, maybe our Yang Family and your aunt would face total elimination…”

Yang Zhan saw that Yang Qi still blamed himself for the Yang family’s troubles and comforted him.

Yang Qi was relieved upon hearing his father’s words and said, “That Yun Hai City princess, Yun Hai Lan cheated me out of my [Hidden Dragon Pill], and even caused our Yang Family to fall to ruin. If I don’t take my revenge, then I’m not a man. Now that I think about it, Yun Hai Lan may also have wanted to plot against aunt, thus she deliberately approached me, cheated me and then worked with the Shadow Poison sect. Oh right! When I was defeated by Song Hai Shan that day, he said that Yun Hai Lan also wanted to enter the Tian Wei Academy.”

“There is indeed such a possibility.” Yang Zhan was a veteran of the underworld, and his experience allowed him to think of all kinds of possibilities just by thinking of them a little. “Having said this, it is very likely that there is some within Tian Wei Academy who might want to harm your aunt by plotting against her.”

[ED: When one cultivates in QiGong they become part of the ‘underworld’.]

“Father,if you cultivate and reach the QiGong 9th tier Qi Lord realm, you can surely enter the Tian Wei academy and help our aunt.” Said Yang Qi calmly.

“In the Feng Rao Continent, if one reached the Qi Lord realm, they would be able to become the Mayor of a city, command a region and be revered by the people. He could even have a title bestowed upon him by the Sheng Zu imperial court and become a nobleman. However within the Tian Wei Academy, they would only be considered ordinary beings at best. Only after breaking through the QiGong realm and entering the Celestial Fate Sealing realm, will they truly deserve receiving the admiration of countless people.” Yang Zhan shook his head and waved his hand, “You three must stand together, as father will now seclude himself to make a breakthrough to a higher realm.”

“Let’s leave.” First brother said. He took the copper bell and the bank certificates from his father. Then lead the other two brothers out.

The first brother Yang Yun Chong and the second brother Yang Hua Long would both take responsibility for the Yang family businesses while Yang Qi would dedicatedly cultivate so that he can compete with Yang Hong Lie in the Autumn Hunt three months later.

Originally the Yang family’s main lineage was ruined. But thanks to the treasure and wealth brought back by Yang Qi, they could actually manage to hold on and revive.

Very late at night.

Within the Mayor’s mansion, a middle-aged man stood in the study, he appeared to be very cheerful. His imposing manner was much stronger than Yang Zhan’s. Behind his body was a clump of QiGong that would combust from time to time. From the blaze-like QiGong, a humanoid QiGong was born, as if a Godly spirit wanted to walk out from within the QiGong.

(TL: study=a room for male head of household/patriarch in the house where they conduct meetings and discuss important things with family or with others in victorian-England.A parlour is likewise a room for the female head of household/matriarch of the house.)

This was the realm of a Qi Lord, the Grandmaster of QiGong.

He could produce humanoid Zhen Qi clones of himself. Kill others with the speed of lightning, chase a soul for a thousand miles, and communicate with YuanQi. He could even move the mountains and rivers with Qi.

This was the true ruler of several million of population within the entire Yan Capital city and the numerous towns approximately within a 1000 miles of its circumference – Yan Gu Feng.

Casually standing, he indeed appeared like a steep lone mountain peak that pierced the clear blue sky, it’s grandeur was extraordinary .

(TL: a play on his name Gu Feng: Gu means lonely and Feng means peak/summit)

However, now, upon his face was a father’s compassionate smile. While he was quietly listening to sound of activities outside, his ears suddenly moved, then a voice came from the outside, “I’m home, Papa.”

“Xia-er, is that you? Come in quick, let father take a look at you. For 10 years, you haven’t come back home! How is the cultivation at the Zhen Long academy?”

Ge zi! YanGu Feng’s QiGong moved and immediately the study’s door opened.

Fei Xia walked in, and seeing her father, promptly she knelt on the ground, “To Father’s well-being.”

“Get up, get up,… What is that? Why are there traces of a battle upon your body? You must have met an enemy on the outside.” Abruptly, Yan Gu Feng’s expression changed; his face showed signs of extreme anger.

“Yes, I ran into the people of the Shadow Poison Sect. They followed me on the riverfront for quite a long period of time.” Yan Fei Xia stood up and told about all the events that happened recently.

“The Shadow Poison sect, how daring! How dare they harm my daughter.”


A crystal glass was turned into dust under the pressure of Yan Gu fen’s QiGong, “And they also dared to enter within my territory. Do they think that my Yan family is that weak?”

“Father, Shadow Poison Sect is a big sect, their conduct is secretive. They were a branch of the western Luo Ri continent’s supreme sect, the Poison Sect.” Yan Fei Xia said,“This sect is extremely powerful. Father, you must not act rashly. I will return and report this to the Zhen Long academy. By the way, I was only able to kill the experts of the Shadow Poison Sect because I received help of a person.”

“Who’s help did you receive?”

Yan Gu Feng immediately asked, shocked.

(to be continued)

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