Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Yin-Yang Wizard

Translated By: GX, Demenious

Edited By: Lumi, M2t5, LosThanatos (probably more, but they didn’t put their names [I cry every time])

Hearing what Jidong asked, Ying Bing Tian couldn’t help but say, “Looks like your family was truly devoted to liquor, and doesn’t have a care for the world around it. Here in our five element continent, there is a special profession which every person wishes to be. No matter which government you ask about, their power is evaluated by the number of people of this profession; the Yin-Yang Wizard.”

“Yin-Yang wizard? Then are you are a Yin-Yang wizard?” Ji Dong doubtfully asked, his heart was ignited with curiosity.

Yang Bing Tian noded and said, “Yes, I am a Bing, or fire element Yin-Yang Wizard. The level of a Yin-Yang wizard determines their future. Military officials, and even literal officials must reach the level of being about to coagulate the Yin Yang crown, or they won’t have any hope of being promoted to important position. All Five Empires on the mainland are all like this. Do you understand why I was surprised by your ignorance of my profession?”

Ji Dong asks in a slightly anxious tone, “Well, what ability does this Yin-Yang Crowned Wizard specifically possess?”

Yang Bing Tian explains, “The abilities of a Yin-Yang crowned wizard are extremely vast. First, their battle ability: a Yin-Yang Wizard who has a bachelor’s degree can condense and form a Yin-Yang Crown, and has the fighting strength of at least ten adult soldiers. The most powerful Yin-Yang wizards, are existences that can defy the heavens; and can easily wipe out a whole city. The levels and theories of the Yin-Yang wizards are simply too vast to explain in so little time. But if you you are willing to stay, I can ensure that there will be people to teach you about them in the future. Do you still remember what I told you? I am the principal of the Lihuo academy. The Lihuo academy is an academy which is specialized in educating fire element Yin-Yang wizards. You possess an intimate knowledge of liquor, and your aura indicates that fire is your natural element. Regardless of your aptitude, with my help you’ll be able to stay and study in the academy. But in return, you must work part-time, mixing cocktails for me. But I am not unreasonable, your living, tuition and all other expenses will be fully paid by the academy. What do you think?”

Ji Dong thought deeply about Yang Bing Tian’s offer.

Yang Bing Tian smiled and said with great self confidence, “Our Lihuo academy is one of the best academies for novice Yin-Yang wizards. Most students attend our academy for six years, and every year we only recruit 60 ten years old students. Your look like you more or less fit our requirements. There are over a thousand students that apply for our school every year. The entrance exam is extremely strict, and we will only accept the utmost gifted students. Therefore the graduation rate is as high as 30 percent, ranking us within the top 10 among all the primary Yin-Yang Wizard academies of the entire continent.”

“You’re proud of a graduation rate of only 30 percent? May I ask, what is the requirement to graduate?” Ji Dong curiously asked.

Yang Bing Tian patted his forehead and said helplessly, “I forgot that you don’t know much about Yin-Yang wizards. Novice Yin-Yang wizard’s graduate when they can condense a Yin-Yang Crown. Only students who can reach the tenth level, and are able to condense the Yin-Yang Crown successfully, will be allowed to graduate. Once you acquire a Yin-Yang Crown, you will become a true Yin-Yang wizard. Later on, it will be easier pick up any profession you choose, and even without working the empire will grant you a certain amount for living expenses.  As for the graduation rate you asked, a normal novice Yin-Yang wizard academy would be proud of a 10% graduation rate.”

Ji Dong noded and said, “Then it means if I become a Yin-Yang wizard which possesses a Yin-Yang crown within the six years of tutelage, I will have no worries for the rest of my life? This is truly a magnificent opportunity.”

Yang Bing Tians eyes showed a trace of satisfaction, “That is only natural. Who knows how many people want to enter our Li Huo academy, some go as far as to throw away their pride to stand out from the crowds and enter our academy. With that said, does that mean you agree to the proposal?”

Ji Dong got up, “Thanks for the hospitality.” While saying that, he started to walk to the door.

Yang Bing Tian was at first startled for a moment, but quickly reacts, “Wait. What do you mean by this?”

Ji Dong stopped his steps, without looking back he said, “The graduation rate is only 30%, I’m not willing to give up six years of my life for such a small probability. If I want a carefree life, why shouldn’t I just work for a bar?”

Yang Bing Tian frowned strongly, “Then what do you want? Money?”

Ji Dong abruptly turned around, “I told you that my cocktails can’t be measured with money. I can accept your proposal, because I am indeed interested in the profession of the Yin-Yang wizard. But I have a few conditions.”

Yang Bing Tian also stood up, and slowly walked until he was in front of Ji Dong, and arrogantly said, “Child, it has already been years since someone dared to speak to me in this manner.” His voice was gentle, but his eyes are showing glimpse of anger. Yang Bing Tian had a high status not just within this Li Huo City, but also within the entire Southern Fire Empire. That’s why he can’t bear being contradicted by a small beggar, whom he picked up from the streets. It was almost as if he was asking, ‘What qualifications do you have to discuss conditions with me?’

Ji Dong raised his head and looked directly in  Yang Bing Tian’s eyes, which were emitting great pressure, “Are you implying that I don’t have the qualifications to make conditions? Be at ease, I will not take advantage of you in the slightest bit. What I ask of you, is absolutely not worth less than double of what I’m going to repay you in return. It is simple, the Burning Passion I mixed today was still rubbish. ”

Yang Bing Tian was startled, “That cup of liquor was rubbish?”

A trace of sorrow flashed across Ji Dong’s eyes, he says, “Due to my weak body and young age, I simply can’t make use of my entire mixing skills. I know one thousand nine hundred and sixty-four sorts of basic cocktail recipes and three thousand one hundred and sixty-two variants of special cocktail recipes. If you gave me enough time and materials, then the number will also steadily increase. That is why I have the qualification to talk about conditions with you, because in this six years you will never drink the same cocktail twice. Also, the quality of all the liquor I will make will be better than the one you drank today. If I cannot do that, you are welcome to throw me out anytime. Now, do I have the qualifications to impose conditions?” When he said the last word, his voice was already overfilled with pride, and even a few chokes in it.

In his old world, he was the glorious Liquor God of the Generation. When had anyone doubted him? Even though Ji Dong had already accepted his new identity, his pride and arrogance was ingrained in his bones and did not allow him to bow his head to anyone. Even if he knew that the person before him might change his fate, he wouldn’t back down one bit. Just like in his previous life, he never begged for anything, but instead relied on the nutrients that his body provided to survive. Yang Bing Tian was really shocked by the pride and arrogance of this kid before his eyes, but if what he said is true then he absolutely has the right for that pride. He suddenly remembers about a person and subconsciously asks, “What is your relationship with the Bartender Guild master lord Du Si Kang, the Liquor God?”

“Liquor God?” Ji Dong’s mouth twitched, but he quickly calms down, “I have no connections to him. Didn’t you say that Yin-Yang wizard is the most noble profession? Then why would you call a Bartender ‘lord’?”

Now that Yang Bing Tian’s mentality has settled down, he smiles, “That is because lord Du Si Kang himself is the ‘Six Yang crowned, Ren, water element Heaven ranker’, a famous Yin-Yang wizard from the North Water Empire, he’s the strongest wizard of the present age. His accomplishments are above even mine. Additionally, there is a huge difference between a five crowned and six crowned Yin-Yang wizard, so it is natural for me to address him as lord. Now tell me about your conditions.”

TL: Ren is one of the sexagenary cycle. It’s element is water.

Ji Dong strove to forget the memories of his old world, and silently told himself, you are Ji Dong now, and no longer the Liquor God, Li Jie Dong, so since you have come to this world, you should live by the rules of this world and climb the summit again.

Resolving his beliefs, Ji Dongs eyes were clear of uncertainty, “I have all in all three conditions. First, I need a room which is specially designed for me to mix cocktails. Additionally, you have to buy every liquor that can currently be found on the market. Only If this is fulfilled, I will be able to promise that my cocktails are of the highest quality. Nobody except you may enter the bar room without permission. I will be mixing cocktail there frequently and I shall not be disturbed by anyone. You are also responsible for refilling any of the lacking liquors and ingredients. And of course, all the expenses will be paid by you.”

Yang Bing Tian laughed and said, “This is a must. I promise you.”

Ji Dong plainly continued, “Next, my second condition. I will only mix one cocktail for you everyday, and all my additional expenses, besides cocktail mixing, will be all paid by you.”

Yang Bing Tian was startled and asked with a bit of embarrassment, “Why will you only make one?”

Ji Dong gave him a quick look, “Could you possibly not know, that such a fine taste should not be tasted often? One glass of liquor should be enough to let you to enjoy the flavour for a whole day. If I cannot do that, what do you need me for?”

It seems that Yang Bing Tian is influenced by the strong self confidence of Ji Dong, “Good, I believe in you, I will agree to this conditions. But your expenses per month can not exceed twenty gold coins. My wages are also limited.”

Ji Dong nods, “Finally the third condition. According to what you said, I will enter Lihuo academy and learn there. In that case, you must do your utter most to help me complete my studies, which is to condense the Yin Yang crown you talked about, and thus graduate smoothly. If within this six years of time, I discover that I have no hope of condensing the Yin Yang crown, I will leave at anytime. ”

Yang Bing Tian looks at Ji Dong somewhat astonished, “Boy, are you really only 11 or 12 years old? You have such meticulous thoughts; you are about to catch up with this old man here. I can assist you in your training process, but apart from helping you condense your Yin Yang crown, I will not teach you any magical skills. I need to make this one point clear beforehand.”

“Magical skills? What are those?” Ji Dong asked with suspicion.

Yang Bing Tian said, “One can only possess magical skill after condensing their Yin-Yang Crown. Frankly, magical skills are just the physical manifestation of the powers that reside in your body. Usually, Yin-Yang Wizards become a disciple of a master and try to learn magic. Occasionally some will buy expensive skill books as substitutes. However the most powerful skills are those that are the most suitable for the user. It is almost impossible to learn any powerful skills from a book. The most powerful skills are normally self-created, as they are the most suitable. But to be able to create a skill requires a series of fortunate events.”

Ji Dong asks, “With that said, are you not willing to accept me as a disciple?”

Yang Bing Tian’s eyes showed a trace of arrogance, similar to Ji Dong’s earlier, “This is one thing and that is another, you can mix cocktails quite well, but to become my disciple, you need to show at least a sufficient amount of talent. A Yin Yang Wizard is extremely strict in accepting a disciple, and so far, I only have one.”

Ji Dong raised his right hand, and stretched it to the front of Yang Bing Tian.

“What are you doing?” asked Yang Bing Tian looking at the hand before him.

Ji Dong said, “Deal.”

Yang Bing Tian laughed and shook his head helplessly, as a Five Crowned fire element grand master, he was actually at a clear disadvantage when negotiating with a kid. He really couldn’t believe it, but thinking about the thousands of cocktail recipes Ji Dong spoke of, he can only store this little unhappiness in his heart.

He claps onto the slim and small hand of Ji Dong, “OK, with this we have a deal.”

Ji Dong says, “As a liquor lover, this is perhaps one of your wisest decision in your entire life.”

Yang Bing Tian smiles, “I hope so too, but we shall wait and see what you are capable of. At the very least, you are the youngest person to ever make me agree to his conditions.”

Ji Dong asks. “When will I be admitted into Lihuo academy?”

Yang Bing Tian said, “You are already inside Lihuo Academy right now. As the principal, I, of course live inside the academy, this is one of my resting rooms. However, from today onwards it will belong to you. I will pay some people to build a bar here, and try to prepare what you need as soon as possible. The school will start in two days. So first take care of your body in these two days.”

Lihuo academy isn’t very big, and after living here for two days Ji Dong had already figured out basically everything about Lihuo academy. The whole academy had two teaching blocks, and two dormitories, two sports fields with a diameter of 150 meters. Additionally it had 10 test areas. Ji Dong didn’t know the purpose of the 10 testing areas. They looked like large storehouses, but were completely round.

After properly eating for two days, Ji Dong’s spirit was much better than the state before Yang Bing Tian took him in. When he looked at himself for the first time in a polished metal mirror, he could clearly see his appearance for the first time after being newly reborn. Compared to his old world, the difference could only be described as the difference between heaven and earth. He couldn’t look more average than he already was; the only thing Ji Dong could say about himself was that at least he wasn’t missing anything.

Yang Bing Tian proved himself worthy to be the president of the academy, his efficiency of handling things is extremely high. Only one day was needed to fully allocate the liquor cabinet. All sorts of fine liquor filled the cabinet, including some from Yang Bing Tian’s personal collection in his own residence. Yang Bing Tian lived on the top floor of one of the two teaching blocks. So there was plenty of space for Ji Dong to live in the lobby that was given to him and he didn’t have to stay in the dormitories.

~~~To Be Continued~~~

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