V6C8 : The Fusion of Dark magic

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Translator: Demenious, raltzero, Ash
Editors: LosThanatos

Hong! Myu was sent flying by the powerful energy I released. She folded her wings and landed 30 meters away from me. Due to the exertion of strength just now, the wound on my right shoulder felt like it had came to life and it was as if something was trying very hard to enter my body. I compressed Mad God Chi into a ball and managed to resist the energy that was invading my body. That energy could not only attack by itself but it also had an intense fiery sensation to it. I noticed that my right shoulder had already slowly swollen up and it felt as if it was being set aflame, which made me unable to focus my attention to force out the energy. While I was resisting it with all my might, tiny beads of sweat had begun to emerge from my forehead, a word surfaced in my brain – poison.

“Stop wasting your energy, that is the most tyrannical Ghost Blue Phantom Needle. It was something my father obtained with great effort, he gave it to me as a protection, and unexpectedly, it’s quite useful. This kind of Ghost Blue Phantom Needle can break any barriers or Chi barrier, it also possess powerful toxicity. How is it? Does it feel very comfortable? Hahaha~” Her laughter was not cute at all, in my eyes, she was literally like a demon incarnate. How unlucky, due to a slight carelessness, in the end I still ended up playing into her hands. Right at this moment, my right chest gave off a mild energy, it felt refreshing as it slowly moved to my right shoulder, this refreshing energy quickly slowed down the spreading of the blazing poison, and pressure on me was suddenly lifted for a moment.

Myu did not hurry to finish me off; it was clear that she was waiting for the poison to take effect. While looking at me leisurely and feeling pleased, she slowly walked towards me step by step, it was clear that she wanted to give me physiological pressure. And that was just what I wanted, I stared at her unwaveringly, trying all I could to force that “Ghost Blue Phantom Needle” out of my body.

Myu smiled lightly, “How was it, my great expert, I bet you can’t hold on any longer! I didn’t think you could cultivate Demonic Arts up to this level with just one third of our Demon Clan bloodline — that’s impressive. But what a pity, you shall be buried here today.” She pinched the tip of her narrow sword with her left hand, while being engrossed with watching my painful expression.

The refreshing current in my body had completely suppressed the toxin, and although the energy was incapable of expelling or eliminating the poison, I was no longer impaired from expelling the needles out. But in order to force out the foreign matter within me, I dared not move even in the slightest, I could only hope that she would not act against me too early.

Myu walked to my front, she took out the white handkerchief from my hand which was grasping tightly, then gently wiped the tears on my face, her eyes expressed intoxication, “You are really an a cool guy, but, you will never see your little sister Jiyan ever again, so how does it feel to be poisoned and demoralized? Haha.”

I was trying extremely hard to circulate Dark magic, none of her words reached my ears.

Myu used the tip of her narrow sword to carve out a bloody line on my chest, she then dipped her finger in my blood and gently put it into her mouth, her eyes suddenly became fiendish as she said coldly, “Ever since I was born, everyone praised and pampered me, even my father, the great ruler of the Demon Clan loves me so dearly like no other will but you, a measly mixed breed, one neither human nor a beast, dared to be rude to me! You’re handsome and you’re my type, but I will still destroy you, and as for the whereabouts of Jiyan, I’ll won’t tell you so you can forever be dumb and regret!”

Finishing her sentence, she raised the narrow sword in her hand and little by little, moved towards my heart as her eyes radiated her excitement.

The narrow sword came nearer and nearer every second.

“Argh!” I roared, my right shoulder sent out three rays of blue light, at long last, I had forced out the Ghost Blue Phantom Needles in the nick of time before the narrow sword hit me.

Myu’s expression changed, just a split second before pushing the narrow sword into my heart and taking my life, her entire body was blasted away by a powerful energy and the mad energy of Dark magic was wreaking havoc in her body, and blood spilled from her mouth. My black hair had become messy; standing there, I was faintly panting; I had exhausted a massive amount of energy when I expelled the poisonous weapon. Myu, who was sent flying by my energy, was barely supporting her herself with the narrow sword; she looked at me, bewildered.

“Ho..how is this possible? How did you expel the Ghost Blue Phantom Needle? Even my father fears its lethality, you…..”

I abruptly charged forward, and swung Black Sable in succession; first I sent away her narrow sword, then sealed her meridians with Dark magic. Myu was crouching there unable to move, her eyes looked at me with fear. I sat to a side while panting and ridiculed.
“So, even a woman more vile than a snake can be scared at times.”

Myu retorted, “Who said I’m scared, why would I be scared of a mixed breed like you?”

Anger flashed across my eyes, I violently choked her and said unpleasantly, “Do not let me hear those two words from your mouth ever again, otherwise I cannot guarantee that your head will be attached to your body much longer.”

Myu humphed and said with a hoarse voice, “Kill me if you want but you will never see your Jiyan again.”

I loosen my hands from her neck and flung her to the side. I reached into my clothes and started to scoop up something from my vest around my chest, what appeared in my hand were 2 orange gelatin-like gems, ah, so it was them, the high quality Orpiment, these gems had saved me during crucial times.

Myu looked at the Orpiment in my hand with widened eyes, “Wha…what are those?”

I glared at her without replying, and used my left hand to tear down the clothes on my right shoulder. The wounds by the needles were revealed, three purplish black small holes were there, releasing an unpleasant smell. I put an Orpiment on the wound; since they could help me expel the poison, perhaps they could also help me absorb the poison? As I poured Mad God Chi into the Orpiment, a lump of yellow pure light appeared in my hand. I slowly hastened my Chi and a refreshing current emerged from my shoulder, I could feel the poison flowing out from my body. My right shoulder became much more relaxed.

“So you were just expelling the poison and not stifled by fear. I was too careless, if I knew this earlier I would’ve killed you immediately.” Remorsefully, Myu looked at the purple poison gradually flowing out.

Finally, the poison was completely expelled. I then tore off my upper outer garment, exposing both steel-like arms. I released a small water orb and wet my upper garment, then wiped my body. I looked at the Orpiment I was holding again, my heart was filled with gratitude towards these beautiful and useful gems. Carefully, I put the Orpiment back in their former place.

After taking care of these, my body felt weaker than ever as I stood up. I walked over to Myu and grabbed her hair. I pressed closer to her cheeks and said, “Tell me, where is Jiyan? Or else, I will tear out your wings!” I had lost every last bit of my patience regarding this princess who had almost put me to death.

Myu looked into my cold dark pupils; there was not even one bit of fear in her expression as she chided, “Are you threatening me? What do you dare to do against me? If you have the guts then kill me! My father, the emperor, will take revenge for me, and you and your Beastman Clan will never need to hope for a peaceful day again. My father will definitely kill every last one of you until the Beastman are extinct.”

I almost spat blood because of her, indeed, I had no idea what to do against her. If I killed her, the Demon Clan would surely know it’s the doing of a Beastman, what would really happen if I harm her? Truthfully speaking, I still have a soft heart for women, not only that, even if I really did it, I wouldn’t necessarily be able to know Jiyan’s whereabouts. I’ve already experienced Myu’s stubbornness so I knew she wouldn’t say a word. Suddenly, an evil thought flashed came forth in my mind. The corner of my lips had a trace of deep meaningful smile, and pinching Myu’s tender cheeks, I said, “Are you really not telling it?”

Myu saw my grin and her heart tightened without any reason, yet she remained unyielding, “Not telling.”

I abruptly grabbed the leather armor of her upper body, my right arm pressed on her collarbone, lowering my head, I asked her with our faces facing each other, “I’ll ask you one last time, say, are you still not gonna tell?”

Myu looked a little panicked, the strong masculine aura from my body assailed her nostrils and made her feel a slight dizziness, “Wha-what do you want to do?”

I gave an eerie smile, while looking at her beautiful body with malicious intentions, “Say, what can a man do to a women? You sent people to kill so many of my brothers, and you also kidnapped Jiyan. I will admit that I really don’t have much clue on what I can do to you now. I cannot kill you, and I also cannot harm you, however, I can destroy something most precious to you. It’s not too late to tell me the whereabouts of Jiyan now.” Finished speaking, I embraced her slender waist with my left hand, feeling her body’s amazing elasticity.

Her delicate face turned ripe apple due to the dramatic body contact. Myu’s eye’s displayed fear, she bit her lip and said, “Ok, I will tell you. But release me first.”

Seeing that my evil plan was working, I couldn’t help but felt a little proud of myself. I knew that there was no woman who didn’t care about her own virginity. I stood up, brought Myu up from the ground and pressed her onto a tree and looked at Myu who was panting rapidly.

“Say it.”

“Release me.”

I extended both hands, saying, “I didn’t tie you up, what are you talking about.”

Myu’s face was filled with hatred, while glaring at me she bellowed, “Release the restriction on me!”

I extended my hand and pressed on her shoulder, releasing the restrictions on her body. As I looked at her vigilantly, I said, “You’d better not pull any tricks, or else…..”

Myu exercised her stiff body while glaring at me viciously, “You lowly rascal, how dare you treat a girl like this! You’re a scoundrel.”

I snorted coldly and said, “In order to achieve my objective, it’s my motto to use whatever means possible. I am a scoundrel, so what? Quickly tell me where is Jiyan.”

Myu sighed and said, “I admit defeat, I never thought that the Phantom Needles wouldn’t work against you. Sigh…. You must promise that you must not harm me after I tell you her whereabouts.” Speaking, she expressed a distressed look, as if I really bullied her.

My heart softened, I said, “I promise, as long as you tell me Jiyan’s whereabouts, I will not touch even a strand of your hair.”

Myu pouted and said aggrieved, “Jiyan, she is in……” At the point her voice became very soft, I had no choice but to move closer to try catch her words.

“What? Say it clearly!” Due to my anxiety for Jiyan’s situation, I had let my guard down.

Myu put her lips near my ear and whispered, “Jiyan, she’s in….. Go to hell!”


I felt an intense pain in the area of my stomach and right after a great energy tossed me away. It felt like my intestines were tangled together, the acute pain made my complexion pale. What a wicked woman, I quickly hasten my Mad God Chi to adjust my breathing. It felt better.

Of course, Myu wouldn’t let me go so easily, she grabbed her narrow sword and charged directly at me, due to her injuries her speed was reduced. I covered my stomach with one hand, using Black Sable on the other hand to resist her onslaught. Due to the fierce pain that was emitted from my stomach, it kept me from using Mad God Fist, under the circumstances of last resort, I invoked a Dark Magic spell, “Oh most wondrous God of Darkness, please grant upon this world your infinite power, change the endless magic into one that shackles the enemy before me<——Dark Binding.” Along with my chanting, my body gradually exuded a dense black mist, drawing a circle around Myu to bind her.

The relentlessly attacking Myu felt her own speed slowing down, every time she wielded her sword she required tremendous amounts of strength. At last, I seized the opportunity, and with Black Sable, I sent her narrow sword flying. I kicked Myu, sparing no effort to attack her, pressing down against her body. With regards to this vicious woman, I no longer had any feelings of pity. The Dark Binding’s energy made it increasingly hard for Myu to move, only allowing her to struggle under me by twisting. Intense hatred was produced within the depths of my heart, flooding my mind. I ripped off a few pieces of leather armor off of Myu’s body, exposing the milky white underwear inside. Then I abruptly kissed her lips. Myu’s eyes opened wide, pupils gradually turning unfocused. An orchid fragrance came from her small cherry mouth, making my confused mind grow even hazier. Although Myu was using every effort to struggle, however, she had discovered that she had no strength to resist my assault. My kisses unceasingly fell on her face and neck, as the heat in her body kept rising, making her body go through bursts of tenderness.

Myu moaned and cried, “Stop, stop this, I’ll tell you Jiyan’s whereabouts. I haven’t caught her, forgive me, I haven’t caught Jiyan.”

I fiercely lifted my head up, grabbing her by the hair, fiercely saying: “Do you think, that I will still believe your lies? I want you to die to avenge my brothers’ deaths.” Under Myu’s exclamation, I completely tore off her clothes, exposing her perfect figure. Such an alluring scene intensely stimulated my brain, making the intense hatred I felt and the overwhelming desire to possess such a beauty fight against each other. Without any care for the consequences, I turned towards Myu and launched the most primitive assault. Although it was my first time, but the most primitive desires and instincts unceasingly fuelled my body.

While Myu kept wailing, we two Fallen Angels coupled to become one. The intense physical stimulation coupled with the revenge of my hatred caused my body to feel the incomparable excitement. I closely held Myu’s perfect tender body, completely immersed in the copulation with Myu. At this moment, it felt like all the things in the world had no relation to me.


The searing pain caused Myu’s body to spasm, and although there was the restraint of Dark Binding, however, both of her hands were clawing at my back. Large drops of tears continuously flowed down her cheeks, and while I was assaulting her, she let out pitiful screams. Gradually, her screams died down and moans replaced them. Her moans contained pain, despair, remorse, but it also contained…

In the night saturated with darkness, the symphony of the most primitive movements resounded the desolate woods, and dense feelings of love brought some warmth to this lonely forest.

At last, after the intense assault, Myu and I both convulsed, reaching climax simultaneously. In that moment our minds temporarily blanked out. As the relaxed and pleasurable feelings gradually retreated, I felt a large amount of unendurable Dark Magic frantically welling up inside Myu’s body and it soon flooded my body. I wanted to push her away, but my whole body felt as if it had gone soft with not a bit of strength left behind. That formidable Dark Magic fused with the power inside my body and caused havoc within my meridians. It appeared Myu’s situation was also similar to mine; her face turned blue and large amounts of energy repeatedly flowed into and through our bodies. Myu then lets out a painful shout and then fainted and I became clear-headed. The current situation was one I was incapable of imagining about. The most powerful energy I have ever seen went through inside both of our bodies, and due to the overload of our meridians, small beads of blood seeped out through our skin. I knew that if this continued, what would happen was that our meridians and arteries would rupture causing us instant death.

Although the powerful Dark Magic almost brought me close to death, however, it had also made my mind soberer. I suddenly thought of the Ink Crystal’s protective function in one’s heart. As I did not have much time to ponder any further, I reluctantly revolved the Mad God Chi in my body, causing me to resist the Dark Magic, taking advantage of this opportunity, I speedily raised my right hand, fishing out two Ink Crystals and forcing one into Myu’s mouth, and one into my own mouth. Just as I squeezed the Ink Crystal into my mouth, the Dark Magic had completely washed away my Mad God Chi and a large amount of energy caused me to lie stiffly. But my efforts were not in vain and as the Ink Crystal melted in my mouth, a warm energy flowed through my meridians, causing my meridian channels to warm up, making a large amount of Dark Magic seem no longer so ferocious. Myu’s charming face also showed signs of having regaining color.

That last action of mine had saved both my and Myu’s lives. The Ink Crystals’ effect was like reinforcing a steel bar. Upon using it, not only did it protect our meridians, but it also made them stronger. I discovered that when the Dark Magic constantly circulated within the body, the energy also became stronger and stronger; during every cycle, it could amass a lot of energy. I also found to my surprise that while the meridians were getting stronger by the Dark Magic, when the Dark Magic reached a point where I could no longer endure it, I felt as if I had exploded and lost consciousness and fell down on top of Myu.

What happened to Myu and me, even if it was the creator of the Demonic Arts, Lucifer, he would find it incapable of understanding. Demonic Arts was something that could only be cultivated by males. Due to the Demon Emperor’s favorite concubines’ painful death, he had shifted all his love to Myu. And in order to let his daughter become very strong, he did not spare to use all of his skills and exploited the use of Ink Crystals to transform his own daughter’s body to forcefully help her to link her meridians so that she could cultivate Demonic Arts. But this was something that went against heaven. Although Ink Crystals have extraordinary magic power, but it still couldn’t transform all of Myu’s meridians. Even if Myu, with the aid of the Demon Emperor, had cultivated to the fourth layer of the Demonic Arts, and succeeded in having the physique of a fallen angel, but she could only stop at this step, eternally incapable of making progress. But I am different. From a small age, I had begun cultivating the Demonic Arts and by relying on my innate talent and being *triggered* by my grandma’s death, I put a lot of effort into my cultivation and trained bitterly for 6 years, causing the Dark Magic in my body to be pure and full of vitality. But it also allowed me to reach the 5th layer of  Demonic Arts. The coupling of me and Myu is a situation which, from the time that Demonic Arts came into being, is the first time that two cultivators of the opposite sex have cultivated this and have then had sex together. Furthermore, we both had the power to be able to transform into Fallen Angels. Although Myu had transformed her meridians, she is still a woman, and woman is affiliated with Yin. She was a virgin and was also classified as having a pure Yin physique. And my cultivation of the Mad God Chi had decided that my body was of the pure Yang type.


Early morning, when the Yang Qi was most abundant, as long as one was a normal man, a pillar piercing the heavens would arise. Myu was awakened by a swollen pain, found herself being pressed by a heavy body, Myu suddenly screamed out, pushing out with her hands.

As she called out in alarm, I woke up, with a somewhat blurred state of mind. From the tremendous amount of energy that came from Myu’s hands, my body was fiercely separated from hers, knocking down more than ten trees consecutively, finally stopping one hundred meters away.

Myu was squatting down while clutching her lower body, seeing the red patches on the ground, she blushed; the sudden separation caused her an intense pain.

(TLN[raltzer0]: So he was still inside her.  TL [Ash] : The awkward morning-after!!)

I, too, was aching all over. I found that we had restored to our original appearances and were no longer in our Fallen Angel transformations.

Myu saw that my look had some confusion, she too was staring at me in a daze. I also realised my awkward situation: except for that vest, I was naked.


I discovered, although Myu’s fierce push struck me very heavily, however I was only aching, and not injured. Looking at Myu’s appearance, my mind blanked out; for a while, I was unable to think, but I knew, towards her, there was no more hatred….my clothes were next to Myu, instinct told me to walk towards her.

Just as I took one gentle step forward, I hadn’t even made my body float up, Myu suddenly exclaimed in fright: “Don’t come over here.”

I was wondering why this happened, quickly anchored my body, but used too much force, making me stumble, almost falling to the ground. I said with a bitter expression: “My… my clothes are next to you.” Myu cried out ‘Ah!’; her pink face flushed more, turning a deeper shade of red. She grabbed my clothes and threw them over to me. The group of light clothes thrown by Myu came towards me like an energy ball, I panicked, quickly lifted my hands, revolving my energy, making use of my energy, I almost cried out in surprise, the Mad God Chi was at its optimal condition, and the Dark Magic was stronger by many times unknown to me, when the clothes flew into my view, I felt that it was very slow, no longer so threatening, gently reaching out with one hand, they were caught.

I could not attend to the changes in my Dark Magic, as I quickly put on my clothes. On the other hand, Myu stared blankly at her own small tender hands. I quietly walked over, picked up her leather armor, handed it to her, softly saying: “Come, put it on.”

Myu’s body shook and upon seeing me, she furiously yelled: “You get lost!” and then she grabbed a handful of her clothes.


I turned around and walked to one side, with my back facing her, while thinking how I could have done such a brutal action. Why did I do such a thing and how can I face Jiyan and Jisue who are waiting for me? Even if Myu was in the wrong, I shouldn’t have destroyed her purity. A girl’s most precious thing was ruthlessly snatched away by me. I am really a beast…..I painfully pulled at my own hair, not knowing what to do.

I suddenly heard footsteps behind my back and I turned around to see Myu tottering away with each step.

“Myu…” I called.

Myu stopped and turned around slowly. Seeing my expression full of remorse, she ground her teeth and said, “I hate you.” Saying that, she slowly, step by step, walked away.

I went forward and pulled at her hand, and said, “Myu, I…”

Myu, with her eyes full of tears, turned around to see me, and her lips trembled as she said, “You! What more do you want? You have destroyed everything of mine. I know I am no match for you, but there will be one day when I can take revenge. I do not have your Jiyan, that handkerchief is what I have from when I first captured her; it was taken from her body. Now let go of me.” Could it be that she had come last evening to only take revenge upon me?


Under her hate-filled gaze, I unknowingly released her hand. Myu continued to stagger onwards. Seeing her lonesome appearance, there was a sudden sharp pain in my heart. This girl and I have no affection for each other, but she and I had just made love, later on, how can I go face her? How will I be able to face Jiyan and Jisue siblings? I….

Myu’s silhouette had already disappeared. I walked step by step in the other direction. Although I knew that my ability had enhanced a lot, however, I was not in the mood to pursue why this change had happened, I only wanted to go back to last night, to maliciously destroy me from yesterday who had raped Myu.

I don’t know how I returned back to Stanla City. After arriving at the city, I was discovered by the Beamon soldier in the city, who promptly notified Mink. Fortunately, I had come back to the side of Stanla City, otherwise, if my current distressed look were to be seen by other Beastmen, I really don’t know what they would think.

Mink personally opened to city gates to welcome me, pulled me, and said , in a worried tone: “Fourth Brother, where did you run off to, I have been searching for you all morning long! Why are you so distressed? Did you encounter an enemy? Or did a member of the Demon Clan attack you?”

I shook my head, replying: “Third Brother, I’m tired, I want to go rest.”

Mink asked with concern: “Fourth Brother, what happened to you, you seem very spiritless.”

I sighed, saying: “Third Brother, would you stop asking? I don’t want to speak, I just want to rest right now, there is a treaty with the Demon race at noon.”

Mink nodded: “Okay then, I will call you when it’s time to sign the treaty.”


Myu returned to the Demon race’s large camp, and stealthily went to her own tent and changed into clean clothes. She was inwardly experiencing a myriad of emotions, she couldn’t exactly say what she was feeling, it was becoming harder to erase the imprint of Layson’s image into her heart.

From her first impression of him, till the situation of  the previous evening, Myu still hadn’t understood what position Layson held in her heart.

Walking away from her tent, Myu saw the sunrise and felt herself be at a loss.

“Ah, little brat, where were you? You almost caused us to die from anxiety.” Gwynn and Griffin walked over beside her.

Myu glanced at them , and absent-mindedly said, “Eh? Why were you trying to find me?”

Griffin unhappily said, “Brat, yesterday evening you hid from us, and my dad almost ate the both us. He had asked us to protect you and if you had not turned up, then the entire Demon race’s camp would have been overturned to find you. Quick, come with us to meet our father. I don’t want him to eat our heads off. ”

Myu bowed her head in front of these two people and said, “The two Gu Brothers, I am sorry.”

Her words caused Griffin and Gwynn to look at each other, their expressions saying: When did the previously always mischievous princess Myu become so polite?

Gwynn cautiously and gently asked, “Little princess, are you feeling well?”

Myu faintly smiled and stated, “I am fine. Are we not going to visit Uncle Gu? Let us go.”

Having arrived beside a smart-looking tent, Grichen saw that Myu was safe and sound and let loose an enormous sigh, “Yu-er, tell Uncle where you were yesterday evening. You caused me a lot of anxiety.”

Myu bowed and said, “Forgive me, Uncle, I have caused you a lot of trouble.”

Grichen reacted just as his two sons had; he was also shocked by the polite Myu. He asked with concern, “Yu-er, are you feeling ill?”

Myu raised her head, and reluctantly smiled, “I am not feeling ill, Uncle, you rest assured. I am only missing Father, the Emperor. I want to go back to Modu right now, may I ?”

The extremely playful Myu was missing the Demon Emperor , Grichen thought that he had misheard this. “Myu child, such a thing … Today at noon, we and the Beastmen will be signing a treaty. After that, we can go back to Modu. if you go now, how will Uncle be free from worry?”

Myu looked at Grichen, nodded and said, “Okay. I will go to my tent and wait for new from you. I will leave first, Uncle. Goodbye to you two brothers.” Saying this, Myu turned around and left the tent.

Grichen and sons looked at each other; none of them were able to explain the changes in Myu’s behavior.

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