Volume 4 Chapter 8

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Volume 4 Chapter 8-Eternal Alliance

Translated by: Demenious, GX

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A pure sweet taste came from my mouth as the dissolved gem trickled down my throat. I secretly prayed that it wasn’t poisonous.

I ate a black gem due to an accident, but before I could take it out of my mouth, the gem turned into liquid and entered my belly. Suddenly, it felt as if my body had entered a freezer, it was terrifyingly cold. The ice cold energy split and encircled my chest, it seemed to be circling around the warm energy that was guarding my heart. I panicked, Am I about to freeze to death?

The ice cold energy rushed through all of my meridian channels, breaking through and disordering them, I felt my body go numb before I fainted.

In reality, this kind of black gem was not poisonous, but instead a great supplement that the Demon Clan had stopped producing. Not only did it look magnificent, but it also contained a magnanimous amount of magic power within it. Scientifically, they were called Ink Crystals, but otherwise they were known as ‘magical stones’. There were no more than 20 pieces in the entire Demon Clan. It was so precious that even the Demon Emperor’s crown had an Ink Crystal twice the size of the one I just ate embedded in it.

The Ink Crystal could be considered the national treasure of the Demon Clan. It has two effects, one is to develop muscles and alter bone marrow, causing one’s meridian channels to become tougher; the other is to alter one’s physique, it can allow a person who is unsuitable to learn Dark magic to practice Dark magic. And for a being who already possessed a Dark physique, it strengthens their magical powers and protects their meridian channels.

When the Demon Emperor injected a part of his power into his beloved daughter, Mo Yue, he first gave her a piece of Ink Crystal to increase her suitability for Dark Magic.

However, usually nobody would dare eat such a precious object; it would just be a waste. For the typical Demon, developing muscle and altering their bone marrow wouldn’t mean much and even if they changed their physique, they would never have the chance to train in the Demonic Arts.


At that time, Xiu Si Te·Fei Zhen truly did not have the time to gather twenty gems. That is why he had no choice but to use his most precious Ink Crystals to complete the set. Every piece of Ink Crystal he gave me was worth at least millions of gold coins in the Demon Clan.

The Ink Crystal’s medicinal effect was especially beneficial to me; it dredged all of my meridian channels and reconnected them, allowing my Dark Energy to continuously circulate through my meridian channels.

When I started training in the Mad God Arts, I had to clear the meridian channels in my entire body in one cycle. While I succeeded, the extremely potent power of the Mad God Arts caused my meridian channels to become fragile.

This time, with the aid of the Ink Crystal, not only were my muscles developed and my bone marrow altered, my meridian channels were also widened and toughened. I could not predict the effects it would have on my future training.

In the morning, the dazzling sunlight passed through the window and gradually woke me up. There was an odd feeling of stiffness in my chest, and I spat out two mouthfuls of black blood like a fountain.

The black blood landed on my clothes, dirtying them.

I’m finished, I’m going to die. I thought, as I waited for my death in despair. But after waiting a short while, I still wasn’t dead. Contrariwise, my body felt entirely refreshed and comfortable. I squinted my eyes and scratched my head, thinking, I’m alive? It’s not poisonous?

Suddenly, I stared at my hand with astonishment,I just used my right hand! With great delight, I quickly examined the meridian channels in my body. I discovered that not only were my meridians reconnected, their structure had changed as well. My previous meridian channels seemed like sluggish thin streams, compared to these large rivers.

With a slight circulation of qi, the dark magic surged and flew through my body. I could feel warmth continuously moving around my heart, blending into the dark magic along with dark magic’s fluctuations.

Due to the overly tyrannical medical effects of the Ink Crystals, the ones that have been man-crafted will be processed with the best possible materials. These top quality drug ingredients have the effect of guarding the heart, to prevent damage with the tyrannical power of the Ink Crystal.


I was pleased to learn that after lying in bed for more than a month my meridian channels have finally been fixed. Good, the meridian channels in my body have been fixed! I couldn’t help myself from jumping out of the bed and gladly dancing in joy.

After quite a while, I finally calmed down from my ecstasy. Although I did not know how it exactly happened, I do know that the black gem played a big part in my recovery. Excellent, I did not expect for these gems to be this useful, with these gems in my possession I don’t have to be afraid of serious injuries. In fact, my meridians are so tough now that even if I wanted to break them, it would be particularly difficult.

I sat cross legged while accelerating and circulating the dark magic in my body. After a week of cultivation I slowly concluded my training. The dark magic not only increased in power, it also became mellower and richer. It could be even better than the dark magic in my previous peak state, in contrast, my Mad God qi remained very weak, as it still hadn’t recovered.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came as Wo Fu walked into my room. He happily asked as soon as he saw my condition, “Young master, you’ve healed?” I smiled and shook my head, saying, “Not completely, but my condition has improved. From this day onwards, do not come in and disturb me. I will train alone for a few days. We shall leave once my powers have returned” Wo Fu exalted, “That’s great! We can finally leave this damned place.”

My face sunk and I said, “Do not tell anyone about my condition, not even our own people. I do not want anyone to spot something from the men’s expressions. First bring me something nutritious to eat. I’ll start my solitary training after eating.”


In my ecstasy, I started training without changing my clothes .

I scattered the Dark magic into my meridian channels while concentrating and gathering the Mad God Qi. When I first started, due to severely overdrawing my power in the previous battle, the Mad God Qi was very difficult to gather, but now that my channels were twice as wide, the speed of my qi circulation had increased in speed.

When I completed seven seven and forty-nine cycles of qi, not only did the Mad God Qi return to its original state, it became better than before. I gritted my teeth and circulated my qi according to the training method of the 4th tier of the Mad God Arts.

[TL: The ‘seven seven forty-nine’ is a budist thing and it’s used when people die. Here’s the link if you are interested to know more. http://www.ccfong.com/?page_id=1588%5D

Now there’s basically no obstruction in my training and I progressed a lot smoother. After another forty-nine cycles of qi circulation, I finally broke through the 4th tier. I knew that I couldn’t be too greedy, or I would risk qigong deviation. I sunk my Mad God qi into my dantian, and slowly woke up from my ‘mental training’.

As of now, I have not only regained all of my powers, I have even raised them to a whole new level. After exercising my body in the room, I could feel explosive power rushing throughout my body.

I grabbed Mo Ming from the bed and caressed the blade with strong emotion. If I hadn’t obtained it. I fear that I would be lying on the bed like a useless person right now. I sighed and spoke to the sword, “My dearest friend, Mo Ming.Thank you.”

It was as if Mo Ming had come to life; Light coiled around its blade as it sent out a faint vibration.

I pushed the door open and looked at the clear sky, the blue sky reflected my mood; so bright and joyful. I deeply inhaled a few mouthfuls of fresh air. At my side I could hear Wo Fu faintly snoring, I turned and looked at him dozing off against the wall. When I was injured this time, it was Wo Fu and the bearman escort who took care of me, they must be really tired by now.

I patted him on the shoulder, Wo Fu suddenly woke up from his dreams and saw that it was me, surprised he said: “Master, you have finally come out.”

After recovering, my mood was really good, I smiled and said: “You’ve worked hard, brother.”

Wo Fu had never seen me having such an amiable expression, flattered he said: “Master, please don’t say this, this is what I should do.”

I laughed and answered: “Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Look at this sorry state of mine, get me some water, I need to freshen up and change my clothes. Afterwards, get those whatever guardian group to make some food, I’m starving. Oh, by the way, how long have I trained?”

Wo Fu said: “Far more than a few days, you have been training in isolation for eleven days.”

“Ah! Was it that long? It felt as if just a moment had passed.”

“Young master, I’ll bring you some water.” Wo Fu happily ran to fetch water, I could sense that from these days of association Wo Fu and Meng Ke treat me differently than all my other escorts. Especially Wo Fu, he has always been by my side. Right, Meng Ke that guy is still in the Sasi territory, I will have to meet the Wolf God afterwards and then send somebody to bring him here.

As far as Wolf God is concerned, I’m firmly based right now, that is because I’ve already understood their demand of me, as long as I can lead them along, I don’t have to worry about being unable to manipulate them.

After cleaning myself, I changed into a new set of clothes and finished a satisfying meal, I felt refreshed and comfortable right away. My dream of spreading the Beast God religion has once again been ignited.

I called Wo Fu and asked, “During the time I was healing, how was the progress of you and our men’s training?” Wo Fu was a little ashamed as he replied, “The brothers have a certain improvement, I’m still lacking a little.”

I smiled and said, “Don’t worry, your foundation is very good, you’ve gone through a lot of trouble for me during this time, training mustn’t be advanced with haste, otherwise only harm will come your way. How about this, you’re quite smart, find me some pencil and papers and come to my room.”

Wo Fu exalted, he knew that I was going to teach him. Like a child, he lively bounced away, running to find pencil and paper. I immediately recorded the training method of low level fire and wind element magic onto the paper within an hour.

I handed the papers over to him and said, “Follow the instructions on the paper, this is the magic of humans and the Demon clan.Your foundation will be based on martial arts, strive to learn magic and blend it in; this will raise your power. The wind element and fire element magic is comparably easier to train, and there is more variations in the attacks you can use. If the other brothers are interested, you can let them train together with you.”

Wo Fu took the paper with a slightly trembling hand, “I-is this magic?”

I smiled as I replied, “No, this isn’t magic, this is a paper. Watch.”

I secretly chanted a spell and a fire orb appeared on my hand. “Use your qi to defend!” I shouted and threw the fire orb at him. Wo Fu was startled but quickly reacted, swinging both of his hands, letting out an insipid green qi, dispelling the fire orb I sent towards him. The orb burst into thousands of sparkles in the air like a sky of flaming stars.

“Did you see it clearly? This is magic, I think you’re well-suited to train the wind element magic.You can give it a try, but don’t abandon your qi. No matter which skill, when it reaches the utmost peak, they are basically of the same source.” Wo Fu said repeatedly, “Yes, yes.” Fondly admiring the papers of training methods in his hand.

I shook my head as I smiled and dismissed him, “You can go now and try it out. I’ve already healed, I have no need for your protection.”

Wo Fu glanced at me and I nodded at him, saying, “Go.”

He deeply bowed and said, “Thank you young master.” and then turned, and ran out.

He deserved all these things. I couldn’t let him follow me for nothing. In the future, they will become the core powers of the reformed beastman clan. Right now, I should go and meet the so-called Wolf God. I reached my hand out to summon Mo Ming and walked out of the room.

In the courtyard a centaur and tigerman escort stood on guard, as they saw me coming, they hurriedly saluted with respect. Both of their eyes revealed content. I was their moral pillar, my recovery meant their hope of leaving.

“There’s no need to guard here anymore, those werewolves will not harm us, go and train. If you sweat more in training, you will bleed less in battles. After all, you are all men I brought from my house, I hope that you can return safely with me.”

“Yes, young master.”

After sending them away, I stepped out onto the courtyard. The moment the Wolf God’s guards saw me, I was promptly stopped by them. It was a small team of warriors, composed of ten werewolves soldiers.

The leader of the team vigilantly looked at me and said, “Return to your monastery now, you are not allowed to leave.”

I coldly snorted and replied, “Who do you think you are, do I need you to tell me what to do? I’m not your prisoner.“
My words angered them on the spot I continued, “Do you think you can stop me? Your commander Yin Jian suffered a defeat at my hands, ask yourself, can you defeat him?”

The small team leader was neither obsequious nor superfluous, he said, “Even if we’re unable to defeat you, we’ll try to stop and follow you because it is our duty.”

In the future this guy surely wouldn’t just be a squad leader, but on the other hand it wasn’t my intent to cause trouble anyway. I smiled, “In this case, I will not press you guys. Go and find Yin Jian, tell him that I want to meet your Wolf God.”

The small team leader nodded and said, “Alright, wait here for a moment.” It was obvious that he let out a sigh of relief. Since I tied with their Wolf God how could he hope to confront me? No one wants to die in vain. I stood there and relaxed with closed eyes. The air here was very comfortable, cool and refreshing, mixed with the sweet scent of plants.This Wolf God bastard really knew how to pick his location.

“You want to meet the Wolf God?” Yin Jian’s voice came from far away.

I opened my eyes and looked, this guy was running towards this place with great speed.The small team leader that had went to report was distantly thrown behind his back. I asked baffled, “Did your Wolf God not tell you that we have an important matter to discuss, after I recover from my injuries?”

Yin Jian ran close to me and sized me up from head to toe, he replied, “Indeed, this was lord Wolf God’s command, but I didn’t expect you to recover this quickly, no wonder lord Wolf God said that your life force is as tenacious as a cockroach.”

I asked in fury, “What? That guy dares to compare me with a cockroach? I shall settle the score with him later. Go, hurry up and bring me to him.” Silver nodded and lead the way, the leader of the small werewolf team made way immediately.

He wasn’t moving very quickly, it was just a normal walking pace, when he suddenly asked a question, “I have a question I’d like to ask you.”
“You may ask.”

“Did you hold back when you fought me?”

I shook my head and replied, “I didn’t hold anything back, I have indeed made an all-out effort.”

Yin Jian turned around and said in a rage, “You’re lying, if you have really spared no effort when you fought me, how were you able to fight lord Wolf God to a standstill? The gap between lord Wolf God and I is inestimable.”

I slightly smiled and replied, “When I fought you, I indeed did not hold back, I just hid a part of my skills and used qi to fight you with full effort. After you, I still had to fight the Wolf God. Naturally, I could not release all of my powers at once, so I preserved some magical abilities and those special skills.”

After listening to my explanation, Yin Jian had a slightly better complexion, he asked, “If you are that capable, why did you use such a special move in the last hit?”

I bitterly smiled, “Old chap, use your brain and think about what I just said.There’s that Wolf God bastard right behind you, if I exhausted too much strength fighting you, how could I go against him afterwards. I’m sure you already know about that bastard’s broken skills. If I had used my special skills, there’s no way I could’ve fought him.”

Yin Jian scolded angrily, “I forbid you from speaking ill of lord Wolf God.”

I lifted both my hands and said, “Ok, ok, alright, I won’t badmouth him, let’s hurry up. Are you going to let your mighty lord Wolf God wait longer than necessary?”

Yin Jian groaned, he turned his body back and continue to head to the direction of the temple. The temple looked the way it did previously, it was still so magnificent, I asked amazed, “Your men’s efficiency is quite high, it’s repaired so quickly.”

Yin Jian glared at me and said, “The surface is repaired, but the barrier is gone. Lord Wolf God said, after he is healed, it needs at least 3 months to set up the new one and return it to its original state. You wait here, I’ll go in and make a report.”

The guards protecting the temple looked at me with anger and slight fear, it was very interesting to watch. When I was about to tease them, Yin Jian had already come out running, “Go in, Lord Wolf God is waiting for you inside.”

I asked, “You’re not coming?” Yin Jian shook his head.

It seemed the Wolf God wanted an individual discussion with me, which confirmed my presumption. I walked into the temple taking large strides. Under the shine of the magical lights, it was full of radiance. The Wolf God stood in the centre of the hall, with his back turned towards me. He still wore that cloak, the only difference was that he didn’t cover his heads.

The clear and bright voice asked, “You came, are your injuries healed?”

I frowned, “I don’t like to speak to one’s back.”

The Wolf God’s body shook, he turned around, both heads showing a surprised expression. The golden wolf head said, “Your voice is filled with power, could it be that you’re already completely recovered?”

I said in an unhappy tone, “Why? Do you want me to stay bedridden forever?”

The silver wolf head said, “No, we don’t. We’re just confused because, our injuries are only healed about 70%, although the last time we saw you, your meridians were all ruptured, and you couldn’t move an inch. It’s unbelievable that after only half a month you’re already fully recovered. Did this happen, due to that sword? We’ve examined that pitch black sword of yours, there seems to be an unmeasurable power sealed within, but we didn’t know how to release it.”

I faintly smiled, “Your guess hit the nail on its head, Mo Ming saved me. It is interlinked with my soul, when I am injured, it can share a part of its power to heal me.”

Of course, I wouldn’t reveal anything about the Ink Crystal. Furthermore, mentioning them will only make things more complicated. But, it was true that it was impossible to recover without Mo Ming.

The golden wolf head uttered pitily, “It is unfortunate that it has already recognized it’s master, moreover it has the dark attribute, sigh….” It seemed like he wanted to claim it for himself.

I didn’t want to continue discussing this topic, so I said sternly, “I have come today with the intention of having a talk with you two. I am really curious about you two. At the same time, you have a certain desire for knowledge from me. Since this is the case, why don’t we talk frankly with each other?”

The two wolf head looked at me with interest, then the golden wolf head said, “Well then, you may begin first.”

I nodded, “Since I came up with this, then I should also begin. I am Lei Xiang, a mixed blood between human, demon and beastman, in total my beastman lineage is the strongest.”

Hearing this, the Wolf God saw it coming, because from my performance, they already knew that I am a mixed blood. I continued, “My father is today’s number one warrior of the beastman.”

The two heads of the wolf god simultaneously lost their voice, “The Beamon King.”

“What? It seems you know my father!”

The Wolf God laughed embarrassed, then the golden wolf head said, “Among the beastman, I’m afraid he is the only one that could make us tremble in fear, we once fought your father in disguise, the result was a complete defeat, we were almost unable to retreat with a whole body.”

What they said made me shocked in my heart, I had originally thought the strength of the Wolf God was almost on par with my father, but to think that father is so strong, no wonder he could fight a Dragon knight with equal standing.

“But I am not only the son of the Beamon king, I am also the adopted son of the Beast Emperor. My mission is to assist the Beast Emperor to unite the beastmen, and help the beastmen country to develop in order to let it become one of the three most influential powers of this continent.”

The silver wolf head said, “You’re wrong if you say it this way, the Beast Country itself belongs to the Beast Emperor. So what’s the point of discussing about uniting it.”

Without waiting for my reply, the golden wolf head rushed to say, “You are so stupid, although the Beast Emperor is the king of beastman in name, how many territories can he truly control? At least he cannot fully control us.”

I nodded and said, “You are correct, the Beast Emperor can only control his own Lion tribe and my father’s Beamon tribe. On the contrary, the other tribes often only pay lip service, that is why I will represent the Beast Emperor —— punish everyone of them.”

The silver wolf head responded with disdain: “You and what army? Those roughly 10 mere subordinates?”

I plainly said, “That’s right, just with me and my subordinates, since we will only tell the truth.It’s natural to tell you about my plan, and to let you know that I’m capable to finish this mission. I’m not even 18 years old this year, and a year ago, I was sent by the Beast emperor to the Dragon Empire.

The Beast Emperor is very farsighted and wise, he really wants the Beastmen to develop. But you know that the knowledge of the Beastmen is poor, although our nation has a greater number of people compared to other nations, we are lacking fighting power.

Why is that? That’s because we have no commanders with insight into the intricacies of wars and tactics. My mission in the Dragon Empire was to learn from them for a certain number of years, and take that knowledge back with me to the beastman clan. With that reason I went to the human country.”

After listening to my words, the four eyes of the Wolf God shone, the silver wolf head asked, “Is the human clan fun?”

I exuded a yearning expression, “It is a beautiful country, the food, the people, and the scenery there, they are things I’ll never forget.”

What I said was the truth, especially about the Ji-sisters, every night I thought about them. It was also our reunion that constantly motivated me. The radiance in the eyes of the Wolf God intensified, then the silver wolf head sadly said,

“Too bad I can’t leave this place, else I’d love to go over there and see it myself.” I exulted in my heart, knowing that they were hooked.

“After a year of effort, I finally finished the mission, and took a great amount of knowledge back with me to the Beast Empire. After discussing with the Beast emperor, we decided to establish a religion, with the goal of uniting the Beastman Country. We want to overrule the tribe leaders, and return the Beastman Country under the control of the Beast Emperor. Afterwards, under the reorganised government, our Beast Empire will naturally grow strong.”

The golden wolf head said, “A religion? So your status as the emissary of the Beast God came from that?”

Surprised by the insight of the Wolf God I nodded, “That’s right, we will form a Beast God religion. As everyone knows, the Beast God is the God of all Beastmen, only under his name we will be able to realise our project. I plan to exterminate the bandits under the name of the Beast God. Afterwards, I send out beastmen of the territory’s race to help develop farming and metallurgy in the poor regions. The goal is to free the empire from poverty, planting the Beast God religion deep down in their heart.           

Finally after a few years when the Beast God religion established itself as the major religion, the Beast emperor will proclaim that he is the Pope of the Beast God religion. Followed by announcing, that it was the order of the Beast God that lead by him and assisted the Beastmen’s development, and the aim of uniting the beastman empire will be naturally achieved.”

The silver wolf head said fumingly, “Then you thought of us as bandits and came to annihilate us? With only your 20 men? I am afraid that only with the help of the Beamon army force you would stand a chance.”

I slightly smiled, “Originally, after hearing about your existence, I really wanted to eliminate you, but after seeing the well developed Yuna, I’ve changed my mind. No matter what, do not ask me how I found out that you were hiding here, this is something I will not tell you.”

The golden wolf head said angrily, “Hiding? We are living here with just and honor. Since you told us all about it, aren’t you afraid that we will reveal your true intentions to the other tribes? You need to know, we’re still powerful enough to influence them.”

I said, “Ok, you guys could be called just and honorable, as of whether you will expose it or not, I hold a certain assurance. Now it’s your turn, I have finished my story, I think the great Lord Wolf God will not think of some lies to trick me, will he?”

The Wolf God stiffened his chest, the golden wolf head said, “Why do we need to lie, you only want to know about our history right? Well, we shall tell you.We the Double-Headed Wolf race existed since ancient time, at that time, rare birds and unusual beasts were everywhere.Just like that nine-headed worm in the neighbour territory, it has existed since that time.”

I smiled and replied, “With that said, you are really a so-called Wolf God.”

The silver wolf head, “Actually, calling us Wolf God is not exactly wrong, our true power absolutely crowns above the wolf race.”

The golden wolf head said, “Later, our tribe was almost eradicated in the ‘Great war of Gods and Demons’, we are the only one left to continue our lineage, to tell you the truth, we are almost 100 years old, so we are even older than your father’s generation.”

100 Years old? An old monster?

I asked with suspicion, “Since both of you are so old now, then wouldn’t it mean that you are going to die in your bed of old age?”

The two wolf heads blurted out at the same time, “Puh, puh, puh, who is going die? We are still in the prime of life!”

The golden wolf head said, “The lifespan of the double-headed wolf race is very long, we could at most live more than five hundred years, which means, in your way of speaking, we’re just about 20 years old.”

I laughed, “Since you are only 20 years old, then don’t act like an elder before me. Carry on, why are you guys here? There was no record of the existence of Double-Headed wolfs in the history of the beastmen.”

The golden wolf head said, “That is because we are the only ones left to pass down our lineage. As a result, the Double-Headed Wolfs, were always living secluded in a safe forest, yet our intelligence is in not a bit worse than that of the humans’.

Furthermore, because we have two brains, we could focus on two things simultaneously, thus we learn exceptionally fast, but it also caused us to focus on two things simultaneously, we could never train and reach realm of the highest peak.”

I asked surprised, “Why is that so?”

The two wolf heads started at each other, at the same time they pointed their fingers the opposite heads, saying in rage, “Isn’t it because this guy always fights over the control of our body?”

I said, “You guys stop arguing, carry on what you were saying.”  

The golden wolf head took a quick glimpse at the silver wolf head angrily, and continued,

“Till our generation, we could only feel content with tranquility, we were quietly training in the forest, living a carefree life in the beginning.

Until about ten years ago, when we completed our training, and were about to find something to eat, when suddenly a human stranger trespassed into our habitat. He was already on the verge of death when we found him. We wanted to save him, but who knew, his [meh~]was too severely injured and after a while, he died……”

Speaking up to this point, the golden wolf head seemed a little embarrassed to continue, so the silver wolf head went on talking,

“Why did you stop? If you won’t talk then I will, anyway that man was already dead, we took everything from his body and buried him. What’s embarrassing about that?”

After he Finished speaking, he glared at the golden wolf head.

I faintly smiled, “You are right, we bring nothing with us when we are born and we can’t take it with us when we die, it is better to make them useful to those who are alive.”

The golden wolf head smiled bitterly, “It is exactly because of these things, that have driven us here. It is like this, at that time, we took the things from him and there was a book, named 《Records of Bizarre Things on the Continent》, because our inborn intelligence, before our parents left us, they taught us how to read so that we can train more conveniently in the future. After we read that book, we were deeply absorbed by the content of that book and thus heavily yearned for the life outside the forest.

So, we left the habitat of our ancestors and came to the Beastman Country. In the beginning, we were having lots of fun, nobody took notice of us either. However we met a werewolf, he greeted us abnormally respectfully immediately after he saw us, saying that we are the Wolf God. It is all our greediness to blame, we wanted to have a taste of the decadent life of being a Wolf God, so we followed that werewolf to his place.

I said, “Isn’t that great? At least you are the most respected Wolf God in this place, but why did you look like you regretted it. Did you regret coming out from that whatever forest that you used you live in?”

The golden wolf head said, “We did not regret leaving the forest, it is coming here that we regretted. In the beginning everything here was new and exciting.The people here were really respectful towards us, they even specially selected this place to build a Wolf God temple for us to live in. When we just arrived at Yuna, it was the same like the other territories, it was very poor and the bandits were on a rampage.

To repay what the werewolfs did for us, we used our wisdom and knowledge to help them to improve themselves. After a few years of efforts, it was highly effective, it’s what you saw when you first arrived. To avoid unnecessary trouble from outsiders we requested all the werewolves to make certain that no information of Yuna’s situation leaked out.”

I was astonished, “Since you did everything so well, then why do you regret?”

The silver wolf head sighed, “Due to us helping the werewolfs improve their living standards, their reverence towards us became deeper. Since we have left the place we used to live, we wanted see more of the world and discover more uncommon things. However, every time when we were about to leave, a big crowd of werewolves would appear in front of us and fall on their knees, wailing as they beg us not to leave, as if a parent was going to leave their child to die alone, whenever they had really no choice, they would threaten us with their death.

After all, we’ve stayed here for more than ten years, we have developed a deep emotional connection with everything in this place, we really can’t bring ourselves to abandon it just like that. This place does not even compare to the forest where we lived before, that is why we regret it.”

I thought secretly, just about the same as I’ve predicted, since the two of them like to pursue new things and they fear the loneliness, then this will be easy to deal with.

I nodded and said, “So it is like this, now that we’ve gotten to know each other, I have a question for you.”

The Wolf God nodded, “You may ask.”

I asked in a deep voice, “My question is, how do you intend to deal with me, kill or release? Give me an answer.”

The two wolf heads looked at each other and couldn’t speak for a while.

I coldly said, “I don’t have the time to dilly dally with the two of you, if you want to kill us, then I am afraid that the werewolf tribe will pay a great price, and the entire tribe will even face the risk of complete extermination by the Beast emperor. Think wisely.”

The two wolf head nodded to each other, then the golden wolf head said, “We’ve already decided, we can release you but under one condition.”

I said silently: Here it comes. “Speak.”

The voice of the golden wolf head changed, he pleaded, “Take us with you please, we are bored to death living here.”  

I exulted in my heart, my face remained a poker face and I frowned as I said, “But how could I take you with me, won’t your werewolfs sons and grandsons eat me alive?”

The silver wolf head hastily replied, “No no, it won’t happen. You can use the name of the Beast God, when the time comes we will cooperate, and say that the Beast God has a mission for us, wouldn’t that do?”

I muttered to myself deeply, not saying a word, pretending to be in deep thoughts. The golden wolf head hastily continued, “Taking us with you will give you advantages.”

With a pernicious tone I asked, “Oh? What are the advantages?”

The golden wolf head said, “If you take us with you, we will let you recover Yuna without bloodshed, and I’ll let all the werewolfs join your Beast God or whatever religion. How is that? I’m sure this condition is tempting enough!”

I exulted in my heart, this was just what I want, making a stoic face I said, “This condition is very tempting, but if you want to follow me then you need to agree to two conditions.”

In order to avoid future trouble, I must strive for get the biggest advantage possible.

The Wolf God said, “Say it.”  

I said with a deep voice, “First, if you want to come with me, then you must pledge to listen to my orders; do not act on your own.”

The silver wolf head was stupefied, “Doesn’t that mean that we would become your servant?”

I glared at him and said, “Not servant, but a friend. Secondly, you guys have to help me carry out the great plan of the revival of beastman.”

The golden wolf head said, “This is simple, the process of recovery should be very interesting. We agree.”

The silver wolf head suddenly covered the golden wolf head’s mouth with his hand and said, “Don’t just agree like that. So, uh, whatever Lei Xiang, if you want us to agree to your conditions, what have you to offer in return?”

This guy is really cunning, not willing to have the least disadvantage. I smiled, “I promise you, if you guys follow me, your life will be filled with exceptional adventures. Is that enough?”

The silver wolf head withdrew the hand which was pressing on the golden wolf head, and said heartedly, “Deal!”

I reached out with both of my hands slapped consecutively three times with both of Wolf God’s hands which were controlled by two heads, with this, me and the most important companion of my life – Wolf God, made an eternally unwavering contract.


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