Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Results and profits from the battle

Translated by: Ash and Miki
TLCed: Miki

Edited by: Vangandr, M2t5, Los Thanatos,Zehamas, Naruto Kurosaki, etc.



Under Yang Qi’s command, the thousands of his family’s soldiers and servants began their search in the entire Chen family’s Manor. The Chen family’s soldiers, women, children and servant were disarmed and gathered in the courtyard. These people were heavily guarded and pointed with arbalest. If there was any movement, they would be killed on the spot.

Soon, the Chen family’s boxes of treasure one by one were taken out from inside.

The Chen family could be considered an aristocratic family, the treasures they possessed were generally containing various demonic cores, fur, medicinal pills and also precious minerals such as gold and silver. However, this treasure was basically reduced as decorations for their family’s land, wall and even materials for building furniture.

Yang Qi nodded his head secretly when staring at the countless demonic cores and Dan/pill Medicines that had been gathered at the courtyard. The Chen family’s properties, had fully complemented the Yang family’s loss.

The Chen family’s wealth was at least tens of millions, the Yang family could eat their “full”.


The Chen family’s patriarch, Chen Dalei directly vomited blood when seeing all his family’s properties moved.

“Chen Dalei, you should not be busy vomiting your blood, where is your secret chamber? I know your family must have a secret room of treasures.” Yang Qi started to laugh,” say it quickly, the secret room is the keys/place of the hidden treasure and I will let you live.”

“Yang Qi, you were too evil. I will not say even till death, this old man will not submit to you little brat.” Chen Dalei said.   

“You won’t talk? Heh… you are quite strong willed. Well, I must test your conviction… how about I first cripple your cultivation. I don’t quite believe that the Chen Family’s patriarch is that resolute.” Yang Qi’s tone was icy-cold as his Qi invaded Chen Dalei’s Dantian.

“Don’t…” Chen Dalei was panic-stricken, “Don’t cripple my cultivation. I will tell you anything, the family’s secret treasure locations? The entrance is inside my study. From there you will find a map that shows the secret passageways underneath the entire mansion.”

Chen Dalei naturally knew to choose strength over wealth. In this world, strength is the true currency. Without strength, no matter how wealthy or what status you possessed, you would lose it all. In Chen Dalei’s current situation, he could only wait and hope for the circle of elders to come and save the family. The Chen Family’s circle of elders weren’t some group of herbivores, and the Yang Family may not wish to declare total war against the Chen Family’s complete strength. As long as his family stayed alive, it didn’t matter whether the Yang Family had gained wealth and fame.

Yang Qi shouted while stopping his Qi, “Yang Lei! Go to the study room and immediately begin searching for the secret passageways.”

“Yes, third young master.” 

The squadron leader, who had reached the 6th tier of QiGong, respectfully kneeled before Yang Qi and received his orders. He was a disciple of one of the Yang Family’s concubines’ son. His excellent aptitude for QiGong had allowed him to gradually gather enough strength to become a commander of the Yang Family’s private army.

At first, he had only felt disdain for Yang Qi, but now he could only admire his young master. Yang Lei followed Yang Qi’s orders and found the map. As expected this map had drawings of many secret tunnels.

“Find these hidden treasures as marked on the map!” He loudly ordered. Hundreds of the private soldiers infiltrated the depths of the Chen Family’s secret passageways. Upon reaching their destinations they were presented with a glorious splendor; the interiors covered in gold and jade while one could sense the rooms overflowing with a strong YuanQi.    

“Third young Master, we discovered a hidden treasure rooms.”  

Yang Lei hurriedly walked over.   

“Let’s go and take a look.”    

Yan Qi immediately marched into the depths of the Chen Family Mansion. He soon saw large underground tunnels which were full of precious luminous pearls. Many of the trap mechanisms had already been disassembled, but there were still some traps that had yet to be destroyed. There were pitfalls lined with sharp serrated wires, water prisons, wall-mounted arrow traps, cages and needles.    

It was really fortunate for them to have the map, as after all of the traps had shut down, it would be just like walking on leveled ground.    

“Third young master, the treasury is inside this passage. We have opened the door, but we haven’t moved the treasures. We were waiting for you to start the raiding. Additionally we have found three grain depots outside. They were filled to the brim with [Qi Gathering pills], amounting to at least tens of millions.”

Commander Yang Lie was extremely excited, as he imagined a bright future for the Yang Family.    

Yang Qi walked into the tunnels. With his current cultivation he could deal with any misfortune that occurred; he had the power of five giant ancient elephants, his strength was comparable to a Qi lord.   

Upon reaching the end of the tunnel, he saw a 99 cm thick iron door which lay open. It was adorned with brilliant jewels and pearls. One could see the glimmer of the many treasures that lay inside!   

The treasury contained all the top quality materials, demonic cores, meat of demonic beasts, and ingredients for elixirs could be found in plenty. Additionally Yang Qi found a box made of cold jade which contained top grade pills. These pills could replenish one’s Qi and blood while increasing their intelligence and talent.

Common [Qi Gathering pills] were used as food for cultivators, however there were also mystical pills with unique characteristics. These were the pills that Yang Qi found in the treasury.    

For example, the [Nine Directional Golden Pill (Jiu Zhuan Jin Dan)] that Yang Qi had found before was one such unique pills.   

Pills had different grades.   

Yang Qi knew of three classes of pills; high grade, medium grade and low grade. However, throughout Yang Qi’s life he hadn’t seen or heard of anyone possessing a high-grade pill. The [Nine Directional Golden Pill] was a top grade pill, which was extremely hard to refine

[Qi Gathering pills] were of the lowest grade.   

This treasury contained the Chen Family’s accumulated wealth throughout their generations. Thus all the pills that were in the hidden treasury were all of medium or high grades. In addition, some demonic beast cores were of the seventh, eighth or even higher tiered strengths. Each core was worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of [Qi Gathering pills].

“What is this?”

Yang Qi saw a mirror on top of a statue of a god in the center of the treasury. The statue contained memorial tablets of the Chen Family’s ancestors.

The mirror was made of jade, and was decorated with all sorts of clouds, thunder dragons; all of which were illuminated by brilliant lights and vibrant colors. It seemed as if the mirror was from another world. 

“What is this?”

Yang Qi grabbed the mirror, and took it down from the statue of the god. He then forced Chen Dalei to tell him what it was.

“[Great Thousand Mirror]… [Great Thousand Mirror]…”

Currently, Chen Dalei’s body was under Yang Qi’s complete control. He was essentially like a living corpse. Seeing his Family’s most precious treasure being taken down from above the god statue, his whole body shivered with rage. But he didn’t dare do anything as his life was in the hands of his enemy.   

“What does this do?”   

“The [Great Thousand Mirror] is our Chen Family’s most precious treasure. According to legends it can be used to reveal flaws in any technique. So if you practiced martial arts in front of the mirror, it will show you how to correct all the various errors it has…” Chen Dalei said with great difficulty.    

“This is pretty good; it can find flaws in martial arts and correct them…”    

Yang Qi immediately kept the mirror. Instinctively he knew that the [Great Thousand Mirror] had far greater capabilities. But Yang Qi didn’t care about Chen Dalei’s deceit. He waved his hand and said, “Move all of the treasures out.”  


Just after Yang Qi motioned, a pitiful scream was heard from the upper floor. Although the sound was faint, Yang Qi could clearly hear it. This scream came from one of his Family’s private soldiers.

“What’s going on?”

Yang Qi let out a huge roar as he rushed through the tunnel towards the entrance.  

Indeed when Yang Qi came out, he saw a dozen of his soldiers lying limply on the floor. Their swords were broken while their arms and legs were twisted at odd angles. All of this was obviously done by a sword. Five young people stood off to the side, Three men and two women. One of the men pointed the long sword at the leader of the private soldier’s heart. “Trash, tell your third young master to come out. We wish to have a word with him.”   

“Apprentice elder brother, he is here.”  

One of the females hastily said, hearing Yang Qi’s roar.

Five sets of eyes immediately concentrated on Yang Qi.

“You’re Yang Qi, who is raiding the Chen Family’s Manor?” A youth raised his head and coldly looked at Yang Qi, just like a King looking down on a lowly subject.

“I am Yang Qi. Who are you? Why did you hurt my subordinates?” Yang Qi tried to identify them but he didn’t know where they were from.

“Hmph! We are the disciples of the Four Seasons Sect, yet these trash-like scumbag slaves actually dared to get in our way! Not immediately ending their pathetic lives is the limit of how much face we can spare your Yang Family.” The man extended his sword, flicking the blood of it. “We were just passing through the Yan Capital and found that we were in need of some money. Seeing that you guys were conducting a raid, we decided that we should receive some of the treasures. How about this? If you give us the Chen Family’s treasures we will write you an I.O.U. If you people are in a pinch in the future you can just mention our Four Seasons Sect’s name. This deal is quite good for you, as you can establish relations with us for this small amount of treasures. Who could be more upright and diligent than us?

“The Four Seasons Sect?”    

Yang Qi’s heart skipped a beat after hearing the strangers pronounce that they were part of the Four Seasons Sect. The Four Seasons Sect was one of the big sects of the world and while they weren’t counted as an academy, they weren’t weak. They were far stronger than the Shadow Poison Sect. Indeed, the Yang Family was incomparable to the Four Seasons Sect.   

Let alone the Yang Family, the power of ten Yan Capital Cities couldn’t even stand up against the Four Seasons Sect.

The group proudly smiled when Yang Qi became silent. One of the youths saw the Great Thousand Mirror in Yang Qi’s hand, he became astonished, “A mirror manufactured using the Divine Jade of the Nine Heavens? Why is such a treasure here? Give it to me!”

“ What? Divine Jade of the Nine Heavens?”

“ A treasure from above the ninth Heaven?”

“The divine jade that fell from the sky? Why would such a material be here?” The five of them stared at the mirror in Yang Qi’s hands. They all snapped out of their shock and tried to coerce Yang Qi into giving the mirror.    

“Brat, quickly give us that mirror in your hand.” 

The youth who was wielding a sword said, “This item isn’t something you can master. One can’t be blamed if they are ignorant, but it is a crime to treasure a jade ring. Our Four Seasons Sect should be the ones to own that divine item. You don’t have the aptitude to possess such an item.”

[EN: Idiom means that if you can’t be blamed if you hold a priceless treasure and don’t know that it is a priceless treasure, but if you still know about it and hold it then it is a crime.]

“That’s right. The divine jade’s power is impossible for you to bring out completely anyways.” A woman shook her head and continued, “Give us that divine jade and all of the Chen Family’s wealth. Our Four Seasons Sect will then keep your Yang Family as our affiliated servant family. From then on, your Yang Family will be under our Four Seasons Sect’s protection.”

“That’s right, it’s impossible for you to bring out the divine jade’s power.” A woman shook her head before continuing, “Give us the divine jade mirror and all of the Chen Family’s wealth. In exchange our Four Seasons Sect will make your Yang Family an affiliated servant family. From then on, your Yang Family will be under our Four Seasons Sect’s protection.”   

“Brat, what are you waiting for? We, the Four Seasons Sect has promised to accept your Yang Family as our servants. This is a blessing from your ancestors. Why don’t you offer the treasure and kowtow in gratitude? Hmph, your father, the one who has reached the Qi Lord realm should come here and thank us.”  

Another youth impatiently shook his extended hand.

In their minds, the Yang Family is only a local tyrant in a remote town. They felt that the name of their Four Seasons Sect should be enough to completely dominate them.  

“Kowtow in gratitude, right?” Yang Qi suddenly stood upright. “You disciples of the Four Seasons Sect are so overbearing. Hmph, I’ll just send you all to hell.”

His few words made the atmosphere icy cold. Even though the scorching sun was out, everyone in the Chen Family’s manor felt exceptionally cold. Killing intent was lingering all over the place.  


The five people from the four Seasons Sect could hardly believe their ears. The youth, who was holding a sword, seemed to have not heard that clearly, “what did you say? Say it again.”

Yang Qi did not say anything, but his next action clearly answered the question.  


Yang Qi had directly punched out towards that youth’s throat.

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