Chapter 2

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Volume 2 Chapter 3: The Selection Battle

Translated By: HurrayCats

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Converted By: It

Zi Xue looked deeply at me: “Of course I agree, but my father only has my sister and I, if it’s not a last resort, it’s still better to not take this step, OK? For me, tolerate him a little more.”

I helplessly sighed: “It’s necessary that I raise my strength, but to enter the court and become an official is not something I’m willing to do. I’m in a difficult situation.”

Zi Xue gently said: “Do what you want to do, I won’t force you, didn’t you say if we really can’t take it, then we can still….”

I grabbed Zi Xue’s small hands: “Thank you, Zi Xue. With your words, I’m not nervous anymore.” I couldn’t be an official in the Tian Long Di Guo, after all, I have Shou Ren blood in me. Not to mention, I’m also a spy.

In the following month, to increase my power to compete with Li Wa, I decreased the time I met with Zi Xue and became wholly devoted to training. Zi Xue was very understanding, in this current society there is not one woman who does not hope their lover is the strongest. Finally, on the day before the competition, I successfully broke the level 2 of Mad God Arts, and I also learned the Mad God’s Second Fist – Kaung Zhan Tianxi. My progress in the Demonic Arts were also very surprising, I already neared stage 3’s completion, but here I was stuck. No matter how much I tried I couldn’t get past the peak, the difficulty was even more than when I practiced the first level of the Mad God’s. I was probably at the bottleneck, the time left already does not let me do a sudden breakthrough. The arrival of the competition is imminent.

Teacher Zuang stood on top of the platform and said to all the students: “The day after tomorrow, the school’s Annual Fighting Tournament will begin, next, I will confirm the two people selected for the competition. The students who want to participate please raise their hands.”

Maybe because everyone knew their own capabilities, there were only 5 people who raised their hands, these five people are, me, Feng Wen, Feng Juan, Huo Xing, and Luo Lei. The most surprising was Huo Xing, with his strength, he could not surpass Feng Wen and Feng Juan, unless he join hands with his brother. He unexpectedly also hopes to join the competition. Luo Lei did not just stay idle during this semester, because he lost during the chief’s battle to me, I heard from Feng Wen that this fellow trained to the utmost and his strength also increased greatly.

Teacher Zuang smiled: “Since there are 5 students willing to enter this competition, then, we will hold a few matches here and everyone will be the judge.”

Feng Juan stood up: “Teacher, I am this class’s chief, does that mean I can avoid the competition, since I am the number one in this class. Let the four of them compete, then the winner will be selected along with me.” No way, isn’t she too shameless.

Teacher Zuang said: “I’m afraid this can’t do, through a semester’s worth of training, everyone has different rates of improvement, I hope the five of you can fight fairly.”

Feng Juan resentfully said: “Then you tell us, how are we going to compete?”

Teacher Zuang said: “I already thought of the subject of the competition, each part is: strength, speed, and endurance. All the other students will give points to each of you, a full score is 100, the first will get 100 points and the rest will be graded based on the gap from the first. The two students with the top score will represent us and enter the competition. Does anyone have any objections?”

Hearing the teacher say so, Feng Juan immediately smiled and did not express any objections. She was very confident in her strength and speed, although she was fat but everyone had seen her terrifying speed. I along with the others also did not have any objections.

Teacher Zuang said: “Since everyone agreed, then good, in the afternoon everyone gather in training field #4, and the battle will start from there.”

Training field #4 again, this is the first place where I had to be sent to the infirmary.

Recess for noon just passed, our four classes of Martial-Magic students all gathered there, Teacher Zuang announced: “The competition will begin soon, the students who wish to enter the tournament please step forward. The first round, Test of Strength.”

Feng Juan stood to the front full of confidence, clearly wanting to win this competition. To Teacher Zuang she said: “Teacher, tell us, how are we going to test?”

Teacher Zuang said: “We had prepared earlier, God of Dimensions, I plead with you, please deliver our formation items.” Both of her hands waved, and in midair drew a golden hexagram which then followed her hand gestures and float on top of the ground. In a flash of light, there were suddenly 5 iron balls past the size of 2 meters that appeared on the field.

Teacher Zuang said: “The main point of this strength test is to measure your strength in a short moment, the requirement of the test is to damage your own iron ball as much as possible. You only have one strike, the iron ball is magic-enhanced. Remember, if you hit the iron ball to the ground, it’s not valid, the body of the iron ball itself needs to be damaged, I will help you calculate the damage rate, the one who damages the iron ball the most will be this test’s winner, understand?”

The five of us replied together: “Understood.”

Feng Juan said: “Teacher, let me go first.”

Teacher Zuang smiled and nodded her head: “Alright, then you’ll start first.”

Feng Juan held the iron hammer in her hands tightly and walked to the front of the iron ball. Then extending out her muscles, both of her hands with the hammer began to whirl around, the massive hammer in her hands seemed as if it’s weightless, in a short moment, Feng Juan’s speed reached her limit and gradually we couldn’t see her figure clearly, suddenly from a round whirl she flew up from the ground and loudly shouted: “Large Hammer Whirlwind, break.” A shadow of lightning headed towards the iron ball.

Boom! The shock made everyone’s sense of hearing numbed, although it did not break through the protecting barrier, but the originally big iron ball turned into a half-ball, the strange part was, a strength this big did not strike the iron ball into the ground, it is definitely impressive.

Only I saw clearly, just now Feng Juan’s figure when in midair suddenly sent out some dou qi and cushioned it under the iron ball, one could say it propped the iron ball up and that’s how this result came to be. However, because the dispersal of power the iron ball did not break.

Teacher Zuang said amazed: “Damage rate 50%, Feng Juan, you did very well.”

Sweat could be seen slightly from Feng Juan’s temples, clearly that moment just now consumed a lot of her strength and hearing Teacher Zuang’s words, she proudly said: “Of course, teacher, my position as the chief came from real power.” Saying she’s fat, she really take it as a compliment, really.

Teacher Zuang said: “Then who will be next?”

Huo Xing said: “Teacher, I’ll do it.” Saying so, he took out his longsword and walked over.

I asked Huo Xxing who was next to me: “What’s the deal with your younger brother, doesn’t he know his own strength?”

While watching his brother walk over, Huo Xxing replied: “My brother suffered a lot of hardship recently to train one skill, although he might not be able to step above everyone, but it will definitely shock you, just you wait and see.”

Huo Xing changed from the former day’s complications and with a grave expression he walked to an iron ball, he narrowed his eyes and with both hands holding his longsword, he chanted: “The Great God of fire, please ignore the surrounding fire elements, let the endless flames become my shield.” Red flames along with Huo Xing’s chant began to surround him, becoming stronger and stronger. Huo Xing who was standing in the center was like a flame god, quietly standing there for a long time.

Huo Xing suddenly shouted: “Breakthrough all binds, Holy Flame.” The red flames slowly turned into a white color, becoming an intense light, much like using flame magic.

Huo Xing suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes taking in all. Both of his hands gradually lifted the tip of his sword from bottom to top, a very light weighted longsword in his hands seemed as if it had ten thousand burdens, seemingly looks as if it takes a lot of effort. I could clearly see Huo Xing’s sweat become vapour from the white flame.

I said curiously: “With Huo Xing’s strength, ordinarily he shouldn’t be able to command such a strong flame.”

Huo Xxing leaned near my ear and whispered: “My brother has our family heirloom, it can protect the body and it’s called Fire-Resist Talisman. He is using this to protect himself, he could resist the reverse effects of the flame and in this way he can use upper level magic, although it takes a lot of effort, but it’s doable. You have to keep this a secret for him.”

I said: “Why did you tell me, now I am Huo Xing’s opponent.”

Huo Xxing smiled: “We are brothers[Lei Xiang and him], why should we keep secrets, my brother only came here to show off. After he uses this, he will not have enough strength to go on to the next test. He only wants to prove himself, he’s also very competitive.”

In this test, Huo Xing finally raised the longsword up above his head, using both legs and jumping up highly, he shouted: “Bright Flame Chop.” A white light of brilliance followed his longsword like a chain and flew out, the iron ball in the front under his strong attack, in a flash was divided into two.

I said to Huo Xxing: “This technique is really not bad, it’s attack is super strong, too bad the cast time is too long, if we were opponents, I will definitely not let him have a chance to show this technique.”

Huo Xing used his sword to support his body, gasping he asked the teacher: “Teacher, how many points did I get out of a 100?”

Astonished, Teacher Zuang could not close her mouth: “Huo Xing, you could actually use such a strong magic, you broke the barrier and separated the iron ball into two, you can say it’s 100 out of 100 points.”

Huo Xing’s face upon hearing the teacher’s words showed a proud expression, his body then became slanted and he fainted directly onto the ground.

Huo Xxing quickly ran over to hold him up.

Feng Juan then ran her mouth: “He overestimated his own power, not knowing to save his strength, if just now I used my full strength, humph, I’d definitely also get 100/100 points.”

Feng Wen was the third to go, he was simple, he used the spiral swordplay which was used against me before to successfully pierce the iron ball’s defense barrier, but because there was not enough strength, it did not break the iron ball, but since the barrier was broken, Teacher Zuang gave him 80 points out of a 100.

Luo Lei tested as the 4th one, from somewhere he pulled out a pike, from looks, the quality is even better than the one he had before. Luo Lei used the same way as Feng Wen, also a penetrating attack, except his power was weaker than Feng Wen’s and Luo Lei’s magic under this condition did not show its true strength (of course, it means his level is still not good enough). At the end he did not break the barrier but left a hole on the iron ball. Teacher Zuang gave him 30 points out of 100.

Finally it was my turn, I walked naturally to the last iron ball, and standing in front of it, I circulated my Mad God dou qi which was already at the second stage. My body gently jumped up and arrived at a high angle from the iron ball, then gently a palm pat against the iron ball (I learned this from father-in-law, although before when fighting it seemed world-shaking with a very good feeling, but I still feel it’s not as natural and elegant as father-in-law’s, that’s why today I changed the style), the iron ball fell to the ground from what seems like a light palm strike of mine.

Feng Juan saw this and laughed out loud, shouting: “Handsome, you can’t just use brute force, this is useless, I’m guessing you won’t even get 1 point out of a 100.”

Seeing her I became annoyed, giving her a look, I said in a cold voice: “Shut your stinky mouth, look at it yourself.”

Hearing me curse at her, Feng Juan immediately wanted to flare up, but soon she became dumbfounded by the sight before her eyes, the iron ball which originally fell on the ground from my strike in a flash blew to pieces, with a sound of boom the training field exploded with a big hole and the iron ball disappeared, only on the ground there were scattered iron pieces. Just now I used Kuang Feng Bao Yu, except I condensed the dou qi into one and from where I hit it to the explosion that will come, the iron ball under my dou qi and opposing attacks, if it did not turn into fragments then it would be strange.

I said very fiercely to Feng Juan: “I wonder if it’s a meatball like you or the iron ball that is harder.”

Feng Juan became scared under my strong power and continuously said: “The iron ball is harder, the iron ball is harder.”

I snorted satisfied and returned to our group.

While Teacher Zuang looked at me as if I’m a monster, she announced: “Lei Xiang, damage rate: 100 out of a 100.”

While Huo Xxing took care of his brother, he said to me: “Lei, you are awesome, your strength grew by so much.”

I indifferently said: “Strength was originally my forte, this is nothing.”

Teacher Zuang announced: “The first round of testing ends, Huo Xing and Lei Xiang are both number 1 with a damage rate of 100 out of a 100. If nobody has any objections, then the first round will follow a calculation from 100 points.”

Feng Juan did not get the highest accumulated points and felt very resentful, but I stood there and she did not dare say anything. She knew, I would definitely take the top spot, she could only try to be number 1 in other tests, although Huo Xing also got a 100 points in the first test, but with his body he could not continue. Currently not doing any calculations, Feng Wen’s first test was 80 points, still higher than hers by 30, she could only try to catch up to him. Inwards, Feng Juan secretly tried to hold herself back.

Teacher Zuang said: “Alright, we will begin the next test, from here to the school entrance there is less than a 1000 meters difference, whoever can use the quickest speed to complete 3 back and forths, then they will be first, which student is willing to be in charge of the school entrance supervising.”

Luo Lei suddenly said: “Teacher, I will withdraw from this competition, then let me go over and supervise.” Luo Lei saw my strength just now and was inwardly shocked and gave up in planning to compete with me, in the strength test he was the last, it seemed very uncertain to advance in rank, so why not be more generous and withdraw himself.

Teacher Zuang said: “Since you willingly withdrew from the competition, then you can go supervise the school entrance.”

The three of us left stood at the starting line, under Teacher Zuang’s whistle, immediately 3 bodies flew out like an arrow.

Feng Wen took the lead and Feng Juan followed tightly from behind, I fell to the back. I used a flying technique and tried to lower my body weight as much as possible. Despite so, it couldn’t compare to Feng Wen’s wind magic which he grew up practicing, and Feng Juan, I don’t know how she did it, her figure was only at my waist and her weight was past mine, but her movements were unusually swift, she was practically like a bouncing meatball.

The 3 back and forths ended very quickly, Feng Wen naturally got 100 points, Feng Juan 80 points, and I sadly only received 50 points.

After these two tests, Feng Wen stood up top with accumulated points of 180, I had 150, then Feng Juan with 130 points.

The third test is also the last, competing with endurance, Teacher Zuang said: “The last test, to ensure fairness, I specially invited the 3rd year Magic-martial students to help you guys with the test.” Saying so she extended her hand to the air and drew a small hexagram, seems as if she was using closeby information transmitting space magic.

Third-years? What test will they give us?

After a short while, from the outside came 9 people, from looks, they were definitely not weak. Teacher Zuang said: “These are your seniors from the 3rd year, for the last test they will do the examination, they will attack in teams of 3 against each of you. These 9 students all went through serious selection from the third-year martial-magic teacher and I, their strength is average and this is definitely fair.”

Feng Juan couldn’t help but ask: “Teacher, how will these seniors test us?”

Teacher Zuang smiled: “It’s very simple, each of you will try to withstand the 3 seniors’ attacks, and whoever last the longest will be the winner.”

I almost fainted, 3 against 1, and the opponents are seniors, we have to thank Teacher Zuang for thinking this up.

Teacher Zuang said: “OK, then we’ll begin, to ensure fairness, the 3 groups will attack at the same time.”

Feng Juan’s hands held her large hammer and with a loud shout dashed over, her imposing dash forward really made the 3 seniors in charge of exchanging blows with her jump.

Feng Wen was much more polite, he said, seniors please take care of me and quickly moved over.

As for me, I firmly walked over one step at a time, my whole body emitting a strong aura. Out of the 3 seniors against me, 2 were magic-martial students, and the other one used a strange bladed weapon. The look was very odd: it was two big and long claw-like thing which covered his hands. Seeing me walk over, this senior wearing iron claws was the first to attack, after a long hiss he jumped to the sky, both hands extended out like a saintly eagle. The other two seniors also waved their magic swords and dashed towards me.

No wonder they were 3rd year students, their true strength was much higher than our class. If one-on-one, I probably could win, but 1 against 3, it’s hard to say. From my hand went a few ice cones to the senior up above, and quickly treading forward, a fist was thrown.

The senior above’s claws suddenly sent out two waves of lightning, smashing the ice cones I just threw out to pieces, as if nothing had changed he continued to pounce on me, but since I treaded forward a step, he struck against my back instead.

I was shocked at his speed not being decreased even a bit, the palm strike I threw out forced the fire sword magic senior on the left to withdraw, but it became a situation where I was sandwiched front and back. I clenched my teeth: “Kuang Feng Bao Yu.” Then I punched heavily on the ground. My target was the senior in the front. At the moment my Mad God’s dou qi rushed up from under his feet, he probably discovered the waves of the qi and rapidly lept up, trying to avoid my attack. This Kuang Feng Bao Yu of mine was meant to attack from the front, although he avoided a direct attack but he could not avoid the aftermath. The ground loudly exploded, the wild qi mixed together with the fragments blasted to the front, completely surrounding the one senior who was forced to withdraw and the one who had to jump one. The two desperately tried to brandish their magic swords to block off the qi-enhanced fragment attacks.

Although I achieved a good result from this Kuang Feng Bao Yu attack, but from the back I received a hit from the senior. In the instant he clawed at me, my body hurriedly flash past, withstanding most of the attack’s power, at the same time I used Tian Lei Xia Jia and sent out my Mad God’s dou qi.

A sharp qi drew out stabs of pain from my back, immediately followed was a wave of paralysis. Ah, his attack carried the lightning property. I lowly groaned and turned to grab at his iron claw, this senior was very flexible, although he was shocked at my defense but his reaction was not slowed at all. When his attack hit, he rapidly soared up, just avoiding my counterattack.

I snorted angrily and cast a flying technique on myself, my body becoming more agile, the tip of my foot hit the ground and my body dashed forward to the two seniors who were flustered still from my Kuang Feng Bao Yu attack. Even though these two seniors were not weak, but they could not completely block off my full attack just now, these two both received minor injuries.

My biggest advantage was my strong dou qi, I have to take advantage of when they haven’t gather together yet to attack, when I beat two of them then I will have a chance to win. However my plan did not go accordingly, the senior in the sky chopped at me with a wave of lightning. When I reacted it was too late, the lightning accurately hit my body and an intense paralysis made me lose track of all senses. At the moment, the Demonic Arts came into big use, an ice-cold feeling circulated through my whole body, and I recovered in a very short time. Now I am an unusually sorry figure, the clothes on my black was torn apart from the senior’s iron claw, then followed with a lightning strike, most parts of my clothes were charred black, and all strands of my hair stood up.

The two magic sword seniors tread forward, and one of them said: “Junior, admit defeat, although you are strong,under our combined attacks, you don’t have any chance.”

I sneakily looked over to Feng Wen and Feng Juan, both of them were still continuing. Feng Wen was too sly, he made use of his superiority in wind magic, he did not directly confront his opponents at all, borrowing his nimble body it was a game of cat and mice. Feng Juan’s side was even more terrifying, she was like a wild tiger (tiger mom?), waving around her big hammer creating a whirlwind, the few seniors over there could really do nothing to her, if I admit defeat now I would be in danger of being eliminated, no way, I still have to battle with Li Wa, how I can easily admit defeat.

I coldly snorted: “Come, I will not admit defeat. Kuang Feng Bao Yu.” Again, my first heavily struck against the ground, intimidating the two seniors to rapidly dash back to try to avoid my abnormal attack. But they thought wrong, this time I wasn’t trying to get them, but the Lightning Eagle behind me (I gave him a nickname).

The senior behind me electrified me just now and thought I would definitely admit defeat, but he did not expect I would be so tenacious, he just decided to continue his attack and the ground in front of him split open, a powerful dou qi rushed towards him. My body also followed the dou qi and dashed towards him. This Lightning Eagle senior showed his real strength in the critical moment, while flying back he chanted: “God of Thunder, take the abrupt earth, come out, Dark Thunder Wall.” In front of him quickly condensed a wall of flickering electricity, not only did it cancel out my dou qi , but it also prevented the fragments from going forward.

When he withstood Kuang Feng Bao Yu, I also arrived and I attacked with a heavy fist. Because my hand was enveloped in Mad God’s dou qi , and his Dark Thunder Wall had just withstood my Kuang Feng Bao Yu and already spent all its power, it was easily broken through by me.

Senior crossed both of his claws in front of him in an attempt to withstand my punch, I coldly snorted, and my dou qi exploded. Senior produced a sad and shrill scream and was expelled away from my attack. I guess he won’t be able to fight for a few days. This is still when I was being lenient on him, otherwise, even if he did not die, both of his arms would have been crippled. Who told you to strike at me with lightning, this is called an eye for an eye. This was all completed in the instant when the electric light came out, when the two magic sword seniors reacted, Lightning Eagle senior was already heavily struck against the training field’s barrier walls.

After I disposed of him everything was much better. When I wanted to continue to fight with the other two seniors, Teacher Zuang’s voice sounded: “Lei Xiang, stop, you already won.” I stared blankly and turned my head, Feng Juan’s big hammer was already struck away and she was sitting on the ground circulating her chi. Feng Wen was not much better than her, his clothes were also charred like mine, he also lost some hair, but it wasn’t from electricity but from fire. Turns out, Feng Wen dodged just earlier while thinking, he would definitely be first, no one would hit him, he only had to hold out until Lei Xiang and Feng Juan was struck out from the attacks. However, his swift movements angered his opponents, two seniors wrapped around him while the other senior who was good at fire magic used a fire staff to cast a high level omnidirectional fire magic, taking care of Feng Wen. When he was being taken care of, it was at the moment when I struck senior Lightning Eagle away, Teacher Zuang already saw I won and was afraid I would get hurt so she immediately stopped the test.

The one who was the most unfortunate and injured the most was Lightning Eagle, Teacher Zuang after announcing Feng Wen and I will be entered for the tournament, immediately used water magic to heal him. The other two seniors who fought with me walked to my side, the fire magic sword senior said: “Junior, not bad, the three of us joining hands still ended up in such a sorry state, looks like, this grade’s champion will definitely be you.”

The seniors’ powerful real strength also won my respect, I politely said: “This is all because our seniors went easy on me, that Lightning Eagle senior, later on I’ll have to trouble you two to help me explain, I really could not hold back.”

The two seniors looked at each other and smiled: “Lei Xiang, this nickname really suits him, he is called Piao Rui and is the strongest amongst us. The two of us are weaker in comparison so we are grouped together, he is also representing our class to enter the tournament, in the future if you have the opportunity you will fight together again. Don’t worry, he will not blame you, he loves making friends with strong people.”

I said worried: “Then won’t his injuries affect his participation in the tournament?”

One senior said: “It won’t, this fellow’s bones are very hard, also teacher Zuang is treating him, he will definitely be fine.”

Except for Feng Juan who left groaning, the other students congratulated Feng Wen and I. Even Luo Lei came over and said to me: “Lei Xiang, I admit I am indeed not your match, but, you have to be careful, I will continue to work hard, and there will be a day, I will defeat you.”

I smiled: “Anytime. That Lightning Eagle senior is pretty worth it for you to learn from, if not for luck, I wouldn’t have been able to defeat him.” Luo Lei’s eyes lit up at my words and he turned to leave.

Teacher Zuang broke up our group and called Feng Wen and I to the office.

Teacher Zuang smiled and said: “How is it, don’t I have sharp eyes? I just knew you two will defeat the others.”

Feng Wen smiled bitterly: “Teacher, our win this time did not come easily, look at Lei Xiang and I, we are two charred people.” Feng Wen and I looked at each other, saw each other’s sorry state and burst into laughter.

Teacher Zuang said: “Alright, both of you stop laughing, asking you to come here, the main point is to direct you in your battle techniques.”

Turns out she wants to instruct us on our techniques, Feng Wen and I immediately became serious, Teacher Zuang continued: “Feng Wen, do you know at the end what you lost in?”

At a loss, Feng Wen said: “The opponent’s magic was too strong, it was an omnidirectional attack, I couldn’t avoid it.”

Teacher Zuang lightly shook her head: “That’s not right, the reason you lost was because you weren’t fast enough, today Teacher will teach you 3 words, if you can understand it then you will be invincible.”

Feng Wen said surprised: “Which three words?”


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