Chapter 7

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Volume 2 Chapter 7: A Leap in Power

Translated by: Demenious

Edited By: M2t5

Converted By: It

The Count shouted, “Halt” and the underlings who were encroaching towards me halted. He roared at me angrily, “Kid, were you the one who killed my son?”

I glanced around at the soldiers before refocusing on the count, snickering coldly I replied, “ I assume you are the Count, Bai Tian, if so, then yes I crushed him to death.”

Bai Tian was so angry that he laughed, and said, “You already knew who I was yet you still dared to kill my only son? Today, I shall bury you with him.”

I grinned coldly, “Spoil the child, blame the father. You should be glad that I killed that scumbag son for you, erasing that mark of shame from your family.”

Bai Tian let out a forlorn moan. He suddenly disappeared and reappeared right at my side, holding his spear firmly. His qi produced a ‘pu’ ‘pu’ sound in the air.Bai Tian’s strength was really close to that of a Light Knight. While he was not as relaxed or elegant as the Duke, he was far more ruthless.

I knew that if I tried to face Tian head on, I wouldn’t survive to tell the tale nine out of ten times. Even if I somehow managed to defeat him, I would be too exhausted to break through the soldiers encircling me. In the blink of an eye, I made my decision. I chose to defend.  

I tried to dodge Bai Tian’s thrust by moving to the right at high speed. Although I evaded the spear, my arm emitted a searing pain as I was brushed by the qi which was surrounding his spear. If anyone else had taken that attack, I’m afraid that their arm would have been completely crippled.

Using the time I bought dodging his attack, I started to chant, “Darkness condense in thy Soul, To have fallen is to have been freed, Awaken: Myriad of magical powers that hast slept in myst Blood.” This time, the transformation was much smoother. My body let out a black aura and I instantly transformed into a two winged Fallen Angel. I immediately unsheathed Mo Ming to block the spear that was rushing towards me.

Bai Tian staggered for a moment and said, “You are a Fallen Angel from the demon clan!!!”

I coldly laughed, “That’s right, if you’re scared then get lost. I might spare your life.”

Bai Tian narrowed his eyes, “Being a Fallen Angel does not change anything, do not forget I am also a Dragon Knight. You will not leave here alive!”

I laughed loudly, and said with a voice full of scorn, “You are nothing but a shadow of your former glory. Where is your Dragon? Where? I am sure you know the result of this battle better than I do; a Dragon Knight without a dragon cannot rival a Fallen Angel.”

Bai Tian suddenly showed a sinister smile, he suddenly retreated and shouted “GET HIM!”

I was taken aback. Even though I know that Tian wished to exhaust me with his underlings, these small fries wouldn’t even be able to take one hit from me in my normal form.

Bai Tian had the guards surround me, all of them trying to kill me. While he only brought three hundred personal guards, these guards were all extremely skilled. They were all handpicked by the Count over the years; and the weakest of the guards were at least of the middle tier.

I figured something was wrong as soon as I started fighting. A slash of my sword would only kill five soldiers, and injure a few more. That attack was not as smooth as I assumed it would be. They continued to charge at me in waves, and like the ocean battering a rock, I continued to attack and defend against them. All this time Bai Tian stood off to the side, coolly watching his soldiers get slaughtered.

I used Kuang Feng Bao Yu to its full potential; every time I hit the ground, the ground exploded nearby. The attack was impossible to block, and with each usage the amount of deaths continued to increase.

I beat my wings to fly up into the air as I chanted, “With my soul as the sacrifice, oh great God of Darkness, I request thee, lend me thy Fire of Hell, use its infinite demonic power to exterminate and annihilate all beings that livest before me. Black Fire” It was a level five Black Magic spell that rains black fire down upon its enemies. This fire is almost indestructible and will continue to burn until the target dies. For some reason, the bracelet that Teacher Zhuang gave me didn’t increase the power of this magic.

Bai Tian finally made a move, he leaped into the sky and his spear turned into countless shadows, blocking out even the sunlight. His silver qi spread out in all directions and extinguished most of the black fire I had created. In this moment, he displayed both his strength and cunning; he was able to dissolve my attack, and force me back into the encirclement.

Just when I was about to attack the Count, a brave warrior jumped in front of me and blocked me from going further. I was furious, all their courageous actions lit the fire of fury in my heart. I pushed my Mad Demonic Power to it’s limits and pounced on one soldier after another. Every soldier I came across looked like they had gone through a meat grinder when I was done with them.

In an hours time, the road was filled with all kinds of corpses and torn limbs. Of the 300 personal guards, not one survived, every single one of them died at my hands. If I had faced this attrition tactic in the past, I would have died, but since I trained my Demonic Arts to the 4th tier, I survived. But that wasn’t to say that the battle was easy, I had already lost a lot of my energy, I just had enough energy to stand my ground. I had to use Mo Ming to keep myself from falling down. I looked at Bai Tian with cold eyes and scorned, “You are despicable, you sacrificed all your subordinates using this attrition tactic to tire me.”

Bai Tian said with disdain, “What’s wrong with using attrition tactics? If I can attain the final victory, do the methods matter? Brothers, take care on your way to hell, I will avenge you all very soon.” Bai Tian’s spear turned into an arc of lightning and it stabbed at me with great speed.

Although I was tired, I still tried to block his spear with Mo Ming. But it seemed that I was too exhausted. I blocked the physical spear, but the qi grazed me on the shoulder. I took a few steps back as Bai Tian landed on the ground. He looked surprised as he asked, “Brat, your skin is really thick. Are you a new type of Fallen Angel? Anyways, It has not been long since you have awakened, so even without my dragon, you wouldn’t be able to win against me in a fair fight. Die!”

Bai Tian spoke the truth, his spear work and marksmanship were on a whole different level. The spear would appear and disappear in quick succession and his qi was abnormally sharp. Even with the toughness of my defense, I wouldn’t dare take his attacks head on. After a few attacks, my body was full of gashes, cuts, and wounds. If this continues, then there is only one outcome, my death.

Bai Tian suddenly stopped attacking me and said, “Brat, I admit you are tough, but now I will be taking your life.” His spear suddenly pointed towards the sky and a powerful silver qi shaped like water snakes was emitted by his body. Countless snakes appeared and settled in the surroundings as he shouted,  “Take my hidden technique——Silver Snake Wild Dance.” He leaped into the air, and his spear transformed into the form of countless snakes, covering the sky as they all pounced towards me.

A little before he had finished accumulating energy for his attack, I condensed what was left of my power and used my wings to fly up in the air. I then transferred my entire body’s strength into Mo Ming. I shouted “Kuang Long Ji Wu!” just when Bai Tian released his hidden technique. I let Mo Ming lead my body through the attack, as I wildly spun, transforming into a torrent of bared fangs and brandished claws like that of a black dragon to attack my opponent.

The two attacks violently collided in the air. The thirty meter area below us was filled with an outburst of air from the shockwave of our two forces colliding. Immediately afterwards, I dropped from the sky, falling like a meteorite into the ground, creating a crater centered around my body.

Bai Tian’s face was pale as he fell to the ground six meters away from me. Although my attack made him suffer some damage, he was a lot better off than I was. He was able to support his body with his spear and say with a voice full of hatred, “You suffered six heavy blows from me… you should definitely be dead… Ah?”

While he spoke, he discovered my body slowly crawling out from the crater. Indeed, I had been struck by the Count six times, and my body was covered in blood. The only reason I survived was the strong defense I inherited from the Beamon tribe, which prevented Bai Tian’s qi from invading into my flesh. I sustained some deep wounds and some of my bones were visible, but it still was not enough to kill me.

Bai Tian instinctively took two steps back. He had never thought that anyone could endure such heavy blows from him and still survive; not even a Fallen Angel.

Mo Ming was lying somewhere far away. Every part of my body was convulsing with pain, but I still did not give up. After my transformation into a Fallen Angel, my head was kept clear. Having a clear mind is one of the reasons why a Fallen Angel can rival a Dragon Knight. A dying fallen Angel may turn the tables on a Dragon Knight who let down his guard, thinking that the battle had already been won. Resulting in great damage to both sides.

Bai Tian also seemed to have realized this too and he swiftly backed away even further while cautiously looking at me.

I had next to no power left in my body and I was utterly unable to fight any longer. I stood there staring at him, while doing everything I could to scrounge up some power and speed up my body’s recovery.

After staring at me unmoving for a while, Bai Tian saw that something was odd. He suddenly appeared at my side and used the stick of his spear, smashed my back. My body flew forwards and did not stop until I hit a tree beside the road.

All the power that I had gathered during the pause in the battle, were dispersed by Bai Tian’s blow. The energy in my meridian channels were completely messed up and scattered. And blood constantly seeped from my mouth. My body was at its limit.

Bai Tian pursued me while laughing loudly, pointing his spear at me he ridiculed, “I thought you had some trick up your sleeve, but it turned out that you are nothing more than an arrow at the end of its flight! Die kid.” He lunged forward and stabbed his spear at my head. Even though my defense is strong, I would not be able to survive if I was hit by that attack.

At the borderline of life and death, I pushed my body to it’s limit, desperately exerting my utmost strength to roll over in order to avoid this fatal attack.

Bai Tian did not stop his pursuit. One spear thrust after another came aiming at my vitals. My body was already refusing to follow my brain. I just barely managed to avoid having my vitals hit, instead the attacks created deep wounds all over my body.

Bai Tian continued to pursue me saying, “You little hybrids are really durable, I will see how long you can last. Today you will die by dismemberment! I’ll cut your flesh apart piece by piece and make you regret ever living!” However the Count did not anticipate that his taunting would bring about his own death.

Bai Tian’s words echoed in my ears. I felt my entire body rapidly rise to a boiling temperature; I could not stand how people called me a hybrid, does a hybrid not deserve life? I let out a deafening roar and pushed against the the ground sending me seven meters away. My wings covered with black feathers, were spread completely open. I maintained my balance and I stared at the Count with flames of hatred.

My eyes, black due to the transformation into a Fallen Angel, turned red, followed by my hair and starting from the root to the feathers of the wings. I am no longer a Fallen Angel but a Crimson Angel. The various wounds on my body started healing at a rapid pace. My hair fluttered in the still air. Even I did not know I could go berserk while being transformed as a Fallen Angel. It was supposed to be impossible to go berserk, since Fallen Angels are always clear minded, so there was no way to experience emotion, much less become deranged like I do while going berserk.

Even so Bai Tian’s words made the deepest and darkest emotions rise from the bottom of my heart. Causing the flames of fury to explode out at once, allowing me to go berserk.

Bai Tian was stunned by my mutation, he murmured, “You…Wha, what kind of monster are you?”

My voice was as cold as ten thousand pieces of dark ice, filled with desolation as I said, “You detestable human, go die.” My body turned into a flash of lightning and charged at Bai Tian. Bai Tian instantly lifted his spear in an attempt to block my attack, but the spear was reduced to dust due to my overpowering force. I penetrated past him and in a second I was 33 meters behind Bai Tian, his entire body exploded, leaving a rain of blood where he stood.

I remained barely conscious, but I realized that I shouldn’t stay here for very long. I picked up Mo Ming and promptly fled a long distance away.

My speed has increased to an unimaginable speed, the scenery flew past my ears, making a hu~ hu~ sound. I maintained a straight flight path, breaking through any obstacles that stood in my way. No impediment hindered me for even a second.

After a long time, my berserk blood slowly cooled down. My entire body weakened while I was still in mid air, I fell, unconscious before I hit the ground.

I woke up feeling an incredibly intense pain coming from all over my body. I soon discovered that I couldn’t even move one finger. The battle with Bai Tian was clear and distinct, I remembered how the wounds on my body recovered when I transformed into a Crimson Angel. What I fear is the condition of my internal wounds.

TL note:Meridian Channel( jingmai )are passages through which vital energy circulates, regulating bodily functions

All of my meridian channels were completely blocked. Some channels had become displaced, causing abnormal pains all over my body. I could only move my body slightly while enduring the pain. Transforming placed a huge burden on my body, and two transformations at the same time would increase the strain on the body even more. I successfully killed Bai Tian but only at the price of injuring my body greatly.

I managed to deal with the pain enough to take out a Bi Gu Dan and stuff it into my mouth. Then I closed my eyes and quietly circulated my qi to see if I could dredge my meridian channels. But I found that this did not help much, my magical powers and qi were abnormally disordered. Every time I tried to circulate my energy, it got stuck and clogged at every meridian channel. Not only that but the amount of energy that I possessed was so small that it was pitiful. I become scared; will my life be wasted just like this?

NO! No, I won’t. I still have my dream to accomplish, how can I just let myself waste away right now, right here?

For some reason, I looked towards my side. I could see Mo Ming lying close by through the pure white moonlight. I used my hands and legs, and with difficulty I started crawling towards it. My dearest friend, even if I die, I will die with you in my hand.

I had not even crawled for twice before I fainted from the intense pain. When I woke up, I continued to crawl towards Mo Ming. The distance was so short, not even 10 meters, but I had already fainted six times just trying to crawl to it.  At long last, I successfully pounced on Mo Ming’ body. I lay on top of it with a satisfied smile on my face and fainted for the seventh time.

A cold presence flowed into my chest, comforting me in my depression. I slowly opened my eyes and felt that I was lying on top of Mo Ming, a freezing aura was coming from it. I dared to hope again, and used my consciousness to direct the icy cold presence into my dantian. I hoped to clear my meridian channels using Mo Ming. But Mo Ming’ power was weak, clearing one meridian channel took an abnormally long time, seven days and seven nights. And that was just to clear one tiny channel in my dantian. My black magic absorbed the remains of my energy and started to produce more dark energy.

I knew with the severity of my condition, I could not recover in a short amount of time. It was best that I calmed down, and continuously clear my blocked channels with what little energy I had.

I spent one month slowly clearing my meridian channels. Although I had only recovered less than twenty percent of my meridian channels, I can already move without feeling any pain. I just need to avoid using qi and my body should not experience any more of that wracking pain.’ During this month, I became thinner.(one round thinner)

TL: Chinese way of measurement of body(round).Very descriptive, no specific measurement.

It is about the time that school starts, so there is no more time for me to recover. I managed to find a mountain stream to clean the dirt off my back. I took out a new set of clothes from my backpack and changed into them. I hastily began my journey back to school. This experience has made me thirst for power even more than before. I swore to be strong enough to control the power of a Crimson Angel transformation. If one day I can become a Four Winged Crimson Angel at will, nobody on the continent could oppose me.

Even though I had recovered somewhat, walking was still difficult. It was just a journey of one day, but it took me four days to complete it.

At long last, I saw the Tian Du Academy once again. Supporting myself with Mo Ming, I dragged my feet inside. Once I passed the the school entrance, I went straight to Teacher Zhuang’s office.

I arrived only to find no one in the office. I sat at the stairs, strenuously circulating my body’s two lumps of weak energy (I only retrieved a very small amount of Mad God qi and Dark magical power, so I distributed them into two parts) to flow into the paths of six blocked meridian channels. Along with the circulation of energy, my body felt a lot more comfortable. In the afternoon, Teacher Zhuang finally returned, and when she saw me nearly fall down while sitting on the stairs she was flabbergasted.

She quickly supported me with one hand and asked anxiously, “Lei Xiang, what’s happened to you?”

I looked at her weakly and replied, “Sister, let’s talk in your office.”

Teacher Zhuang nodded, she rushed to open the office’s door and went in while supporting me. Sitting on the chair, I felt a little more comfortable. Teacher Zhuang asked, “Brother, what’s wrong? When you returned a few days late, I knew, something must have happened to you. So what on earth has happened? Hurry up and tell me.”

I softly sighed, and I answered, “I was too impatient when I trained and caused qigong deviation. If not for my incredible luck, I would not have been able to come back here to meet you.” I thought about this excuse beforehand since the body condition I have right now is similar to qigong deviation.

///TL: zhou huo ru muo (qigong deviation) is a Chinese term traditionally used to indicate that something has gone wrong in martial arts training, believed to result from “improper practice” of qigong and other self-cultivation techniques.

Teacher Zhuang was terrified. She abruptly pulled my hand over and pressed on my vein, checking for my pulse. When I saw her eyebrows frown, I knew that she couldn’t do anything to help my body condition.

Teacher Zhuang let go of my hand and frowned, “Your meridian channels are very disordered, even with my power I can’t identify your body conditions clearly.”

I shook my head and said, “Sister, you don’t have to feel troubled for me. I will slowly dredge the meridian channels myself. The pace of clearing my meridians has already increase a lot compared to when I started.( With every meridian channel cleared, my power will increases a little, and dredging the next channel will be a lot easier.)”

Teacher Zhuang nodded and said,“Let me ask the vice principal to check on you, there must be a way to treat you.” Without waiting for my reply, she ran out. Sister’s concern for me is truly from the bottom of her heart, making my heart felt nice and warm. I know, I’m no longer a lonely and helpless human, demon, and beast mixed-breed.

In a short while, Teacher Zhuang and the vice principal barged in. The vice principal went into a rage the second he saw me, “You brat, is training something you can rush through? You didn’t stick to the basics and proceed step by step and see what happens? Mishap. Now let me have a look.” As he spoke, he grabbed my wrist checking for my pulse.

Vice principal let go of my hand and said,“You training is mainly focussed on black magic, and I have never seen qi like yours. Your body’s meridian channels are 70 percent clogged, I’m surprised that you were able walk back alive, giggle all you want you little brat. I can’t do anything to improve your condition either, you can only depend on your own power. How about this, I’ll prepare a meditation room for you, and Teacher Zhuang will be in charge of sending you food everyday. You can recover there by yourself. If there are any questions, you can come and ask me or Xiao Zhuang. Oh Xiao Zhuang, don’t tell anyone about Lei Xiang’s condition, I will personally report this to the principle. Lei Xiang, you are our academy’s star of hope, you must recover as soon as possible, don’t worry about other unimportant things.”

TL: Xiao means little. It’s a way of addressing people younger than you casually.

I nodded and said, “Thank you sir, vice principal. I’ll be more careful the next time I train.”

Vice principal sighed and said amiably, “You are a good kid, very determined. You must understand that raising your power is not something that can be done  in short period of time. Progress is only made in an orderly way; it would be best if you improved step by step.”

I said gratefully, “As you wish sir.”

The vice principal said, “While there are fewer people moving about, follow me. I’ll bring you to my place so that you can peacefully rest.”

I followed the vice principal to his resting place. This is a small one-story building suited for one person. He brought me to the basement and said, “This place is well ventilated, although it is a little simple and crude, it’s quite an appropriate place for you to recover. These kind of qigong deviation injuries can only be recovered in silence, that’s why I didn’t send you to the hospital. Everyday Xiao Zhuang will tend to your needs.”

I said, “This place is already very good. I will try hard to train myself and recover my body to it’s peak condition as soon as possible.”

The vice principal said, “You cannot be hasty while treating this injury. Wait until you have recovered around fifty to sixty percent of your meridian channels before going back to your classes. Sigh….. I’m afraid you will be spending this term in recovery. Actually, the principal and I were going to let you in the Tian Long Zu, but as it is now, I’m afraid that it is not possible anymore. We will talk about it more next term.” An expression of regret and compassion flowed out from his face.

After the vice principal left, I lay on the bed and rested. The vice principal is really nice to me, letting me use this basement so that I can comfortably heal my injuries. I started to wonder about Zi Xue; how is she? Damn that old man Bai Tian, if it wasn’t for him, I would have been able to  meet Zi Xue right now, and perhaps I could even clear up our misunderstanding.

I hasten the two powers, each flowing into different meridian channels, and started my recovery process.

Two months later, my body’s condition had dramatically improved; I had opened up most of my meridian channels and only a few meridians needed to be repaired. I had recovered 60 percent of my energy. Today as always, Teacher Zhuang delivered my food. I said, “Sister, my injuries are a lot better now, please inform the principal that I wish to go back to class. It has been two months since school started, if I don’t go now, I will fall too far behind.”

Teacher Zhuang smiled and asked, “Have you really gotten better?”

I nodded seriously and answered, “My power has been restored to about 60 percent or so.”

Teacher Zhuang pressed my pulse, feeling my body’s energy fluctuation, she said while being amazed, “Such strong power and it is only 60 percent of power? It seemed you didn’t get a qigong deviation for nothing. If you are wholly recovered, your strength will be increased to a whole new level.” This is due to my Demonic Arts and Mad God Arts both breaking through a tier. But my power increased the most from my Demonic Arts, which broke through a difficult level. Even with the 60% I have recovered right now, I’m stronger than I was when I fought Li Wa in the competition.

I said, “Perhaps it’s due to a stroke of good luck. During qigong deviation, my qi changed a bit, moving up a tier.”

Teacher Zhuang asked, “What kind of qi do you practice? To move up such a large amount as a tier from a qigong deviation. If all qi responded to qigong deviations like yours, I would experience it myself.”

I smiled bitterly, “Do you think qigong deviation is comfortable? If it wasn’t for my good luck, I might not be able to meet you again, much less improve my qi. Also my qi is only suitable to be practiced and learned by men. Sister is so beautiful, it would be a shame if your appearance changed due to learning this qi.”

Teacher Zhuang chuckled, “Then about forget it, I’ll go back and tell the vice principal. Oh right, Zi Xue has been coming to ask me whether you have come back or not every single day. I avoided telling you so that it wouldn’t affect your recovery. The way she was looking for you, it seems that the misunderstanding was cleared up age ago. Hurry up and find her soon.”

Sending teacher Zhuang away, I continued to heal. After training for a little while, but Zi Xue kept lingering in my heart making me unable to calm down.


The next day, I was “released” by the vice principal. He asked a few questions and let me go back to my class.

When I walked into the classroom, I caused an uproar. After finding and getting back to my seat, Huo Xxing asked, “Lei Xiang my brother, where did you run off to? You actually came back to class two months late!”

I smiled bitterly, “It’s hard to tell everything at once so I’ll tell you all about it when there’s a chance.”

Due to my challenge against Li Wa during my school days, I now had a little fame in the academy. Right after the first class ended, the students in my class surrounded me and asked all kinds of questions, especially the girls. In the end, I had no choice but to put on a cold face to scare them all away.

Just when I let out a sigh of relief, the door to the classroom burst open. My eyes followed the direction everyone was looking. There I found Zi Xue standing at the entrance with a pale face. She was a little thinner than before. Looking at her haggard appearance pained my heart. I stood up and sped towards her, Zi Xue also rushed towards me and jumped into my arms and started crying.

I hugged her waist, too emotional to speak a word.

We stood there hugging each other until we heard Teacher Zhuang’s cough, on which we split up embarrassed. Zi Xue’s face was as red as a ripe apple, lowering her voice she said, “After school in the afternoon, let’s meet in the canteen.” Finished speaking, she turned and ran out.

Teacher Zhuang walked to my side, said softly whispered, “Brother, next time be careful in school. After all there are rules regarding relationships. Zi Xue,is not a bad girl, treasure her well. Right now go back to your seat, class is starting.”

I absentmindedly attended the class and remained just like that until class ended in the afternoon. Once recess started I ran to the canteen and waited for Zi Xue. After a short wait, two purple-haired beauties appeared in front of me. Zi Yan also came with Zi Xue. I greet them excitedly. Pulling Zi Xue I said, “Zi Xue……”

Zi Yan coughed and said, “Be a little more careful, don’t forget that we are still in school.”

I frowned,”Why did you came with her?”

Zi Yan flared up in anger, “Why? can I not come with my sister? Or do you not want to see me? Have I become a third wheel to your relationship? Don’t forget what father told you, I’m…”

EN: Raws said “your light bulb” instead of third wheel…

I turned my head, ignoring Zi Yan and said to Zi Xue, “The incident last time….”

Zi Xue pressed my lips with her small hands and said, “It was all my fault, I misunderstood you. Now I understand everything. Can you forgive me?” She lowered head.

I answered with joy, “It’s nothing, just as long as you don’t part with me.”

Zi Yan spoke at a side, “Where did your run off to those days? Do you how much you worried Zi Xue?”

I replied, “I went out to train in a deserted place, but I was not careful and I caused a qigong deviation.”

Zi Xue was shocked and asked, “You had qigong deviation, how are you right now?”

I stroke her head and smiled, then I said, “It’s fine now, don’t worry. Actually, I had tried to hurry back when school started, but that time I was very weak, so vice principal prepared for me a place to recover first. Now that I’ve recovered  most of my power, I came back to class.”

Zi Yan questioned me with dissatisfaction, “Then why did you not come to meet Zi Xue in the first place?”

Zi Xue pulled her sister and said, “It’s fine, as long as Lei Xiang came back.”

Zi Yan outright said, “You silly girl, you were bewitched by this brat and now you can’t even find your ways. Be careful, don’t let it go to the point where you were so bewitched that you don’t even notice that he sold you.“

I raged at her, “Why are you so annoying, do you feel pain when you are not able to stir trouble in our relationship?”

Zi Yan stared straight into my eyes and said, “I’m leaving, Lei Xiang. Watch out, If I see you bullying my sister, I will not let you get away with it.” I lost count of how many times I’ve heard her say this to me. Seeing Zi Yan leave, I said while pulling Zi Xue, “Let’s find a place to stay, I really missed you alot.”

Zi Xue nodded with her red cheeks, but within her eyes was a hidden joy, “I missed you a lot too; Let’s go there.”

I thought about it and said, “Yeah, let’s go to the stable, I haven’t seen Black Dragon  for a long time, how is he?”

Zi Xue looked away and said, ‘Hmm. It sleeps and eats every day. When you weren’t around, I didn’t dare to release it so… it got … fatter.”

I started pulling Zi Xue to the direction of the stable. When I saw Black Dragon, I said to Zi Xue hastily, unable to contain my shock, “IS THIS MY BLACK DRAGON?? No way…..”


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