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Translators: Ash
TLC : Miki
Editors: Los Thanatos, Vanagandr, Jennifer Liu, Naruto Kurosaki

Lie Yan’s eyes exuded a solemness that Ji Dong had not seen before. In a mellow voice, she said, “In 9 days’ time you will leave for the Central Earth Empire. I request that in these 9 days that you must finish practising these skills 1000 times without eating or sleeping. There is abundant fire element here in the geocentric, so you can rapidly recover your magic power. Moreover, you must have gained some insights after your previous usage of the Bite of the Scorching Sun and Dark Moon Claw and it’s better to make use of that quickly. You cannot rest for these 9 days as I will be supervising you. Then, with these two standard skills, you will have a much better chance at self-preservation.”

Ji Dong nodded his head and said, “I will try my best. But Lie Yan, I want to go to the academy once every day, otherwise, the teacher on duty will think I am missing. I need only a maximum of ten minutes.”

Lie Yan said, “That is okay. Time is urgent, you need to first return to the academy and then quickly come back later to begin.”


Ji Dong left along with the red lotus and quietly returned to the academy. Currently, it was holiday time and there wasn’t anyone who would pay attention to whether he was in the school or not. If it were any other person, after returning to the academy, he would immediately go to the forest and check on whether Liu Jun was really dead and if there was any evidence of his death left behind. But Ji Dong simply trusted Lie Yan’s words.

After hurriedly returning to his room, Ji Dong went to his private bar, washed his hands, and picked up his cocktail mixer. This was the real reason that he fought to get the 10 minutes every day from Lie Yan.

When he called out Lie Yan’s name and as he arrived at the geocentric lake again, there was a swirling bluish white cocktail in his hands.

When she took the wine from Ji Dong, there was a trace of almost unnoticeable splendour in Lie Yan’s eyes, “Little Ji Dong, you returned just to get me some cocktail? What about those words that you said, about your teacher worrying? You know, I can see everything that is going on with you.”

Ji Dong scratched his head, “I still owe you wine for 95 years, so how can I just stop mixing wine for a few days? Moreover, I still did not dilly-dally around! I shall now at once begin my training!”

Lie Yan absentmindedly stroked Ji Dong’s head. Although Ji Dong was helpless about this action of Lie Yan, her touching him was undoubtedly a good thing, and after four years, he had gotten used to it.

A layer of glittering red light seemed to be emitted by Lie Yan’s body and it transformed into a ray of flowing light as it entered into the geocentric lake. When the rays just entered the lake, a rumbling noise was heard — it was as if the entire underworld was shaking.

After a brief moment, under Ji Dong’s shocked look, an irregular-shaped stone with an approximate diameter of 30m slowly emerged from within the lake. This stone appeared to be of a red colour. Just after it emerged, it seemed to warp the air around it causing it to look illusory.

Lie Yan gradually brought Ji Dong downwards to hover beside the 10 meter high stone that protruded out from the geocentric lake. In that instant, Lie Yan’s eyes abruptly turned bright red. Ji Dong could vaguely feel that the petals of the illusionary red lotus slowly spread outwards in all directions. Following that, Lie Yan had already brandished her left hand.

A faint red light blade shot out from her hand. It looked like a thin red cloth as it gently swept past the centre of the enormous stone that couldn’t be dissolved by the lava.

The giant stone did not move a bit, but there was a bright red line in the middle of it.

Lie Yan withdrew her left hand before brandishing it upwards. Immediately that bright red line rose, causing the top half of the enormous stone to become bright red. The top of the stone turned into red lights as it dispersed in the air.

Even the most beautiful fireworks display was not as dazzling as the current scene where the red lights were scattering. Those scattered red sparks soared and suddenly condensed to form a red bridge that connected the place where Ji Dong and Lie Yan were to the levelled enormous stone.

Such an unfathomable scene was sufficient to dazzle any human. Below was the geocentric lake and the levelled, island-like giant stone within the lake and next to it the bridge condensed from pure energy in mid-air. Lie Yan’s skirt gently fluttered as she and Ji Dong went down the bridge and with the rich fire elements surrounding them, they soon arrived above the giant stone.

“Release your magic power, otherwise you will not be able to resist the temperature upon this stone platform. Remember, you must keep your magic power about as a shield at all times when you are here, only then can you continue cultivating. Now, begin!”

Ji Dong nodded before willing the light ray of his recovered origin Yin-Yang Crown in his chest to intensify, while the Yin-Yang Spiral continued to revolve. Here, he did not need to use the Divine Yin-Yang Seal and could directly release all of his magic power.

A black and white interweaved, sparkling Yin-Yang Crown appeared above his head and the crown star and the flame on the crown peak emitted a black and gold radiance rather than the normal red and blue radiance.

As soon as Ji Dong released all his magic power, Lie Yan withdrew the defensive shield around him that she had employed.

Although he had released the two ultimate flames, Ji Dong still felt a surge of heat rising upwards from below his feet. Not daring to get distracted, he immediately began practising his standard skills.

He took a step forward with his left foot and his body made half a turn and his right fist exploded forward at this moment. All of the Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred-Flame burst forth and condensed in his right hand. His right fist glittered with a golden hue and the attack exploded loudly in mid-air, causing spreading high-temperature heat waves in the surroundings.

Ji Dong felt that, compared to the time before his exercise, the speed at which he could condense his magic power had accelerated. The speed at which he released the Bite of the Scorching Sun had also accelerated, and in that instant, the compression of magic power had become much more solidified. Without a doubt, the more difficult it was to compress Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred-Flame, the more powerful its attack power would be when released.

After the punch had been executed, Ji Dong immediately, took a step forward with his right foot and at the same time his left hand with the black Ding-Si-Ming-Yin-Spirit-Flame, formed a claw that gave the impression of a black scythe radiance looking to behead someone. These two actions converged very fast and the magic power in his body flocked together.

“You stupid, you’ve practised for two months and still you are not completely correct.” Lie Yan spoke severely.

Hearing Lie Yan address him in such a strict tone for the first time, apart from the novelty of it, Ji Dong felt himself tense up. Aside from allowing him to train here, helping him condense his Yin-Yang Crown and giving him the two great monarchs’ memories, Lie Yan had not offered any real guidance to Ji Dong. And now, for the first time ever, because Lie Yan did not leave him to training but was still there, it was obvious that she would be personally guiding him.

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