Chapter 36: The enroute ambush

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Translators: Ash, Demenious

TLC : Demenious

Editors: LosThanatos, etc

Yang Qi also gradually came to understand the efficacy of the [Great Thousand Mirror].

If a person wanted to cultivate his QiGong, he must pour his Qi into the mirror. He could then automatically cultivate his QiGong in the virtual world within the mirror. Although it was not in the real world, for a person it provided lots of experience.

QiGong cultivation was extremely complex and if even a little mishap occurred, there would be an imbalance in Qi causing QiGong deviation and the body would be temporarily inhibited. The divergence of Qi could even cause the body to explode.

And by first cultivating within the virtual world of the mirror, it was safer by many times. After having skillfully mastered the movement of Qi across each meridian, cultivation would then become easier and more familiar.

Even more significant aspect of this [Great Thousand Mirror] was that, according to each person’s condition, it would show every single error of the martial techniques the practitioner was practicing.

Besides all these, the [Great Thousand Mirror] still had many more capabilities, but they were yet to be known about.

“This mirror came at the right time, it can aid father’s cultivation.” Yang Qi observed the mysterious mirror and knew that if Yang Zhan used it he would surely learn the [Four Seasons Sword] technique very quickly.

Yang Zhan has already reached Qi Lord realm, if he wanted to go further and breakthrough to the legendary Fate Stealing Realm, there’s no telling how long it’d take to do so. Originally, without a King-level QiGong technique, one would never be able to break through to a higher realm. Now that they had learned the [Four Seasons Sword] technique, they would need to study the variations of all the four seasons and cultivate with assistance from the [Great Thousand Mirror] and so there would be hopes of breaking through to the Fate Stealing Realm.

(Ed Note: Remember, the Undefeatable King Fist is only a quasi-King-level QiGong technique)

“Good. With this [Great Thousand Mirror], my cultivation can increase and sooner or later, I will fight with Yan Gufeng. Yan GuFeng clearly wants to turn the thousand miles of lands of Yan Capital into Yan country and our Yang family will be their greatest hindrance.” Yang Zhan gently caressed the [Great Thousand Mirror] saying, “But Qi-er, I have great expectations from you.”

“Father, I will not let Yang Family suffer.” Yang Qi rose in one fluid movement and circulating his QiGong, his whole person suspended in mid-air and then, like a rocket that was launched he went, his figure disappeared after a few leaps but his voice was left in his original position. It said, “I shall now go and kill the Chen Family’s Circle of Elders. Father, you rest assured, I will safely come back.”

“Third brother’s cultivation is getting greater every minute. Soon it might really be possible for him to also attain the Fate Stealing Realm.”

Yang Yunchong sighed heartily and deeply, then said wonderingly, “If our Yang Family had a Fate Stealing Realm expert, I wonder what degree of power the family will attain and how long will it thrive?”

“An expert of the Fate stealing Realm can live up to 400-500 years. Their lifespan is enough to help a large family strive and flourish.” Yang Zhan nodded, “However, now I’m anxious about Qi-er’s body. I wonder whether I should question him about it — these kinds of ginormous advancements completely violate the commen sense of cultivation. He will certainly face a lot of hurdles in the future.”

“No matter what, the fact that 3rd brother is stronger than he was before by a thousand fold is our Yang Family’s blessings. Even if he stops at this stage, he is still an absolute expert.” Yang Hualong adopted a lighthearted attitude on the other hand.

“Good. you two brothers must also assiduously cultivate. You must not even have an ounce of laziness. In the upcoming days, I will be focused on comprehending the essence of the [Four Seasons Sword] technique, this is a real King-level Qigong technique; it must not be taken lightly.” Yang Zhan flung his sleeve.

After obtaining this supreme technique, the Yang family’s disciples would have a huge advancement in cultivation in the shortest amount of time.

One day had passed but Yan Capital City’s households were still immersed in discussion about what would follow the aftermath of the two wealthy families battle.

Basically, law was non existent in the FengRao continent, feudal vassals stood side by side, a Mayor was the law; and when a Mayor was not upto the mark, each influential family followed their own rules.

When two aristocratic families clashed, so long as the Mayor doesn’t care, the stronger party would hold the upper hand.

“This time around, the Yang family has a complete victory, the Chen family’s hundred years of foundation was crushed in a single day.

“Yeah, but I’m more curious about why the mayor’s Yan family decided not to act at all? They just let two large wealthy families clash? Judging from his nature, the mayor’s Yan family would have used this opportunity to destroy both families together.”

“Yan family is sparing the rat to save the dishes[1], because Yang Zhan rose to become a Qi Lord.”

“A Qi Lord! Two Qi Lords in Yan Capital City, this is unbelievable! Looks like there will be a fierce battle between the giants.”

“We can only stand aside and observe the changes, Yan Capital City is plunging into a catastrophe, how about we start discussing about moving out and return when the calamity is over?”

“That brat Yang Qi was originally thought to be a foppish son, but unexpectedly, he could rival a Qi Lord! He flattened the entire Chen family alone, and I heard that he was possessed by an old demon, and that Yang Zhan is currently collecting elixirs from everywhere that yields Demonic Qi. Not just that, it seemed that he’s using his own Qi Lord’s cultivation to suppress the demonic spirits.”

“No wonder, I thought because Yang Qi encountered a miracle that he had this kind of advancement, and that would be too frightening, such a genius would perhaps alarm many strong experts from around the continent. But if it was a demonic spirit, that would explain a lot, this kid’s mentality would soon be snatched away by the demonic spirit and he would become a menacing deranged killer. And eventually he will turn into a Demon, which is something that shall not be tolerated anywhere in this world.” ……

Within the pitchblack night, the Yan Capital City was not silent; many aristocrats were secretly discussing, calculating, and waiting for the ripples/waves of the storm to come.

Many forces were well aware that although the Chen family’s descendants were eliminated, soon the Chen family’s Circle of Elders and the branch families out there will hurry back, then they will clash with the Yang family again.

Every aristocratic and wealthy family had established their strength; they were no small fries. At the very least, they all have senile Qi Lord experts that have been training in seclusion for a long time. They don’t appear normally, but when the survival of the family is concerned, they will surely come.

Outside Yan Capital City, on a narrow mountain path.

Suddenly, a pair of pitch black wings folded, a person descended hurriedly, the ground shook, and the mountain road swayed. In the surrounding forest, birds flew out from shrubberies. Crows, owls and the other birds emitted sounds of dismay.

After folding and reverting the [Devil’s Wings] on his back, Yang Qi slowly and unhurriedly stood, seemingly appearing like the Devil God from hell, with black Qi present all around him. In his hand, he held a long spear.

The night was his best concealment.

The reason he came alone to ambush and kill the Chen family’s experts this time was to display the complete might of the [Power of the Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell] and battle uninhibitedly with the enemy.

Now, even though his cultivation is paused at the 7th tier ‘Qi Imagination’ realm, his physical strength had the power of seven Ancient Mammoths. If he had time to temper himself some more, he would eventually be able to breakthrough to the 8th tier.

This was a lonely mountain path; surrounding it were vast and numerous mountain ranges. Looking all around, there was not a single village in sight, only profound darkness, and occasionally, from within the deeper part of the mountains, one could hear the growls of tigers and the howls of wolves. In the dark, there were strong winds causing whimpering noises as they blew. It was mournful and eerie.

Yang Qi stood on the path, moving intermittently, and looking at the far end of the road, as if waiting for someone.

Because, this was the only way for the Chen family’s elders to enter Yan Capital City.

Chen family and Yang family have been enemies for many years, both families knew the background of each other very well, and they knew even the training locations of the elders of each others.

The Chen family’s Circle of Elders were known as the Big Green (Daqing) Mountain.

And now, Yang Qi was standing on this desolate mountain road— the only path for the Big Green Mountain to traverse, because all around were mountain ridges which were difficult for even the Qi Lords to fly across.

Not everyone was like Yang Qi, who had a vigorous Zhen Qi and the [Devil’s Wings], which could fly across several hundred miles without stopping.

An ordinary Qi Lord, even if he spreads his wings to fly, or perhaps if he runs in the air, after several ten li, he would exhaust himself and would have to descend to rest and recover his Zhen Qi.

Some experts who run out of Qi mid-air, resulted in a dangerous landing, and it was not rare that some died immediately upon falling.

Thus, the Chen family’s experts would never waste their Zhen Qi by flying through the air, steadily hastening their journey on the ground was their better option. Or, like the elder of the Yang family; one could raise a special variation of a golden eagle and travel by riding on it.

Yang Qi decided to wait here.

He was very patient; he slowly sat on the ground with crossed legs, circulating his Qi silently, as he meditated. The Lighting Mammoth within his body wandered slowly; it poured its life essence into the eighth particle, once again attempting to awaken the power of eight Ancient Mammoths.

Without the essence of the Lightning Mammoth, Yang Qi would need to emit every little bit of Qi essence by training by himself, then insert them into the particle to awaken the power.

But with the speed of his training, and the weak life essence of his, not even a single ancient mammoth would have been awaken until this moment.

For example, training life essence by himself would be like dripping droplets of water.

And the essence of the Lightning Mammoth inside his body was flowing like a stream.

Each and every particle (those that had been awakened and those that were yet to be awakened) was like a very deep pool.

By, himself, it was not possible to fill up this deep pool. Therefore, for an average person, even if they obtained the [Power of the Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell], their cultivation will not be able to improve quickly. They would even not be able to advance realms faster than a person who did not have this cultivation technique.

From this it can be seen that the [Power of the Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell] was very tough to cultivate. This was god’s cultivation technique, how could one easily succeed in cultivating it?

Now Yang Qi felt that he was facing a crisis — after the essence of the Lightning Mammoth within his body has been used up, how would he be able to cultivate further? How would he be able to progress depending on his own cultivation?

How does one absorb life essences?

Anyway, he delved into the [Power of the Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell] QiGong, and he knew that after he had cultivated to a certain extent, his Zhen Qi would change. It could condense to form a ‘Hell’s furnace’ — this furnace could refine everything! It could even absorb the life essences of others to replenish itself. It could refine demonic cores and all kinds of medicines.

At that time, he would be able to take in large amounts of life essences from the source.

The more profound his cultivation became, the more he understand regarding spirits and hell. And during the process of cultivation, Yang Qi’s outlook of the world had changed.

Often the time between meditation, he felt that perhaps the Feng Lao continent was just a tiny speck in the big wide world, a rustic village. it was such a small place between Heaven and Earth, there were endless mysteries, all of them waiting for him to explore, discover or even dominate.

The Zhen Qi within his body began to become react and the 8th particle also began to react— it was as if a hibernating larva about to break out from its cocoon.

Suddenly, his ears twitched, clop-clop noises of gallops came from the other side of the mountain road. The gallops were coming very fast — at first they seemed to be more than a dozen li beyond the road but after a few breaths of time, they were suddenly on the mountain path. It made one wonder what type of horses they were.

Yang Qi calmly stood up and then saw that there were dozens of fierce horses on the mountain path. Each horse was twice the size of an ordinary horse. Each limb was thick and sturdy and their bodies were covered with scales.

This was the “Flood Dragon[2] Horse”, which was a crossbreed between the legendary Flood Dragon and the horse species. It had incredible stamina and was extremely expensive — every horse was worth at least several millions of [Qi Gathering Pills]!

The Chen family’s experts have finally come.

[1]Hesitate to pelt a rat for fear of smashing the vase beside it
[2]Flood Dragon (Jiaolong) is a legendary dragon with the ability to control rain and floods. And yes, it is also believed to be lecherous enough to mate with any beast —- in this case, a horse!

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  1. So, in this chapter, the author themselves gave us foreshadowing of this turning into a mindless tale of treasure hunting and endless resource consuming. Should I be happy, or sad?

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