Chapter 5

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Volume 1 Chapter 5: Yang Family Meeting

Translator: Demenious, GX

Editors: Vanagandr, M2t5

For three days, Yang Qi pretends to be recovering slowly during the day while sneaking out to cultivate “The Power of the Divine Elephant Suppresses the Power of Hell” during the night. He continues to hide his ability so that everyone believes that his QiGong has been completely crippled.

After all, if a person’s QiGong is crippled, it’s basically unrecoverable.

If people discover the fact that he has already recovered, and furthermore advanced past his previous cultivation point in just a few days, it would certainly attract a lot of attention. At the very least, the experts of the government would be interested. Should they discover his QiGong technique, it is very likely that the entire Yang Family would be obliterated.

The more Yang Qi cultivates, the more he can sense how broad and deep this method of cultivation is. It is beyond anything that he has ever experienced before, truly an unmatched miraculous technique.

He can only expose the fact that he has recovered his skills when he has cultivated to a higher realm.

In these three nights, Yang Qi’s power advances by leaps and bounds. His QiGong becomes so deep and so firm that he can easily split a golden rock. Although he hasn’t awakened a second particle, and reached the level of obtaining two giant ancient elephants, he already knows that he is many times stronger than a common “Qi Explosion” level expert.

If ten experts of the fifth tier, “Qi Explosion” attack Yang Qi from all directions, the only result is their premature deaths.

That is how formidable “The Power of the Divine Elephant Suppresses Hell” is.

While Yang Qi is cultivating, his dantian and meridian channels are completely dry. There wasn’t even a single drop of Qi left. There were absolutely no signs of any Qi in his body.

All of his Qi is concealed within that tiny awakened particle.

His body is like that of the depths of hell, pitch black and bottomless. If one probes to test his strength, they wouldn’t find anything. This method of concealment is perfect for Yang Qi.

The power of the Divine Elephant is as obscure as hell.

Similarly, this cultivation technique is terrifying to behold.

Yang Qi used the past three days to gain a grasp on his abilities. He can now use the divine technique to erase his presence. Even if a supreme expert tries to probe Yang Qi’s meridian channels with QiGong, the expert would discover nothing.

After experiencing the disaster in which he lost all his cultivation, he realises the importance of concealing things.

It isn’t very long before he enters the sixth tier of QiGong, the “Qi Armament” realm. In this realm, one can form their Qi into weapons and gather it into real materials. For example a Qi Sword could break even iron armor.

The sixth tier, “Qi Armament” is many times stronger than the fifth tier, “Qi Explosion”. The difference in strength is immense. At best, a powerful and talented being would need 10 years of tough training to concentrate their Qi into weapons. And some people spend their entire lives stuck at the “Qi Explosion” tier.

Although Yang Qi is the young master of a rich clan, he has never seen a “Qi Armament” realm expert in a battle.

During these three days, Yang Qi has tried to communicate with the small golden person between his eyebrows through telepathy. But each time, the small golden person never reacts, like a godly spirit, it never takes notice of him.

Even though the little golden man is inside his body, he lives in another dimension and the only way to communicate with him is through thoughts. No matter how powerful a person is, there is no way for them to see that little golden man.

Yang Qi is very puzzled, “Where does this divine being come from, and what even is it? He stays in my consciousness, yet I cannot communicate with it. Although it taught me this godly QiGong technique, it won’t communicate with me further. I think it is a living being? So why does it ignore me? Could it be that my current level of cultivation is too low to communicate with him?”

As always, the golden man won’t answer him, and all he can do is sit and ponder, feeling powerless.

Yang Qi once again sat in his room, sinking deep into meditation, cultivating and contemplating upon the profound secrets of The Power of the Divine Elephant Suppresses Hell.

The third day: Morning. Dawn has arrived.

Masses of carriages have flooded the eight entrances of the Yan Capital. Flocks upon flocks of caravans rush to the Yang family mansion. This crowd of caravans has attracted the attention of many people, as they stand and watch apprehensively.

“What happened? Why are so many caravans heading to the Yang family? Who are these people?”

“I guess you don’t know. All of these caravans are from the branch families of the Yang family from the surrounding cities. See, that caravan is from the Yang family branch in Chao Lu City, their head is Yang Zhen, the cousin of the current head, Yang Zhan. See that caravan with the white tiger embroidery? That is the Yang Family branch from Bai Shi City. Their leader is Yang Shi…”

“Three days ago a huge incident occurred within the Yang family. The son of Yang Zhan, the current head of the family stole an important treasure from the mayor’s mansion. As a consequence, the kid’s cultivation got crippled and the family must compensate the mayor for the treasure. That treasure which the kid stole is priceless and not even the Yang family can pay for it. That is why they called for a family meeting to discuss how to compensate the mayor.”

“Compensation? Will those elders of the Yang family allow them to pay for compensation? This is a troubling time for the Yang family, not only do they have to pay that huge compensation, there is even rumors of internal conflicts starting to heat up. I’m afraid this is the start of the downfall of the Yang family.”

“It’s Yang Zhan’s own fault of having such an ungrateful son.”


Xia Zi.

The steel wheel of a horse carriage grinds against the road in front of the Yang Family mansion, creating a sharp and ear-piercing screech.

A caravan with white tiger embroidery stopped at the entrance of the Yang Family mansion. The expensive curtain of the luxurious carriage moved aside and a pair of prestigious and expensive leather boots stepped upon the ground.

The owner of the leathered boots is an honorable middle aged man, his body as straight as javelin, donned with a sprinkling golden cloak. A cool aura spreads hundred steps away, with him at the center. Even the blistering heat of the sun seems to have no effect.

This man’s Ice Cold QiGong seems to have reached the peak of perfection.

Bai Shi City’s Yang Family branch leader, Yang Shi

“Father, our chance has come. Heh. Yang Zhan has leaded the family for 10 years now, I will see, does he still has the face to sit at the position of the family head? “

After Yang Shi came down from his carriage, a pair of youths came down from the carriage behind him. They are his daughter and son. They have a lingering presence, and their eyes shine with deep and clear divinity, one can see that they are gifted and capable youths with profound QiGong accomplishments.

“We have already reached the entrance, let us talk after we have been settled in.” Yang Shi waves hands, preventing his children from mocking further. He looks at a 25-30 feet tall gigantic beast-like lion stone as he stands in front of the Yang family mansion, his eyes glinting with a sharp edge.

“Yang Shi, its seems that you too are interested in the position of family head.” A voice came from a carriage that just stopped, like Yang Shi, another middle aged man walks out, but he is wearing nephrite armor.

Nephrite armor is extremely rare, and it looks both like jade and silk.

Chao Lu City’s Yang family branch master, Yang Zhen

“If Yang Zhan doesn’t fall, then it is all empty talk.” Yang Shi flicks his finger, and Qi fiercely blasts into the ground. Where the QI landed, a honeycomb like tiny hole appeared in the flagstone driveway, and layers of cold ice replace it under the scorching sun.

“Excellent, you have trained you Ice Cold QiGong to this degree? What have you reached? the Seventh tier, or even the Eighth? Even then don’t let your guard down. Yang Zhan has long entered the eighth tier, he is extremely strong.” Yang Zhen said with a stern face, seemingly intimidated by Yang Shi’s Ice Cold QiGong.

With a flick of his hand, a seasonal wind flew by their faces, and the cold ice produced by Yang Shi melts.

“What are you guys discussing here? Go talk after you’ve entered the mansion. We don’t want outsiders to gossip about our family.” Another caravan halts in the plaza in front of the Yang family mansion. A scholar like person walks up from the stairs, holding a folded fan.

The Yang family mansion is gigantic, and similarly the plaza in front of the entrance is gigantic. It can accommodate thousands of people. The solid monotone flagstones are untainted by even a single speck of dust, as it is cleaned daily with water by the servants.

“Yang Xu.” Yang Shi moved, it seems he wants to have a match.

“Yang Zhan’s bastard son caused our family to sustain a great loss. Now that our family is in a state of crisis, who knows how many people are mocking us right now. However we must solve the issues on the inside of the clan before resisting foreign aggression.” Shua Yang Xu opens his fan, “The best way to solve this internal strife is to make Yang Zhan account for his son’s sins.”

Yang Shi relaxed a little, he strode forward saying, “Let’s go.” and entered the Yang family mansion.

Even now, caravans after caravans arrive, carrying members of the Yang family branches. Even some of the elders of the Yang family who have been wandering about the country and training hurried back for this occasion.

This time, the family meeting was a real assembly of dragons.

In a room within the Yang Family mansion.

Yang Qi is sitting, meditating on his QiGong technique when suddenly, his maid Xiao Yan comes running, “Young master, not good, lots of experts from all over have arrived at the plaza. They are angry and want to bring you to account. Master now wants you to come to the conference hall.”

“They have come?” Yang QI quickly stands up, going outside, “It is time to see their true intentions.”

“Young master, please be careful.” Says Xiao Yan quickly.

Yang Qi nods, and then enters the center of the mansion once again, heading to the wide conference hall.

More than thirty people sat in the conference hall, and behind them stood handsome and talented youths. Together, it all amounted to about a hundred people.

It is good that the conference hall is very big, even with a few hundred in it, it isn’t crowded and still very wide.

Although there are many people, the atmosphere is extremely heavy, it’s so stuffy that water seems to be condensing in the air.


Yang Qi steps over the door frame and enters the conference hall, in an instant, more than 100 pair of eyes stare straight at him, as if trying to inflame him just by looking, among them there are QiGong masters, their mentality is so strong, that their eyes could kill, one look from their eyes can make one collapse.

But whenever these mental pressure falls onto Yang Qi the “The Power of the Divine Elephant Suppresses Hell” in the most inner depth of his body will start to work, neutralizing all the mental pressure that falls on him.

The Divine elephant suppressing the hell, with all sorts of evil gods and ghostly spirits in hell, who knows how terrifying the amount of frightening mental pressure there is? Even so, all of them are suppressed, even if Yang Qi only awaken a tiny step, it is enough to suppress the pressure from these people.


Right in this instant, Yang Zhan who is at foremost front of the hall let out a cold snicker. A gust of vast mighty QiGong suddenly explodes, merges into a light barrier of Qigong, and envelops around Yang Qi

Before Yang Qi can react, he is standing beside his father.

My son’s QiGong is already completely crippled and you guys dare to join hands to land pressure on him, do you wish for his death?” Yang Zhan’s voice rings throughout the conference hall.

(to be continued)

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  1. “Yang Zhan’s bastard son caused our family to sustain a great loss. Now that our family is in a state of crisis, who knows how many people are mocking us right now. However we must solve the issues on the inside of the clan before resisting foreign aggression.” Shua Yang Xu opens his fan, “The best way to solve this internal strife is to make Yang Zhen account for his son’s sins.”

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