Volume 1 – 5

Volume 1 <<Yin-Yang Wizard>>

Bacchus1Death by alcohol can be overcome. The five element continent, the Yin-Yang Wizard, also the Yin-Yang Crown which symbolizes the Yin-Yang Wizard. What fate awaits the Liquor God upon his arrival to this place? Please remember, this is a magical fantasy novel and absolutely not a metropolis or Xian Xia ect…


||Chapter·001 || Chapter·002 || Chapter·003 ||

|| Chapter·004 || Chapter·005 || Chapter·006 ||

|| Chapter·007 || Chapter·008 || Chapter·009 ||

|| Chapter·010 || Chapter·011 || Chapter·012 ||

|| Chapter·013 || Chapter·014 || Chapter·015||

Volume 2 <<The ultimate double fire>>

Lie Yan gave Ji Dong two new fires as present, the most Yan and the  strongest Bing-Wu Yuan-Yang holy fire and the most Yin and the most flexible Ding-Si Ming-Yin spirit fire. What change will these two ultimate fire bring Ji Dong? Will he be able to condense his Yin-Yang Crown? How does a Yin-yang Double-Fire crown look like? All this will be told in this Volume.

|| Chapter·016 || Chapter·017 || Chapter·018 ||

|| Chapter·019 || Chapter·020 || Chapter·021 ||

|| Chapter·022 || Chapter·0023 || Chapter·024 ||

|| Chapter·025 || Chapter·026 || Chapter·027 ||

|| Chapter·028 || Chapter·029 || Chapter·030 ||


2 thoughts on “Volume 1 – 5

  1. Thank you for the amazing chapter <3, is there any way to use the feed to receive updates for this novel? I seem to get updates of all novels, even the ones I do not read, it's annoying ;(


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