Rakuin no Monshou

Rakuin no Monshou

One of my all time favorite series



27 thoughts on “RnM

  1. Seems like a nice novel, would be awesome if you guys picked it up, where baka-tsuki dropped it, or are you planning to start fresh?


  2. Yea, this one is good. hoping to see more of it translated. It’s well written, similar to what you would see from acclaimed prose writers.


  3. ….wa-it a second, Demenious, you can translate Japanese Kanji too? I mean, I know there are similarities to Chinese characters, but I thought there were some major differences….Or are you just luring helpless victims to power M2t5?


    • chinese raws~~~~~mwahahahaha… Do not question my greatness 😛

      They are pretty readable, but we’ve been really busy lately, so we haven’t gotten around to TL’ing or anything. Also, Detalz(the guy who is still TL’ing RnM) has agreed to look over our chapters before releases, so I hope the quality will match that of the Japanese TL’ions.

      We really have no schedule on this project. If we ever get around to doing it, it would have to be on a monthly/longer basis since the chapters are gigantic.

      [This comment will self-destruct in a few hours]


  4. Are you also currently collaborating in rnm translation ? Rnm hasn’t been updated for 4 months. I kinda wondering whether the project is dropped or still going? I am waiting for the chapter 6 eagerly


    • We have lost contact with the project translator (Detalz). I’m not sure what is happening right now. For now, we can’t pick up the project because we are really strained by the work we are doing right now. If another few translators/TLC’ers came around, we may be able to work on it though!


  5. I really love this novel!!! Thank you so much for Detalz, M2t5 and everyone who participate in translating this up till now. The last volume (12) has already published years ago. Hope RnM will be translated soon :”).


    • Yeah, I enjoy it too. The problem is that we don’t have any active translators right now, as Demenious has started his new term at uni, GX is dealing with RL issues, and Ash is leaving for a vacation. Thus we don’t really have anyone who can spare any time to TL this :(.


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