V2C11 – I: The Sly and Sneaky Villain

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Translators: Ash
TLC : Miki
Editors: Jennifer Liu, Los Thanatos

While Ji Dong strolled in the streets of Li Huo City, he felt extremely revitalized and relaxed. The taut muscles that he had after cultivating in magic skills for one day had become slightly relaxed. While looking at the shops on both sides of the streets, Ji Dong felt refreshed both physically and mentally.

While walking, Ji Dong was thinking to himself: It seems what Lie Yan said is right — blindly cultivating is not advantageous, occasionally walking to relax is beneficial. However, before departing from Li Huo Academy, this was maybe the last time he would be able to come out. After ten days, Karl and Bi Su would come to find him. The Ten Heavenly Stems Academy was in the Central Earth Empire. Although this empire bordered the Southern Fire Empire, it wouldn’t be a short journey. Starting out 20 days earlier would give them sufficient time to reach and settle in.

Today, since he had come out, he restocked those liquors that he was running out of stock of. Before he left for The Ten Heavenly Stems Academy, it was best that he mixed many best quality cocktails for Lie Yan. On the journey with the others, he might not be able to go and meet Lie Yan daily.

Even though he did not come out of the academy frequently, Ji Dong was still familiar with the state of affairs in Li Huo City, especially the location of where the liquors were sold. Very quickly, he was able to procure all the liquors that he needed. It was much convenient for him after receiving that storage bracelet as a present from Yang Bing Tian. The bracelet could only be used by a Bing-fire element Wizard. Even if this first time he bought many items, he could easily place them within the bracelet.

After buying many bottles of liquor, Ji Dong had barely moved away from the shop when a figure hastily approached him.

“Are you Ji Dong?” The man obstructed his way, and without any rhyme or reason, asked a question.

Ji Dong focused on the speaker, he realized that it was a beggar that was near ten years of age; one must know that in Li Huo City, there were not many beggars. Four years ago, Ji Dong was also one among this minority. Seeing that the other person had called out his name, he couldn’t help feeling that it was a little strange.

“I am Ji Dong. You know me?”

The small beggar handed over a piece of paper to Ji Dong, “Someone told me to pass this to you.” Having said that, not waiting for Ji Dong to ask anything, he turned around and disappeared into the crowd.

Ji Dong frowned. He first walked to an isolated corner, then put all the liquor he had bought into his storage bracelet before unfolding that piece of paper.

“Boss quickly come to the suburbs 5 miles from the South City. Karl and I are in trouble.” It was inscribed by Bi Su.

Bi Su and Karl were in danger? Ji Dong tensed up, but very quickly, doubtfulness filled his mind. Even if they were in danger, they should have sent a letter to the academy. Why would they send him a letter? It was also at the short moment that he left the academy. However, even though he was doubtful, Ji Dong still decided to check it out. The people that he knew in Li Huo City were very limited. He only those students that were acquainted with Bi Su and Karl. Even if this was a prank, he must go. If not, if the other two were really in danger, it would be too late for regrets.

Not daring continue dallying, Ji Dong hastily headed in the direction of South City. Regarding the outskirts of the city, it was something that Ji Dong was most familiar with, as it was the most frequent punishment by teacher Xia Tian to run around the city. Ji Dong vaguely recalled that the region of five miles from the South City was in a hillside grove. The location was extremely secretive.

Ji Dong was paying attention to his surroundings after exiting the city while heading towards that grove. Although he couldn’t figure out who wanted to trick him, the strange note had already made him wary.

However, it was useless being wary as there were not many pedestrians on the road nor were there any suspicious signs observed. The current Ji Dong wasn’t the same delicate and frail beggar who had come to Li Huo Academy. The 5 miles distance was quickly covered and could see the hillside grove.

Ji Dong stopped just outside of the woods before shouting, “Karl, Bi Su, are you guys in there?”

The inside of the woods remained silent. There was no response. Ji Dong surveyed his surroundings and cautiously concentrated his attention of his sense of hearing. After breaking through to level 10, his six senses had been enhanced and his hearing was now extremely keen. But, after listening attentively, he could hear nothing apart from the rustling noises caused by the wind blowing through the leaves.

Regardless, all he could do was go ahead and see for himself. Ji Dong stepped into the woods and while keeping an eye on all those around him. Not only was he just looking to find Karl and Bi Su while he went deeper into the forest, he was also looking for some clues. But he was disappointed that there was still no sign at all. There were also no traces of fighting.

Could it be that this is only a prank? After having gone in more than 50% of into the forest, Ji Dong stopped in his tracks and frowned as he continued to survey his surroundings.

“Who will it be to play such a trick on me?” Muttering this, Ji Dong decided to stop his search. It was very clear that Karl and Bi Su were not here.

As for these two brothers’ families, Ji Dong didn’t really research much on that, but listening to them talk about it, Karl was born in a commoner’s background and Bi Su’s family were merchants.

At that moment, a gloomy voice was heard suddenly: “You really believe that this is a joke?”

Ji Dong turned his head in the direction of that voice and yelled back: “Who is there? Come on out!”

From behind a tree, whose trunk was so wide that it needed to be embraced by two people, a man walked out. Seeing this man, Ji Dong couldn’t help staring and a trace of uneasiness flashed past in his thoughts.

“Teacher Liu Jun, why are you here?” Ji Dong asked suspiciously. The person who came out from behind this tree was not some random man, but the teacher Liu Jun of the Ding-Fire Department, who was rebuked by Ji Dong in the annual exam and who had left with a gloomy face once Ji Dong revealed his strength.

Liu Jun’s face had a cold sneer on it, “I’ve been waiting here for you!”

The uneasiness that Ji Dong felt intensified as he asked, “That piece of paper was from you?”

Liu Jun smiled, the pale face of his looked unruffled and calm, as he replied, “That’s right! For such a day, you made me wait for two full months. You are really a diligent student as even after the term has ended, you were still able to endure not leaving the boundaries of the academy. It is not surprising that you became a Wizard possessing the Yin and Yang dual attributes. It’s undeniable that you truly are a genius.”

Ji Dong asked emotionlessly, “Since Teacher Li Jun knew I was at the academy, what kind of matter did you have to discuss that you try to find me outside the academy? Why did you send someone to draw me out here?”

The smile on Liu Jun’s face suddenly disappeared. He coldly snorted then said, “Do you still not know why I drew you here? You are really as dumb as that Xia Tian. Your mind isn’t flexible. If I were to try and find you in the academy, wouldn’t it be easy to leave mistakes and to be found out by others? I am a cautious man so I will not leave any traces of what I did. Hence, I would rather wait two months than to take a risk. Oh, that is right, I heard that when you entered the academy, you asked Qiu Tian what is the totem of our Ding-fire element! Having studied at the academy for four years, you ought to know by now. ”

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