Chapter 3


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Chapter 3: Horse “Black Dragon”

At first light of the next day, I set out on my journey to Dragon City. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, I once again put on my bamboo hat, it can’t be helped for being too handsome.

The security around the Dragon God Empire is much better when compared with the Beast Country. Walking for five days, I did not encounter even one bandit, it’s no surprise the Dragon God Empire can go against the two big races, indeed they have their own advantage.

Gradually the atmosphere began to heat up which reminded me it’s already noon, my stomach was empty but it so happens that there was a small restaurant at the side of the road. Ever since I’ve arrived at the Dragon God Empire the fine food has been especially captivating, if compared with the Beast Country it’s as different as sky and earth. When I entered the restaurant, a savory smell immediately rushed over and drew my appetite. Although this place was not luxurious, it was very clean, and the popularity was not bad. The room was already sixty to seventy percent filled.

I looked for a relatively clean side-table and sat down, then the server came over and handed me the menu: “Sir, what would you like to order?”

I flipped through the menu and randomly picked a few dishes I haven’t tried before and half a kg of steam buns. Soon, my food were all served, and my left-hand held steam buns while my right-hand held a pair of chopsticks which began to wipe out the dishes. At this time, the restaurant was packed with more and more customers, and soon it was a full house.

From the outside in came a young warrior with a height around 1.8 meters, wearing a moon-white colored warrior outfit, and from appearance looked very robust. On his back was a longsword, a very energetic young lad.

Upon entering, he saw there were no empty tables and so came to my table side and said politely: “This, [older] brother, there are no seats, may I sit here?”

I was sitting in a four-seat table, and it’s only me. I nodded and continued to eat with my head lowered.

The warrior shouted: “Server, give me half a kg of good wine, then two side dishes, and half a kg of steam buns.” When he finished ordering he said to me: “Brother, from looks you seem to be on a long journey.”

Even though I didn’t take off the bamboo hat, the veil had been raised, or else how can one eat a meal. Are humans all so cordial? I raised my head, coldly looked at him, and nodded again. He seem surprised after seeing my cool handsome appearance. I continued to eat my food and did not pay any more attention to him.

As if he bumped into a nail, he smiled embarrassedly. When his food came, I had already finished eating. I put down a silver coin, stood up, threw my bag over my shoulder, and strode out the restaurant.

I discovered, in the Dragon God Empire many people ride horses and their speed looked very fast. I also want to try, this way I might arrive at Dragon City earlier.

I pulled a pedestrian and asked: “Excuse me, where can I buy a horse?” The pedestrian frowned first but saw my large figure and did not dare say anything, then he pointed to straight: “There is an intersection in the front, turn left, walk two kilometers and there will be a racecourse, you can buy a horse there.”

I have him a nod and followed his directions.

The racecourse was very large, in the middle was an around 500 acres horse racetrack, to the left was where they sold horses and accessories.

I went to the place where they sold horses and asked the horse dealer: “Which horses are sold here?”

The coper just needed a glance to tell I was an out-of-towner and did not know about horses, and said disdainfully: “As long as you have money, the horses here if you see it you can buy it.”

“Eung.” I began to observe around to see if I can find a horse I like. Suddenly, I found that everyone had gathered at the west of the racecourse, I don’t know what was going on. At once I grabbed someone for inquiry. Turns out a few days ago the horse racecourse owner had caught and brought back a wild horse. The horse had a violent nature, no one could tame him. They had to use anesthesia to calm him and today the owner invited a few well-known horse trainers to try and tame the wild horse.

I must see this violent-tempered horse. I followed the crowd to the west horse training field, at this place was already a sea of people. Although I was near the back, but just relying on my superior height I could see the center of the field. I saw there were six, seven nimbly-dressed people on the field and they were surrounding a black steed. Even if I don’t know about horses, I could still make out the horse’s nobleness, the shiny dark hair much like satin. A proud raised head and the endless snorts shown the horse to be impatient, and to the crowd he bore full hostility.

The sky became dark, big clouds gathered together, and though there was not sufficient sunlight, I did not feel cool but instead felt even hotter.

The people surrounding the horse attempted to use a rope to trap it and then get on his back, but the horse was extremely clever, time and time again he dodged the horse trainers’ attacks.

Everyone at the side began to comment one after another, saying that this time was probably useless too. Right at this moment, a middle-aged horse trainer suddenly hurled out a loop and unexpected set at the horse’s neck. The black horse immediately became violent and lifted up the two front hoofs then let out a clear long neigh. That horse trainer’s skills were really not bad, borrowing the strength of the pull he climbed on the horse’s back and tightly held on to the horse’s neck.

“Great! Hold on, hold on!” The crowd began to shout colorfully.

The black horse continuously jumped up and down in attempt to shake off the person on its back. Because of his violent actions, the rest of the horse trainers were forced to retreat further out. Now, there was only the horse trainer struggling alone on the horse’s back.

The black horse swung for half a day but failed to throw off the horse trainer, and it actually become more mild and did not kick up it’s hind legs any longer. It seems, no matter how wild he is, he will still be tamed. The encircling crowd all began to shout that horse trainer’s name loudly, turns out he the son of the owner, and on the horse’s back he proudly held up his two hands in the air.

At this moment, a change occurred, the black horse seemed to lose control and abruptly fell down, in turn shocking the horse trainer. At once he jumped down to check, a horse this fine, he could not bear to hurt it.

When he just hopped off, the horse suddenly stood up. Supporting his self using his front hoofs, a pair of strong hind legs trampled heavily on the horse trainer’s chest. Granted that I’m so far, the sound of the horse trainer’s sternum cracking could still be heard. He let out a long blood-curling scream which traveled wide and far. It seems he will not survive.

In fact, this all happened in the wink of an eye, the crowd on the side immediately came into chaos. The other horse trainers present on the field rushed and pulled the trampled horse trainer to one side.

From the boundary came running a gorgeously dressed person, shouting in grief: “Return my son’s life! Force this terrible horse to death!” This seems like the racecourse owner, his son’s death had already flushed away his reason.

All around promptly many racecourse staff members came running about, their hands held different types of weapons intended to kill the horse. In the center of the field, the black horse was still holding his head high, entirely oblivious to the fate of death descending upon its body.

For some reason, from when I first set my eyes on this noble horse I had already developed a fondness, now it seems it’s my turn to appear.

I shouted loudly: “Wait.” Exerting strength on both arms, I push away the crowd and entered the field. The presence of more than thousand pairs of eyes turned and watched me, and I arrived in front of the owner and he was lying on top of his son crying bitterly. I first lowered my head to examine his son’s injury. He was no longer breathing, blood flowed out areas of his face, and his chest was indented. I couldn’t help but shake my head.

“Give me a chance, let me tame this horse.”

The owner with a tear-streamed face said: “No, I will use its corpse to offer as sacrifice for my son’s spirit.”

I frowned and said coldly: “What did the horse do wrong? If you all didn’t overestimate your abilities and tried to tame it, this wouldn’t have happen.”

The owner furiously said: “Who are you? You dare run wild here, someone, throw him out.”

Snorting coldly, I ignored him and turned towards the black horse. In just two steps I was already surrounded by the racecourse workers. I took down the bamboo hat and carried it on my back: “Don’t forced me to hurt someone.”

These workers would not understand, hearing my arrogant words they at once flocked to me. Simultaneously four, five people grabbed my body, but they did not have weapons. Looks like they only want to beat me up to help the owner blow off steam.

How could their level of skills even enter my eyes? I used both hands and suddenly threw them all out. Seems like they still want to come, I humphed loudly, both eyes radiating power: “Seems like you want to court death.” I punched the ground heavily.


The dust flew from the ground, the flat field now have an extra meter wide hole.

I slapped the dust off my body and paid no attention to the shocked crowd, I walked directly to the black horse.

The black horse probably sensed danger and looked at me nervously with big eyes while using his left front hoof to continuously dig at the ground.

I walked until reaching a spot two meters away from him and stood, then towards him I smiled contemptuously. With my strength which could tear live leopards and tigers, how can I be afraid of him? Maybe he understood the meaning of my smile, then he hissed angrily and jumped up, his front hoofs intending to stomp at me.

I bent to catch the horse, both hands raised high, and at once my hands seized at his descending hoofs. His force was surprisingly strong, both of my arms were pressed backwards, but I immediately channeled strength to stop. The people around all spontaneously let out a gasp.

“What a great strength! He could actually stop the horse’s downward stomp.”

“You also saw the hole he made earlier, must be a high level warrior.”

“Is he even human? Humans have this large strength?”

Sorry, I am truly not completely human, at least my strength is not of a human’s.

Using force from my abdomen I tossed the black horse out. He dropped on the ground and rolled a few times crying out in pain. After struggling a few times he managed to stand up. I went to the front of its body and looking into his two eyes, I asked coldly: “Satisfied? With your strength you can’t compete with me.”

He seems to have understood my words and nodded his horse head, then he looked pitifully at me with his large eyes while slowly coming to my front, and then he used his large head to rub against my chest. I lightly patted his head, and a rare smile soon appeared on my face.

“From now on you’re my good partner, I’ll call you Black Dragon, okay?” The black horse whistled happily, seems like he approved with the name I gave him.

I turned around and said loudly: “Owner, sorry, I’ll take this horse.” Regardless of their response I pulled out a bag of gold, there must be around 50, and I threw it out. Then I jumped on the horse’s back, but after I got on I remember I had never ridden a horse before (Beastmen are already beasts how can they ride horses?). Without a care, both my legs clamped tightly to the horse’s side and my hands grasp its long mane tightly. Black Dragon did not need my push and quickly flew out, when we reach the railing I threw a fist and hack away the top and it shattered into pieces. With its body raised highly he jumped over the broken railing, darting out with his owner who doesn’t know how to ride a horse.The sky began to drizzle, though my clothes were getting soaked, a refreshing feeling allowed me to feel especially comfortable. Since it was my first time riding a horse, in the beginning I also have some nervousness but in just a moment, this feeling disappeared. It was very steady sitting on Black Dragon’s back except for the occasional bumps. The surrounding scenery whistled past on both sides and I leaned forward on Black Dragon’s body, gradually, I discovered that as long as I tilt left, he’ll run left, as long as I tilt right, he’ll run to the right side. It was very amusing, after all I am only 16. Engrossed in playing, I forgot about the original path until the sky turned dark, and then I noticed I was lost in a dense lush forest. Fortunately there was a small path, or else I wouldn’t even know how to leave. Never mind, we’ll go towards this direction and find a household to ask for directions.

This way, I was riding Black Dragon again along a small road for two hours until we reached a town. I pulled back the horse’s mane then Black Dragon slowed down. Entering the city, I jumped from his body, then discovered my pants were soaked to transparency from Black Dragon’s sweat. I sympathetically patted his head a few times and walked inwards.

The size of the town was relatively big, the roadsides had all kinds and sorts of shops which brought overflowing liveliness to the town. Black Dragon trotted behind me and I found an inn, then the employee at the door hurried over and smiled: “Sir, come stay at our place, our place have every facility, the price is cheap, our service is…” Impatiently I put up my hand to stop him from speaking any longer.

“Help me find a place to let my horse stay.”

The worker saw Black Dragon behind my back and sincerely said: “You have a truly wonderful horse, but, why doesn’t it have a saddle or bridle?”

‘Saddle and bridle? What is that?’ I thought to myself but didn’t ask. I said: “Do you have it here? I was just going to get it.”

“Our place doesn’t, but you see, over there is a place specially for bridles and saddles, you can go there. Their goods are good quality and the price is reasonable.”

“You can bring me there, I want the whole set.”

The worker looked troubled: “But I’m still working here, you see…”

I sneered then threw him a silver coin: “This time you’re not busy, right?”

The employee caught the silver coin and his brows were raised in delight: “Not busy, not busy, wait a bit.” Saying so, he ran back to the shop to inform his coworkers and soon came rushing over in excitement, bringing me to the saddle shop.

I spent 10 gold coins to fit Black Dragon with best saddle, bridle, horseshoes and such, but there was no horsewhip because I felt I wouldn’t need to use it. When Black Dragon was fitted with this set he seemed even more noble, the shop assistants continuously praised him. It is worth mentioning, except for me Black Dragon did not let anyone else near him, I had to restrain his head to barely let those shop assistants put on the equipments.

I followed the inn worker and let him bring Black Dragon to their horse stable. I personally scrubbed Black Dragon and fed him the best fodder before returning to the inn to rest.

Rested for a whole night, I asked for the direction to Dragon City and found my position on the map, and then we set out again. It was good that I have not went in the opposite way. Although we deviated a little, but after a while we ran back to the correct path.

Having a saddle, riding on Black Dragon has become even more comfortable. I relaxed the reins and then adjust the direction and let Black Dragon dash by himself. If there aren’t a lot of people, Black Dragon will maintain a medium speed, but when he sees his own kind, he will accelerate immediately, absolutely insisting on outrunning the other. I did not think horses also have such an unyielding competitiveness.

With Black Dragon, our speed increased by several folds, the 3000 km journey decreased to 10 days time, and this is because I pitied him and so the result of running slowly.

Finally arriving at Dragon City, it did not look as tall as our Beast Imperial City but it was very majestic. The city walls were 80 feet tall, all made from sturdy granite tiles, and at the top different types of dragons were specially carved. At the tallest part of Dragon City was suspended the flag of the Dragon God Empire. Perhaps because this place was in the mainland, their defense was lax and I did not go through a checkpoint and successfully entered the city. Dragon City was tremendously huge, compared to the Beastmen’s Imperial City it was a several times bigger, I had to spend three days and only maybe I might have traveled around the whole city.

The Sky City Institute is extremely famous here, one can randomly ask around and will learn of its position. First I went to Sky City Institute to register and then found out that only after one more month then could we take the entrance examination. Anyways there’s time, I decide to first find a place to stay. There were many inns around the institute, I picked a relatively clean one.

Everyday in the morning I would practice Armor of Heaven Thunders, in the afternoon I would bring Black Dragon and stroll all around. Sometimes I go out the city to have him run, if not, he would get fat from eating and sleeping everyday. At night I would take the chance to practice the Demonic Arts, in the enemy’s country it’s better to reach become a two-winged Fallen Angel as soon as possible. If per chance my identity gets exposed at least I have some power to fight back.

A month’s time passed in this way, although I practiced very hard, but my Demonic Arts was still stuck in the late second rank, still very far away from transforming because I must complete the third rank to transform but it seems there’s no use rushing, I’ll think about it when I’m at Sky City Institute.

After a month of usual living, I found that in Dragon City there was an unusually large amount of warriors and magicians. Even though I didn’t exchange blows with a magician, but a few times when I passed a person in a magician’s robe, I faintly sensed they were frightening. The quality of the Warriors also seemed to be very high, as expected, this was the strength of a powerful country. The originally confident me now felt a little unconfident.

Within the Dragon God Empire, warriors are separated into in-training warriors, beginner warriors, intermediate warriors, advanced warriors, Swordmasters, Grand Swordmasters, Earth Knights, Holy Knights, Sword Saints, War God – these ten levels. Starting from Swordmasters it is then divided into lower, middle, and upper levels. As for magicians, it is subdivided into in-training magicians, beginner magicians, intermediate magicians, senior magicians, Great Magicians, Mage, Arch Mages, Soul Masters, Great Soul Masters, Saint Soul Masters – these ten levels. Similarly, beginning from Great Magicians it is divided into lower, middle, and upper level. I roughly estimated, if it’s my human strength I am probably a lower level Swordmaster, but if you add my tough body and my super-defense then maybe a lower level Grand Swordmaster. The most common Dragon Knight is probably a middle level Holy Knight (if you ignore the dragon), and the most common Fallen Angel should also be a lower level Holy Knight and at the same time a middle level dark Slayer. If they use dark magic then they can fight as equals against the Holy Knight-rank Dragon Knights and their dragons. Right now, I am considered to have a normal Beamon’s power (if I don’t Fury Shift) which is just equal to a lower level Grand Master, it’s too far behind the Dragon God Empire’s power. No wonder we have more than 2000 Beamon warriors and still need 30 Fallen Angels to fight evenly against 100 Dragon Warriors.

Tomorrow the exams will begin, I don’t know if I will successfully enter Sky City Institute. I must continue to increase my strength, or else our Beast Tribe will never have our day to shine. Full of apprehension, the day before the exams I began practicing the Demonic Arts one more time.

In fact, what I didn’t know was that the Dragon Empire had their own troubles. Although the Dragon Knights were very strong, they weren’t like the Beamon warriors who were born with incredible strength, just a little training and when grown up they could participate in the wars. However, to foster a Dragon Knight was extraordinarily difficult, the Dragon God Empire spent countless resources, energy, and could only keep the Dragon Knights to number around 100. This was also the reason they did not rashly invade the Demon and Beast Country, if their Dragon Knights all died clean [ as in nothing left], then their advantage would be gone and will undoubtedly be defeated by the Demon-Beast army.

I woke up from meditating, changed into a new set of warrior clothing and after stuffing myself I went to my destination – Sky City Institute.

At the school entrance I froze, no way, this many people, we were densely packed to the several thousands, but last time I heard from an enrolling student they were only recruiting 300 people, that means, about one in ten will be selected.

I held the registration identification from when I signed up – it’s a wooden plate, a 1 was written on it (signing up since more than a month ago, of course it’s a 1), the back was engraved “Sky City Institute.” We entered the school, the sports field was enormous, accommodating all these examinees but there was still empty space. It was not the examination time yet, the exam candidates were in twos and threes and discussing something but I don’t know what, probably guessing the subject of the exam.

A clear and sonorous voice spoke up: “All exam candidates please pay attention, please be quiet, following your exam number and lineup from east to west, 50 people per row.”

I hurriedly looked around for the speaker, what a loud voice, I wonder who has such a strong internal energy. Later I learned, this is a normal amplification magic stone which is used as a magic broadcast, it can project the voice the voice louder by a few hundred times.

I looked for half-a-day but did not see anyone, forget it, I’ll line up first. My number is 1, it should be first row number 1.

That voice came again, the same speech: “All exam candidates please pay attention, please be quiet, following your exam number and lineup from east to west, 50 people per row.”

After he repeated once more, the examinees were finally all lined up. I counted more than 60 rows, 3000 people. If it’s really a 10-in-1 selection, Sky City Institute is really too famous, the exam is too difficult. (The Dragon God Empire’s generals almost all came out from the four big educational institutes, and Dragon Knights even more so. The Dragon Knights currently are not only a symbol of strength, but they are also a symbol of honor and privilege. In the Dragon God Empire, Dragon Knights have a lot of authority, the lowest title is a viscount. The 3 big marshals are the pillar of the empire, hence their titles are dukes. If a commoner wants to become an aristocrat, becoming a Dragon Knight is the most best choice, and the four big institutes are also the best stepping stone.)

“Alright, everyone left-right-front-back, space out, keep a distance around 1.5 meters.” Soon, in accordance with the requirements the candidates were all lined up.

At this time, 20 people came out, seems to be proctors, I don’t know what they’re testing.

“From now on, all the candidates cannot move, maintain a standing position. No movement whatsoever is allowed until you can’t go on any longer.. The last 1000 students standing can go on to the next round.” After this sentence came out, as if a pot had exploded the whole field began to discuss one another another.

“How is this called an exam, it’s practically a standing-punishment.” [1. made to stand as punishment]

“Fuck, this is my first time hearing you have to stand for an exam.”

“What kind of crappy school is this, if I knew I wouldn’t come from so far away.”

I also thought to myself, this is too easy isn’t it? What’s the big deal with openly standing here, never mind, if they want me to stand I’ll stand.

“Examinees should be quiet, standing is a test of stamina and determination, regardless of whether you’re learning magic or combat skills, it’s not enough without a good basic physical strength and solid determination. If there are any dissatisfied with the school’s method of testing, they can leave at any time.”

So manly, they deserved to be called a big school, I’ll stand then. Although just now everyone was in an uproar, but hearing these words, no one wants to give up, after all, without even demonstrating their strength to quit is too embarrassing.”

In the beginning, everyone still felt it was quite relaxing. Though it was summer, the mornings were relatively cool. However, as time passed slowly, the sun gradually climbed right above us, the temperature of the field skyrocketed.

Sweat was flowing down my face, although I didn’t have much discomfort, but the hot feeling was hard to bear. Fortunately, today I am wearing a light-colored warrior outfit. I stole a glance at the other candidates, their quality was truly high, from morning until now it has already been more than 2 hours, but not one person quit.

The exam supervisors divided into two teams, every hour they switch to rest. At this moment a female examinee moved slightly, immediately a middle-aged proctor saw her. Pointing a finger he said: “You, out.” Truly very strict, even a slight movement is not acceptable.

Another two hours passed, the temperature followed the fall of the sun and dropped, but in an entire day not eating, not drinking and still have to withstand the heat, everyone’s stomachs had long ago growled nonstop. On the field an endless “Guuuu, guuuuuuu” sounded. Not eating is still handleable, but a whole day of sweating and no water had certainly made me feel uncomfortable. Currently more than 200 candidates had withdrawn, it’s not even one-tenth yet, how much longer do I have to stand?

Time passed really slowly, finally we endured until the evening, a breeze blew gently, now it’s a lot more comfortable. I was already used to the cold from practicing the Demonic Arts. Seeing that I’m standing here already I might as well practice a bit. I glanced left and right, almost all of the candidates have closed their eyes and were confronting their own body.

I also shut my eyes and stealthily began to circulate the dark energy around my body. The first stage of the Demonic Arts will not emit anything, so I was not afraid of anyone catching me from appearance. I felt the surrounding dark elements continuously converging with me, and a ice-cold feeling came onto the skin and passed into my energy channels, after that it slowly flowed according to path I created. Truly a great feeling. It was as if the fatigue from the whole day had vanished and the demand for food and water diminished. Surprisingly the dark powers have such a benefit, I continued to move according to the set path of the dark energies, my attention focused and I entered into a calm state.

When I woke up from the calmness it was already morning, except for a some hungry and some thirst, my body did not feel uncomfortable. I looked around, although not many candidates left but they were well on the verge of collapsing. Each person had a pale complexion, I softly breathed in and shut my eyes.

It was noon again, the weather was still very good and the sun hung high up in the sky, but to us examinees this is not good at all.

Having yesterday evening’s experience I quickly circulate some of the dark energy, even though practicing in the daytime is not effective, but it brought me an ice-cold feeling, dealing with this sizzling hot weather became much easier than yesterday.

In the afternoon the candidates were leaving in batches, moreover most were carried out. The sun gradually set, and the clouds in the distance illuminated by the setting sun became incredibly beautiful.

“Everyone, thanks for your trouble, the first round of exams is now over. Every examinee should take their identity plate to the proctors and register, then go back and rest. The day after tomorrow come back for the second round of testing.”

Turns out it had already eliminated down to 1000 people, all the candidates simultaneously breathed out a sigh of relief, and their butt sat on the ground. I was not an exception, although my physical condition was better but these two days one night my limbs did not move at all. It had long became rigid, and I sat on the ground and lightly exercised my numb body.

“Attention students, the proctors will now register each of you individually, please act in accordance.” Sure enough 10 exam supervisors dispersed and began to register the remainder of the candidates. The first one is of course me, I handed the number plate over and said: “I am number 1.” The proctor looked at me once and smiled: “This lad[you] is very sturdy huh.” I only smiled and did not reply.

At this time from I don’t know where came many people in chef outfits and holding cloth covered trays, and a big bucket, plates, etc. Are they bringing us food?

As expected, the clear and sonorous voice said: “This is the porridge and steamed buns the school prepared for you, every student when finished eating should go back and rest.” It was really food, I took advantage of my spot in the front and was the first to rush up. Grabbing a big bowl I took a large bowl of gruel and gulped it all down. Great, it felt great, I had never felt that porridge tasted so good. Taking advantage that the others didn’t come up yet, I continuously downed three bowl, then took another and three steamed buns to go and ran off to enjoy it.

With food in my stomach I regained most of my strength, ah, that’s right, it has been two days. I still didn’t feed Black Dragon, I have to hurry back, he will definitely complain to me. Back at the inn, I quickly asked for some fodder and ran to the horse stable. When Black Dragon saw me he let out a happy neigh and used his large tongue to lick my face, “It has been hard on you, eat quick, it’s all the best fodder.”

After I finished tending to Black Dragon, I was honestly very sleepy and could not hold on anymore, like this I slept on top of the hay in the horse stable.


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