Chapter 10

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Volume 1 Chapter 10: The level one Bing-Ding-double-fire Apprentice

Translated by: Ash, Demenious, GX

Edited by: Cinx, Dana, Kideyon, Ash, LosThanatos, Vanagandr

“How did I not see before that you had such a weak spirit?” Xia Tian was engrossed in Ji Dong, his expression turning even more dreadful than his previous monstrous and devil-like manner.

“Li Huo academy rule number nine: Those who contradict the teacher ought to be punished. After we finish this talk, you will have to run on the track field until I am satisfied. Of course, I admit that what you said earlier was right, as I was definitely excessive with my words and actions. This is why I will punish myself and will run alongside you while also restricting my use of magic.”

Ji Dong was surprised. He actually appreciated Xia Tian’s bluntness and his willingness to admit his wrongdoings. But what kind of terms were these? This punishment was obviously unfair!

Ji Dong’s physical ability was that of a weak animal, and Xia Tian was a bull. Even without his magic, Xia Tian would obviously feel no weariness even after running a hundred times around the field. Despite the unjust punishment, Ji Dong cared much more about the two crystal gems in Xia Tian’s hand and didn’t say anything.

Xia Tian became more serious as he held a crystal crown in each of his hands, and he said in a low voice,

“You do not need to know the origin of these two crystal crowns. Normal students would start their cultivation with sensing the existence of the Bing-fire element or Ding-fire element under our guidance. One could only absorb the essence of the element during cultivation if one were able to sense their particular element, which would then allow them to increase their power. Bing-fire and Ding-fire are incapable of being fused; like that of water and fire; however, since you are of the Yin-Yang balance, the peculiarity of having a perfect balance causes the two fire elements to interfere with each other and oppose another.

Normally, you would be unable to cultivate at all, but these two crystal crowns, which will give you the power to sense both Bing-fire and Ding-fire, will allow you to cultivate as long as you absorb both fire elements. Compared to other students, you will be a month ahead. I will now use my magic power to activate these two crystal crowns, forcing their energy to enter inside you. You will need to focus deeply on sensing these two different magic powers.

Also, in the future, there will be no one that could possibly assist you with cultivating afterwards, and you will only be able to rely on your own efforts. I hope you will be able to bring out the willpower you had during this morning’s punishment run and be diligent with your cultivation.”

“Yes, sir.”Ji Dong straightened himself and answered seriously.

“Close your eyes. Place both hands on your knees. Relax, and no matter what you feel next, don’t move.”

Ji Dong did as Xia Tian ordered, and he closed both of his eyes. Because he had dedicated his life to liquor for 20 years in his past life, he had a very high amount of concentration, to the extent that very few people could even be compared to him. The moment he closed his eyes, his spirit and mind became calm.

Xia Tian held the Crystal Crowns with both hands, and as his eyes shone, Ji Dong immediately felt the scorching heat from the Bing-fire element’s magical power. Once again, the 3 Coronas Yang Crown appeared on the top of Xia Tian’s head. Two sources of fiery red flames instantly rose from his palms, and the Crystal Crowns instantly brightened, each coagulating a lump of dazzling luster.

Xia Tian took a deep breath while stretching both of his hands out with lightning speed. Suddenly, he pressed onto Ji Dong’s chest, stamping the two lumps of radiance directly onto him.

Ji Dong’s body shivered upon contact with the two crowns. He could only experience a scorching and tepid heat taking over his body as the two streams of air began to flow through his veins. The scorching heat was like an eruption of energy that would overwhelm him, as if it could burn his whole body at any time.

Yet the tepid heat flowed smoothly through his veins like springwater, travelling into each and every part of his body. While the scorching flow was bursting throughout his body, paining him greatly over short bursts, that tepid flow felt as if it was solidifying his blood, increasing the pain to even greater amounts. His whole body seemed to be falling and was calcined by a gigantic Yin-Yang furnace at the same time.

Without question, that scorching flow was definitely Bing-fire magic being released from one of the crystal crowns and that tepid flow was Ding-fire magic. After the two airflows were forced into Ji Dong’s body, they immediately diffused within the meridian channels of his body. But the heat energy became wild and was suddenly supple. Ji Dong’s body unconsciously spasmed, his hands on his knees firmly grasping his own pants. Regardless, he was grinding his teeth and was bitterly holding it in.

Xia Tian was just as nervous as Ji Dong could have been at this moment. It was not the first time he had used one of these crystal crowns, but giving a single person both a Yin and Yang crown was definitely the first time. As he began sweating, he nervously watched the changes on Ji Dong’s face. He had already felt that the power of the crystal crowns had altered Ji Dong’s body, but he did not know to what extent.

He didn’t dare to infuse his Bing-fire into Ji Dong to help him because Ji Dong might not be able to bear the immense power that would form from his own magic combined with the energy from the two crowns. At this moment, Ji Dong could only rely on his own power to absorb the energy from both crowns.

“Hang in there. This crystal crown can give you everything you desire. It will activate your double attribute and even strengthen your body’s physique. If you can’t even endure these small pains, why do you even want to be a Yin-Yang wizard? You will obviously get better in a little while.”

A little pain? This was supposed to be only a little pain?? But Ji Dong didn’t have time to focus on these words. All he could feel was that time was slowing, and what Xia Tian had spoken of had taken an eternity.

The sweat surrounding his skin had turned into steam and rose high into the air, and strangely, it had a slight fishy smell to it. That was because his body had a lot of impurities within it, but under the strong energy of the Yin-Yang fire, all of these impurities were quickly purified and became that fish scented steam. The bursting and tepid energy within Ji Dong was at it’s peak. Xia Tian could clearly see that on the top of Ji Dong’s forehead, two bright lights were slowly shining into existence.

Two halves to a star shaped crown condensed slightly apart from one another, one a bright red, and the other a vivid shade of blue. They began to meet in the middle of Ji Dong’s forehead and fused into a whole star which was semi-red and semi-blue. When the two halves combined, the color was very faint. But now, with the gradual fusion of the energy within Ji Dong’s body from the two crystal crowns, this special star slowly became clearer.

Xia Tian showed a pleased expression upon the sight. He thought, “As expected… it would only succeed if both fires were to be absorbed at the same moment. Because of his Yin-Yang balance, the magical energy that resided within the two crystal crowns was not wasted even a single bit. Any normal student would merely be a level one Bing-fire or Ding-fire student, but he is both at the same time. While watching the crown star slowly finish its transformation, a small expectation arose within Xia Tian’s heart.

If this small kid in front of him truly condenses his own Yin-Yang crown, then what kind of scene would be made when someone realized it? After all, only with a true Yin-Yang crown would he become a real Yin-Yang wizard.

With the forming of the Crown Star, Ji Dong relaxed as the two devastating energies calmed down within his body and slowly collected towards his chest. Ji Dong could sense that both energies separated into two halves. The red light was concentrated on the right side of his chest while the blue light resided on the left.

At the same time, he noticed that if he concentrated deeply, he could sense the same energy within the air, only it was much thinner than what resided inside his body.

When he opened his eyes, he discovered that his Bing-fire uniform was completely drenched, as if he had just taken a dip in a pool. Even though he sweated heavily, he didn’t feel exhausted at all, and it was actually the opposite… He felt completely full of power.

As he awaken, Ji Dong felt that he was full of power, but he also felt that the two powers within him were different from one another. On his right side, he felt a bursting strength, but on his left, he felt as if his body had become much tougher and more endurance.

Since coming to the Five Elements Continent, Ji Dong had always been struggling in extreme weakness, it was only recently that he was able to fill his stomach. Now that he had fused with the two crystal crowns, he truly felt the presence of strength within him. Both his spirit and mind were empowered, unlike the condition before when he would feel too tired to accomplish anything.

While looking at Xia Tian, Ji Dong said sincerely, “Thank you, teacher Xia Tian”

Xia Tian waved his hand and said,

“Like I said, these two crystal crowns were from the headmaster. If you want to thank someone, then thank him instead. Now that you have taken your first step to becoming a Yin-Yang wizard, you should attempt to control the Bing-fire and Ding-fire magic within your body. Just look in the mirror and if you control it, a crown star should appear on your forehead. Both halves of this crown star should represent that you are a level one Bing-Ding dual fire apprentice.”

“How did I become a level one this quickly?” said Ji Dong surprised.

Xia Tian was annoyed. “Hmhp! You are just lucky. Without these two crowns, I am afraid that you would have never been able to possess magical power at all. From now on, it will not be so easy like today. Remember that when you cultivate, you must absorb both Ding-fire and Bing-fire in equal amounts so that would not affect your body, if you absorb too much from one side, you would eventually disturb your Yin-Yang balance and all your efforts would become wasted.”

“Then how should I cultivate, teacher Xia Tian? Since I am already a level one Bing-Ding dual fire Apprentice, could you teach me a cultivation method?”

Xia Tian snorted. “Didn’t I already teach you one? Just sit down cross-legged and relax your entire body. Use your mind to sense the magical power of your dual elements, which are the magical powers you currently posses, or in other words, your body has become like a magnet. You only need to rely on your mind to sense and absorb the disassociated Bing-fire and Ding-fire elements within the air.

This is the cultivation method. The first ten levels of the Yin-Yang wizard are the most difficult ones to climb. One could rely on one’s own body and his mind to condense it, but this was definitely a slow and boring process. Many people couldn’t finish cultivating their Yin-Yang crown not because their innate talents were not high enough, but because they could not endure the way of cultivation. As a consequence of cultivating both Bing-fire and Ding-fire, you will need to invest more time in cultivation compared to most students.”

“Thank you, teacher Xia Tian. I will remember your words. I will devote much more effort than normal students, and I will use my results to prove it to you. Can I start my punishment now?”

A smile appeared on Xia Tian’s face as he saw Ji Dong sitting there with a pained face, as he had endured the pain and refused to yell out in agony; he could truly see the amount of resolution this child had. In addition to this, Ji Dong had previously told him that he was an orphan. His malice towards him using the backdoor method to enter the academy lightened a fair amount.

“You can forget about today’s punishment, after all, if you don’t do it then I also don’t have to do it. Your magic power has also just reached level one, go back and start cultivating, after that, take a good rest. If you have any questions in the future, just come and ask me. I live in the Bing-fire dormitory’s top floor, room 501. Now go.”

When Ji Dong stood up, he discovered that he really likes the Li Huo academy, and he also liked the straightforward and passionate Xia Tian who was unable to stand the slightest sight of fools. After bowing to Xia Tian, he left.

The sky was already dark, and it was almost night. Once again, it was time for dinner.

In the Headmaster’s office, Yang Bing Tian welcomed a guest.

“Good evening Headmaster Yang.” The visitor was about 40 years old, and he was dressed in a long, red gown. He has a slim body with bright spirited eyes. On the right of his chest was a blaze symbol which center on a golden halo. It does not represents strength, but his identity. Only members of the Yin-Yang wizard guild of the south fire empire would be dressed up like this.

“Good evening, please take a seat” Yang Bing Tian lead the visitor to the couch.

“Headmaster, I am a staff member of the Yin-Yang wizard guild of our empire, this time I am here on behalf of the guild. I have something for you. The President knows that you like to collect different kinds of Yin-Yang magical skill scrolls. Recently, the guild obtained a Yin-Yang magical skill scroll from a Yin-Yang wizard who was in dire straits, we are able to sell it to you for the original price.

“Yin-Yang magical skill scroll? Bring it out and let me take a look at it.” Yang Bing Tian’s eyes brightened and urged the other party to take out the scroll. if one says that tasting fine liquor is his lifetime favorite hobby, then the second to that would be collecting Yin-Yang magical skill scrolls.

Yin-Yang magical skill scrolls were actually special scrolls imbued with Yin-Yang magic. Normally, it attach most importance to assisting type of a Yin-Yang magical skill, because the offensive or defensive type scroll need to store a massive amount of magical power, which is why the making is rarely successful.

Methods of making this scroll has been lost, so the Yin-Yang magical skill scrolls that could be bought are almost antiques, Yang Bing Tian didn’t collect these scrolls in order to use them, he just wanted studied them with an appreciative attitude.

The middle-aged man lifted his hand and touched one of the red colored gems inlaid in his waistbelt. A foot-long scroll had already appeared in his hands. He carefully held the scroll with both hands and presented it towards Yang Bing Tian.

Seeing this scroll ,Yang Bing Tian’s eyes lit up. He is a knowledgeable man and just by seeing the exterior of this scroll , he can deduce that it is centuries- old.

The scroll’s entire surface appeared to be of a dark yellow color, it is unknown what material made it. On top of it, there are fine dark stripes, there is some very unique writing on it, which the writing is not part of the modern world. Especially the wave motion of a rich magical power that was released from it, no one would doubt the formidability that this Yin-Yang scroll had portrayed.

The middle aged man saw Yang Bing Tian’s admiring look, and said smiling: “After a detailed study by our guild, this scroll is known to have come from a thousand years ago by a Great Master that was specialized in making Yin-Yang magical scrolls.It is called the Random Teleportation Scroll. The most unusual characteristic was that, it was made after at least 5 elements of Yin-Yang magical powers were poured into it. This is an extremely valuable collection.

“Ah! Is this Random Teleportation scroll the kind that is known as the most useless, yet could store the most amount of Yin-Yang magical power by using the principle of mutual destruction of the 5 elements?”


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