Chapter 8

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Volume 5 Chapter 8: Returning to the Capital

Translated by: GX, Demenious, Ash

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I nodded and said, “I think that for so many years, the beastman clan could only survive by relying on the demon clan’s support. Naturally we had to agree with all the unreasonable conditions from the demon clan. Every time we had a war against the Dragon Empire, we, the beastmen were always the front line, used as mere cannon fodder. A few days ago, a war with the Dragon Empire broke out. This war cost the beastmen more than 300 thousand warriors, but what of the Demon Clan? I don’t believe they even lost 50 thousand men. The Beast God religion was precisely established to change this situation. I must help us beastmen grow, so that after we’ve grown strong , we can break free from the suppression of the demon clan. No longer will we need to accept their unreasonable demands. If we succeed, the Demon Clan will begin to decline. Our Beast God religion is a threat to their way of life. Thus they’ve dispatched a large quantity of experts to kill us.”

Panzen said, “Your analysis is accurate, this must be the case. Those bastards, to think they planned to suppress us beastman to benefit themselves. Lay, ah, no, fourth brother, what do you plan on doing?”

I coldly snorted and said, “I shall make those who went against us pay the price, I have lost so many brothers. Demon Clan, do you think we beastmen truly fear you? Just wait and see. Big brother, second brother, second sis, third brother, I have decided to ask the Beast Emperor for control of a division of the army so that I can launch a sneak attack upon the Demon Clan. I don’t believe that the Demon Clan’s cities will be able to withstand my attacks. So long as they witness the true strength of us beastmen, they won’t dare act as they please again. But first, there’s still one more thing to take care of, Miu. Oh Black Dragon, my dear partner, rest assured! I will definitely rescue you.”

Mink asked, “Young…… fourth brother, will the Beast Emperor agree to your conditions?” Mink wasn’t used to addressing me as fourth brother.

I coldly answered, “I’m not worried about that, if I am bullied at my doorstep and he doesn’t allow me to fight back, then he is not the Beast Emperor that I know. I am confident in my ability to talk him over.”

Panzen said resolutely, “Fourth Brother, first brother supports you. I have 5000 special forces at my command. They’re absolute professionals; strictly trained to only listen to my orders. When the time comes, I will bring them and we shall charge and break through the enemy lines at your side.”

I glanced at him with gratefulness, “Thank you, first brother.”

Gin said with surprise, “How come we didn’t know about your secret army forces?”

Panzen said complacently, “How can I tell you everything? My subordinates are not the very least inferior to your whatever temple guards.”

Silvy said with disdain, “You won’t know before you see it with your own eyes, fourth brother, second sis’s 3000 temple guards will be in your care, you have already seen their skills. Additionally, Yuna will provide a sufficient amount of resources to support this war.”

I exulted, “With first brothers’, second brother’s and second sisters’ elite forces, my chances of succeeding will greatly increase.”

Mink was doubtful, “Fourth Brother, are you really that confident?”

I nodded and said, “Trust me, third brother, I will absolutely not allow the Demon Clan to harm the beastmen unopposed.”

Mink nodded with determination, “Although this brother doesn’t have any strength, I’ll always stay by your side, support you, and help you. I shall do anything you order without any hesitation.”

“Good, then we shall depart after burying my brothers.”

Panzen was puzzled, he asked, “Right now? We shouldn’t we wait for your wounds to heal?”

I shook my head. “Speed wins wars. We cannot alert the Demon Clan of our movements, leaving immediately will achieve the best results. My few elder brothers, could can I trouble you with burying my brothers here? After that please cut down some trees and make a stretcher, and carry me to the capital. If we have the chance in the future, we’ll come back here and move their bodies back to the capital. We must hurry back within the shortest time possible.”

Panzen said, “Don’t bother with the stretcher, this brother will carry you on his back. I can easily get us a warm carriage once we reach a market. Isn’t it quicker to travel by carriage? I’ll even make a few experts carry the carriage, our speed will not be slowed.”

In the beastman country, it was a popular trend for all those who were of high position and status to sit on a carriage. The number of carriers will vary based on the rider’s status. The carriage here refers to a lifted carriage. It’s similar to a sedan chair but much wider and more spacious. When one says warm carriage, it’s actually equivalent to a bed that is carried around.

[EN: I think its something like this:

Mink said stammering, “First, first brother, let me carry fourth brother.”

Panzen shook his head and said, “Am I that scary? Third brother, we are sworn brothers, you should know your place, you’re our brother not a servant nor an underling, do you understand? Your body has just recovered, you’re not suited to working, since my body is in the best condition, I’m the most suitable for this.”

I slightly smiled and said, “Then I’ll be in your care first brother.”


Panzen carried me on his back as he stood before the tombstones of the nineteen escorts. Mink carved their names onto the tombstones. I felt ashamed, I only knew Mink and Wolf’s names, and now, these brothers have left and gone away.

“Brothers, rest in peace. Leave it to us to perfect our great plan. Although I may not be able to make the beastmen the most powerful country on this continent, I will certainly help the beastmen become stronger. In the future, no one shall look down on us beastmen. Farewell, my brothers.”

Mink stood up, “Fourth brother, I’ve carved all of their tombstones.”

I nodded and said, “I’ll surely find a chance to move them to the capital.”

Mink sighed and said, “There’s no need. While the environment here isn’t good, it’s quiet and secluded. Do you really think we were truly happy growing up in the palace? Every day was filled with ceaseless training. Compared with that place, our brothers might like this place even more, where they can see the development of two territories. When we have the time, we can just clean and fix their cemetery, that should suffice.”

I took a glance at Mink, his sorrow was undoubtedly more than mine, “Well then, since you put it that way, we shall be on our way too.”


I lay in a warm carriage as sixteen high ranked Naga Tribesmen carried me along the road. We rushed all the way and finally, after half a month arrived at the edge of the capital’s administrative zone.

During this period of time I had been constantly cultivating, and my Dark Magic had returned to its peak condition while my Mad God Chi had recovered to 80% of its strength.

“Stop for a moment.” I ordered the nagas.

I shouted, “First brother!”

Panzen’s figure flashed and came to the front of the carriage, “What’s wrong, fourth brother?”

“Fist brother, my powers have nearly recovered, and we’ve entered the jurisdiction of the Imperial Capital, I don’t need the carriage anmore.”

Panzen chuckled and replied, “You’ve laid down for so long have your bones began to rust? Alright then, little ones! Put down the carriage!”

The ‘warm carriage’ landed and I walked out from within, taking a deep breath of fresh air.

Hmm… very comfortable. I exercised my hands and legs while bathing my body in the warm sunshine. The injuries from the forbidden spell seemed to have completely vanished.

“Fourth brother, why have you come out?” Gin’s voice came from behind.

Along the way, Silvin was delighted, Wherever they went they would find something new to excite themselves with, those glutinous two heads have truly made me admit defeat.

“Second Brother,  I’m already fine, see? I can’t keep lying down forever, we’ll reach the Imperial Capital about tomorrow. I should be prepared, I really don’t want to meet the Beast Emperor looking dispirited and listless.

Silvy smiled, “Your body’s recovery speed is really shocking, you recovered in just a few days! I was truly right to call you a cockroach.”

A sense of anxiety could be seen within my eyes, “Actually, I wasn’t injured at that time. All of these wounds were gained during the fight. Perhaps transforming twice was too much of a burden on my body.”

Panzen said, “That isn’t good either, if that taboo spell hit you directly without any protections, you would have disappeared like the grass and mountain.”

I deeply thought, “Actually, I received the most help from the turquoise gem. Its powerful life force seemed counteract the power of death released by the taboo spell. However, I feel something is wrong within my body, especially when I tried to cultivate my Mad God chi, there is always an unspeakably strange feeling, but whenever I cultivate Dark magic, this feeling vanishes.”

Panzen chided, “Damn it! If every Fallen Angel of the Demon Clan used a forbidden spell, even all the Dragon Knights together wouldn’t be be able to fight them. Fourth brother, you have been training diligently everyday, if something’s wrong quickly let me heal you.”

Panzen was indeed like a big brother, during the period I was injured, he arranged everything proper and well, nothing like his lazy self from before. Everyday, he would worry and ask about my body condition, he treated me much better than my real big brother, Laylon.

I shook my head and said, “First brother, you don’t have to worry about this. I really don’t know whether I should say that the Fallen Angel was just really lucky or our luck was too bad, because according to what I know, this type of forbidden spell has a success rate lower than 1%. If one wishes to borrow the power of the King of the Underworld, they must convey their message all the way to the Underworld. That Fallen Angel broke through it only at the price of his own life. Just think, how powerful is the energy that separates Heaven and the Underworld, are! It’s not that easy to break through. I guess he was just too lucky. The energy of the explosion, and on top of that his persistence, allowed his power to rush out from such a thin opening.

Pazen smiled bitterly, “His luck was good, but we were almost completely wiped out. Even now, when I recall that aura of death, I still feel a shiver going down my spine.” The weather today was sunny and cloudless, the sun shone brightly onto the land. Looking at the beastmen that were working the field, I said to Mink, “Third Brother, look, isn’t this a huge difference compared to when we left?

Mink agreed, “Yeah, I noticed it right after I entered the borders of the Imperial Capital. Fourth brother, look over there, when we left that area was a wild grassland full of shrubberies, now sprouts can be seen. I think it will be a quite a great harvest a few months from now. The feeling of vitality feels great.”

I smiled, “His majesty really acts rather quickly, in just a few months the surroundings of the Imperial Capital have started to develop to farmlands. Looking at this scene of flourishment made me think that I did the right thing. Second brother, what do you think about this place?”

Silvin bent down and grabbed a handful of soil from the ground, then Gin and Silvy looked carefully and smelled it, which made him excited. “This place was not plowed for many years, so the soil is very fertile, it’s not the least bit inferior to the plains of our Yuna. The people that were responsible for teaching the beastmen farming here are pretty competent. Look, these crops that were grown by the beastmen are growing quite well. This is probably wheat. If even just half of the beastmen tribes’ territory was developed to this extent, no one would starve in the future, and the population of bandits would surely decrease.”

I smiled with gratification. Beastman country, my first home, you are slowly developing a bright and wonderful future for yourself, you have my blessings.

Panzen yelled, “Hey, hey, are you not in a hurry anymore, fourth brother, let’s chat while we walk. Little ones, lift the carriage! Let’s move!”

I smiled, “Why bother lifting it? Just throw it away.”

Panzen smiled, “Throwing it away is such a waste, you can’t say for sure that someone won’t get hurt on the way, won’t it become useful by then? Haha.”

Gin said, “Who could possibly harm us brothers? Boss, you worry too much.”

After becoming sworn brothers, Gin and Silvy were not willing to call Panzen “First brother”, they just called him boss. Although Panzen didn’t like it very much it was still better than the “Lernean Worm” they used to call him.

Ignoring Gin’s remark, Panzen took the lead to set out on the journey.

Mink said, “First brother, Second Brother, Second Sister, please be more careful. You must conceal yourselves with the cloak more tightly, we don’t want the commoners to discover anything.”

Silvy was displeased, “So what if they see us, they can’t eat us can they?”

Mink was silenced by that sentence, as he felt somewhat awkward.

Gin said, “Third brother, don’t listen to second sister’s nonsense, we’ll be careful.”

“I wasn’t actually afraid that you’d run into trouble, but if the commoners took a look at you, who would dare to even provoke us then? However, there’s a possibility that you may attract some of your worshippers, especially of the werewolf tribe. Just think, what would happen if they saw the God of their dreams right in front of them?”, said Mink.

I chuckled, “Then our wolf god can forget about adventuring. Third brother is right, you guys must be more careful. Well let’s go! First brother is so far away we can’t even see him anymore, let’s catch up to him.”

On the way, I said to Mink, “I wonder how the Beast God religion has developed in the Imperial Capital?”

Mink smiled and replied, “That’s easy, just ask someone.” I scratched my head, why didn’t I think of such a simple method?

I indicated everyone to wait for me, pulling Mink I found a farmer that was farming, I asked, “Hello uncle, can I ask you some questions?”

The farmer raised his head and gave us a glance, then he continued his farm work, he answered with some annoyance, “Can’t you see that I’m busy? If I don’t hurry I won’t finish my quota before sunset.”

I put up a smiled and said, “Uncle, we came from foreign lands, I just want to ask you if there’s anyone from the Beast God religion in this area, I heard that a Beast God religion appeared and they helped the commoners, It won’t take long.”

Listening to the three words, Beast God religion, the farmer’s eyes were immediately spirited. He set aside the hoe he was holding and stood up straight. His face was full of revere, “Young man, you asked the right person, speaking of this Beast God religion….They are really savoirs sent by the Beast God, they didn’t just help us exterminate the bandits, they even sent us people that led us commoners that couldn’t get anything to eat to farm. Even the seeds were provided by them. They even provided great amounts of cereals and vegetables for us to eat, they said that we can pay them back after the harvest. I don’t know about other places but right now, in our village of roughly 200 people, there are none who wouldn’t praise the Beast God religion. This Beast God religion seems to be supported by our beast emperor too. Alright, enough talking, I must hurry to work, according to the division by the emissaries of the Beast God religion, this land now belongs to me, I must work harder so that I won’t fall behind! If you guys can join the Beast God religion it’ll be an absolute blessing. Oh mighty Beast God, thanks for granting us land and food.” The expression of the farmer was very sincere, there was not the slightest sign of deceit.

It seems, the beast emperor’s of actions have affected the development of the imperial capital’s administrative zone. If the people worked hard, this place would be able to catch up to Yuna in just a few short years.

As we hurried along on our journey, we asked ten more people about the Beast God religion, and their replies were basically the same.

The Beast God religion went deep into the beastmen’s hearts. Regardless of race, they were all filled with reverence towards the Beast God.

“Fourth brother, oh my great lord vice pope, you should be happy this time, our Beast God religion has a very good reputation among the common people, it looks like even the bandits have been eliminated. His majesty truly acts like thunder and wind.

I nodded and said, “Yeah, when it comes to his majesty the beast emperor, he is an absolutely wise and farsighted ruler, he knows when and what kind of methods to use. We just need to assist him well and we can definitely make the beastman clan stronger. Third brother, what do you think their expression would be like if I told them that I was the Beast God religion’s vice pope?”

“There are two situations, either they will believe you, or they will not. If it they don’t, they might feel like beating you up for pretending to be their most admired person. But if they believe you… then you’ll be in a worse situation! Since their holy leader has arrived, how could they not…… him! Hahahahaha!”

[EN: ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)]

Mink and I burst into laughter at the same time, our laughter attracted Silvin and Panzen that were behind us. “Are you that satisfied with the peasants’ answers? Look at how happy you guys are.” Gin asked.

“Of course. Second brother, can you believe it? If everyone here knew that I’m the real vice pope of the Beast God religion, I could make everyone throw their lives away in front of me.”

The closer we got to the imperial capital, the more farming regions we could see. The weather in the imperial capital was very suitable for plants to grow, even when winter arrived, the temperature was kept around 10 degree, it would not affect the crops much. I estimated that they would be able to harvest 3 times a year in the best situation.

When we arrived at the outskirts of the Imperial capital city, i noticed that Mink was very emotional, it was obvious that he was extremely excited. I deliberately walked behind him and placed my hand on his shoulder asking, “Third brother, what’s the matter?”

Mink shook his head, “Fourth brother, I experienced and learned so many things from this trip, and finally I’m back again, how could I describe this feeling? Fourth Brother, I will support you no matter what, I believe that the Beastman country will only grow stronger with your help.”

I smiled and said, “Third brother, you’re flattering me too much. I noticed that your character has changed a lot since we became sworn brothers. In my eyes, you were a doughty and domineering boy, with too much enthusiasm. But now, you seem to have grown up a lot. Although you don’t have your past enthusiasm, you have become more dependable. I can’t help but feel that you will become something unusual in the future.”

Mink showed a knowing expression with a slight smile, “This is probably due to learning those magical skills and fighting skills you have taught me. Don’t forget, I’m majoring in earth-element magic now, that’s the symbol for steadiness afterall! We have returned now, when do you plan to visit the beast emperor?”

I signed deeply, “How about this, you enter the palace and tell his majesty that I am back, I will find a place for first brother and others, to stay, after which I will go and see the Beast emperor.”

Mink smiled, “Don’t be silly, you should go to the palace first, I know that you are very anxious inside. I will find a place for them. A fine tavern, and something good to eat, I can at least do this much.”

I nodded, “This isn’t a bad idea.” I said with a clear voice, “First brother, Silvin, wait here for us.”

Panzen and Silvin had already arrived at the entrance with the 16 nagas. That ‘warm carriage’ had already been sold for 60 gold coins! Not bad since according to the naga escorts that carriage cost only 20 gold coins, that meant that we made a profit! When the guards of the Imperial Capital saw the 16 nagas of bright-colored scales, they immediately stopped them.

From their knowledge, nagas aren’t a nice kind of creature. With so many naga experts appearing all of a sudden, it aroused their suspicion. Especially with the presence of two odd, masked, strangers.

TL: the brighter the scales the higher ranked Naga tribesman they are.

“Who are you people, why did you come to the Imperial Capital?”

Gin said, “We are of course good people, we are the good civilians among the beastmen. Sir, can you please let us pass?”

Panzen murmured, “Isn’t it just a capital? Even their way of speaking is different.”

He had stayed in the naga tribe all year round, thus he was used to the praises from his underlings. Nobody would dare to block his path. But now that he arrived at the imperial capital he suffered maltreatment, naturally he became quite unsatisfied.

That guard evidently had good hearing, so he angrily rebuked, “What are you talking about, this is for the sake of the safety of the Capital. Come, brothers! Search their bodies! You two, yes, the two of you, take of the cloaks from your heads, what do you have hidden that is so shameful, or are you perhaps shy?”

The 16 naga escorts could no longer hold it in, there’s actually someone that dares insult their supreme God, bloodthirst filled their eyes, the forked tongue incessantly spitting and flickering madly, their tails were swaying back and forth, baring their teeth and showing their claws, not allowing the guards of the imperial city gate to go near them.

When they were about to fight, Mink and I caught up to them and I hurriedly moved closer and asked, “What’s wrong, first brother?”

Pazen snorted with dissatisfaction, “Look at these guards of your capital city, they won’t let us enter the city, talk with them Fourth brother, I won’t pursue this matter anymore.”

My complexion darkened, I took two steps forward and removed the mask that was just recently made and said, “Get out of the way now and let us pass.”

The guard captain saw my human appearance and was first startled, then asked doubtfully, “Sir is, sir is……” I took out a brand and threw it at him coldly saying, “That’s right, I am the vice commander of the Pretorian Guard, Layson.”

The guard carefully looked at the token that symbolized my identity, and immediately knelt down, “Your highness, please forgive this humble servant’s disrespect towards your highness.”

I raised my hand and said, “Enough, get up. You’re just fulfilling your duty, I won’t blame you, now make way, we are in a hurry to meet his majesty.”

The guard saw that I wasn’t at all as brutal and grim as the rumours said, and let out a breath of relief. He took his people to the sides, and retreated, heartily saying, “Welcome back, your highness.”

I responded with an ‘en’ and took everyone into the beastman imperial capital. Panzen smiled, “Fourth Brother, aren’t you the impressive one? That guard chap didn’t dare fart after seeing you.”

“This is after all my place, but it’s nothing compared to First Brother’s, Second Brother and Second Sister’s. In your territories, you are even more respected than that of a local tyrant. I’m nothing here, there are at least a few dozen officials whom are higher ranked than me. First brother, I need to separate from you guys for a while, let third brother arrange a place for you to stay. I must hurry to the palace and meet the Beast Emperor. And report what happened. Third brother, after finishing your arrangements come meet me in the palace, you should know where i stay right?”

Mink nodded and replied, “I know.”

Panzen said, “Brother, take care of this matter quickly. Fourth brother, my underlings have already  prepared themselves, they are on the way to meet us. As long as there’s news coming from your side, our men are ready to depart anytime. ”

Even before we set off from Sasi, Panzen appointed a few competent subordinates to arrange these matters, we received the news yesterday morning, that his underlings are only 5 days of journey away from the imperial capital.

They supported me without holding back. After saying goodbye to the elder ‘brothers and sister’, I hurried towards the Beast emperor’s palace.

“Your highness, you have returned?” The guards in front of the gate of the imperial palace greeted me with respect.

I responded with ‘en’ and asked, “Where is his Majesty?”

The guard said, “Normally his majesty would be in the imperial study room reviewing the memorial during the afternoon, maybe he is there.”

I nodded to them and hurried towards the imperial study room. Just like the guard had said, before the door were a dozen highly skilled personal guards of the Beast Emperor, all of whom recognized me, and saluted one after another, “Your Highness.”

“Is his majesty here?”

“He is.”

“Good, quick help me inform him. I have an urgent matter to report”

“Yes, your highness.” The head of the imperial guard didn’t dare delay my matters, and quickly entered the imperial study room to ask for instructions.

After a short while.

“Your highness, his Majesty asks for your attendance.”

I nodded, and strode into the imperial study.

The Beast Emperor greeted me personally at the doorway laughing, “Why did you come back so quickly, did you come across any trouble?” I nodded seriously, “This son pays his respect to father emperor.”

When the Beast emperor saw that my expression was gloomy, he knew that the situation was serious. He led me into the study room, had the guard and servants step out, and asked: “What is it, did something happened? Was the spreading of the Beast God religion not successful?”

I shook my head, “Even though our plan is difficult to conduct, that would not be a reason for me to come back. I have already successfully come to an agreement with the naga-tribe in Sasi and the werewolf tribe in Yuna, not only have they agreed to convert to the Beast god religion, they have also agreed to support your reform without restrain.”

The Beast emperor exulted, “Wow! You could settle two provinces in such a short amount of time. Very good. This is much better than pervading slowly. are you sure they are truly heartfeltly submitting?”

I nodded, “I am sure about this.”

Thus, I told him how I fought against Silvin in Yuna, how we entered Sasi and fought against Panzen. I didn’t hide anything, because I knew that the Beast emperor was the ruler of the beastmen. He would have his ways of finding out things in his own territory. If I hid something and he found out later, I fear that there will be estrangement between us, which would be unfavourable for the future development of the Beastmen.

At the same time, I had nothing to hide besides the Fallen Angel transformation, I told everything from the beginning up to the accompaniment of Panzen from Sasi.

The beast emperor sighed, “Child, you worked hard, I never thought, that there would be such strong warriors like Silvin and Panzen, you did great for being able to subdue them, you shall be rewarded.”

I shook my head, “These are all what I should do, reviving the beastman clan to its former glory was always my dream, these achievements are nothing worth mentioning.”

“Didn’t everything went quite smoothly? Why did you say there is trouble?”

My eyes were full of sadness, “Just when I was excitedly bringing Silvy and Pazen back to the promised hill, an unfortunate event happened. On the hill, we found the corpses of my escorts, all of them were murdered by cruel methods.”

The Beast Emperor slammed the table and stood up with a fury roar, “What? Somebody dared to kill your escorts within the territory of us beastman? Do you know who did it? ”

I noded seriously, “My guards were nearly wiped out. Your majesty should know well about their skills, there is nobody in the Beastman country that could annihilate them without paying any price, which is almost impossible to achieve.”

The Beast emperor’s voice trembled, “What? Every single one of your men died? Did no one survive?”

I sighed deeply, “Only the lionman Mink survived.”

I reported on; how I discovered Mink and the dying Wolf under the rock; how I heard about the clues; how I fought with the fallen angels; and how the Fallen Angel chose to self-destruct. I almost told everything about how we fought.

After hearing my report, his whole body started to emit fearful killing intent, he heavily slammed the table with his palm. With a big bam the sturdy red wood table shattered inch by inch, what an astonishing strength, it really surprised me.

The tremendous noise attracted the guards from the outside, ten dozens of highly skilled beastmen rushed in.

“Your Majesty, what happened?”

“Protect his Majesty!”

“Your Majesty, are you fine?”

The Guards fell into chaos, most of them looked at me with hostile expressions, thinking that I attacked the Beast Emperor. The Beast Emperor roared furiously, “All of you get lost! Nothing happened here!”

The guards looked at each other, no one dared to move.

The Beast emperor roared loudly, “Get lost! Did you not hear me? Do you want to be beheaded?” The tremendous voice scared the guards so much that they fell on their knees.

I persuaded, “Father emperor, you musn’t be like that, they are worried about your safety. Being distressed will not help with the situation. Those things have already happened. Let’s find a proper way to deal with it.”

The Beast emperor was a ruler after all, he gradually calmed down from his violent rage, and waved his hands, “I am fine, all of you leave now, I need to discuss something with Layson.”

“Yes, your majesty.” After seeing that the Beast emperor was back to normal, these loyal guards went back, out of the room. The beast emperor suddenly fell onto his chair like a deflated rubber ball, his gaze was filled with bewilderment.

“Father emperor, what’s the matter?” The beast emperor smiled bitterly while shaking his head, “We just had a good start, and unexpectedly the Demon clan ruined it just like this. If I didn’t guess wrongly, they will continue to send someone to assassinate my men of the Beast God religion. Layson, what should we do? Should we withdraw all our men? Talents are rare, I do not wish to lose a large number of men.” I asked doubtfully, “Father emperor, have you not thought about resolving this with military strength?”

The beast emperor mocked himself, “Military strength? Can we beat the Demon clan? Just recently, we fought a war with the Dragon Empire and lost a great amount of fighting power, what will I use to fight against the Demon clan? Besides, the Demon clan has ten dozens of Fallen Angels, what can we use to fight them?”

I took two steps forward, grabbed the Beast Emperor’s shoulders and said in a low voice, “Father emperor, look into my eyes.” The Beast Emperor rose his head, and as our eyes met, he saw the determination in my eyes.

“Father emperor, a group of logisticians should have already returned some days ago. I’m sure you know about the war reparations which the Demon clan demand from us” The Beast Emperor noded.

“So what are you planning to do?”

The beast emperor smiled bitterly, “What else can I do, we’ll pay in accordance.”

I suddenly bellowed at the Beast Emperor, “Father emperor, I’ve looked at you wrongly, I never thought that you are such a cowardly ruler, someone who would only prone in front of the Demon, you think that the beastmen will develop this way?”

My words provoked the beast emperor, both of his hands opened, and I was pushed back violently, that strong power pushed me back until I rammed into the wall, “Layson do not forget your own position, who do you think are you talking to? Remember, I can take your life anytime.”

I stood up straight, and not backing even a step away, I stared at the beast emperor, “I did not forget my position, it is because you posses such position that I need to remind you. Father emperor, if we just accept it this time, I am afraid that the beastmen could never rise again. We need to show the demon tribe our strength, and let them know that we Beastmen tribe are not easily bullied.”

The Beast emperor turned around and smashed the wall with his fist, shaking up the dust, he said with a pained voice, “You think that I don’t want to start a war with the Demon clan? I want to do so as well. But as the ruler of the beastmen, I cannot do that. Your thoughts are too simple. Do you think a war would be that easy? Do not forget that on this continent Demons and Beasts are not the only race.”

I suddenly understood, I asked, “Are you talking about the Dragon Empire?”

“Right, first let’s not talk about whether we could win against the Demon clan, the moment we start a war with the demon clan, and as long as the people of the Dragon Empire are not fools, they will send out their army secretly and profit from this. When it comes to that there will not be only humiliation, but also the danger of the extinction of the beastmen. I cannot allow the Beastmen to take this risk. I cannot be the sinner of the Beastmen country, do you understand?” After saying that, the beast emperor closed his eyes with a pained expression.

I kept the excited expression from earlier, with a smile I stepped two steps forward, “Since you have this consideration, then let’s analyze the situation and see what we should do.”

Beast emperor was startled, “You have a way?”

Having a plan in advance I nodded, “Please believe in me, I will definitely make the beastmen stronger. The incidence this time may be bad news for us, but it is also a crucial turning point at the same time. If we could win a great battle, then your position in the beastmen’s’ hearts will rise greatly. Being the beast emperor, you must know that the beastmen hold great esteem in power. No matter what we will have to fight this war, otherwise the efforts we made will be wasted; the Beast God religion will not be able to continue spreading, and we beastmen will forever be subservient of the Demon clan, or even be wiped out by them in the future. As for the Dragon Empire, I once discovered a secret when i was there. With this secret we can fight the demon tribe with ease.”

The beast emperor was surprised, “What secret?”


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13 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. So this how he gets his mother to the dragon empire right? Make some sort of treaty proposal to the beast emperor right?? M2t5 pls halp


  2. “I felt ashamed, I only knew Mink and Wolf’s names, and now, these brothers have left and gone away.” So wait, let me get this straight. You can memorize like a hundred books word for word, but you can’t memorize twenty people’s names who are traveling with you for more than a month? C’mon, Lay!


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