Chapter 11

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Volume 1 Chapter 11: Undefeatable King Fist

Translated by: Ash, Demenious

Edited by: Vanagandr, LosThanatos, Gx

After demonstrating the formidable power of “Undefeatable King Fist”, Yang Zhan’s face appeared a trifle pale; it was clear that with his amount of Qi he could only use this kind of power once.

Subsequently, he told Yang Qi about the hand seals, cultivation methods, Genuine Qi motion and circulation in the meridians of the 6 moves; he repeatedly told Yang Qi until he had thoroughly familiarized these martial techniques and had committed them safely into his memory, only then he would finally stop.

“Now, Qi-er, practise as much as you can, during this time father will investigate who plotted against the Yang family and poisoned your first and second brother. At the same time I will try to obtain the method to dispel “Shadow Poison”.

Yang Zhan waved his hand and the old butler came in from outside, “Master what is your command?”

“Take all the stored treasures we possess, there are also some properties, list them down and go to mayor’s mansion to negotiate and check whether it is enough to compensate a single Hidden Dragon Pill.”

Hearing these words, Yang Qi suddenly looked pale; he secretly clenched his fist tightly.

This Yang family branch, of which he is a direct descendant, has flourishing wealth. However, he was afraid that this is the first time they would truly go bankrupt. How many stores of silk cloth, farms, apothecary, spirit stone stores, weapon stores, treasury,….these things will all be handed over to the Mayor’s mansion, only then can they compensate the value of a Hidden Dragon pill.

Yang Qi was well aware of what the Hidden Dragon Pill was, it was the medicinal pellet of most superior quality. Rumour says that it was refined and made from the blood of a dragon; after consuming it, the blood in the body will arise to form a trace of a powerful dragon, with extraordinary strength and that it increases the lifespan.

Rumor has it that Capital City Yan‘s Mayor has two of these pellets. He himself consumed one of them and immediately broke through to the realm of Qi Lord; the remaining pill was preciously stored inside a confidential room. Yang Qi, by employing the method of bribing the people guarding the treasury, stealthily entered and obtained it, then gave it to Yun Hai Lan to win her favor and unfortunately was deceived by her.

Just because of a single medicinal pellet, the Yang clan direct descendant Patriarch’s family mansion will be swept of all its wealth. It’s very likely that it will become problematic later to even provide the servants, guards and maids their meals.

The Yang family mansion was huge, there are thousands of people.

“Qi-er, it is nothing. If one still lives, you will recover the money no matter how much you lose. True strength is the most important. If it’s one Hidden Dragon Pill, I, Yang Zhan, can still manage to compensate for it.” Yang Zhan patted his son’s shoulder.

“I certainly will earn back the worth of a Hidden Dragon Pill.”

Yang Qi walked out.

Similarly within Yan Capital City, 10 streets away from the Yang family’s mansion, was a place more than 10 miles wide. A huge mansion, on top of which were 2 characters “Chen mansion”.

This is also an aristocratic family of Yan Capital city – the Chen clan.

At this moment, within the Chen family’s Assembly Hall, 4 patriarchs were sitting upright. They were the Wang family’s, Liu family’s, Li family’s patriarchs; and also the Chen clan’s own Patriarch.

The Chen family Patriarch wore a casual robe. His QiGong was so profound, that just any casual movement would cause circles of Qi rings to encircle him. This was his distinct “Three ring QiGong”, a high level cultivation method.

“Everyone, a major incident occurred in the Yang family, are you all aware of it?”, the Chen family patriarch said, slowly and deliberately.

“We knew about it long ago, and I have a good grasp about what the outcome will be.” the Wang family’s patriarch knocked on the table: “The experts of Yang family branches have come to force the patriarch to abdicate. I’m sure you all saw the golden eagle that appeared in the sky- it was one of Council of Elders that came to mediate the affair. With regards to what happened during this gathering, I’m actually unclear of it. At the moment, those people of Yang family, left Yan Capital city, so we are unable to go and ask around.”

“Yang family is an outstanding family among so many aristocratic families within Yan Capital City. Yang Zhan’s cultivation is above ours, this is indisputable. However, his third son’s cultivation has been crippled; his first and second sons were said to have been inflicted with Shadow Poison, as it was seen when they were carried in from outside the city. At this moment, my men have heard that he has asked his housekeeper to take stocks of every industry and contact to the Mayor’s mansion, he is prepared to compensate for loss of treasure. I am afraid this will make him lose all of his fortune.” The Liu family patriarch said: “Since the Yang family’s power is weakened, and normally we all also have some enmity with him, now it the right time to unite and beat the crap out of him! It’s a pity that Yang Zhan was not harmed, if he had also suffered from Shadow Poison, that would have been perfect.”

“Hump! Him suffering from Shadow Poison, is a matter that will happen sooner or later” The Chen family’s patriarch sinisterly laughed.

This laughter made all the patriarchs cringed.

“Could it be that ….”

“Correct, my Chen family has already gotten into contact with the Shadow Poison sect.” The Chen family’s patriarch stood up, looked around and clapped his hands. Suddenly, a few figures appeared in the room. They were all clothed in black, masked, their bodies emitted a cold gloomy aura; It was obvious that the QiGong they cultivated was a pure Yin Qi.

“This is the emissary of the Shadow poison sect, the Poisonous honoured sir, with a perfected QiGong cultivation that is at the peak of the 8th tier. He just fell short of one tier from achieving the cultivation of Qi Lord.” Chen family’s patriarch, Chen Zheng Hao introduced.

All the patriarchs gave each other bewildered glances and stood up unnaturally.

“Hehehe, hehehe…..” That poisonous honoured sir laughed, all the people present had goosebumps, “This time we came to deal with the Yang family. First, it is this man Yang Zhan, who is highly skilled and once ate the Air Absorption grass which is the best material to refine the Flying Poisonous Puppet. Second, the Yang family’s quasi-King level martial technique, Undefeatable King Fist. Thirdly, our Shadow Poison sect’s primary aim is to deal with Yang Zhan’s younger sister, Tian Wei Academy’s female disciple, Yang Susu. We cannot enter the Tian Wei Academy, however, since the Yang family is in danger now, and Yang Susu has changed her surname to Yang, she will definitely come to the rescue. And by that time….”

After saying these words, the poisonous honoured Sir laughed eerily once again.

“This….. matter unexpectedly involves the war between two hidden, powerful sects”, a few patriarchs looked at each other in dismay.

Within Feng Rao continent, the power of an aristocratic family was not small, but it was nowhere near that of the mayor’s, and the mayors is way from that of sects. Only the Sheng Zu dynasty can contend against the sects.

“Everyone, we are going to make the Yang family collapse completely. After dealing with Yang Zhan, it’ll be easy to deal with the Yang family’s branches. As for that Council of Elders or whatever, the experts of the Shadow Poison sect will be sent to kill them! My Chen family and the Shadow Poison sect will grant you sufficient benefits.”

Chen clan’s Patriarch said: “Now then, let’s begin to discuss our plan against the Yang family.”

Conspiracies were schemed one after another.

A few days had passed since the Yang family’s clan gathering took place,Yang Zhan already sent his butler to make an inventory of all the properties everywhere within the city, all to be given to the Mayor. This incident had already been spread widely throughout every corner of Yan Capital City. All the people were well aware that the Yang family’s main branch will become bankrupt soon. Moreover, the third son, Yang Qi, has been crippled and the second son and eldest son’s bodies were severely poisoned.

Everywhere, people were gossiping about the news of “Yang family’s decline”.

Even within the Yang family, some maids, servants and guards were shrouded in a cloud of uncertainty. And Yang Zhan, besides inventorying the properties, he had sent a few people to investigate who poisoned his first and second sons and had also gone everywhere to seek the method or a wonder drug that could cure the poison. Therefore, he was awfully busy.

Yang Qi was aware of all these happenings, yet he wasn’t able to help. He had no other choice but to hide himself in a secret place and cultivate in silence in attempt to reach a higher level and be of assistance to his family.

It was night again, it was an ocean-like night sky.

The milky way in the sky was flickering across the vast horizon with a mysterious light.


Outside of the Yan Capital city, within a deserted mountain range:

Yang Qi ran as much as he wished. His speed had reached its peak, so the Qi flow was rolling outside his body. He cut across a perfectly straight line. The high speed dash tore apart the atmosphere and gave rise to a faint sound of explosion.

Currently he could definitely travel 300 miles in a single day, and during the night, he could travel 250 miles all because his QiGong and physical strength were extremely profound and vigorous.

Over the past few days, every day and night, he would run hundreds of miles beyond Yan Capital city, to cultivate the “Spirit of Divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell” within the desolate and dangerous mountain range. This was because he was afraid that the excessive Qi released the moment a Mammoth awakens within the particles of his body would garner the attention of experts nearby.

[Ed: changing “power of divine elephant” to “Spirit …” cause I can](Ed is evil!!)

He trained for 5-6 days in a row and the genuine Qi within the body was filled, apparently there was a sign of something tearing apart his body and trying to come out. He was aware that perhaps the opportunity of breaking through had arrived.

He stopped running and arrived in a valley.

This valley appeared to look like the mouth of a calabash and was completely secluded. Here  fierce beasts haunted, and pythons dormanted. However at this moment, it was absolutely silent, because the fiendishness of the QiGong – “Spirit of Divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell” – Yang Qi was releasing was not something that any ordinary beast was capable of contending against. Even the most violent of the magical beasts would not dare to attack blindly.

(TL: the mouth of a calabash probably looks like this


Standing in the middle of the valley that was shaped like a calabash’s mouth, Yang Qi’s steps were heavy, like those of an elephant; his hands slightly curved like an elephant’s nose. Suddenly, the sound waves echoed within the valley, many rocks shook and continuously fell down, because of the quake.

“Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell, Mammoth Awakens!”

At once the amount of QiGong in him soared. The internal lightning Mammoth was moving about frantically, discharging waves of lightning essence and replenishing his body.

Ka cha!

This was the sound of a butterfly splitting apart its cocoon.

Inside Yang Qi’s body, it was as if an egg had been shattered or an embryo had awakened; a portion of the boundless Qi permeated through the top of his skull and shot straight up to the horizon, when suddenly the frantic Qi flowed behind his back to form a whirlwind which revolved disorderly. Faintly, he could finally see two mountain-sized ancient mammoths, bearing the presence of an unruly nature, frantically trampling on all things, and a deep rumbling could be heard from the depths of the desolate surroundings.

And just like that, another particle was awakened.

Yang Qi now possessed the power of two ancient Mammoths.

The ancient Mammoth was not like any ordinary elephant; if it moved its trunk slightly it could uproot towering trees; its body was more than three to four times that of an ordinary elephant, Moreover its entire body was clothed in fur, it could defend itself against any weapon with its copper-like skin and iron-like bones, and some mammoths could even manipulate the Yuan Qi of the world and could release Qi Gong similar to the humankind’s, it was the overlord of ancient magical beasts.

In the legends, the ancient mammoth was the descendant of the Divine Elephant.

With the power of two ancient mammoths maintained in Yang Qi’s 7 feet tall manly body. How could one imagine it’s horrifying explosiveness?

Buzz…… A stream of compressed air spurted out from all of his pores simultaneously. And with a loud noise like that from the long cry of a steam whistle, yet it still sounded like the buzzing of a colony of bees. He quickly intertwined his hands into cultivation seals.

(Ed2 Thanatos:Have a DBZ moment and remember the loveable Buu letting of steam here)

Suddenly, the Genuine Qi in his body which was originally invisible, was now highly condensed and became visible.

Furthermore, the Genuine Qi gathered on his palm without scattering; and finally it went from quantitative change to qualitative change. A peal of cackling noises was echoed and the Genuine Qi was densely condensed, it was no longer gaseous but became solid like steel.

A long and plain spear, with a primitive aura, seemingly made of stone appeared in Yan Qi’s hand.

Qi Gong sixth tier, Qi Armament realm.

Condensing Qi into Weapons.

(to be continued)

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