The world of Kaethea

by: GX

This is the chronologie of the tales of the world of Kaethea, where some dreams come true while others shatter. I wandered around the world in order to pick up the pieces of the ancient myth to bring back the stories which had almost been forgotten. Some of the text part are hard to translate so I will use other languages of this world in order to write them down. The first two story are about a dwarf who had a burden loaded upon him since birth. Let’s follow his steps on his way to his destiny. Some parts of them are found on old stone inscriptions, others were found in ancient tombs. But they were all about this one dwarf, who changed the fate of the world, whether to the better or the worse is not for me to judge.


Kaethea: Tales of the Dwarf with the Dragon Eyes

After the war of the three powers, the world of Kaethea sunk into One hundred thousand years of chaos. The world had finally achieved a stable peace until one day the sky darkens, exactly like it had one hundred thousand years ago. What will happen in Kaethea? What does this omen forebode? Follow the Damned Author on a journey that is riddled with surprises.

Chapter 001 || Chapter 002 || Chapter 003 || Chapter 004 || Chapter 005

Chapter 006 || Chapter 007 || Chapter 008 || Chapter 009 || Chapter 010

Chapter 011 || Chapter 012 || Chapter 013 || Chapter 014 || Chapter 015

Chapter 016 || Chapter 017 || Chapter 018 || Chapter 019 || Chapter 020

Chapter 021 || Chapter 022 || Chapter 023 || Chapter 024 || Chapter 025

Chapter 026 || Chapter 027 || Chapter 028 || Chapter 029 || Chapter 030



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