Sheng Wang


Sheng Wang

by Meng Ru Shen Ji 梦入神机


Qi, the origin of all life.
QiGong is the method of cultivating the source of life.

Yang Qi throws away everything for the woman he loves but in the end he was betrayed by the one he loves the most. Hunted by other aristocrats and with no home to return to.
Now with his Qi Gong being destroyed he no longer has the capability to use any martial arts. However, the Heaven has yet to turn its back on him… (credit goes to OSTNT)

Volume 1Sheng Wang-1

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64 thoughts on “Sheng Wang

  1. I’ve seen this manga, a few days ago. But haven’t read the whole chapter. Since you picked it up, i’ll give it a try 🙂


  2. hmm just saw the 2nd chapter of the manwha really hated the illustrations but the story seemed interesting although there wasnt really any yet lol so ty for picking this 😀


  3. Thanks for the chapter, really interesting, can’t wait for more 🙂

    Make sure to add this to category, because otherwise it will cause problems when reading multiple chapters.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah there will be, currently I have one chapter waiting to be edited, but I have been really busy. I may just release it next week. We will see. (Sorry about that I’ve been really busy >.<)


  4. Thank you for picking this up! Like others, I read Manhwa version, but the story seems a bit rush and the detail is not much to my taste. I’m looking forward to this series!


  5. Thank you for the chapter. I just happen to come across it by accident but i am happy reading the LN. Can i know normally the release day of new chapter is when?


  6. Really hope you can pick up the pace, i think this novel has great potential but the translation pace is just too slow. Not that im complaining(just stating my wishes). Anyways, thx for the chaps!


    • Mmm Sheng Wang is one of the most difficult series we have come across, as the author’s writing style really makes translating difficult. For example, last chapter, the paragraph which described the skill took almost an hour to correctly translate/edit with the help of five different translators. The meaning of the characters are easily interchangeable, and the author makes up idioms. So translating Sheng Wang takes a lot of time. (not to mention my editing pace :P)


  7. When the next chapter gonna come? What’s the schedule for this series I heard it was 1 chapter 1 week is the schedule changed if so then what is the new schedule?


    • If you looked closely… You would notice that there is no actual schedule, but a goal of one chapter per a week. Sheng Wang is very hard to translate and edit, so it takes longer to get the chapters out.


  8. This is honestly one of the most enjoyable light novels I have had the pleasure of reading. The story has a great pace and has kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time! I must thank you translators for I believe you are also to thank for this fluidity of work. I sincerely hope that this becomes a regularly translated novel for you guys as I am very much enjoying it. Thank you for the hard work!


  9. I really think you should drop this novel. I see potential in this novel, and i wish someone will pick it up for regular translation but it is not possible as long as you guys continue with it. I hope you will consider what i’m saying and know that even though i say that i still really appreciate you guys for translating this novel.


  10. Gotta agree with midnight here.. rlly hoping someone will focus on just this after its dropd… ( maby ww?.. i can dream.) if you go one chapter a week its gonna be a year just for 50-52 chapters. so if this novel has 1000+ chapters… which would take you 19 years. im srry but i cant wait that long just for a novel. XD


    • So be it, we’re up for the challenge. As I said before, Sheng Wang is a series we enjoy doing, so we will continue working on it. We aren’t dropping a series anytime soon.


    • We are getting more translators, and the pace will gradually increase with it. Spread the word! If the wn gets popular more translators will join. I hope the readers actually understand this before they make such comments. 🙂


    • What if someone never picks this up after we dropped it? Have you thought about it? This series is among the ones which are the most difficult to translate. I saw some attempts and they failed to bring accurate translation. I don’t know if the readers wouldn’t mind reading a story entirely wrong but I’ll continue the series until i see a true translation of SW. Ultimately, we will always enjoy a collaboration if any translator is interested.


  11. Hi, I would like to thanks you guys to translate this series. I realy liked to read it (with image).
    I don’t realy understand the ”world” of translate but you seems to do a difficult job, so well done and keep fighting up !


    • Problem with this author is that use the pseudo ancient Chinese. Pseudo ancient Chinese has common sense to shorten a full sentence to 4 to 5 words. And you need to interpret what the author meant. It is sometimes easy sometimes hard. But the most difficult thing is to translate the meaning you understand into English and not change the meaning of the author. Which is really a head ache.


  12. Did they drop this? If not at what rate does it update? Monthly? The manga was dropped and its kinda sad coz ik id have enoyed it :^/…


    • No, we didn’t, we are just translating it at a slower pace. No, estoy traducir poco despacio. (sorry my spanish is very rusty, lo siento mi espanol no estoy bien.)


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