Chapter 33

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Chapter 32: The Four Seasons Sect’s Disciples

Translated by: Ash and Demenious
TLCed: Miki and Demenious

Edited by: Vangandr, Los Thanatos,Zehamas, Naruto Kurosaki, etc.


The five disciples of the Four Seasons Sect, two females and three males, each of them already had profound QiGong and were strong experts. Yang Qi estimated that their QiGong had already reached the eighth tier, which was equivalent to the cultivations of a patriarch of an aristocratic family!

Moreover, when the experts from the Four Seasons Sect were compared to ordinary patriarchs of the same Qi realm, they were umpteenth times much stronger.

For example: Although Yang Qi was only at the seventh tier of the Qi Imagination Realm, ten eighth tier expert wouldn’t be his match. Only Qi Lords would be able to restrain him.

These five people, by relying on the influence of the Four Seasons Sect, killed and seized others’ possessions. Yang Qi could never tolerate this, they planned to rob the Chen family of all their wealth and even make the Yang family their slaves. Even if the Four Seasons Sect‘s power was large, they ought to be utterly destroyed or Yang Qi would never be satisfied.

The youth holding the sword felt the wind of a punch come close to him and immediately understood that Yang Qi had attacked him. He ruthlessly thought to himself, “The Yang Family that is only a small rural aristocratic family actually dared to be rude to me, a disciple of the Four Seasons. Today, the Chen Family was destroyed and had their houses raided. Tomorrow, it’ll be your Yang Family’s turn!”

He wielded the long sword in his hand, like a coiling snake, it was suddenly thrusted upwards. The sword ray gave off *zhi zhi* sounds, which was like the breaking of ice. Cold frost enveloped a large area.

The [Autumn Frost Shrouds the Earth]!

This was a king-level QiGong technique, the  Four Seasons Sect’s [Four Seasons sword technique]. When incorporating the intention of having four seasons that would cause all living beings to wither in front of the sword technique, the sword would resemble nature itself and give off a feeling that the sky and earth had combined.

First, the air force from Yang Qi’s punch was neutralized, followed by an attack by the sword, which resembled a silver-serpent, almost penetrating Yang Qi’s heart.

“The Four Seasons Sect’s martial techniques are really extraordinary.“ Yang Qi thought, a bit startled. The full might of the four seasons sword technique used by the other side gave him a feeling of the reversed autumn from winter season. This martial technique of a Sect, was even above his own [Undefeatable King Fist]; it fused with the atmosphere and was a king-level QiGong technique not only in name but also in truth.

Within an instant, he swatted away the sword aimed at him with one palm.

The sword tip slitted his skin, but was obstructed by a membrane below his skin.

However the Sword Qi in madness, like the autumn frost, and like the winter snow, penetrated and entered his meridians.

When the youth with the sword struck Yang Qi’s palm with his sword, everyone could see that Yang Qi became enveloped in a layer of frost. Meanwhile a cold, black cloud gathered above Yang Qi’s head. It was around 3500 square feet, descending innumerable snowflakes upon Yang Qi, seeming to be turning Yang Qi into an ice sculpture within seconds.

“My senior’s Four Seasons sword technique — the autumn and winter form have already reached the point of perfection. If he can also exhibit the lingering of the rain in spring and the lightning-fast ferocity of the thunder in summer, he shall be able to break through to the Qi Lord realm. Compared with these rustic countryside Qi lords, he shall be more powerful by several folds.“

“Oh, yes. Within this Yan Capital City, Yan Gufeng is a Qi Lord, and his cultivation is nothing great. Just recently, Yang Zhan also reached the Qi Lord realm, but he is just a fool.”

“After we will kill his son, then we shall kill Yang Zhan. How dare his son be rude to the Four Seasons Sect, that is simply unacceptable. Who gave him the guts to do that? Thanks to Yang Family having such a son, we shall destroy the entire family.”

The remaining two men and women, seeing that the youth with the sword had frozen Yang Qi, nodded and started to ridicule Yang Qi. Their eyes depicted their arrogance.

“This Four Seasons Sword technique is amazing. However, it tempers my body just fine! And while doing that it refines the Lightning Mammoth within my body.”

Even though his whole body was frozen, Yang Qi was perfectly happy. Of course, he could easily destroy this Sword Qi, but the moment the sword Qi entered his body, he changed his decision and allowed the Sword Qi to wreak havoc within his meridians and thus excite the life essence of the Lightning Mammoth.

Sure enough, within a single breath, that Lightning Mammoth’s life essence was awakened and large quantities of its source flowed through his meridians, dissolving the Sword Qi.

Within his body, particles started to awaken after one another.

With the continuous circulation of qi, two small particles broke free of their cocoons, like an elephant birthing its calf, they each awakened the power of a Mammoth.

In all of Yang Qi’s limbs and bones, power bubbled forth, the membrane below his skin increased in thickness and all of his muscles produced more elastic force, and his every breath felt like a volcano that was about to erupt.

Within his body, the blood and qi began to faintly circulate, apparently he could hear something from the depth of hell; it was the sound of an everlasting furnace boiling.

Rumors have it that the hell’s furnace could refine anything — that even gods were no exception! And when the person who cultivated with the [Power of the Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell] reached a very lofty realm, he could condense and form a very small furnace within his body, which could also melt anything.

However, the current Yang Qi is very far from reaching this realm. It was only the boiling of the circulating blood and Qi in his body which issued a noise similar to that produced by the hell’s smelting forge. This could increase his digestive capability greatly.  For example, when Yang Zhan had to refine that [Nine Directional Golden Pill], he had to wrap his Zhen Qi around it and then let it permeate his body, but Yang Qi could directly ingest this pill by swallowing.

So much so that, when he advances further, he could even ingest demonic cores directly.

After having awakened the power of two Ancient Mammoths, Yang Qi’s own power had increased tremendously.

Powerful Qi circulated within his body and rushed forth and immediately, all the frost and big chunks of snow melted.

Yang Qi stepped forward once and made a grabbing motion with his clenched fist.

It immediately quaked the sword in his palm so much that the sword started to fracture inch after inch, before the steel blade exploded and turned into multiple sword chips.

That youth holding the sword was too late to protect himself and his own QiGong rebounded upon him and he violently spat some blood.

Both his eyes appeared bloodshot as he wondered how such an unexpected event could occur.  He again circulated his QiGong and tried to counterattack.  But Yang Qi had taken a giant step forward and once again punched him.

That punch was no longer a test to gauge his opponent’s power, but instead, it enveloped all the surroundings as though a large cage had come down around them. Near the youth’s ears, there was a noise echoed from the furnace that came from hell. *Hu la hu la* it was the noise made from the hell’s furnace refining god from above the nine heavens.  

He, that sword youth, was enveloped by the Qi energy of the fist, and he couldn’t react at all. He saw a fist bombarding his head again and again, then his mind turned dark and exploded inside his abdominal cavity; he turned into a headless corpse and fell to the ground.

The youth, who was very arrogant barely 3 breaths of time away from now, had his treasure sword shattered, and died from one technique- with his head being slapped into his abdomen, it was a miserable death.

Even at the moment of death of this sword youth, the other 4 accomplices of his hadn’t reacted.

Naturally, Yang Qi would not give them any time to react. His body, like a divine dragon, and his steps, like a huge elephant, fiercely trampled upon the ground. His arms, like an eagle, released Zhen Qi which enveloped a radius of hundred steps, afraid that those four people would flee.

If even one amongst them escaped, then they would bring back with them experts from the Four Seasons Sect, and the aftermath of that would be difficult to even imagine.

The two men simply had not reacted and Yang Qi, with his palm, attacked them in their chest.   Their chests felt choked and they fiercely spat out blood, along with pieces of internal organs and they immediately fell onto the ground, twitching incessantly.

As for the two females, they were tightly enveloped by layers of chains made from Yang Qi’s Zhen Qi. The were bound hand and foot and couldn’t budge. Then Yang Qi pointed his finger at their qi oceans in their dantian which then destroyed their Datians located on their Qi Oceans and they collapsed weakly onto the ground like deflated balloons.

So far, the 5 experts from the Four Seasons Sect were either dead or crippled of their cultivation.

“You abolished our martial arts. . . ” The two limply collapsed females, even while facing death, simply couldn’t believe that they suffered such a great catastrophe. They were always their family’s proud daughters, and everywhere they went they had been revered and admired by men. But who knew they would meet with such misfortunes in a small place like this.     

This is just like a situation where an imperial palace’s princess had come out from the palace to the people and was raped by some gangsters. Incomparable shame and disgrace roiled in their chests.

“Gather around quickly!

Yang Qi’s voice was like a loud roar, all his soldiers assembled together and he said, “Bring these 5 people along with us, hide them securely, and do not leak even a trace of information about them. You must all forget about what happened just now. Whoever dares to even speak a syllable about this, will be killed mercilessly.”

At the time, the Yang Family soldiers only caught a sight of the 5 disciples from Four Seasons Sect when they appeared, very few of them was able to hear the words ‘Four Seasons’ when it was spoken. Moreover, all of them were loyal to the Yang Manor and Yang Qi believed that this incident could be concealed.

However, he had a huge qualm within him, first he offended the Shadow poison sect, then offended the Four Seasons sect, and now the Yan family was preying on them, and it goes without saying that the Chen family would come back for them anytime now, all of these could be described like the saying, fire is burning on one’s eyebrow- his family in extreme danger.

While the Yang family seemed to be prospering, it was actually in the face of multiple danger, a tiny bit of carelessness would cost them the entire family, just like the recent extermination of Chen family.

Boxes after boxes of treasures, slaves after slaves, including all the women in the Chen family were being moved from their mansion into Yang family like an unending stream. All the aristocratic families in the entire Yan capital began to tighten their defense as if a great enemy was coming, meanwhile, they also informed the mayor’s mansion.

Conflicts between families were common, however when one side was defeated, a ruthless extermination of a family like such were extremely rare.

Yang Qi on the other hand did not care much about this, he was instructing his family to move in the treasures, while carrying the five disciples of Four Seasons sect into his house. All of his men were sent out, only Yang Zhan, Yang Yun Chong and Yang Hua Long were left in the house.

On the floor, was visited by a row of five people, three men and two women. The three men among them were completely dead, while the two other women had their datian destroyed, laying there unconscious.

“Four Seasons sect, Four Seasons sect…..” Yang Zhan who should be proud and happy having just reached the Qi Lord realm, was looking at five people, almost contracting his eyebrows into a line, “If this matter were to leak out, all ten Yang families would be eliminated, even the entire Yan Capital would be razed to the ground. The Four Seasons sect is no joke, now people are already secretly starting to call the Four Seasons sect, Four Seasons Academy.

“Father, I’ve given a gag order, and less than a handful know about this.” Yang Qi continued calmly, “Besides, I didn’t kill all of them, I kept two women. First, I’d like to obtain some information of the Four Seasons sect from them. Secondly, it was to force them to tell us the Four Seasons sect’s QiGong so that it could be used to strengthen our family.

“Not bad, since it has happened, there’s no use regretting about it.” Yang Zhan’s gaze were sharp, “Besides, your aunt studies in the Tian Wei academy, if worse comes to worst we (Yang family) can move to the surrounding of Tian Wei Academy through connections and take refuge there.“


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