Chapter 7

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Volume 1 Chapter 7: A Bolt out of the Blue

Translated by: Demenious, GX

Edited by: Vangandr, Octavian, M2t5

This one sentence from the butler is like a bolt from nowhere. It came down like a hammer from clear sky, striking them right on the head. Not only Yang Qi, even an expert like Yang Zhan is so shocked that his head is buzzing. His face turns pale in an instant.

“Where are they?”

Yang Zhan asked with a trembling voice.

“Master, second young master sent out a signal for help. I lead the experts and hurried there right away. By at the time we rescued them, the assailant had already disappeared without a trace. The two young masters have been carried back, but……” The butler paused again.

“But what?”

“But the young master and the second young master received serious internal injuries, their meridians are damaged. And there is even poison in their bodies. Even if they will recover, their martial abilities will regress. It will be incomparable to before.” The butler spoke this fact with difficulty.

“What……” Yang Zhan falls back a few steps in succession, he looks as if he has aged another 10 years, Yang Qi clenches his fists tightly. A gush of killing intent comes from the depths of his heart.

“Butler, get big brother and 2nd brother here, let us have a look at them. Father has many profound QiGong abilities. It might be possible for him to remove the poisonous gas and treat some of their injuries.” Yang Qi said steadily, as he took two steps forward.

“Yes, third young master.” The old butler waves his hand and immediately one can hear hurried footsteps. A few high ranking bodyguards come in carrying two bloodstained stretchers. On one of them lies a twenty five, six year-old young man and on the other one lies a twenty year-old youth. Their faces show an ashen color there is an air of death surrounding them. It is obvious that there’s some kind of poisonous gas pervading the air. There are many palm marks all over their bodies; they were hit critically by QiGong expert. The injuries include broken bones and torn meridian channels.

Even if their lives are saved, it’s impossible for there to be any improvements in their QiGong.

“Big brother, second brother!” Yang Qi calls out as he walks forward with big steps. But since the two of them have long passed out there’s no way for them to hear his shouts.

“Who is it? Who injured my big brother and my second brother?” Yang Qi has matured a lot, although he was angry seeing this scene, he has already cooled down.


Right at this moment, Yang Zhan steps forward and waves his hand. A milky white airflow from within his body condenses into two figures. These figures look like exact copies of him, it’s Human-Form Genuine Qi!

Two Human-Form Genuine Qi bodies flicker like electricity and instantly rush into Yang Qi’s brothers bodies. Sounds of crackling and rattling are produced the instant they entered their body. Slowly the poisonous gas is forced out of the bodies as the meridian channels are being repaired.

“Human-Form Genuine Qi!” Almost every QiGong-practitioner of the Yang family who is present is shocked. They don’t believe their eyes as they watch Yang Zhan, “It’s the Human-Form Genuine Qi! To condense oneself’s QiGong into human form, this is a phenomenon that will only appear when one reached the Qi Lord realm.”

“Ninth tier QiGong, Qi Lord realm, where one’s genuine Qi can take a human’s shape while being able to wander to all directions and even having some intelligence. To think Yang Zhan’s cultivation has reached this realm. Even though the Human-Form Genuine Qi doesn’t have intelligence, it moves quickly and skillfully, it is extremely close to the ninth tier, the Qi lord realm.”

“So strong……”

“Father can actually condense genuine qi into human shape. Although it’s still not quite good enough to develop intelligence, this can’t be underestimated.” Yang Qi also couldn’t help but be shaken.

Even though, the human shaped qi repairs the meridian channels of Yang Qi’s brothers and forces the poisonous gas out of their bodies, new poison gas just condenses within their blood vessels again.

This is a kind of special poison, it is almost impossible to dispell.

“Shadow Poison!”

Suddenly, Yang Xu’s body starts to tremble, he stands up and shouts.

“Shadow poison”, is one of the most secretive techniques from a special clan. Although the poison is not fatal, it’ll follow you for the rest of your life like a shadow. There’s no way to dispel it, and the victim will suffer for his whole life.

“Unbelievable! Shadow Poison is simply undispellable. Rumor has it that it’s a lost technique from the west’s Shadow Poison clan. Even if one reached the realm of Qi Lord, he cannot dispel this poison if it has infiltrated his body. Unless you have reached the rumored Fate Stealing Realm, there is just no way to protect against it.”

“It looks like these two are also wasted. Just like Yang Qi they will never be able to train in QiGong ever again.”

“And here Yang Zhan just said, his children were not trash. In the end all it needed was just one moment and they were all turned into trash. Haha, three pieces of trash.” A young talented individual could not help but murmur.

His voice might have been soft, but it was still ear-piercing.

Bad just turns to worse, everyone knows that Yang Zhan is finished. When the elders hear of this, they will certainly remove his position as head of the family. His next generation is wasted, how can they be allowed to inherit his family business in the future?

To become a family head there are two conditions. The first is: one must have successful heirs. And the second is: one must have a tyrannical strength, with amazing QiGong accomplishments. If one is a genius in the family, his father will rise with the tide, after all, a genius has boundless prospects.

Originally, Yang Zhan’s three sons were all talented youths: his eldest son had stepped into the Qi Explosion realm at the age of twenty-two; his second son is now twenty years old, he has reached the fourth stage, “Qi Refinement”, and was about to step up; the third son was even more talented, he has almost broken through the fifth stage, Qi Explosion, at the age of eighteen.

Right now, his third son made a brimming mistake which resulted in his martial skills being crippled and stirred up a disaster for the family. The eldest and second sons were poisoned by Shadow Poison, they will suffer for a lifetime. Now, all of his heirs are wasted.

After this series of incidents, many feel elated, because if the family head falls, their chance of becoming the head will greatly rise.

“Who? Who said the word trash, stand up!” Yang Qi’s ears could hear ants fighting. Despite the fact that the youth used an extremely soft voice, Yang Qi’s ears could still hear him. It was a tall young man that stands behind Yang Shi, Yang Shi’s son, Yang Feng.

This tall young man is twenty-six years old. He has long since been in the Qi Explosion realm. He entered the Qi Explosion realm at the age of twenty-four. With another two years of practice now, he is even more profound.

Before, he felt very uneasy about Yang Qi, because if Yang Qi didn’t have an accident, he could have succeeded in entering the Qi Explosion stage before the age of twenty.

After hearing Yang Qi’s denounce him, he coldly smiles and stands up. With an arrogant look, he looks down on Yang Qi, “What about it? It was me who said, aren’t you guys trash? Look at that, two of you are poisoned and will suffer until they die, and your Dantian is damaged, Ha! you aren’t even trash! You are worse than trash! You are Yang family’s disgrace!”

“Is that so?”

Yang Qi said flatly, “Yang Feng, since you called me a trash, then how about we have a match and see who’s the real trash?”

“Qi-er, this isn’t the time you should act strong, calm down.” Yang Zhan said, but Yang Qi waved his hand.

“Brother Yang Zhan, this is the youngsters’ quarrel. As a family head, there’s no need for you meddle in it. Your son is wrong, but he still runs his mouth like that. I wonder if he has what it got to support his words?” Yang Shi stands up.

“Father, I know what I’m doing.” Yang Qi’s gaze flashed.

Yang Zhan looks at his own son’s gaze and the glow of pleasure bursts from his eyes, he seems to be feeling something.

“How do we have the match? All your martial skills were crippled. I can crush you with one fingertip. Even if your martial skills weren’t crippled, you wouldn’t have been my match.” Yang Feng pats his hands, “However, since you stubbornly want to die, I will help you. With so many people present I can prove that I did no wrong. I didn’t hit you first, it’s you who wanted to die yourself.”

“That’s right, Yang Feng, how about you try and hit me.” A talented youth even whistled, causing a heckle on the spot, “Perhaps Yang Qi thinks his QiGong wasn’t crippled, he is still living in his own dreams.”

“Beat him till he wakes up, let him realize this fact.”

“This Yang Qi reached the peak of the fourth stage, Qi Refinement, at the age of eighteen. He was pretty impressive. But too bad now his martial skills were crippled, and he still runs his mouth so arrogantly. If we don’t teach him a lesson, he will not know what’s good for himself in the future. I fear he will die at the hands of others.” ……

Some Yang family’s young disciples start to roar with laughter.

“Who’s looking for death, won’t we find out after we exchange our fists?”

Yang Qi stands up with the support of his hand, he looks around, he doesn’t look even the slightest like someone who has his martial skills crippled, “Those of you who laugh the most: I will remember each and everyone of you. Aren’t we going to hold a youngsters’ match? We can start now. I shall see if any of you can still laugh.”

“You’re talking big. Shame on you.”

Yang Feng’s pupils shrink and circles of cold air suddenly explode from his body. His five fingers open, and cold air, like a net, shrouds Yang Qi from above.

“Heavenly cold net!”

This is Yang Shi’s family’s QiGong, one of the techniques of Cold Ice power, when the technique explodes, the QiGong becomes like a net, the victim’s meridian channels will immediately be pierced by the fierceful cold air, and the whole body will soon be frozen.

In the instant Qi energy befalls him, Yang Qi moves.

With this movement, the muscles in his body become active, inch by inch they explode, the ancient gigantic beast has revived. A fiendish presence has caused everyone in the room to feel suffocated, this is the Devil God’s presence from the ancient hell.

Hong Long!

His body vibrates and the formless Cold Ice energy net is shaken and scattered all over the place. shua! Yang Qi’s figure disappears, closing the distance between the two to almost an inch, in the blink of an eye, he stands in front of Yang Feng and sends out a punch.

His footsteps are like those of a gigantic elephant violently trampling on the ground. The entire meeting room is shaking. Even the pillars which are as thick as a sequoia tree are making ge zhi ge zhi noises, as dust falls from the roof.

This one fist, is almost equivalent to an explosive substance that exploded midair, it’s power is beyond compare.

Yang Feng’s expression changes greatly, within an iota distance, he begins to bring out his Ice Cold Qi to resist. Both his arms swing to the front of his chest and he roars loudly, “Iron Lock Across River!”

However, as soon as he finishes his roar, he is heavily punched and sent flying into the sky, following the route of a parabola, he is sent straight out of the hall. Both his arms get fractured at the same time and his mouth sprays blood all over the floor.

With a patter he lands on the flagstone floor. Almost half dead from the fall, his eyes are locked on Yang Qi. He’s unconscious before he can even mutter the word “you”.

One punch! With only one punch, Yang Feng, who is at the fifth tier is beaten half dead! Even meeting when meeting an opponent of the sixth tier, he wouldn’t be beaten to this extent. At least Yang Feng would be able to exchange a few punches and kicks before loosing.


Yang Shi feels as if he is pricked by a needle. As his fist clenches, the chair he sits on is crushed to pieces. He glances at Yang Qi with the word “kill” all over his face, with a shou! he flies out. He supports Yang Feng and inserts his own Genuine Qi into his son’s body.

In this moment, everyone is stupefied. No one, not in a million years, would have thought that a person whose martial arts is clearly crippled and whose Dantian and Qi Ocean is destroyed, would be so powerful!

(to be continued)

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