Chapter 17

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Volume 1 Chapter 17: A thousand years’ achievement.

Translated by: Ash, Demenious

Edited by: LosThantos, (and others)


Luon Hun had not anticipated that his Mayor would have such ambitious goals, and that he actually wants to establish the “1000 years achievement” to dominate the entirety of the Feng Rao Continent.                                                                   One must know that on Feng Rao continent, Yan Capital City was only a small city. Although it had a population of over a million, compared to large cities that had populations of ten millions or even billions, it was absolutely nothing in comparison. If one was to found a country, it would be easily eliminated not to mention ruling a region then slowly and gradually conquering parts of the continent.

In Feng Rao continent, there were several thousands of cities and innumerable “vassal states”. Wanting to rule all of them, was it not easier to say so than to do it?

Even if it was a Fate Stealing realm expert who had exceeded the Qi Lord realm, he still would not dare to talk about this matter. It should be known that within the Sheng Zu dynasty, theirs experts were as many as clouds, yet they did not dare to carry out a centralized government of this continent, they instead implemented the feudal system. Nominally they were the ruler, but in fact they were just a Mayor of an enormous city and this imperial court was only capable of juxtaposing the innumerable vassal states.

However, with that being the case, if Yan Capital City’s Mayor, Yan Gu Feng, cultivated to reach the Fate Stealing realm and also received the support of Zhen Long Academy, then it is really possible to defeat the highly influential groups near the Yan Capital City such as the “Bai Shi City” , “Yun Hai City” and “Zhao Lu City” and such. They had successively took over 10 cities that would promote the Yan Capital city to become a second-tiered influential business. Even though this wasn’t comparable to the achievement of the 1000 year plan, it still would result in a higher position and greater wealth and more authority than what Yan Gu Feng currently has.

The “Zhen Long Academy” had a powerful influence.

In Feng Rao continent, only the prestigious, powerful influences could be addressed as “Academies”. The rest of them were known as {sects} or {clans} or {shinto}….etc., were mediocre appellations. Although these names were pleasant to hear, they were still mediocre.

If countless experts gathered together to form and spread the culture without a rich and profound heritage, they would not have the qualification of being known as an ‘Academy’.

These two characters ‘学院’ (Academy) represented a deep meaning and is considered as sacred and orthodox. Something like {sect}, {religion}, {guild} or {association} and even {dynasty} carried tyranny and even the meaning of corrupted practices. They were remotely as sacrosanct as an ‘Academy.

‘Tian Wei Academy’, ‘Zhen Long Academy’, and a few other academies within Feng Rao all had illustrious reputations and many looked up to them as divine institutions.

In their eyes, Yan Capital City was only as an ant.

“It is hard to imagine that the Mayor has such an illustrious ambition. Naturally, I mustn’t waste my the skills that i possess, it’s not completely impossible to start a dynasty in the future and earn eternal glory.” Luo Hun’s blood boiled, “Where do you find an aristocracy or general with such grit? I have heard that many cities already are starting to be known as countries, so our Yan Capital City can also be called Yan Country.”

In the Yang family’s mansion.

These days, Yang Qi’s life was very debonair. Each day was spent cultivating. During the day, he would cultivate behind closed doors and at night, he would go to the mountain range outside the city to practise his punches and kicks. The QiGong within his body was becoming more vigorous and his understanding of the [Power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell] was also becoming more and more profound.The 4th particle within his body seemed as if it probably would awaken at any time.

When it awakens, he would have four ancient Mammoths’ power and profound QiGong that even an a 7th tier expert would be uncomparable to him.

Very soon, his 6th tier QiGong would make a breakthrough to the 7th tier.

For three consecutive days,the eldest brother Yang Yunchong and the second brother Yang Hualong restored things and spread all over the Yang mansion. Moreover, both men began to take care of the Yang family businesses.The copper bell had already been sold through the Yang family business’s secret channels, in exchange for 50 thousand [Qi Gathering pill], which gradually recovered the Yang family’s strength.

The Yang family was no longer a force that was dispirited and listless, rather it had the liveliness of a family that had a thousand things to do.

Especially, since the second brother Yang Hualong had entered the 5th tier Qi Exploding realm, many of the mansion guards and family servants were quite shocked, they started to feel that even though the family was ruined, there was still hope to revive the family businesses.

Breathing out…Breathing in….

Sitting upright inside a long hallway within his room, Yang Qi was overlooking the pool and breathing in and out. Every time he exhaled, there was immediately a stream of air that shot out, as if it was braving the winds and the billows, it opened up a waterway within the lake.

And every time he breathed in, on the surface, it would condense upon the pool forming a tornado. The tornado swirled to form big columns of water, which would ultimately descend like a downpour, hitting on the pool’s surface with sounds of splashings.

This clearly was the scene observed when one’s QiGong cultivation reached a very profound realm.

This QiGong secretly contained the absorbent trunk of the [Power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell]. According to the legends, when the Divine Elephant lifted its trunk towards the Heavens and inhaled, it would absorb all the stars in the galaxy. Elephant represented limitless powers.

Within his body, the lightning mammoth was circulated, from the Dantian, it travelled once through all the meridians and after that it returned to the Qi ocean within his Dantian.Every time it circulated, a portion of its essence would permeate into Yang Qi’s body, causing his body to become even stronger.

This time, when he closed his eyes and looked within himself, he was able to see that under his skin, a membrane had been formed. This membranes were utterly tough and durable , like the hide of a mammoth. Even if it was sharp-edged knives, swords or Qigong that struck his skin, it would still be hard to penetrate this similar-to-elephant-skin membrane.

This membrane was a transparent crystal-like gelatinous matter. When it was closely looked at, there were runes flowing in the interior of this membrane; these runes were not in the language of humanity, but was in the language of the Dark God. Each of these runes was wriggling and twisting, and it was simply unknown what it meant.

Once the membrane had successfully condensed, Yang Qi’s ** flexibility,tenaciousness all increased by several-fold when compared to before. Without using his QiGong, his speed could surpass that of a cheetah, his strength was better than that of a large bear, more agile than apes and monkeys, and cleverer than birds. Only a few men were capable of holding such powerful powers. Even if it were experts of the 8th tier like Yang Zhan or Yang Shi, if there were in a pure physical combat that doesn’t involve using their QiGong, they were certainly not a match for Yang Qi.

“Third brother, Third brother……”

A shout from outside of his room was transmitted through. Immediately, Yang Qi gradually withdrew his QiGong and got up. The ripples on the pool had not yet calmed down as he watched his second brother, Yang Hua Long , walked over to him and said, “Big news, big news! There will be a banquet at the Mayor’s mansion in twelve day’s time. They had invited youthful talents from all over the Yan Capital City that are unmarried; below the age of 30 years and belonged to the wealthy and noble families. Third brother, you unexpectedly have an invitation to attend this event. I heard that this time Miss Yan Fei Xia, who was cultivating in Zhen Long Academy returned home for a visit. The Yan Capital City’s mayor is holding a banquet so that she can look for a talented husband. Third brother, you should head there, if they knew it was you who saved Miss Yan Fei Xia at the river bank, you will gain her favorable impression. Moreover, since your QiGong cultivation has made such a rapid progress in a short while, you must use this chance to get in contact with her and strive to become the Mayor’s family’s son-in-law.”

“Really?  A banquet?”

Yang Qi hastily took the invitation card. His face expressing his feeling of a slight uneasiness, he said, “ I had recently stolen his [Hidden Dragon Pill] , and my QiGong was almost abolished by his subordinate. This Yan Gu Feng has unexpectedly invited me. Even if I saved his daughter, the mayor is as cunning as a fox, this is definitely not such simple matter so it is better to be cautious. However, if I don’t go, it obviously not giving any faces to the other. ”

“Yes, Third brother. You aren’t aware of this, but previously, our Yang family was known as Yan Capital City’s the first wealthy family. The Yan family has always feared our Yang family. You probably know that now the Yan Capital City’s circumference of 1000miles has already became the “Yan Country”. To Yan family’s Lord Mayor, we are feudal subjects and in the past, there had been feudal subjects with big potential that have rebelled against and overthrow their Mayors. Seeing that our Yang family’s power has become great again, it would be strange if the Yan family does not fear us. ”

Second brother Yan Hua Long was not one with a simple character. He had succeeded by learning from experiences and had analysed everything clearly and logically.

“If it is for this reason, then I can easily go and deal with it.” Yang Qi accepted the invitation card.

The eldest brother Yang Yun Chong had already married, and also children with some years of age so he didn’t received an invitation. The second brother Yan Hua Long was already engaged so he naturally he couldn’t go. Within the entire Yang family, only Yang Qi was the eligible youthful talent who could attend the banquet.

“Furthermore, Third brother, I have some more news to tell you. Yun Hai city’s Mayor had proclaimed the news that the city has independence and became Yun Hai Country, establishing a capital. They have ambitions to annex all of the places around them. I heard that Yun Hai Lan and Song Hai Shan have both entered Tian Wei Academy and became its disciples, causing the Yun Hai country’s power to increase.” Second brother’s news was like a bolt from the blue.


Yang Qi was startled, as he said, “They founded a country? They are so courageous. It can’t be that they don’t want to serve the Sheng Zu dynasty, right? ”

“Third brother, you do not know this, but now, in the whole of the Feng Rao continent, there are many powers that are beginning to establish a country. They claimed to be feudal vassal and paid tribute to Sheng Zu imperial court. However, since the imperial court’s power had weakened, they turned a blind eye.The Yan Capital City might perhaps also become Yan country in the future?” Second brother Yan Hua Long said nonchalantly, “Upon the continent, there are glint and flash of cold steel, fights for supremacy so as to dominate over the others. Who won’t want to unify the entire world and accomplish the 1000 years’ worth great deed? The emperor and the feudal vassals are never kind hearted.”

“The world under the heavens is always changing and varying. The course for what our Yang family will head to is also something we must think about.” Yang Qi’s current mind had gradually matured. As both of his brothers talked freely about the world trends, it made him feel as if they were talking about heroes. “With respect to the continent, our Yang family is only a very small county’s nouveau riche. If the large powers invade, with our power comparable to a chicken’s egg, we will collapse at the first blow.”

“Strength is the basic, I must also make plans to increase my cultivation.” Second brother Yan Hua Long greatly approved it.

“There are only twelve day’s time, I want to become even stronger! I will now go behind closed doors for cultivation, and will come out in time for the banquet. During that period of time, Second brother, you must handle the family businesses.” Yang Qi’s body flashed and unexpectedly disappeared. Yang Hualong only saw a faint shadow that fleet past him.

“Excellent speed, how did Third brother become so strong?” His heart palpitated in shock, and he yelled at once, “Third brother, where are you going to go and cultivate?”

“The Dark Corpse Mountains to kill demonic beasts and magical beasts.” Only a sound came through, as by then Yang Qi had already faded from sight.

“What? Dark Corpse Mountains? It is an extremely dangerous place. Each time when our Yang family’s Autumn Hunt is conducted, all of us didn’t dare to penetrate deeply into the mountains and only hunt at the periphery, and now you are going there solitarily.”

Yang Hua Long shook his head.

Dark Corpse Mountains was located the origin of the Yan River. It was a region of barren hills and treacherous rapids, which was absolutely dangerous. Deep inside , it was populated densely with monstrous beasts. There were also variety of magical beasts that were from the immemorial times. There were some magical beasts and demonic beasts that could naturally use QiGong to swallow the clouds and blow mist. Their ability to produce Raging Inferno and Ice Cold QiGong were even better than humans, especially if they were in a group.

However, the skin and hair and the core of these magical beasts and demonic beasts were exceptionally valuable so there were experts that frequently entered to kill those beasts.

Actually, every year the Yang family gathered together and conducted the Annual Autumn Hunt for money. But It was a must that only if they were in a cavalcade that one could enter. For a person to head in by themselves was very dangerous and their life would be at risk, not to even mention about getting any profits.

-To Be Continued-

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