Chapter 9

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Volume 1 Chapter 9: Skills That Shocked The Four Seats

Translated by: Ash, GX, Demenious

Edited by: Vangandr, Editor San, (and more who didn’t put their names)

Facing Yang Kui’s falcon claw attack, Yang Qi quickly calms down.

Even within the frantic Qi wave, his body resembled an underwater reef that stays calm and motionless despite the violent undercurrents. Waiting until the force strikes, he suddenly bends; like a fish, continuously circling. If the opponent strikes from afar, from the sky like an eagle, then I shall submerge to the bottom to the water like a fish.

The Qi-wave is rolling, and QiGong is unrestrained and thrashing around everywhere. Yang Kui appears to be imposing and ferocious. Looking down from above, and repeatedly clawing fiercely, his palms displaying the power of a falcon’s claws, layer upon layer, the shadows of claws give off a pressure as immovable as a mountain, making sure Yang Qi is caught in one go.

Everyone was able to see; in the center of the place, Yang Kui appeared like a big goshawk, flying above in the air, striking down again and again, with momentum so intense and violent that one could not imagine it.

And Yang Qi seemed like a fish, wandering within waves of Qi, repeatedly meeting with the danger of the falcon’s claws; just when when the falcon is practically touching it, it would dodge and pass by, causing Yang Kui to waste his Genuine Qi repeatedly, achieving nothing.

The goshawk was not to be blamed for not being vigorous or powerful, it was the fish that was overly crafty and slippery.

“This boy, he has such agile and flexible body movements. Just how tough is his body, to be able to perform the “Dragonfish of Hundred Transformations” in such an extreme manner?”

Those who were viewing this fight were shocked without exception.

Yang Qi’s technique “Dragonfish of Hundred Transformations”, is an excellent agility-type skill from the Yang family’s repertoire. All experts in the family were required to learn the skill, but because of the bodily requirements of the skill, it was challenging to perform the skill so precisely, even for sixth or seventh tier experts.

With a casual turn, Yang Qi’s bones and muscles instantly turn to be as solid as iron, and the next moment, they become as flexible as a leather bowstring, and in another moment later, they are as soft as cotton. Firm as steel, elastic as a bowstring and soft as cotton…not many are even capable of accomplishing such a state, much less use it in battle.

“Good good good……” At this moment, Yang Zhan’s eyes are full of pleasant surprises, and the eldest son and second son on the stretchers beside him also managed to regain consciousness. Although there’s still Shadow Poison within their body, their minds have become sober. They are watching the battle between Yang Qi and Yang Kui, each of their eye reveal intense shock.

“Father, wasn’t third brother’s Qi ocean broken?”, Yang Qi’s eldest brother asked with great difficulty.

“Your third brother met with a fortunate encounter, it’s no simple matter.” Yang Zhan said, “This sequence of events today is an unending vein for us. When I thought the heaven had fallen and the earth had crumbled, a thread of hope appeared with a reprieve from death.”

“Although third brother encountered a fortunate situation, the difference between the fifth tier QiGong and sixth tier QiGong is too great, will he……”

“No matter, your third brother has a prolonged Qi Xi, his Genuine Qi is so rich that it nearly has an unending source. Yang Kui is invariably attacking violently, before he can draw out the fight, his offense will certainly be stopped, and his Genuine Qi will be severely consumed. At worst, your third brother will be able tie the fight.” said Yang Zhan, his eyes were shining like a torch.

If Yang Zhan is able to see it, then Yang Kui, as the person involved in this battle understands it even more clearly. He threw out his Wild Demonic QiGong in order to teach Yang Qi a lesson, however he repeatedly failed, and now he is in a situation from which he cannot pull out halfway. His Genuine Qi is severely consumed, if this continues, he is truly in danger of suffering a defeat.

If a sixth tier expert is defeated by a fifth tier expert, he will lose all his face, and henceforth he will no longer be able to walk with his head lifted up.


Once again he has made up his mind, he bites his tongue, and immediately a mouthful of blood violently shoots out, becoming an arrow of blood that rushed straight above his head, while being accelerated by QiGong. Bang! it explodes, a bloody mist pervaded around his whole body, and the stench of blood drifted throughout the place.

The might of his attack, from within the bloody mist, is abruptly doubled. Between five fingers of the falcon claws, the relentless Genuine Qi forms a strong hook of fingernails, until they are 3 feet long. As it scratches the ground, a deep ravine opens up on the ground.

“Bloodshed QiGong!”

Seeing this one scene, all Yang family’s experts stood up,” I can’t believe he is actually forced to exhibit Bloodshed QiGong, this distorts the meridian channels and combusts the Qi ocean; it is a self destructing cultivating method. Unless one’s live is at risk, one must not use it.”

“Just one fifth stage, but forces a 6th stage QiGong into this situation, even if I the genius have not seen someone so genius/much of talent.”

“This fifth tier expert actually forced someone of the 6th tier into this kind of situation. He ought to be a genius among geniuses.”

“This time Yang Zhan actually profited from disaster. Once the elder council hears about this, they might get interested in him. Perhaps they will even vigorously cultivate his growth.” A few neutral/centrist  experts of the Yang family think to themselves.

“This is the end for him, once Jade Blood QiGong is executed, this youngster will definitely lose.”

As Yang Shi sees the op’ness of Yang Qi his eyes glow from killing intend. He thinks: “I cannot allow this kid to continue his current growth-speed, because I cannot imagine to bear the consequences.”

However just at the moment when his killing intent is rising, Yang Zhan starts to stare at him relentlessly, resulting in Yang Shi not daring to act prematurely.

“Yang Qi, lie down for me!”

A roar exploded from within the fighting area. Yang Kui fully displays his Bloodshed QiGong. Descending down from high up in the air, his clothes budged and the 5 iron hooks on his fingers let out a silver slash and blossomed with Qi and surrounded the . This move imprison the mobility of Yang Qi and forces him clash him head on, with no other options.

“I’m staking everything!”

This time Yang Qi, also forgets all disgrace, he knows that this is the instance whether we succeed of fail and whether he live or die, the QiGong within his body was frantically hasten, and he was unexpectedly able to communicate the thunder elephant, he exhibited a punch, colliding with the Falcon’s Claw.


The gigantic thunder elephant clashed with the QiGong and suddenly explodes, immediately Yang Qi’s body was violently flickering with a thick electric current, as if an electrical dragon was coiling around his body.

Under the pressure of the powerful electric current, Yang Kui’s Bloodshed QiGong scattered all of a sudden, his whole body bounced back midair and was sent flying, as he vertically rammed upon a huge pillar, and then fell down. His entire body was burnt/toasted, and he was groaning with pain.

And when the lightning flashed past, the electricity upon Yang Qi’s body disappeared.

He quietly stood in the area, and looked around all sides, upon seeing shocked gaze of the people, a burst of pride welled up within his heart.

So what of he had committed a greater mistake? As long as there is strength, everything can be complemented, in this world strength is forever above all else, and that this a never changing fact.

“QiGong contains lightning? Our Yang family never has such QiGong. Among the thousands and ten thousands of sects only a small minority of QiGong absorbs the essence of lightning to temper and refine its Genuine Qi, how was he able to display that? Was it really because that he was struck by lightning, that his body was altered?”

Everyone present only came back to their senses after a whole while, Yang Xu swept past, and supported Yang Kui, he examined the condition of his body to discover that he was fine, it was just a minor bruning by the lightning, but his Genuine Qi was severely consumed, without half a month’s time he would not be able to recover.

All of them was looking at Yan Ying with eyes that was observing a monster.

Yang Qi wasn’t bothered one bit, he was closing his eyes while inspecting the condition inside his body, he discovered that the giant thunder elephant had loosen a little again, and had released some life essence that was slowing permeating into his meridians, among his striated muscles, the second particle showed signs of loosening.

He now closes his eyes in meditation, imagining that he has transformed into 840 million particles, disseminated in the universe, every single particle’s has the formidable power a star, these stars were constituted into a galaxy, like that of a gigantic elephant, floating within the starry skies of the universe. Within every star, there is an embryo of a giant elephant that needs to be awakened.

“Amazing! The second particle is going to awaken, by that time my Genuine Qi will be denser by one-fold, thus I will have power of two Mammoth, when that time comes it is possible to rapidly go from qualitative change to quantitative change, I will enter the 6th tier, the Qi Armament realm and once again make everyone gorge themselves in fright.”

Today, he had caused everyone’s eyeballs to burst from staring. Imagine in a few more days, how will they react if the Yang family suddenly finds out that he has reached the realm of sixth tier?

If the fifth tier QiGong wants to reach the 6th tier of QiGong, it will need 20 years or more of QiGong cultivation and hardship at the very least, to reach it in just several days? Impossible.

in this fight and clashing of Genuine Qi, the Lightning Mammoth is refined a little more, that is why he is capable of stepping into the 6th tier with such speed.

Pa! Pa! Pa….

A youngster who walks with steady steps, pushes and comes out from within the crowd, he claps while facing toward Yang Qi, “Cousin Yang Qi, you can beat a more powerful 6th tier with a 5th tier of cultivation. That is truly astonishing, your name of a genius, is not just for show. After what I saw, I am burning with eagerness for a match with you, how does that sound?”

“So it is Cousin Hong Lie, you are the genius of our young generation! You have long since entered the QiGong sixth tier, I believe you have certainly reached realm of 7th tier by now. However, you are older than me by 10 years, right?”

Yang Qi looks, the opponent is unexpectedly the first ranked genius of the Yang family’s young generation,Yang Hong Lie. He is older than Yang Qi by 10 years, before the age of 15 he had already entered the Qi Explosion realm, 10 years later, he had advanced by leaps and bounds, he is now in the QiGong 7th tier, an expert of Qi Imagination realm; which Genuine Qi had from shapes, and could be condensed into a true substance, and one could glide in the sky. He’s not to be looked down upon.

It’s quite possible that Yang Hong Lie can step into 8th stage “Qi Transformation” realm before the age of 30, his QiGong will thus reach its perfection.

All the 30 years old powerhouse with the 8th stage QiGong in the of Feng Rao Continent are geniuses.

At this moment, Yang Qi knows that he is still no match for a 7th tier. When he defeated the 6th tier Yang Kui just now, it was due to the sudden explosion of the power of  Lightning Mammoth, and thus was able to execute lighting Genuine Qi, that is why he succeeded in one go, furthermore Yang Kui still is not in the peak of sixth tier.

The 7th stage QiGong and 6th stage QiGong are completely different.

However, having “Power of Divine elephant that suppresses hell”, Yang Qi is aware that it is possible to surpass Yang Hong Lei very quickly, therefore becoming the strongest expert within Yang family’s young generation.

“Qi-er, come back. Your performance today has already brought glory to father’s face.” Yang Zhan beckoned, once again sending QiGong lightwave to draw Yang Qi back to his own side, “Just don’t try to be brave now, your cousin Hong Lie is older than you by 10 years, his QiGong cultivation is in deep contrast to yours and that’s for sure, you’ve got to admit it.”

“What? Yang Qi, weren’t you being arrogant just a moment ago? You dared to even fight your uncle, elder Yang Kui, now that you meet someone of your generation, you do not dare to fight?” A young person mockingly said.

“Yeah, that’s right! Where’s all the arrogance just now?” Another youth said in a peculiar way, intending to cause trouble.

“It’s always reasonable for youngsters to fight and exchange pointers.” Said an old man gloomily.

they are all aware that Yang Qi, being able to achieve such results has proved himself to be an exceptional genius, but currently Yang Qi is in an extremely magnificent limelight, he must be suppressed a little.

“Yang Qi, you said that Hong Lie is 10 years older than you, so you don’t mean to fight him 10 years later, do you? Because 10 years later he would still be older than you by 10 years, this is not a good excuse.” Someone started to laugh heartily.

“ I do not need 10 years, 3 months is more than enough.” Yang Qi coldly said, watching the group of Yang family members, “Yang Hong Lie, starting from today, in 3 months, I will challenge you to a fight once more. Since three months later, it will be the time the Yang family will go to the Dark Corpse mountains for an Autumn Hunt, at that time we shall decide the outcome of the battle, do you agree?”

(To be continued)

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