Chapter 28

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Volume 1 Chapter 28: A fight between two families

TL: Ash

Editors: Vanagandr, FlameT0ngueCOR, m2t5

“Very good speed.”

Yang Qi disappeared in a flash, then from a distance came the sound of harsh air detonating and a sonic boom resounded. He left and took the old housekeeper away. Yan Feixia’s heart twitched. She was a 7th tier QiGong expert and even her knowledge of Qi wasn’t as profound as his. And another important fact was that as a disciple of the Zhen Long Academy, her knowledge of Qi was much more profound when compared to that of any person within Yan Capital City.

This current speedy movement of Yang Qi’s had already surpassed Feixia’s knowledge of “Qi”!

From her understanding, no one in his realm, could break out in such a speed causing this kind of strong “Qi” to be felt in his wake. This was something even the unique geniuses in the Zhen Long Academy were unable to achieve.

“Today, obviously father and Yang Qi had a strong hostility, but it is no wonder, such a genius of the Yang family could turn out to be a threat to my Yan Family. But, Yang Qi has once saved me, I feel a certain comradeship towards him. If the conflict with father continues, I will be caught in the middle.”

She sighed as she still had to continue hosting the banquet.

And unfortunately, as soon as the young geniuses who were attending saw Yang Qi dash off, they too said their farewells. They all knew that a large scale fight would take place between the Yang and Chen families and that there would be a shift in power within the Yan Capital City.  Thus, who would be sitting still at a banquet? They all would want to go where the crowds gather.

Soon, the banquet was completely empty of people.

Yan Feixia also was not in a mood to be concerned over a banquet. She went into the inner regions of the mansion to report all the happenings to her father.

By now, Yang Qi, along with the old housekeeper, had already left the Mayor’s Mansion, crossed several streets and had reached the street where his Yang Family’s manor was located.

In the distance, he could see that a large group of ferocious-looking men had gathered at the plaza.

This was a large plaza and was located in front of the door to the Yang Family’s manor. It could accommodate several thousand men.

Currently, at a corner of the plaza was a large regiment of soldiers, all of them wearing armor and all were of the same Qigong level — the 4th tier.  They were all powerfully built and their squadron captain was an expert of the 5th tier.

There were at least a thousand men.

These men, were holding a crossbows and pikes, which were aimed at the Yang Family’s Manor, as if at any moment they would shoot and kill and exterminate the entire family.

This was, without a doubt, the Chen Family’s offensive, they had brought out their personal army.

In the FengRao continent, each and every wealthy and noble household had their own private army. This thousand-man army of the Chen Family was considered very small; some immensely powerful families had at least several hundred thousand men in their own private army.

This private army was to protect the Family’s influence and was also an asset when there is a contention for power during times of rebellion across the country.

Now, the Chen Family had gathered all of their private army at the gate of Yang Family’s Manor.  Apparently, the discord between the two families was very serious and the situation was not good. If the Yang Family was unable to hold them off, then the army would enter and slaughter them all.

Of course, the Yang Family was not one to be provoked.  A bugle horn was sounded loudly from within the Manor, the gates opened, and the Yang Family’s private army rushed out from within. They gripped their crossbows while at the same time raising their iron shields. It was a magnificent sight to see, like that of a rainbow..

The Yang Family’ private soldiers also numbered a thousand men and was not a weak army.  Each soldier had a strong and brawny build and were full of vigor.

This caused some of the men from the Chen Family to scowl inwardly.

Everyone knew that it was not that long ago that Yang Qi had caused the matter regarding the [Hidden Dragon Pill]. Some people even saw that the Yang Family had begun purchasing large quantities of rice, meat, and raw food.

In the feng Rao continent, rice and coarse meat were inexpensive commoner’s food. The nobles and wealthy families all consume [Qi Gathering Pills]

If this rice and coarse meat is consumed for a long period of time, then the strength of the soldiers in the Yang Family’s private army would decline, and they would even be discouraged enough to distance themselves from the family.

The Chen Family had been fixating on this point and only then had deployed their army at this place.

But now, it was apparent that the strength of the Yang Family’s private army had not declined in the least, but instead they were much bolder and stronger than before. They did not have the look of people who ate only coarse meat and rice.

As a matter of fact, this was all due to the large amount of wealth brought back by Yang Qi which helped them during this difficult crisis.

The many experts of the Chen Family were standing in front of their private army. The most impressive of them was their patriarch Chen Dalei who had also personally come over. His body was shrouded with his rotating QiGong, and he stood there furiously.

Now, the two Yang Family brothers, the eldest Yang Yunchong and the second eldest Yang Yunlong stood in front of their army, and the two were facing and holding off against many of the Chen Family experts and their expression looked pale.

Yang Zhan was still cultivating behind closed doors, and the two brothers found it difficult to hold on when facing such a situation.

“Yang Yunchong and Yang Yunlong — by sending out these two small fries, what is he doing? Quick, call Yang Zhan and make him come out. Today, I want to ask him, why his son destroyed the Dantian of the youths of my Chen Family.” Chen Dalei’s voice thundered out, and shook the tiles on the roof of the Yang Family Manor, causing them to fall.

“Chen Family’s patriarch, please do not get angry. We should all be calm and peaceful. . .”

Yang Yunchong said, “What caused all this matter? We still do not understand.  Why would such a big army be deployed and cause chaos within the Yan Capital City?”

“Impudence! Do you think you are qualified to say such things to our patriarch? You bastard! Patriarch, I have already inquired clearly that Yang Zhan is in closed door training, trying to breakthrough into the Qi Lord realm. Once he does, it will be extremely difficult for our Chen Family to eradicate the Yang Family. We should act now.”

A tall elder of the Chen Family stood out and said in a stern voice.

“Correct! Chen Dalei, we, the Shadow Poison Sect, are supporting you from behind.  What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that the Yang Family in other regions will then launch a counter attack?” A few black-clothed men stood unnoticed among the QiGong experts of Chen Family and their leader, whose expression was like that of a wolf, issued this devilish enticement to Chen Dalei.

“First we will destroy the Yang Family’s direct descendants, and some of the branch families would then be very happy.  Moreover, we Shadow Poison Sect have already set up an inescapable trap.  We will assign an agent in Yan Capital City.  After Yang Family is eradicated, next it will be the Yan Family. After that Yan Capital City will become Chen Country, ruled over by your Chen Family.”

“That is also good. Everyone, listen to my order: First kill these two young bastards.  We and the Yang Family are already past the point of reconciliation.”

Patriarch Chen Dalei’s facial expression turned fiercer as he commanded. He originally was somewhat hesitant to proceed, but after hearing the words of that one black-robed man, his expression showed his determination.

When he cried the word to attack, all the soldiers of the Chen Family’s squadron, drew the string on their crossbows and shot them into the air at the Yang Family, accompanied by the noises sou! Sou! sou!

Immediately, the entire sky became packed with arrows, packed as densely as a field of locusts, and whizzed over towards the Yang Family’s squadron.

“Line up the shields to defend! Quick quick quick!” Yang Yunchong and Yang Hualong’s eyes turned red as they circulated their QiGong. The gales of wind respectively swept up a shield each to deflect the arrow rain in front of them.

Echoes of the thuds of arrows hitting steel shields could be heard, and some dents could be see on the shields.

“You bastards!”

Sou! sou!

Chen Dalei waved his big hand and immediately, two pikes were suspended in front of him and suddenly they started to to twirl at a very high speed, appearing like a  screw to penetrate through by spiralling.

They were shot directly at the two steel shields.

Peng! Peng!

The big shields were skewered all of a sudden and the strong QiGong made the steel shields explode.  Yang Yunchong and Yang Hualong let our loud roars and were sent flying backwards.

Some of the experts of the Yang Family rushed to the aid of their young masters, striking with their palms. They managed to resist the spear which had blown the steel shield away temporarily

There were several experts of the QiGong 6th tier within the Yang Family’s army!

“You can’t hide forever!”

This was said by a Chen Family elder beside Chen Dalei, known as Chen Dalong. Then his body shook and on his hand appeared a knife. The moment he held the knife, it increased its length by 30 feet.  It then started to rotate and became a blade wheel. This was the [Fire Beacon Blade Wheel] !

In just an instant!

This [Fire Beacon Blade Wheel] QiGong’s vicious slash was aimed at the two brothers and an intense QiGong thoroughly enveloped the two men.

“You are courting death!”

Just at that moment, a loud hiss was transmitted from the street and soon after, the shadow of a person approached at a fast pace.  The arrows that fell like rain on his body protection QIGong, fell down as they lost their momentum.

Even though they were arrows encased with steel that were fiercely shot at him, under the vibrations from his QiGong rotation, they were broken to pieces and unable to injure him.

This person was Yang Qi.

He swiftly came up, and even before he had arrived, his Qi was ready.  A huge Zhen Qi palm shot a fireball which attacked the  [Fire Beacon Blade Wheel].

Under this large Zhen Qi palm, the  [Fire Beacon Blade Wheel]  was shattered as if it were like a chicken egg.

“Who dares to display such shocking arrogance in front of my Yang Family’s Manor?”

Yang Qi appeared in front of the troops and came to a stop with a loud hiss and soon, all the crossbow arrows were broken and on the ground.

“You little bastard! Finally, you showed yourself. This time, I will vanquish your entire Yang Family.” fumed Chen Dalei, gnashing his teeth, when he saw that Yang Qi had appeared.

“Hmmph! You colluded with the Shadow Poison Sect and harmed my two brothers. I just took revenge for that by crippling your family’s youth. This is absolutely reasonable.” Yang Qi sized up the Chen Family’s experts and found that  there were some of QiGong 7th tier and even a few men of the 8th tier — it was evident that the whole nest had turned out to fight.

This was a kind of power that even the Yang Family, at its peak, would find it difficult to resist.

“You. . .  and you. . . .  these black-clothed men, they do not appear to be Chen Family experts.  But they are from the Shadow Poison Sect, aren’t they?” said Yang Qi, while pointing his finger at the few black-clothed men.

“Correct, young man! Kneel down before me and perform a kowtow, then I might spare your life.  Otherwise, I might change all of the Yang Family experts into poisonous zombies! They would be like poison puppets, literally a zombie. Your father, Yang Zhan’s body has been under our keen attention, it will be difficult to escape us this time, heeheehee. . . .”

Those few black-robed members of the Shadow Poison Sect laughed, and their tone was very sharp and ear-piercing.

“From now on, the Yang Family will be no more in Yan Capital City.”

“What is the Yang Family? Would they be able to withstand our Shadow Poison Sect? We want you to offer yourselves up — be it the head, or your life, you will not be able to resist. If you do resist, I will have you all begging for death soon. ”

The black-clothed man laughed arrogantly.

“Very good. Then the Chen Family and Shadow Poison Sect need not exist in this world.” Yang Qi listened to all this calmly and suddenly, Zhen Qi started pouring out from the pores on his body.  This Zhen Qi made a loud hiss; it was capable of piercing through metals and splitting rocks.

All the broken pieces of the arrows were all just suspended in the air and they then started to twirl intensely, like a screw emitting ghostly cries and ghoulish wails. There were even some iron arrows that were rotating at such high speeds that they started to emit sparks due to atmospheric friction. A smell of burning steel which was piercing to the nose wafted about the plaza.

“[Hell’s Whirlpool]!”

Roaring fiercely within his thoughts, all the crossbow arrows formed an earth-shattering scene, as they were shot at the Chen Family’s army.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi’s silhouette also flashed past. He, single-handedly, attacked the entire thousand-man army and the elites of the Chen Family.

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