Chapter 35: The Great Thousand Mirror

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Translators: Fahmi

TLC : Demenious, Miki

Editors: LosThanatos, light deity, Zehemas, M2t5(for only 2-3 sentences)



Luo Huen nodded unwillingly, “By now they should have completely seized the Chen Family’s properties. The Yang Family acted very swiftly and the Chen family was just too weak. Even our forces may not be able to achieve against the allied Chen family and Shadow Poison Sect in such a short span of time. That kid, Yang Qi’s power can be compared to a Qi Lord’s, if I fought against him today, I too would be defeated.’

Yan Gufeng let out a long sight, thinking of how the brat whom he had crippled many weeks ago could now be compared to the masters of the city.

This sudden reversal of fortune was like a dream.

“Yang Zhan has ascended into the Qi Lord realm and his son too can be compared to one…” He was extremely shocked, and in secret wished he could just go out and eliminate the Yang Family at this instant.

But he restrained himself. Firstly, if he exterminate the Yang family now, it would be acting without justification, the nobles and aristocrats will feel imperiled. With this the entire Yan capital will be thrust into chaos extremely quickly, besides the other feudal lords that were eyeing the city, it’s likely they might send out forces to wrest control of the capital.
But Yang Gufeng restrained himself. If he exterminated the Yang Family without jurisdiction, he would throw the entirety of the Yang Capital City into disarray. Everyone would fear for their lives, bringing the city to standstill. And this chaos would be the best time for other feudal lords who were eying the city to step in and conquer it.

Secondly, with Yang Qi possessed by a demon, and Yang Zhan’s ascension, eliminating the Yang Family may no longer be an option. Even if they did manage to vanquish the Yang Family, it would only be by pouring all of their resources into the war. Even then the Yan Family’s losses wouldn’t be light.

“Mister Shun, what should we do now?”

Yan Gueng’s fury could no longer be contained. He deeply regretted sparing Yang Qi, ‘if only I had known what would happen, I would have killed Yang Qi that day instead of sparing him.’

“The situation has reached to the most crucial stage.”

Mister Shun stood up, “Mayor, now is not the time to fight the Yang family. Yang Qi and Yang Zhan have reached the stage where they can flee from any attack we can currently launch. However if we don’t find a way to deal with them, you might lose control of the Yan Capital City. We must take precautions against this eventuality. But first we must be patient, the Chen family will definitely look for some experts to deal with the Yang Family and the Shadow Poison Sect won’t sit back either. While they are suppressing the Yang Family we must look for some experts to come fight at our side should we need them.”

“Good! Our Yan Family’s power is not shallow. I will immediately order all of the Yan Family’s experts to return to the Mansion!” Yan Gufeng struck the table, “The Yan elders have not been here for a long time. I wanted to avoid disturbing them, but this situation calls for it.”

“I bid you farewell while I request assistance from the Yan Family’s experts. I shall convince them to help fulfill your ambitions.” Mr. Shun disappeared in a flash.

Yan Gufeng stared in the direction of the Yang Manor, his killing intent manifesting swords, daggers, axes, hooks, spears, forks, and even demonic patterns.

Order after order was sent from the Mayor’s manor.

At this time, at the Yang Manor, the two female disciples from the Four Seasons Sect had finished explaining the [Four Seasons Sword] technique. Every move, every circulation of Qi throughout the meridians and the corresponding caricature, every type of method of visualization, training of the soul and breathing methods to absorb the essence of the four seasons have been memorized by the quartet of father and sons.

After confirming that the [Four Seasons Sword] technique was learnt by heart, Yang Zhan took back his vitality Qi, and the two girls dropped onto the floor were paralysed again.

“Father, what should we do with these two? Keeping them alive is going to leave some loose ends, why don’t we……” his eldest Yang Yunchong neatly said, like he was going to do away with them.

“Lock them away, keep them alive,” Yang Qi shook his hand, “Killing them is inappropriate. We might still get some information about the Four Seasons Sect from them. Now that they have been removed of all powers, I don’t think they will be able to affect the situation.”

“Okay then, Qi has thought it out carefully,” said Yang Yunchong nodding his head. Now everything is centered around Yang Qi, even Yang Zhan himself felt that within one and half years or maybe even few months, his son might surpass him.

After the two girls were taken away, Yang Zhan eyes flashed, “Qi, what happened to you in that thunderstorm? Just only you being tempered by lightning won’t push you to these heights.”

“Father, I have some difficulties explaining right now, I will tell you everything some day. Currently the more my secrets are known, the less it benefits our family.” Yang Qi paused for a while and continued, “I hope Father understands.”

“If you have something you cannot say it is alright. I am just scared you might be possessed by a Millennium Demon or something similar. In that case even if your Qi increases immensely, after a while, you will go mad, lose all sanity and finally turn into a demon, losing your humanity,” Yang Zhan worriedly said.

Of course, on Fengrao Continent, there are cases of being possessed by a Millennium Demon, obtaining immense power in a short time, but having a terrible end. Anyone can see that Yang Qi’s condition is completely the same, however Yang Zhan saw that he was speaking clearly and appeared mentally acute, also his body did not have any demonic Qi. It doesn’t seem he was possessed by an old demon.

“Hrmm……” Yang Qi had an idea, “Actually Father can let out some rumours, saying I am possessed by an old demon. This will be able to cover up the truth.”

“To hide your light under a bushel? Lower the wariness of others?” Yang Zhan nodded his head, “How about I release some rumours by buying in pills to suppress demonic Qi, this way I don’t even need to say it out, people will just guess.”

“This should be the best, at least our enemies will wait for me to have an outburst of demonic Qi, and attack afterwards. But they won’t know the more time I have, the higher my cultivation will be. The moment I enter the eighth level of Qigong, even people who have attained Qi Lord will be unable to harm me.” Yang Qi also thought this was a good idea.

“Father we should prepare soon. In a few days, the elders of the Chen family and their branch families from other places will be here and they will attack us at a massive scale. You should send a letter to our elders to preside over this situation,” Yang Yuncheng immediately said.

“No need for that,” Yang Qi quickly butted in, “The elders are still training, no need to disturb them. We should be able to handle the situation. The elders of the Chen family are most likely old, decrepit Qi Lord masters. I will cut them off halfway and kill them one by one, then they won’t be able to do anything.”

“Is it? This is great!” Yang Zhan excitedly exclaimed, “Nobody can detect you cutting the masters off the Chens halfway. The Yans should have known we have killed off the Chens and should be preparing, however they will hold back. Knowing the characteristics of Yan Gufeng, he most likely has called up his forces wanting to battle with us, they are just waiting for our final battle with the Chens. Cutting off the masters of the Chens will make the Yans confused, and this will buy us some time.”

“I think Father needs to go together with Qi-er to do this.” Yang Yunchong said.

“No need for that. Father needs to be at the manor to ensure everything is without error.” Yang Qi shook his hand. “It is better if I go alone to cut them off by myself. For starters this is some sort of training. Secondly, it is to prevent the manor from being attacked directly when nobody is around. With Father being of Qi Lord status and handling the situation back home, who would dare to attack? Even if it is Yan Gufeng he will still need to reconsider carefully.”

“Good! I have raised a wonderful son. Qingluo, can you see it, your son is going to surpass me very soon.” Yang Zhan gave out a long sigh.

Qingluo was Yang Qi’s mother, who had disappeared immediately after his birth.

She did not die, but went out to cultivate. Yang Qi’s mother was an extraordinary woman, after a year of marriage to Yang Zhan and giving to birth to Yang Qi, she left, gone like the wind.

Yang Yunchong and Yang Hualong are born by a different mother, Yang Zhan’s first wife. The trio are actually half brothers. However their relationship is very good, unlike many families which were dysfunctional.

“Father, what actually happened to Mother? Where is she? I have never met her ever since I was born. When I was younger, every time I asked you, you said that when my cultivation is higher, you would tell me. Now my power is on the same stage as the Qi Lord, it is time you told me the truth.” Yang Qi impatiently said.

His longing for his mother was not just built up over a day.

It was a mystery from his childhood days.

“Your mother……”

Yang Zhan’s face had a bitter expression, he paused and continued, “She had a big secret. Actually fate only gave us one year. I didn’t want to say about it because her secret will put us in enormous jeopardy. The identity of your mother is not something that can be taken lightly. Qi-er, how about this: when you break all boundaries of QiGong, enter the legendary Fate Stealing realm, and have the power to take the life of the heavens, then I’ll tell you who your mother is!


Yang Qi gave a long sigh, “Since Father refuses to say it, then this subject must not be a trivial matter, since it is difficult to talk about I will diligently train, and enter the legendary state.”

“Father, isn’t your expectation too high. In the Feng Rao continent, Qi Lord masters can train, but we have never met legends who have attained the Fate Stealing realm.” said Yang Yunchong.

“Because without reaching that state, everyone is just an ant among the masses, and the Qi Lord experts are just slightly powerful ants,” Yang Zhan smiled bitterly, “Sometimes, it’s not good for the ‘ants’ to know about too many things.”

“Okay Father, I will go ahead to finish off the Chen family’s experts.” Yang Qi moved his body and was about to get past the door.

”Wait.” Yang Zhan hurriedly called out, “Leave behind that the Great Thousand Mirror you are holding, it’s never too late to see it’s use before you leave.”

Yang Qi then realized he was holding the treasure of the Chen family — the Great Thousand Mirror. Those disciples of the Four Seasons Sect said it was called something like, the Divine Jade of the Nine Heavens. He still couldn’t figure out what it does, and what was so special about it.

He brandished his hand and the mirror flew into Yang Zhan’s hands. The Yangs and the Chens were long time adversaries, so Yang Zhan must certainly know about this treasure and, maybe, even its uses.

“Good mirror, this is a good mirror.” Yang Zhan caressed the glass surface, transferring a stream of Qi into it.

Afterward, an image of the four seasons changing appeared on the surface, a person can be seen training his sword skills, spring rain, summer thunder, autumn frost, winter snow.

This was the [Four Seasons Sword] that they had just learnt, and now it was being performed out in front of their eyes, in the glass.

The person in the glass was none other than Yang Zhan himself.

Now, Yang Zhan was standing, like he was in a dream, his soul was in the world in the glass, practising the Four Seasons Sword.

After some time, he came to and took back his Qi, and the person in the glass was gone.

“Amazing, this mirror just needs Qi and our consciousness can enter it and practise the techniques, a complete simulation. It helps in training, you can try all types of movement of Qi, no need to worry about Qigong deviation.”

*Qigong deviation is when something has gone wrong in one’s martial arts training, interpreted as “imbalance of qi (life energy)”.

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