V7C3:  The struggles of the heart!

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Translators: Ash

TLC : Miki, WYN

Editors: M2t5, Los Thanatos, and others

I sat in the centre of the main hall, at a loss of what to do. I was worried that Silvin might stir up some trouble, in the past, they always took me out to play with this and that. Also what first brother said — ‘the woman is always the last victim’ — is still echoing in my ears. I clutched my head with my elbows poking my thigh, while my guilty conscience made me feel miserable…

I sat down in the centre of the main hall, at a loss for what to do. I was worried that Silvin might stir up some trouble like they did in the past. But whenever I was about to get up, first brother’s words would ring through my ears. I curled up on the floor, covering my head with my arms while my elbows poked my thigh. My guilty conscience making me feel miserable.

I do not how much time had passed by when a gentle voice pierced through my despair, “Your Highness, what happened?”

After an unknown amount of time, I heard a gentle voice call out to me, “Your Highness, what happened?”

“Ah!” I raised my head and saw Paigean. I forced a smile on my face, “Did I not tell you to call me by my name? How is Mother?”

Paigean’s face turned slightly red, she lowered her head and said, “Layson, Mother does not have any problems, she has already gone to sleep.”

“Oh, that’s good, Jean-er, after the time, but also trouble you to help me spend more time with her, the blow to Mother before was simply too great, I do not want her to receive any harm from this.”

Paigean nodded: “I will give this back to you, it is too expensive, and I really can not receive.” She put the Ink Crystal into my hands.

I frowned, “What are you doing? You are my sister, and mother’s daughter, thus we are one family. It is merely a stone, hardly anything precious. Not only that, but it can also help when learning magic. This stone is worthless to me ”

“I… I….” Her face suddenly turned red. It was only receiving a gift, but her face reflected so many emotions. I gave her an encouraging nod as I said, “Accept it.”

Paigean’s eyes showed her resolution as if she suddenly made a major decision, and she took the Ink Crystal back as she said: “Thank you, Layson.” She once again called my name and now it fell smoothly from her lips, no hesitation like before.

“Why are you so polite, you are my sister!”

“Just now you were not looking happy, I saw that you had a very pained expression.”

I sighed and said, “Yeah, it is too shameful to talk about.”

“Then you say to me. Speaking about it will be better than hoarding it all within your heart. And I can also help you by giving some opinions — all White Foxmen are considered to be very smart.”

I looked at her, pointing to the edge of the chair and said: “Sit down, it is inconsiderate of me to keep you standing.”

Paigean voiced an “En!”, and sat next to me on the chair. She did not urge me on, just quietly looked at me.

I opened my mouth a few times but ultimately did not say it, this kind of thing let me say how do I export it.

“Is it very embarrassing?” Paigean asked.

I nodded, agonised, and said: “It is very shameful. It is roughly like this: a girl, with whom I had no relationship, was hurt by me. Tell me what I should I do?”

Paigean smiled: “What is there to be embarrassed about this, relations between men and women inevitably will cause hurt. Explain it clearly, do you like this girl?”

I smiled: “The key is that this thing I can not explain. I also do not know whether or not I like her. I already have people whom I like, I feel bad about hurting this girl, causing me to feel unworthy of those I do like.You tell me, what I can do.”

Paigean’s face suddenly changed somewhat pale, “The girl you hurt, likes you?”

I stared blankly, shook my head and said: “I do not know. The first time we met was in a hostile situation.Then, in order to save my friend, I injured her later after that her subordinated tried to kill my men and I killed her subordinates. Then she hated me and tried to kill me. One day, she came to find me, several times to caused me harm. I suddenly became dizzy and I hurt her. I do not think she liked me, she seemed to me only hate me.”

Paigean is also shocked, “This is so complex, no wonder you are feeling so agonised! I suggest you go to her once, and make all things clear to her, like this you may feel a little better.”

“She really will listen to me?” Thinking of the expression Myu had as she left, my heart froze.

Paigean asked: “Why are you so depressed? What harm did you cause her to make you so awkward?”

I looked at her, feeling embarrassed.

Paigean’s eyes suddenly opened widely, hand over her mouth as she asked in a shuttered manner: “Do not tell me… you did not…. you will not… you…”

I looked at her in surprise. I knew she had guessed, in that case, I have nothing to hide, and I grimaced: “It is as you suspect. I do not know then why I did that. Do you think worse of me?”

Paigean looked horrified, “You.. you really…”

I nodded affirmatively, “Thus I am now suffering. I really feel very sorry for her.”

Paigean face paled and she took out from her robes the Ink Crystal I had just given her. She then put on the table, said lightly: “I’m sorry, I can not accept your gift. I shall leave first if you have any further orders for me you can call me. ”

Paigean’s action made me upset. I knew that in her eyes, I’m afraid I have become a despicable rogue. If even Paigean, the girl I just met a few hours ago, had such an opinion of me, then Jiyan’s and Jisue’s reactions would be much more intense. I do not have any reason to retain Paigean; I just looked at her as she quickly walked to the door. There, Paigean suddenly stopped, turned back to me and said: “Since you made a mistake, you must be brave enough to face the consequences. You should take responsibility, otherwise …” She did not finish and went out.

I knew what she wanted to say: otherwise you are not a man. What she said was right. Since I did something bad, I shall face the consequences. I will tell all of it clearly to Jiyan and Jisue. I will find the Myu, and although I know she hates me, but I will be responsible for her. As for Jiyan and Jisue, I can only hope that they will forgive me, otherwise, I could only give up. The word ‘love’ is really…

The Imperial Palace of the Demon Clan.

“This daughter greets royal father.” Myu kneeled down and offered her salutations.

The Demon Emperor laughed and got up from his throne. He lifted Myu up, looked up and down her and said, “My obedient daughter, look at how thin you are! Did you play too much during this trip?”

Myu heard her father ask so many questions, and she could not help but think of the forest scene and her face turned red. She then angrily replied,”Father -”

The Demon Emperor smiled, “OK, no need to throw a tantrum, you go back to the women’s quarters. Your uncle Grichen and I have something to talk about.”

Myu nodded: “Yes, Father.” And turned away. The Demon Emperor was in a daze as he watched her leave. Myu was not behaving like herself, in the past, she used to wind the Demon Emperor around her finger and was not as obedient like this.

The Demon Emperor turned to Grichen and asked, “What happened that caused Myu-er to act like this? She seems like a totally different person.”

Grichen said with a wry smile, “I do not know what happened. The evening prior to our negotiations with the Beastmen, Myu-er stole out from the campsite and when she came back later, she was like this. I did not protect the princess, Your Majesty, please punish me.”

The Demon Emperor shook his head: “This girl is crazy. Let alone you, even I can not control her. It is nothing, as long as she came back safely on the line, you do not have to take the blame, this time you ended this very beautifully, I am very satisfied. You saw several leaders among the Beastmen over there — were they really like what Suchar said?”

Grichen nodded seriously and said: “Your Majesty, it seems the Beastmen will no longer be subject to our control. This time our soldiers were ambushed under the orders of the Beamon King Leo, his third son Layson, a two-headed Werewolf, and a 9 headed Naga. In addition to King Beamon than the rest of the few people have a decent strength, especially the young man named Layson, he has a human appearance, and I actually can not see through him. He, That 9 headed Naga and two headed wolf joined forces to resist my attack. Although I injured the Naga, I also suffered some injuries.”

The Demon Emperor Oh exclaimed, “So, their strength is on a par with that of a fallen angel!”

Grichen replied: “Yes, on the surface, the Naga is the most terrible, but I feel the biggest threat is that third son of Beamon King, Layson. He gives off a kind of an unfathomable feeling and he does not have any less intelligence than the humans. According to our spies’ recon, the raid was his idea. After the battle they returned to the Beastmen Country, the Beast Emperor even gave the position of chief commander of the Beastmen troops to this less-than-20-year-old boy. It can be imagined, he must have an extraordinary status, we must prepare in advance.”

The Demon Emperor mused, “Is it possible to win over this person?”

Grichen shook his head: “The Beast Emperor, In order to win over him, accepted him as a son and conferred upon him the title of a prince. I am afraid that it is extremely difficult to get him on our side. And in addition, Your Majesty, I find the princess’s technique seems to have grown a lot.”

The Demon Emperor was surprised and he said: “Is it? Myu-er’s cultivation has been so for a long time, with no progress. Later I will go to see her. The matter of the Beastmen is like this– oh yes, brother, do you know what to do about Suchar?”

Grichen smiled and said, “He lost the battle, but I believe you certainly would not have punished him severely. After all, he still has many henchmen, and now is not the time to turn against him.”
“You’re right, I have not given him any serious punishments. I only let him go home to reflect on his actions, at the same time deprived him of his military power, I am afraid he himself also upset about this.” The Demon Emperor and Grichen looked at each other and smiled. In fact, at that time if Suchar was not too careless, then when he led the 200,000 troops, even if he could not breach the walls of Stanla City, he still should not have achieved such a big loss, can only be said that he was not suitable to replace the Demon Emperor.

The Demon Emperor told Grichen to go back and rest. He was on his way back to the women’s quarters to find Myu. He had more than a dozen children, but the only one he pampered so much was Myu-er. Although she was mischievous, but the Demon Emperor could see the image of his beloved concubine in her.

“Myu-er, Myu-er.” The Demon Emperor entered Myu’s bedroom.

Myu was sitting on her bed and was in a daze. Her mind is always able to recall the scene in the forest, she clearly remembered that while her own meridians felt as if they would burst open, but after that person had destroyed something of hers, upon waking up she had found that her own cultivation had progressed a lot. Myu’s mood, at this moment, was just as complex as LAyson’s, so much so that while Layson felt regret and shame, Myu not only had felt hatred but there was also an odd feeling mixed with that hatred. Even she herself could not clearly understand why it was impossible for her to get rid of Layson’s stalwart and handsome image that was lingering within her mind.

“Father, why have you come?”

The Demon Emperor smiled: “I came to see my good daughter. How come today you are so obediently staying within your room? This is not like you, did you get really tired after the journey?

Myu shook her head and said, “I’m not tired.”

The Demon Emperor suddenly raised his left hand and grabbed Myu’s right shoulder. Myu surprised, subconsciously, within an instant, her shoulder gave birth to a burst of force and redirected the hand of the Demon Emperor to one side. The aftershocks caused the Demon Emperor’s palm to become numb. The Demon Emperor was suddenly startled, although he has not restored to the four-winged state, but his Demonic Arts ha been restored to the sixth layer. This seemingly simple grabbing motion had actually sealed all escape routes for Myu, and thus he did not expect such a result.

Myu angrily said: “Father, what are you doing?”

The Demon Emperor asked with astonishment, “Myu-er, which layer has your Demonic Arts reached?”

Myu shook her head and said, “I, too, do not know. I seem to have suddenly made progress!”

“Give me your hand, let Father find out.”Myu stretching out her left hand. The Demon Emperor placed three fingers on her pulse(TL Note: probably at her wrist?), slowly inserted his energy into her, using Dark Magic to explore Myu’s body. He found that the Dark Magic in Myu’s body was abnormally plentiful; it was comparable to how much he himself had currently. Her pulse was steady and powerful and her meridians were wide and tenacious — this was clearly the realm of the sixth layer of the Dark Arts(?). No one knows better than the Demon Emperor about the Dark/Demonic Arts, this layer could only be attained through a step by step progress in cultivation, and also the cultivation after the fifth layer was exceptionally hard. And Myu had, in less than a month, made such a substantial leap in her progress! He was surprised.

The Demon Emperor frowned: “What’s going on, Myu? Your Demonic Arts have already reached the middle of the sixth layer, how is that possible? How. Is. It. Posible? Tell Father, did you encounter any fortuitous event? For example did, you consume any divine treasure or such?”

Myu’s heart twisted in pain; she knew very clearly that this is the result of sex with Layson and although Layson claimed her most precious thing, but she also made significant progress in her cultivation. It seemed there are some gain and loss. How could she speak of such a matter, if she told Father that she raped by Layson, Father might recklessly go in search of Layson to get revenge? And the current she already wished to not hurt Layson, and this subtle emotion made her blush a deep red. As matters stood now, she was forced to lie “I, I also do not know what happened. One day I run out play in the woods and suddenly I felt very tired and I slept. When I woke up I was like this. I thoroughly inspected that forest, but there was nothing strange. ”

The Demon Emperor froze, “Could it be… could it be that the Demon God descended into this world to pass on his techniques? Otherwise, you would not be able to skip the fifth layer and directly advance into the sixth layer. ”

When Layson and Myu had sex, their Yin and Yang energies produced a huge energy which was divided equally and was given to each of them. Layson’s foundation was comparatively more profound than Myu’s, and because he was rather clear-headed from the start, when he circulated that fused Dark Magic, he absorbed more than Myu so he broke through directly to the initial stages of the seventh layer, and Myu also benefited from this considerably. She was just as lucky as Layson, if not more, because not only did her physique get changed, her Dark magic improved by leaps and bounds in one fell swoop and she broke through to the middle of the sixth layer.

“Father, is this so bad? ”

The Demon Emperor shook his head and said,”It is not bad, rather, it is too good. At first, I was also worried that with your physique you cannot continue to cultivate the profound Demonic Arts. but from now on, you meridians have completely adapted has Dark magic. I believe that you certainly are the youngest person ever to break through to the sixth layer and become a four-winged Fallen Angel. Once you breakthrough to the four wing, royal father will announce you as my successor. I believe that the Demon race, in you hands, will definitely flourish more. ”

Myu was surprised,”How can I? I still have several brothers, they will not agree. ”
The Demon Emperor gave a cold snort and said, “Who told them to be so useless? Until now, only your eldest brother has reached the fifth layer of the Demonic Arts. Among the rest, not even one has broken through to the two wing realm. How would I be assured to put the future of the Demon race in their hands?Rest assured, child, in the royal family, power is everything. Originally, this throne also should not have been mine. It should have gone to Suchar as the eldest son of the previous Demon Emperor. But, when the previous Demon Emperor was very aged, he made all of the royal family members who could become Fallen Angels take part in a public contest of which, eventually, I was the winner. And Suchar was not even in the top 3 which is why I have been occupying this position until now. This was why Suchar has always caused trouble for me but I never opposed him, after all, this Demon Emperor position was supposed to be his. In a few years, I too will be able to hold a similar contest of skills. Your Uncle Grichen is not very interested in this position, and he’s older than I am. Also within the younger generation the number that reached the sixth layer is very few, so as long as your skills are outstanding, no one would say anything. However, now you have to keep this a secret since you are Father’s secret weapon. ”

“But, Father, I’m a woman, and in the entire history of demons, there has been no female who has inherited the title of Demon Emperor. Moreover, I am not much interested in this position. If I take it, how would I find the time to amuse myself? ”

The Demon Emperor laughed and said, “foolish girl, this is rather complicated, you first try to find a suitable person within our royal family, and then let him become the Demon Emperor, with you assisting him, just like how your Uncle Grichen assists me now. Let me think, in our Royal family who is worthy of my daughter? “Due to the demon race’s gene being special, close relatives can marry, and it will have no impact on the lower region. Especially the Royal family, in order to keep the bloodline pure, they tend to be endogamous, as long as it is not marriage between siblings, there are no restrictions.

Myu became a little red in the face, and her heart continued to surge as she thought to herself that as she had lost her virginity, who would marry her, let alone the fact that there wasn’t a person among the royal family whom she found pleasing. Unconsciously, she compared each of the youth of the royal family who was able to transform with Layson and finally found that none was comparable to that shameless half-breed. But she knew that she and Layson belong to two different races. In the past, both the Demon and Beastmen race could intermarry, but now both sides hate each other. Myu covered her blushing face and thought: How can I think of him like that? He not only raped me but he also has people he is fond of. When she thought till here, Myu became sad.

The Demon Emperor thought his daughter was shy, and chuckled, “silly girl, getting married and having children is a course of nature, don’t worry, royal father will get you one of the best. ”

Myu murmuring said: “Father, I will not marry, I would like to just accompany you. ”

The Demon Emperor felt a warm feeling in his chest, and he spoke to her kindly, “How can that be? Father knows you’re dutiful, but girls always want to get married, and, after you got married you can still accompany father around. Father will make you the happiest person in the world. Father promises you that if you do not take a fancy to someone, he will not force you. Is this alright?.”

Listen to what the Demon Emperor said, Myu was secretly relieved. She cocked her head to one side and said, “If I am to marry, I have two conditions. ”

The Demon Emperor became interested and said, “Oh, let’s hear them. ”

Myu held up her fingers and counted,”First, I request that his age is equivalent to mine. “The Demon Emperor laughed, “That’s easy. What is next? ”

Myu said: “Second, I demand that he must have the power of a four-winged fallen angel or higher.”

The Demon Emperor surprised and said, “What? How’s that possible? ”

Myu said: “Why is that impossible? If he has no great strength how would he protect me? Moreover, if his skills are not even equal to your daughter’s, how could you willingly marry me off to him?” Upon saying this, Myu thought to herself: I do not know if Layson’s strength has improved after he and I had s**. Wait! Why do I always think of him, what is wrong with me?

Myu was thinking about other matters and tried to shoo away Layson’s image from her mind, however, that human face still lingered in her thoughts; no matter how much she tried to erase him from her thoughts he was still present.

The Demon Emperor scratched his head, and said: “My dear daughter, are you not posing a difficult problem for your Father? Where can your father find someone that reaches those requirements? Not to mention our demon race, there wouldn’t even be one in the Dragon Empire. If you think about it, their Dragon Generals are all over the age of 50. There has been no news so far of a new young General. ”

Myu pouted, “I don’t care. I insist on these conditions, otherwise, I would never marry.” She thought mournfully, Since I am not a virgin anymore, not marrying may be my best option. Think of it, Myu eyes turned red.

The Demon Emperor watching his daughter crying, quickly coaxed her, “Ok, ok, ok. Anyway, you are still young, you don’t worry, don’t worry. ”

Myu’s mouth flattened and she nodded and said, “You can’t force me about this. ”

“Of course, did Father not say that it will be as per your wishes? Father was not forcing you. Come now, are you hungry? Father made them prepare your most favourite food. ”

Myu turned from grief to happiness, “Okay!” Holding The Demon Emperor’s arm, she walked out.

Three months passed. Panzen and Silvin still haven’t come out from their closed-door cultivation. These days I also did not stay idle; during the day I cultivated Mad God Arts and at night I cultivated the Demonic Arts. The Dark magic within my body is plenty and in these few days, I managed to master the dark Magic of the seventh layer. I also managed to grasp the water, fire, and earth, and wind — these four elemental magic approximately to the sixth layer. Although also I cannot still use high-level magic, but this also lets my strength take a huge leap forward. However, until now, I still haven’t tested the power of my four-winged Fallen Angel transformation. This is because, whenever I wish to transform into a four-winged Fallen Angel, I will think of Myu. If not for her, I would never have this qualitative leap for the second time.

Ever since the day Paigean knew of my matter, she has been avoiding me. I was also ashamed to seek her out, always keeping a distance between us, as if there was a barrier between us that could not be removed. Until now I wasn’t clear why I went and told her. Although she is very smart, but if I hadn’t told her first, she wouldn’t have ever known. Perhaps I too needed to tell this to someone. Fortunately, Paigean is not a talkative person, and even though she has been keeping a distance with me, but she did not spread this matter, and thus it is a secret known among us two.

“Layson, Mother has asked to see you.” Just as he was thinking about her, she came and stood in front of my room, her voice was still crisp and soft, but it gave a feeling of being distant. I looked up, took one look at her eyes, nodded:” I know, I will go right now. ”

Paigean gave me a nod and turned to leave. I tidied my clothes, and went to my mother’s bedroom, and knocked lightly, saying, “It is I. ”

“Come on in. “I opened the door and went in, and suddenly Mother shouted, “Look.” A small water ball flew at me and I was startled. A dull black mist surfaced on my skin as a layer and when that water ball collided with it, it calmly dispersed, leaving no ripples.

Mother stared,: “What is this technique of yours? Is that magic? ”

I smiled: “It is magic, Mother, congratulations, you can use magic.” Silvy had promised to teach Paigean magic. But because Silvin was still behind closed doors, cultivating, I had to write a book of beginner’s magic and give it to Mother. This would be the best way for both Paigean and Mother to learn from as he was afraid Paigean would refuse if he had directly given her this book. In her mind, maybe I am a despicable and shameless person. Mother calling me here is clearly due to her wanting to show me their results.

My mother proudly said: “Mother’s perception is still good, I can now use water and wind elements’ first level magic. ”

I walked over to my mother, and kissed her cheek and said, “Mother is the most intelligent person in the world. Aren’t you learning it quickly? It won’t be long before you’ll be able to outrank me. ”

Mother smiling scolded: “Okay, you are now sweet talking me. You know, Paigean’s talent is better, she can now use the second-level fire magic, and she can also use the first level magic of a few other elements. She studied hard, and apart from talking here with me every day and take care of our daily needs, almost all of her time was spent on cultivation. ”

“Oh, that means she is wanting to get stronger. ”

Mother nodded: “Yes that ought to be it. Because the White Foxmen are constantly bullied, this kid surely wants to become strong in order to aid her clansmen.”

If she had accepted my Ink Crystal, she might have progressed more quickly, but now I couldn’t give her, I don’t wish for it to be refused by her again. I know that she will not want it. At this time, Paigean came in, her hand holding a bowl of fruits. Seeing her, come in, I said to my mother: “Mother, you eat the fruits, I will go back and cultivate. When you learn magic, it is best if you focus on only one element. It will be easier to focus on and the progress will be much faster. ”

Mother agreed and warned: “Don’t be too impetuous while cultivating, do you understand? ”

“You can rest assured, I will be careful. ”

“That’s good, you go, since Jean-er is with me here. Recognising her as my daughter is the happiest matter for me, she often talks to me and makes me feel a lot younger. ”

I looked at Paigean, nodded and said, “Please take care of Mother. ”

Looking at my back as I left, the shine in Paigean’s eyes dimmed. Mother, being a smart person, was naturally able to catch a glimpse of this brief change in expression, smiled and said, “Recently, what is the matter between you and Layson? It seems there is something fishy going on. I recognised you as my daughter, so you both have a sibling relationship, yet you both are very distant with each other. Layson, this child, since childhood has been alone, I have not been like a warm mother to him too,……”

“Your Highness.” I just came out of the mother’s room, and a security guard stopped me. I asked,”What’s the matter? ”

“Please go to the imperial palace, His Majesty said that he wants to see you. ”

“Oh, I see.” The Beast Emperor wanted to see me, what could be the matter? Ordinarily, now he ought to have no need for my expertise. Is it possible that Mink had an accident? Since the time the Beast Emperor announced that Mink would replace me in the mission to suppress the insurgency, Mink had left with his troops and so far there had been no response from them.

I changed my clothes, and took four Lionmen guards with me to the Palace, “Royal father, were you looking for me? ”

The Beast Emperor put down the memorandum in his hands and said: ” You came so quickly. Sit.” Since after the Beast Emperor had conferred upon him the title of Prince, there was no need of too much etiquette when he asked me to meet him. I sat on the chair next to him and asked,” Royal father, what’s the matter? ”

The Beast Emperor smiled, “Can’t this father try to look for his soon if there are no problems?. Foolish child.”

I dutifully said, “It’s my bad, I should have come to see you often.”
The Beast Emperor said: “This time I called you to do something that you personally need to do. According to the recent report from our spies in the Dragon Empire, within the border of the Dragon Empire recently, often at night there would appear radiant multicoloured clouds as if some treasure has been born. The spies say that the Dragon Empire has already sent people to start looking for the place where this glow is seen, and the Demon race also have some movement. Because their appearance is very similar to that of humans, so they are more informed than us about this. They have already sent their people to the Dragon Empire which is indeed proof that there really is something that is capable of attracting them. So I hope you go to the Dragon Empire to see what it is that has got the attention of both the Dragon Empire and Demon race. I know that within the Dragon Empire’s territory, to get this thing is almost impossible. I merely want you to and take a look. If it is only gems and the like, that has no effect on us. If it is something truly beneficial, you have to find ways to destroy it, we must not allow them to use this thing against us. At first, I did not want to let you go in person, but after second and third thoughts, only you are the most suitable for this task. Go and make this trip.

While I was at home, I foolishly remained depressed. That I can go on this mission is a good thing, since this time when I go to the Dragon Empire, I just can conveniently speak with Jiyan and Jisue clearly. If they can not forgive me, then when I later return with my mother and leave her beside the Duke, I will not meet them again. They are still young, without me disturbing them, maybe there will be better suitors for them. Myu is I one I can not give up, and as soon as this time’s task is completed, I will personally go to Demon race, and if Myu does not forgive me, I would rather die in her hands. If she is willing to forgive me, I will take her as my wife. Just as Paigean said, if a person did something, he must clearly take the responsibility for his actions, I thought relaxedly.

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