This page contains blurbs from all the staff members who ever existed and decided to write bios for themselves or for others…

Beware this page has been rated unviewable for sheer cringiness. Evaluated by the Committee for the future of Dark Translations. Members of the committee include: M2t5….



The head translator, a chill person and have the tendency to translate every single detail.  < is that the description of a chill person….?

But am chill. still.

(Chill. Does this mean he is as cold as ice, with a heart frozen?)

Let it go!~ Cold never bothered me anyway~ tink~

Freaky Andy: Now I have the urge to go watch cartoons featuring reindeer and little talking snowmen.


Random wanderer that has been summoned by Dem Head to assist in translation 😉 Immagirlwhorarelytalks.


Random person who was picked up and bound by M2t5 and Demenious, still struggling and trying escape, jk.

I am a Fan of Mad God and some other WNs, but seeing them struggling here and there I decide to do this to myself too. So here I am, tied and unable to escape. XD

Guest Translator:


The mysterious masked translator. Saving Demenious from the evil Dr.Overwork! a.k.a  ninja.

Editors (League of Editors):



(Winner of the annual brain-eating contest)

Suspected to be a Zombie. Beware.


FreakyAndy: That would explain the missing editors.

Demenious: I see… We are putting up a bounty.


Has 21 personalities

all of them are lazy so at most I work as much as one person

at the moment most of me (12) are held prisoner on the moon

I am not the least bit sorry to frequently eat the limbs of gods

I’m by far the most insane so I cut in line


(Blade Worker):




reluctant editor…. we’re still in search of blackmailing info <- We should probs keep that – raltzero



Did not escape from a mental institute….. Honest……



(Not an actual vampire…… we think…… might be wrong….)
An easygoing editor(?) An existence that solely lives for entertainment.
Keeps the slaves from (not) overworking.


#Hmm…SheDisappeared.TheGirlWhoWas(eaten by M2t5?)


Am completely sane.

(It’s an alien!)

Towelie :

#DotaFan nuff’ said

DotaFan srsly? 😀 fair enough i guess seeing i do play a bit of dota now and then you could write that. Anyway little editor pretty new IT student editing here and there where i can think of better phrases. Seniors pls take care of this junior. Btw Towelie is my nickname but i didn’t write the part below :/

Thanks, Don’t Care

because he doesn’t care what his nick name is?:


95-year-old child in the body of a 5-year-old adult. Master orange-itect(orangutan?) and simple wordsmith. There is no chat on iPad, so no, I am not ignoring you.


Meh, seemed like a good past time


I like lemon curd(turd). (Lemon flavoured turd?) <<WHAATTT!! WHO PUT THIS HERE. Anyways… thanks, that made me laugh. I also like pickles in my burgers.


MIA( I think?) somewhere b/w that. BUT!!! “I’ll be back.” said in Terminator’s voice

(possibly hospitalized by M2t5 trying to eat him as well?)

KERLARK/Herpus McHerpus/Harry/I have many names/I’m running out of ideas here/okay Imma stop.

Hellllllo! My name is Harry or Kerlark (my gmail is Herpus McHerpus). Sadly I am M.I.A. till august cause my life went down the drain recently ;~;. When I return I SHALL EDIT EVERYTHING.

People who need a profile:

SadHorse: #GrillingHorseKebabs

Reng Ford:

Eric: Northman



anyone else…?

And now a list of the sane people:

(sound of chirping crickets)



What does sane mean again…?

See definition below (Aka, It)

And now the self-assumed ‘sane’ editors,



(editing the CN version)

Considers ctrl+Tab, ctrl+c, ctrl+v, and ctrl+f the entirety of it’s job and will stop at nothing hunt down every english name and DESTROY IT!!!

Editor-san (JohnDoe)

Editing: EN Mad God

Description: Possibly the only sane person that’s trying to be a model editor. Editor-san isn’t trying to edit as fast as possible because Editor-san wants to read more chapters or put pressure on the translators



I’m not

You don’t believe me?


Joined to get some more work in me laif.  I work on all that stuff from another site that you may have heard about, but they dun do anything speedwise for translating.  Like…4.5k chap took a week…*cries*

Anyway, not entirely sane, but a bit more sane than s-

#osuforlaif YOU WILL LEARN TO LOVE IT >:)


#CompleteP$yCho #ChildGenius #LongSinceSurpassedM2t5 #NextOnM2t5’sMenu

Enjoyed the chapter releases so decided to go into editing. Harassed M2t5 into letting him join.

(⌐■_■)–︻╦╤─ – – – (╥﹏╥)

Ring Master: Hey, let me Join!

M2t5: Don’t got a choice do I?


#leecher+ #readyAndWaiting #wait #wait #Imeant4chapters

Got hooked on LN’s and since I’ve got Student Loans to pay (burn in the deepest darkest place in hell Sallie Navient) and no $ to donate… I figured I’d help out with Editing in a lousy attempt to replace $ with service…ahhh.. thinking about it like that… It feels dirty.. like I’m saying “i can’t pay you $ but you can have my body” LMAO


Wut….  ^that’s so cool, I want it :L

A Chaotic-Neutral Halfling Rogue that has a grudge against anything taller than it.

Specializes in poison and assassination.


(For real: A college student majoring in Asian Studies, English Minor.

Teaches Tae Kwon Do.

Loves reading and games.)


hashtagComputerLiterate #NewHere #lysdexicEditorExtraordinaire #sane #mostlysane

I read good. Let’s party.

I’m gradu-macated with a BS (bullshit) in business, but currently jobless! (more time for editing!)

I liked the Mad God TL quite a bit, and figured I should start helping out.

I’ve been reading just about every Xianxia on Reddit, and can’t seem to get enough.

I’ll probably learn Chinese someday, but it’s probably going to come after Italian.

I will be in your care. senpai


-this section is closed, no more ‘self-assuming sane’ editors allowed-

No, you! You reading this! Shoo…



what is ‘sane’ ? is it edible ? also meatbun is declaring this section a food section. non-food shall not pass through here

Meatbun is Meatbun, and An Rui is An Rui ..also anon is delicious.

just don’t tell mama i said that.. mama doesn’t know i’m here. so.. Shush or the anon gets chomped..

…oh look a passing by anon.. *chomp* yummy~


A free spirit that has settled down to help this team in its work.

Loves food. nomnomnom (may eat Meatbun)

Most of all, always ready to help.

Also somewhat a perfectionist.


Plays League.

Plans to play in your League as well. Hello, League of Editors.

Power-level: over NEINthousand (any fellow germans out there?)

Loves to read long fantasy stories.

Recently found out about the wondrous world of lightnovels/Wuxia/Xianxia.

This font reminds me of the menu in Ratchet and Clank 3 – or was it 2?

Is annoyed at the awkwardness of the english translations of quite a few translations.

^ I literally read all of the translated Kuang Shen on your site in like 2 days and some of the paragraphs made me derp.

^ This is also my ambition. I want to improve the quality of the translated/edited versions even more!

Am i making too much of an effort here? I kinda  think my self introduction sucks… OH WELL 😀


                                                 (Keith) – ^(to assert dominance) you can’t take my rawrrrs..

Editor. Well, I edit shit.

Hmm.. Intro? Well, I’m currently in college taking BS(Bullshit?) Electrical Engineering..

Just recently learned how to read. ‘I hate reading’ – pre-2015

My transition? Anime(2005)-Naruto > Manga(2012)-Naruto[coz of freakin fillers] > Light Novels(2015) – No game no life

My novel transition: No Game No Life > LMS > Xianxia (pretty simple)

I’m not discriminating consoles vs. PC games, love them both. Fav game? Fallout. Hitman. Battle City. Mario Bros. Contra. The duck shooting game(forgot the title).  

Favorite anime? Uhhh. Adunno, One Piece? Well I like Angel Beats and Anohana too. They all made me cry.


I’m in college right now #thestruggle #graphicdesigner

I play league of legends when I have time

Diamond level support player

I should focus on school work.. gg RIP

















A student contemplating life, philosophy and how to find more change under my coach and car seats.


I must have spent an hour reading all those staff descriptions, and if you must know about me, all you really need to know is that I’m human. Afterall, what you don’t know won’t hurt you.


27 thoughts on “Staff

  1. Hey guys, where can i sign up to help editing? I think if one would take some time to point out the main things to me i could do a decent job! i rly appreciate your work but dont have the money to support, but when i heard you need editors.. i couldnt help but think that i could do a good job. Well if you could msg me at my email adress i would love to chat about how i can help the team.
    Lots of love for your work.


  2. Hey, I tried out Mad God a couple weeks back, and I loved it ever since!
    I would love to be an editor in order to improve this novel.


    • Demenious has been posting links to the raws that he uses for a while, if you look at the comment sections of recent chapter posts you should be able to find them.


      • Ah thanks, I found it since its on the same website as Douluodalu. Seriously though I am not sure if its because its a chinese website but that thing kicks my antivirus/malware off like crazy.

        Tried reading 2 raw chapters with google translate (god its hilarious calls his sword Mexican something) and it popped up about 6 things trying to worm into my PC.

        Figured since that website is the “official” place to read this guys novels it wouldn’t be so infested but as I don’t go to chinese websites maybe thats normal. Unless that isnt the official place


        • Hahaha, yeah chinese sites are notorious for viruses and adds that get around my adblock. (wait what?) lol. Anyways, do come back and read our translated chapters to pick up on some stuff you may have missed in your MTL.


          • i have just one question how many people r currently working on mad god in general and about how long would it take to complete the project?


            • So we have 3(ish) translators, along with 20+ editors. (I suspect 10+ of them are inactive). The main problems is that KS chapters are really long and it takes a lot of stamina to go through the entire thing. What ends up happening is that only the small things get fixed. The first few pages are great, and then things start to fall off. As for how long it will take to complete the project, I’m not sure. We are about 1/5 of the way in (if you count unreleased chapters).


  3. huh? i just really wanted to knw cause like its like this with every translated book i want to read but heir no where near completion


  4. Is the other half of the mad god chapter volume 7 chapter 1 ever going to be done it’s been three months now, the series is one of the best I’ve read.


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