Chapter 4

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Volume 2 Chapter 4: The First Time Meeting Zhu Tian

Translated by: GX, Ash

Edited by: Flamet0ngue

“Ji Dong, Bing-Ding double-fire element, Level 1 Apprentice. Grade: failure.” Xia Tian declared while frowning, disappointment and dissatisfaction clearly filling his eyes. Yang Bing Tian, sitting directly in front of Ji Dong, sighed slightly, and his eyes were also filled with disappointment. Even though he knew that it was very difficult for Ji Dong to become a Yin-Yang Wizard, he still had a glimmer of hope after giving him the two crystal crowns; however, it seems that after a year of cultivation, Ji Dong did not progress even the slightest bit. As the teacher looked at Ji Dong, he could not help but furrow his brow, since it seemed obvious that Ji Dong would be unable to condense his Yin-Yang Crown at this rate.

Xia Tian said in a deep voice, “OK, the end-of-term exams for the first year students have now ended. Leave in orderly fashion. Ji Dong, stay.”

The first year students walked out single file, with Bisu and Karl at the rear. When they walked past the podium, they looked at Ji Dong with worried gazes. According to Li Huo Academy’s rules, if one fails the exam they would be asked to leave the academy, regardless of age. This was because if one failed the exam, there was no hope that they could become a Yin-Yang-Wizard and would also be a waste of time for them to continue their studies. If they for some reason continued their studies, it would not only affect the frequency of them ascending to the next grade, but will also have an impact on the academy’s reputation. At the same time, there was also benefits to the students who were asked to leave after all as even if the students couldn’t become a Yin-Yang-Wizard, they could still use their youth to learn other things.

After the first years walked out in succession, inside the auditorium only the teachers and Ji Dong were left standing on the podium.

Xia Tian walked up to Ji Dong and said in a heavy voice, “Ji Dong, you know the academy’s rules. The academy gave you the best education this past year, but you still couldn’t advance. There are only two possibilities for you to be unable to increase your strength: one is that you didn’t train hard enough, the other is that you don’t have the talent to become a Yin-Yang Wizard. As your home teacher, no matter which it is, I must advise you to leave our Li Huo Academy.”

Last night Ji Dong was full of confidence regarding today’s exam. He naturally hadn’t considered this problem. Now he was startled by Xia Tian’s decision to persuade him to withdraw from the academy. The education quality at Li Huo Academy was really good. He learned a lot during the last year. Aside from this, there was another reason why he didn’t want to leave; where was he supposed to get all the money for a private bar with finest liquor of this world? Without a bar, how could he mix drinks for Lie Yan?

If you were to say that mixing drinks for Headmaster Yang Bing Tian was his job, then mixing drinks for Lie Yan would be his greatest desire.

Thinking to this point, Ji Dong said a little impatiently, “Teacher Xia Tian, I worked really hard, please give me one more chance. I will make it through next year’s end-of-term exam.”

Xia Tian frowned and shook his head, “Ji Dong, how many chances can a person have in one life? Since you didn’t grab this one, then you have already missed your chance. The school rule is ironclad: Since you didn’t make it through the exam, then you don’t have the qualification to continue studying at this academy. Besides, your balanced Yin-Yang body condition is really not suitable for becoming a Yin-Yang Wizard. If you continue, it would only be a waste of time. Go and pack your things. I will send you away tomorrow. Maybe this is a much better path for you.”

At just this moment, a sharp voice sounded out from the teacher’s section, “Xia Tian, this kid is rubbish, why are you wasting so much time talking to him? Just have him leave! There are still five years of students to be examined.”

Ji Dong turned his head towards the voice. It belonged to a middle aged man, about 40 years old, with a gloomy and cold appearance, white skin, and a sharp voice. You could tell this was a Ding-fire department teacher, but he didn’t pay much attention to him.

Xia Tian glared at that teacher, “Teacher Liu Jun please pay attention to your manners. My student is not rubbish.”

Liu Jun snorted, “If he is not rubbish, then why is he still a Level 1 Apprentice? I really don’t know why he was permitted to enter the school. Yin-Yang in balance is a once-in-a-hundred-years rubbish! And you found one!”

“YOU….” Xia Tian was instantly enraged. His violent temperament was always at the point of explosion, and he was about to blow up.

“Enough”, Yang Bing Tian finally opened his mouth. He waved his hand at Xia Tian, hinting at him to calm down. At the same time, he looked towards the teacher with the name Liu Jun, “Teacher Liu, you need to mind your tongue. No matter what sort of student he is, since he came to our academy to study then he is part of the academy. There are many reasons for poor performance during the exams. That is why I don’t want to hear something like that in the future; we need to respect every student.”

Liu Jun resentfully didn’t respond. Yang Bing Tian turned his gaze towards Ji Dong, sighing slightly. In front of so many teachers, he couldn’t be selfish. He gave Ji Dong two crystal crowns, and one could say he did his best. The result at this moment was not unexpected, but this Headmaster didn’t want to accept it.  After drinking a glass of fine liquor mixed for him by Ji Dong every day, it has not only already became a habit, at the same time, he really come to care for this uncommunicative boy who has an absolute skill at mixing.

“Ji Dong, this is the academy’s rule. I hope you can understand. You can go back for now.” Even though he was unwilling, he felt the same as Xia Tian- letting Ji Dong continue to stay is only a waste of time. After all, he failed the exam, and the other teachers will not let this pass. He already made his decision: after all the students finish their exams and the holiday begins, he will take Ji Dong to the Bartender’s Guild. That place is the most suitable stage for Ji Dong.

At just this moment, the door of the assembly hall was opened and four people came in.

“Who is acting so impudently!” That Ding fire-department teacher just had nowhere else vent his anger. Since all teachers were here, it meant only students could have come in.

It really was students who came in, but when Liu Jun saw the person at front, he instantly stopped his reprimanding speech. His expression was instantly replaced by a smile. But Xia Tian frowned steadily, and said in a deep voice, “Who permitted you to come in? Don’t you know this is the end-of-term exam? Zhu Tian, you are already a sixth year student and still don’t know about this rule?”

Of the four who came in, Ji Dong knew three: Karl, Bi Su and Zhu Gui. At the forefront was a 16-17 year old youth with a slender physique and a grand bearing who resembled Zhu Gui. Although he wasn’t very old, his entire being was emitting an indescribable aura, and as he walked, he gave the impression of a flying dragon or a loping tiger.

“Teacher Xia Tian, all the teachers, and the two headmasters, I’m sorry for the distribution. I heard from Xiao Gui that there is a balanced Yin-Yang double cultivator in the first year class. I hope that you teachers can give junior brother another chance. Let him try the exam again next year.”

Zhu Tian’s voice was clear, bright and powerful, but neither servile nor overbearing. Ji Dong looked at him a little surprised, and then he looked at Zhu Gui who was behind Zhu Tian, and at Karl and Bi Su who had worried faces. He never thought that Zhu Gui would come and help him.

Xia Tian said in a deep voice, “Zhu Tian, you should know the academie rules”

Zhu Tian smiled, “Teacher Xia Tian, rule are inflexible, but men are flexible. This Junior Ji Dong is cultivating the not-so-often-seen double element, which is different than that of other students. Perhaps his cultivation will rise rapidly next year.”

“Enough” Xia Tian shouted, “Zhu Tian, you must remember that you are a student of the Li Huo Academy and have no right to meddle with the decisions of the academy, now get out. As punishment for rashly charging into the assembly hall, you have to run one lap round around the city, to be carried out immediately.”

Zhu Tian was startled, and looked at him with a strange expression, then he turned around and looked at Zhu Gui with a helpless expression.

“Student Zhu Tian is also right; Rules are inflexible, but men are flexible. Ji Dong really didn’t pass the exam. But he has to make his own decisions for his life.” Yang Bing Tian said to Ji Dong, “Ji Dong, you have two choices: one is to leave the academy, and the other is, if you are willing, to take courses as an auditor. Before the sixth year you don’t need to take the exams, but you are not a really student either. Of course, if you changed your mind, you can leave the academy at any time. After the sixth year, you only need to pass the exams to be counted as a graduate of the Li Huo Academy.”

EN: word of the day: auditor- a university student registered for a course without credit and without obligation to do work assigned to the class, someone who audits a course.

Audit student? This is ok too! Ji Dong doesn’t mind as long as he doesn’t need to leave the academy. What made him curious is that, including teacher Liu Jun who spoke up before, nobody said a thing about the obvious shielding of Headmaster Yang Bing Tian.

“I am willing to stay an audit student.” Ji dong immediately answered.

Yan Bing Tian smiled, “Ok, all of you can leave now. But you heard what teacher Xia Tian said. Ji Dong, they came to help you, so you will take part in the punishment too- one lap around the city.


When Ji Dong exited the assembly hall, BiSu and Karl hugged him and exclaimed “Boss, now you don’t have to withdraw! Now we can graduate together! Very good!”

“It might not be something good for him” The clear and bright voice of Zhu Tian sounded. Bi su and Karl looked at him, shocked.

Zhu Tian looked at Ji Dong, “I have never heard of a person with balanced Yin-Yang who could become a Yin-Yang Wizard. Junior brother, if you want to succeed, then you need to put in a great effort.”

Ji Dong said sincerely, “Senior Zhu Tian, thank you.”

Zhu Tian waved his hand, “No need to thank me. If you want to thank someone, then thank Xiao Gui. I will now go and finish the punishment. Bye.” While saying that, he turned around, and before you could say “get set,” he was already gone. He shot off  like an arrow, a Bing-fire department school uniform exiting the academy, and between the jumps it appeared as if he was flying above the ground. The three with Ji Dong couldn’t help but praise, how fast.

Ji Dong turned towards Zhu Gui, and was about to say something, “You don’t need to thank me. You are a member of the Bing-fire depart. Also, I only helped you because I know that you weren’t slacking off.”

Ji Dong was startled, “How did you know that I wasn’t being lazy?”

Zhu Gui said unenthusiastically, “Could a lazy person run his rounds and train his strength regardless of rain, hail or shine? But whether you can become a Yin-Yang wizard is up to you. Nobody can help you in this matter. I hope that you will be an adversary for me during the graduation exam.”

After saying that, she turned around and ran after Zhu Tian.

Watching the back of the departing Zhu Gui, BiSu couldn’t help but say, “Shouldn’t this tomboy have no desirable points? Why is she some how cute today?”

Karl snorted unhappily, “Forget about it. Every day there is somebody thinking about taking revenge on her.”

Bi Su answered, “Those are two different things. I didn’t forget the shame she brought upon me. But this tomboy isn’t really that annoying.”

Ji Dong said, “Can you guys explain what just happened? Why did all the teachers give Senior Zhu Tian face when he appeared?”

Karl said, “Senior Zhu Tian is a prominent person in our academy. Boss, you really don’t pay attention to the outside world! Senior Zhu Tian already condensed his Yin-Yang Crown during his fourth year, and started to train in magic skill and power. He will graduate this year, and is one of the recommended students of our academy. At the same time he is Zhu Gui’s brother. The moment we left the assembly hall, we had a bad feeling that you would be advised to withdraw. Just when had no idea what to do, Zhu Gui run to her brother, and you know what happened next. We really need to thank Zhu Gui this time.”

Ji Dong nodded, “I will repay her for her kindness someday.”

Bi Su was a little worried, “Boss, Just now Zhu Tian said that staying in school might be a waste of your time. You….”

Ji Dong laughed and said, “What? You don’t have faith in me? Since I choose to stay, then I will not give up. But you guys need to give it your all too. Since Senior Zhu Tian could condense the Yin-Yang crown in the fourth year, then why couldn’t you? Let’s give our best all together.”

Piling their three hands together, they looked at each other with encouragement and confidence.

When Ji Dong returned to his dorm room, he was clearly relaxed since he could finally stay. Also, he will not have any problems before the graduation. This school year is finished, and there will be three months of vacation. He will stay in the academy, after all he has nowhere to go. Maybe he could talk a little to Lie Yan and see if he could increase the time he’s allowed to train by her side. Wouldn’t it be a waste of time elsewise? Restarting from the beginning, he has an even brighter path ahead.


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