Welcome to Dark Translations~! Do you wish to join us? The process is easy. Read through the following guidelines to see if you are qualified.

We are always looking for Editors and Translators here at Dark Translations, and you can even bring new projects if you want. We enjoy ourselves, and are pretty relaxed. There is no need to rush chapters, and if you make a mistake we will cover for you. (though hopefully you will improve over time :P) and most importantly, have fun!

We recommend that translators:

  • Have good understanding of Chinese grammar and basic vocabulary.
  • Can and are willing to translate raw Chinese text into English.
    • We don’t mind if you are aided by online dictionaries such as Bing Translator or iciba.

Editors should:

  • Have read the series which you want to participate in.
  • Have a good grasp of English grammar.
  • be willing to help out wherever you are needed.
  • Be comfortable talking with others 😛
  • Experience always helps.
  • Be comfortable being used as snackes

If you are still interested, please email us at

we are looking forward to seeing your application…


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