Hello! This is Demenious. For various reasons, i have decided to make a donation page. I do not receive payments for doing this so if you’d like to show your support you may donate. 🙂

If the number of people who donates reach a certain amount, to celebrate that we will release a bonus chapter! Wait, number of people? O.o Yes! So every of your donation makes a difference!

However there’s a target amount too! So if the amount of money received reached that target we will also release a bonus chapter!

However small the amount donated will be fully appreciated 🙂 please don’t feel shy about it. It will motivate me to present more Kuang Shen chapters regardless!

It would be a bliss to see that you are showing support in what I do. Cheers.


12 thoughts on “Donations

    • That would be 60usd and 20 people. The amount will only reset after every bonus chapter released. We do not plan to release bonus chapters too often so the amount is set slightly higher. Regardless, I will still release a chapter a week. 🙂


  1. Just a quick question, is there a donation bar where we can see how many people donated or how much was donated?


  2. Hey,

    I wanted to contact you about a platform we will be launching for translators to increase the popularity of their sites and novels through sharing eachothers reader base. Our platform puts all novels into one location for reading, there you create a ‘mini site’ within the website which will host all your works, you can add your own donation details to our customized donation bars, have your own ads on your ‘mini site’ and our custom wordpress designer will even customize your ‘mini site’ to your liking. We also provide free marketing & proofreading/editing services for translators to use if they do not have access to their own.

    It’s something we are creating to benefit the translation community and I would like to know if you would be interested? I am happy to provide more details and answer any questions.

    Contact me here:


    • Hey Wanga,

      I’m quite honored that you offered us this position, but I’m going to have to respectfully decline. We were offered a similar opportunity at Translation Nations, and we tried it out for a while, and the whole ‘mini-website’ didn’t cut it for us. I am open to you providing links to Dark Translations if you really wish to have some of our series/content on your website, and you are always welcome to inform us of any other opportunities that appear.

      If you wish to contact us further, you may email, or email me at (all mail sent to my ‘personal’ email will be forwarded to, so you might as well contact us there.)

      Thanks and Sorry,


  3. This site is dead? I was hype reading Sheng Wang! Yang Qi has 10 mammuth, imagine when he reach the 40 million! Good Novel! Shameful that their is no more and the manhua is poorly representing the novel to be fair. Also 9 months? no more Sheng Wang? Is over? Damn, wasted reading.


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