Chapter 5

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Volume 6 Chapter 5: Suchar’s Request for Reinforcements

Translated by: Ash, Demenious, XiaoBaby, Hachi

Edited By: M2t5 (partially), Saberthroat, Challi

A cold, dreary voice ordered the Demon troops, “Stop chasing the beastmen, focus on killing the human on the ground. I never thought that the Beastmen would join forces with the Humans.”

A medium sized figure, escorted by a large number of soldiers appeared. He wore the official robe of a minister and his face appeared to be slightly pale. He looked around fifty years old, but his gaze was filled with hatred.

I could see that the four great corps under my command had safely escaped the Demon Clan’s camp and were regrouping. It was clear that they were planning to mount an operation to save me.

The four fallen angels that had surrounded me gathered their dark magic; ready to launch a fatal attack at any time. I glared at the man in the robe asking condensingly, “Are you the commander?”

“That’s right, I am the commander, Prince Suchar of the Demon Clan. You humans have the nerve to combine forces with the Beastmen and take one of our peripheral provinces! Hmph! It seems like you are the one who commands the beastmen.” Suchar looked at the fallen angels, “Kill him! I wonder how the beastmen will react once their commander is dead.” So this is Suchar, the one who sent his men to attack Griffin and Gwynn.

I no longer had time to think, as the four fallen angels turned into four black clouds of smoke and pounced at me, as quick as lightning.

It is too late to transform, even if I wanted to. I wanted to return the beastman tribe to its former glory, but who would have guessed that a moment’s carelessness would lead me to this situation. I thought.

I inwardly sighed and concentrated all my Mad God Chi and Dark Magic. Even if I die, I will not go down without a fight.

Just as the fallen angels were 5 meters away from me, an unstoppable force appeared from behind me. I felt a white light flash through my body and I flew backwards. With the help of the white light, I was able to escape from the Demon Clan’s encirclement. My father’s lofty voice resounded throughout the camp, “Who said that he is human? He is my son.” I was still dazed when a white meteor once again appeared from behind my back to attack the four fallen angels.

“Boom!” Black and white energies clashed in the air. The four fallen angels were hit and were sent into all four directions, like the scattering blossoms of heavenly maids. Father loftily stood 50 meters before the enemy general, his oppressive might bearing down on all.

I unsheathed Black Sable and flew to father’s side, as I asked in a low voice, “Father, why did you come?”

Father glared at me and replied, “Would you have returned if I didn’t come?”

Suchar watched as all four fallen angels spewed blood insanely. His face quickly turned pale, “Old Beamon, how could you betray us and attack our Dunder province. Explain yourself!”

Everyone could tell that Suchar was truly afraid. After all, father could only be contained by fallen angels, and four of them had been heavily injured in just one exchange. Naturally, Suchar would be nervous.

Suchar had only brought eight fallen angels with him as part of his campaign; and all of them were his trusted aides. Father coldly snorted and said, “Betrayal? Had the Demon Clan not betrayed us, we would never have had to resist you. How many of our people died during the war with the Dragon Empire? While how many of your people died during the same conflict? Even after this, you dare ask us to pay the war reparations? I will not waste any more time dilly dallying here with you, that is all! We will see if you can truly take back the Dunder province. Son let’s leave.”

Very rarely did my father directly address me as his son. So rarely that I couldn’t believe that he showed a trace of warmth towards me. Could my father even feel such feelings? I never had even dared to dream of these questions.

I closely followed father and walked out of the huge camp. Surprisingly, nobody came forward to stop us, instead they hastily opened a path for us to leave. It was obvious that they were intimidated by my father’s attack just now.

After leaving the camp, we met with our forces and quickly withdrew to Stanla City. Father didn’t utter a single word on the way back.

Just when we were about to enter the city gate, father suddenly let out a vomiting sound and spewed up a large amount of blood. His body swayed before I quickly supported him while asking, “Father, what happened?” Father glanced at me and said, “Help me get back to my room. I must immediately start recuperating.”

I quickly realized that father had actually suppressed the condition of his injuries in front of the enemies.


I slowly circulated my chi while sitting in front of father, I had mostly recovered from my exhaustion caused by the recent battle.

However, father’s face was still somewhat pale, and his head constantly emitted white mist. This was the first time in my life time seeing my father injured, moreover it was due to my recklessness.

After a good while, father let out a long breath and circulated his chi. He opened his eyes, but his face was still ashen, “I have become old, really old, just a few brats almost managed to send me to heaven.”

“Father, how is your condition?”

Father shook his head while saying, “I won’t die yet. However, I’m afraid I won’t be able to fight for the time being. You should go now, the city still needs your command. While your two brothers are fine, they are a little exhausted. I will seclude myself for a few days, only disturb me if the city is breached. Even if those four fallen angels didn’t die, they would have greatly decreased in power. You and the troops should be able to defend against the enemy’s attack.”

I realized that my father’s injury was very serious, otherwise he wouldn’t need to seclude himself. I said nothing more and left the room.

I feel very conflicted on the inside, for the moment, I no longer bore much hatred against my father. ‘Oh father, what kind of a person are you?’

Three days later, the Demon Clan reorganized their camp, although their loss of black wizards was disastrous, some black wizard corps had survived the attack. They laid out a few barriers on the front of the camp.

It was probably due to a lack of men, or due to the fear of an additional attack like that of our attack that day, the Demon Clan didn’t surround the Stanla city, but rather concentrated all their forces in the front. Furthermore, they built a massive offensive defence.

“Eldest brother, how big do you think the Demon Clan’s losses were from the attack that day?”

Panzen scratched his head and said to me, “I couldn’t last more than a while and fainted after I used that spell that day, how would I know how many of their men died that day? Since you went to the frontlines, aren’t you clearer than me in this matter? From what I heard from my subordinates, you almost couldn’t return that day, what happened?”

I sighed and replied, “I advanced too riskily that day, and was narrowly encircled inside, if father hadn’t come to my rescue, and beaten back those four Fallen Angels, you guys would not see me anymore.”

Gin smiled and said, “If you could use your transformation, you wouldn’t have been beaten so badly at least.” I fiercely stared at the Demon Clan’s large camp and said, “Eldest brother, can you give them another attack of the same scale? From what I can see, their weak magical barriers right now have no way to defend against your spell.”

Pazen continuously shook his head and said, “Forget it, we were almost drained of all our energy that day, if it weren’t for your father, I’m afraid we still couldn’t have recovered right now. This level eight magic is very different from the level seven magics, I can use lvl 7 magics easily by myself, but a lvl 8 magic, even second bro and I combined our magic was strenuous. It’ll be enough to just defend here, as for the magic attack, forget about it, save up some energy to fight against the enemy’s experts later. Otherwise you alone will be fighting against them if more Fallen Angels come.

I sighed and said, “So it still comes down to my lack of power, I should have trained more when I had the time.”

Silvy smiled and said, “What’s the point of regretting now? They aren’t attacking us now anyway, you can go train right now!”

Pazen suddenly spoke, “Silvy, your damn mouth of a crow, who said they aren’t attacking?”

TL: In chinese, crow symbolizes bad omen.

As expected, a few large platoons rushed out from the enemy’s camp, slowly arranging their formations in front of the Stanla city. All kinds of siege weapons were prepared and ready. Obviously they were ready to launch an attack.

The weather that day was sunny and the sky was exceptionally clear. Under the sunlight, the sight of the Demon Clan’s army with a force of a hundred thousand troops was indeed astonishing. I ordered : “All forces be on guard, prepare to defend. Beamon Corps immediately position at the top of the city walls.” I refuse to believe, that the demons will be able to breach the city with beamons on station, whose defences are first-rate.


The only advantage that the demon’s army have over us is their superiority in numbers. However, in terms of fighting strength, the four big corps that I have under command definitely have the upper hand. While defending on top of the city walls, I have not even a slightest trace of fear in myself. Even if the enemy sends ten or more fallen angels, I estimated that approximately 10 Beamons should be able to fend off a fallen angel.


I pointed towards the very rear of the enemy which has only equipments and asked Silvin: “Second brother, Can you tell me what’s that thing over there?” Silvin focused at the direction I pointed, and Gin exclaimed: “Oh my, I never thought that the demon army would have a catapult. See, it is that rectangular structure that is moving slowly towards us.”


I laughed bitterly and replied: “My eyesight cannot be compared to yours, how am I supposed to be able to see it clearly… Tell me what it is used for.” Gin replied: “A catapult is normally used for defence, as it is able to hurl large rocks at the opponent. When used at the top of the city walls, its destructive power is quite good. However, I have no idea how it will be used for offence. Are they perhaps planning to directly attack us with rocks?”

Once the enemies’ catapult approached closer to us, Gin said in shock, “Ah! I think they are really going to hit us directly. The Demon Clan really spent quite some funds. This is a powerful catapult; for a city like ours, they can easily hit us upfront. You see, their strategy certainly is to use the catapults to violently blast across at us. After that, they will command their army to attack.”

Stunned, I said, “How should we defend against them? How powerful are these catapults?”

Gin said, “It’s power is not bad. Although it might not be able to completely smash the city walls, it can still cause chaos and confusion.” I silently chanted an incantation, and shot a fire bomb towards the Demon Clan’s army.

When the fire bomb flew above the Demon Clan’s catapult, a black ball of energy flew out and immediately engulfed the fire bomb. Panzen reached out to test the direction of the wind, and with a snort, he said, “It’s alright, watch me.” His nine heads chanted , “”Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, the purest forms of energy existing in nature, please ignite the desire within me. Awaken! The blood of the Serpent King that lies dormant!” The surrounding soldiers from the various tribes hurriedly moved away, leaving a large open area.

Panzen’s body suddenly increased in size. The nine huge serpent heads were gently swaying. The purple snake head in the center gradually became bigger. Suddenly, Panzen opened his mouth widely and a mass of purplish thick fog was puffed into the air. The cyan snake head opened its huge mouth blew a gentle breeze, spreading the purple poison fog.

The mass of purple fog in the air gradually diffused. After a short moment, the purple fog became colourless.

Panzen continuously sprayed out poisonous fog and used his wind magic to deliver the poison fog. He did it consecutively for a couple of times before stopping.

I looked at him curiously and asked, “First brother, what is your purpose in doing that? The poisonous fog will scatter before it even reaches the enemy.

Panzen snickered and said, “Do you think my poison fog is that easy to be dealt with? The poison fog that I just spouted is my own poison. Even if this was diluted a hundred thousand times, it still would be formidable. If I had used this on you previously, hehe.. but if I sprayed this once, I will need a month’s time to recover before I can use it again. Well, it’s worth the use for 100 000 people. You just have to wait here and watch.”

Prince Suchar personally kept watch outside the city; preparing to besiege it. Our sneak attack had humiliated and shamed Suchar. He had made a firm resolution to capture the city in one day.

While he was deploying the army, a Fallen Angel twitched his nose and said, “Sire, don’t you feel that the air seems to be a bit abnormal?”

Suchar’s brows furrowed and he said, “What’s wrong with it?” He took a deep breath and as expected, there was a faint sweetness in the air. There was also a soothing effect to it. “Are there any women within our barracks? Isn’t this the smell of rouge?”

That fallen angel said, “How could there be women among our army? And I have actually never smelled rouge before.” That fallen angel had bitterly trained in the Demonic Arts, and till then, never had any contact with females. So obviously he was incapable of recognizing the smell of rouge.

Suchar’s body suddenly spasmed and he clutched his temples, as he said, “Why am I feeling lightheaded? It seems that I have overworked myself in these past days.” But with his powerful cultivation and strength at the 6th tier of the Demonic Arts, was overworking alone capable of making him weakened to the point that he felt lightheaded?

The Fallen Angel beside him suddenly panicked and said, “My Prince, something is wrong. Please look at our brothers.”

Suchar composed himself before he surveyed at his subordinates in his surrounding. Everyone was wobbling about, almost like they were all drunk.

“Why is this happening? Quick, this is poison. Everyone, quickly force the poison out from your body with chi. The entire Army is to retreat.” After he said that, he immediately circulated his Qi and used his Dark Magic to get rid of the poison in his body.

Panzen’s poison was overly diluted after all, so with respect to these Demon Clan experts, it did not have much of an effect on them.

In a moment, Suchar sobered up and turning around his horse’s head, he yelled , “Quick, retreat and head back to the barracks!”

I stood upon the walls of Stanla city,and looked at the Demon Clan’s army retreat disorderly. I turned towards Silvin and said, “Second bro, Second sis, shall we charge in to kill the enemy? ”

Panzen said, “Have you still not learned from your previous lesson? And you want to go again. This time, you won’t have the Beamon King to save you.”

I smiled and said, “Be at ease, First brother, I will be more careful while attacking this time. What is the effect of your poison? Can it kill them?”

Panzen shook his head and said, “The area of release is too large, unless their physique is really bad, they would not die. However, it should be able to make the enemy lose their stamina and strength. Remember, protecting Stanla City is our main aim. Do not advance too far.” I replied, “I know. I will come back once I have attacked them.”

Silvy said, “Rest assured, we will look after him.”

Panzen said while smiling, “You? It’ll be fine as long as you don’t get lost yourself. If you want to go then hurry, you’ll lose your chance if they withdraw to their newly built barracks.The poisonous gas should have already dispersed totally by now.” Silvin and I charged out leading the Speed Wolves Corps and the 10 thousand werewolf soldiers.

The speed of the werewolves was incredibly fast, only a fourth of the enemy had retreated back into their camp before we caught up, all sorts of weapons were scattered around, clearly showing that these guys were already too weak to hold their weapons. I ordered Silver Arrow to lead 5000 men and take those slingshots which they hadn’t even fired once, back to our camp, while Silvin and I lead the soldiers of the werewolves cut through the battlefield with ease, slaughtering those powerless demons. The loss on the side of the demon clan was grave.

By the time Suchar reacted, and sent troops to chase us away, we had already retreated. This made Suchar extremely furious, in his many years of experience in the battlefield this was the first time he ever suffered such a defeat, he lost half of his men in the span of just a few days before he even officially besieged the city once.

That night, I ordered the troops to mount the 300 catapults that we have taken from them, on the city walls and personally led the men to search and collect rocks.

In the meantime, Silvin led his men to get in touch with the supply army, continuously transporting rocks into the city. In the following days, Suchar and I started a war of attrition. Suchar was very careful with his attacks, personally leading a few fallen angels to take the front. I discovered that the 300 catapults were incredibly useful, and with the help of enormous gravitational force we were able to wreak havoc on the demon army making them suffer major losses.

However, the Demon Clan was indeed powerful, our army’s death count was continuously rising, especially the great loss brought by the few opposing Fallen Angels. If Panzen, Silvin and I didn’t  resist with everything we had coupled with the support of the Beamon warriors, I fear we would have fallen into their attack a long time ago.

A month later,

Demon Clan’s Imperial Palace.

The Demon Emperor took Suchar’s letter of request for reinforcement and gave it to Grichen.

Grichen took the letter, unfold it and read it in a low voice, “The Beastmen opponent’s’ strength is overwhelming. They also had helpers of unknown species, thus my army’s loss was disastrous. Your majesty, please send reinforcements as soon as possible.”

Grichen lifted his head and looking at the Demon Emperor, found that the Demon Emperor was also staring at him unwaveringly. After a short pause, the two men simultaneously burst out into laughter. Grichen said, “Your Majesty, you really have incredible foresight. Suchar has really suffered defeat.”

The Demon Emperor nodded his head, “Before reaching the end of the line, this man will never ask me for help, looks like this time Suchar’s losses are not small. According to the spies that I planted in his army, Suchar brought with him 200,000 troops, but now only 5,000 remain. While the beastmen with only 60,000 men proportionally suffered little loss.”

Grichen frowned, “But this is truly strange, Suchar’s military abilities should still be top notch, although he doesn’t handle troops like a god, he does not commit fatal mistakes. How did he suffer such heavy losses? Unless the beastmen forces are composed entirely of Beamons and Wild Lion Corps…”

The Demon Emperor picked up a piece of paper from his bookshelf and handed it to Grichen, “This is the report of the spies, take a look, Suchar is really in trouble this time.”

Grichen took it, and the more he read, his complexion became increasingly serious before he said, “Earthquake? Poisonous fog? Human? These…… ” He lifted his head and looked at the Demon Emperor.

The Demon Emperor sighed and said, “It seems we cannot stop the growing power of the beastman. I can tell that the beastman holds no enmity against us, they were just pressed too hard. Besides little Myu, the men that we sent to assassinate the people of their new Beast God religion never came back, I reckon that they were discovered. If they couldn’t make it back even with the strength of four fallen angels, that tells us a lot something about the opponent’s strength, and furthermore, the Beast God religion is definitely one of the reasons they launched a sneak attack on us. My worthy brother, did you notice that only Dunder province which border on the beastman land was under attack? Although the rest of the provinces which border on the beastmen territories have accumulated massive armed forces, there was no news of activity. Furthermore, they also did not dispatch a large army to stop Suchar in Stala city. From all these, we can conclude that the beastmen has no intention to become our enemy. As for Suchar, we shouldn’t be too harsh on him, after all he still has quite a few talents under his control. You tidy this up, I will give you another 20,000 troops, bring along some men and make a visit there personally. As long as the beastmen’s conditions aren’t too harsh, we will agree to them. Without their help, our losses will greatly increase in the next war against the Dragon Empire. Right now we should prioritize harmony our priority is harmony.” Finished speaking, the Demon Emperor deeply looked into Grichen’s eyes.

Grichen nodded as he said, “I understand, your majesty, please be at ease.” A melodious voice echoed , “Uncle, uncle, I want to go with you.” Myu, appearing vivacious and energetic, skipped over.

Demon Emperor said indulgently, “Little Myu, don’t cause trouble. Uncle is going to attend to official business. Have you made any improvements in your Demonic Arts? Well, I will be checking on your progress shortly! If there isn’t any improvement, I will have to beat your cute little butt.*”  Myu pulled on Demon Emperor’s hand, with her small mouth pouted, she said discontentedly, “Papa emperor, please let me go. You should already know that no matter how much I train, my Demonic Art won’t have any improvements. Let me go, please… Will I be allowed if I promise that I won’t create any problems?”

[*1000000% Ash. Was not in the text, TJSS didn’t put this in. Original meaning was: ‘I will have to punish you’ in a teasing tone]

Demon Emperor tweaked Myu’s adorable nose a little, then he smiled and said, “You…You had almost scared Father to death when you previously came back with severe injuries. When I asked who did that to you, you refused to tell me. If something happened to you, how am I going to face your mother that had died for your sake?”

Upon the mention of mother, Myu’s eyes reddened and leaned on the Demon Emperor’s thigh, she said with sobbing, “Papa, little Myu knows you dote on me.”

The Demon Emperor caressed Myu’s hair while letting out a sigh,  “Your mother is my most beloved wife, what a pity, she died of metrorrhagia after giving birth to you, I still couldn’t forget about her even though so many years have passed. However, it was also her death that has stimulated me into breaking through into the 6th tier of Demonic Arts. If it feels too oppressed to be in the palace, you may go if you want to. But you must promise one thing, you must listen to uncle Grichen, okay? Though, you will still need Grichen’s approval.”

Myu suddenly straighten her body, and continuously nodded with her beautiful eyes twinkling and shimmering with light, “Papa, please rest assured, I will definitely listen to what uncle Grichen says!” Finished speaking, she leaned onto Grichen and stared at him with pitiful gaze.

Grichen said helplessly, “Okay, little Myu, uncle will bring you along. But you must promise to be obedient, and you mustn’t run around. If something happens to you, uncle will have no idea how to explain to your papa.”

Myu happily jumped and kissed on Grichen’s stiffened face, gamboling excitedly she said, “ Great! Then I’ll go to pack my things now.”

As he saw Myu left, the Demon Emperor said to Grichen, “My worthy brother, I have to trouble you again.” Grichen shook his head and replied, “Your majesty, honestly, looking after this girl is more tiring than making me kill a thousand men. This time it will be enough to bring Doggy alone, the rest of the Fallen Angels will remain with you.”

The Demon Emperor said, “No need, my power has already recovered up to the sixth layer. Breaking through to the 7th layer is merely a question of time. Is there anyone besides Suchar who has the guts to plot against the Demon Emperor? Besides, he is not be having it easy now, so rest assured. Take more people with you, this way we can deter the beastmen from proposing sky-high conditions. ”

“Yes, your majesty.” Even though he agreed on the surface, Grichen still only brought along Gwynn and his brother, as well as the Princess Myu.

Stanla City.

“Quick, there is a gap there, repair it.”

“Put the stone over there, that’s it, right on the catapult, be careful.” On the wall of the city, I have been directing the men to strengthen the line of defense.

“Ah, first brother, have all the wounded people been sent off?”

Panzen said, “Those who had been wounded have already been sent back. Mink has sent us a letter. He says that His majesty knew that we, with our feeble strength, checkmated the Demon Clan’s 200 thousand army and prolonged their arrival. He was ecstatic and the reinforcements will arrive in a few days.”

I looked at the warworn city wall and sighed, “It’s about time the reinforcements came. Otherwise, it would have been the end of us when the Demon Clan’s reinforcements arrived, I hope that the Demon Emperor is as farsighted as I imagined.”

“What’s the point of worrying, we just need to defend properly.” Gin’s voice came. “Second brother, why don’t you sleep longer? It’s been so tiring these days.”

Silvy said, “Life is exciting, how can you sleep through them all. Did the enemy attack again?” I shook my head, since the large scale attack the Demon Clan launched three days ago, there wasn’t any sign of movement till now. Less than 40,000 men remained out of the former 60,000 troops , the ordinary werewolf tribe and naga tribe sustained the most grievous loss. Even though the great four corps also sustained losses, it was comparably much smaller.”

In order to resist against the enemy’s Fallen Angels, we have sacrificed more than thirty Beamon warriors, this greatly pained me. Gin said, “Lay, your Beamon father slept for a whole month, why hasn’t he woken up yet? Did he enter eternal sleep?”

Panzen glared at him and raged, “What nonsense, has the Beamon King provoked you at all! Have you forgotten that he even used his chi to restore your power when you helped me fire the spell that day? And moreover, he is fourth brother’s father, even if in fact you’re older, you have to mind your manners.”

It was rare to see Panzen getting really angry, it frightened Silvin to point of not daring to speak anymore. I moved to the front and pulled Panzen while saying, “Let it pass, first brother, second brother didn’t mean itwasn’t intentional, it’s their nature, so I won’t mind about it. Father’s injury last time wasn’t light, so I estimate it’s about time he will come out soon.” Actually, I felt weird too. With father’s power, it was still manageable to go against four Fallen Angels, so why did he sustain such heavy injuries and still hadn’t recovered after so long?

Silvy suddenly widened her eyes while staring out the city, yelling, “Quick, look!” I quickly sped to front of the city and leaned forward, smokes of dust were surging in the Demon’s camp, a massive amount of Demon Clan’s troops was sighted.

I drew a long breath, “For goodness sake! How many men is this? Bad news. First brother, when will our reinforcement arrive?”

Panzen stared at the massive amount of enemy garrisoning at the barracks, he was also slightly stunned, “I don’t know about the specific time either, it should be soon. What a number of enemy troops! The amount of people in the Demon’s troops is really a lot. Fourth brother, the quality of their troops are much higher than the previous batch, even smoke and dust during the advancement was neat and in order.

Of course the quality would be high, Grichen brought along two out of the four royal personal legions, and he even specially moved 3 legions of Black magicians here, these five legions were their main forces, the rest, were also veterans that have experienced many wars, naturally not something Suchar’s men could be compared to.

Panzen consoled me, “Doesn’t matter, fourth brother, my poison has been restored, I will spray it once more and delay their advancement of attack, if we drag them on for a few more days, our reinforcements will have arrived.” I nodded, right now, that’s the only thing we can hope for.

Demon clan’s main battalion.

Grichen, taking along Griffen, Gwynn, and Myu, walked into the Suchar’s tent of commander. It was first time Suchar saw Grichen feel excited, but the war of recent days have completely exhuasted his flame of anger.

Stanla city was like an impenetrable iron barrel, he had thought of every kind of means, and still failed to breakthrough the opponent’s line of defense, not only that but suffered heavy casualties, the troops under his command were no longer enough to launch another large-scale attack. Having no other options, he had to request reinforcements from the Demon Emperor.

Though, he was aware that such action would lead to a huge fall in his reputation. Grichen slightly leaned forward and greeted, “Your highness.”

Suchar said politely, “As brothers, there’s no need for formalities. Brother Grichen, let’s go in and talk. Ah, little Myu, you came too!”

“Hello uncle Suchar, papa is not satisfied with your recent performances~” Myu’s harsh and direct remark have caused a change on Suchar’s expression, he smiled awkwardly and said, “Sigh, uncle has done all the best he could. But the opponents were just too strong, there’s nothing uncle can do!”

Grichen noded and took the lead in, Suchar quickly followed. Grichen didn’t have the slightest expression on his face, standing in the centre of the tent, he took out a black cloth scroll and raised it above his head, he announced in a deep voice, “The Demon Emperor’s imperial edict has arrived, Prince Suchar is to receive the decree.” Suchar was somewhat confused, he hurriedly knelt down with three cheers for the imperial majesty.

Grichen unfolded the imperial edict and read, “In the name of the heaven, the Demon Emperor decrees, Prince Suchar led 200 000 troops and confronted the enemy, not only has he failed to exterminate them, he had led the troops to suffer great casualties, hereby, Sachar’s title of nobility is removed, and the command shall be handed over to the commander of the Royal Legion, Grichen. At last, immediately lead your subordinates and return to the Demon Capital to await further order.”

Suchar’s expression changed in succession, he almost flared-up for a few times, but in the face of the Grichen’s tyrannical power and 200 000 armies, he had no choice but to obey, and at last said with despair, “This servant Suchar is much obliged to receive the imperial decree.”

Grichen placed the imperial edict in Suchar’s hands and whispered, “My prince, what you did was very unsatisfactorily this time. His Majesty is angry, absolutely furious. You should be more careful when you head back.”

Having said so, Grichen muttered to himself, “I wonder why His Majesty become so short tempered after His Majesty’s four wings were restored.”

Suchar inquired , “What did you say?”





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