Chapter 7

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Chapter 48 A Late Night Visit
Translated By: Demenious, Ash
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“Run Away?” I would never even have imagined my father to think such words but this was already the second time he mentioned these words. I felt something was not right, he had changed since I last saw him.

Father noded and replied, “Yes, run away. Rather than dying in vain, you might as well run for the time being, then find a place to train hard and come back for revenge when your skills are high enough. Layson, your choice was correct. If you only trained in the techniques I taught you, You would never have reached my current realm. In terms of physique, yours is clearly not as good as your two brothers. But now it seems that you are the only one who might be able to surpass me. Once your ability has risen, and you are able to contend against a four winged fallen angel, you must challenge Grichen or the Demon Emperor in my stead. This is my only request of you, and of course, if you cannot accomplish it, do not force yourself. I only wish that you surpass your father and accomplish the things that I was never able to.”

I frowned, “Father, what’s going on with you? Did something happen?”

“Ah!” Father shook his head with a dimmed expression, “I’m fine, just remember what I said. Before I forget, between your two elder brothers, who do you think is most suitable to inherit my throne? You are certainly out of question, after all, you do not have the huge physique of a Beamon. The king of the Beamon race must have a pure bloodline.”

Although I always knew that I wasn’t fit for the throne, I was still a little uncomfortable, “I have never wished to pursue the path of being the Beamon King, so I will not fight my two brothers for the throne. And father, why ask me this question now, when you are at the prime of your life?”

Father glanced at me and said, “Nothing, I just wish to hear your opinion. During this campaign I have found that you posses many inner qualities that your brothers do not. I wish to know, in your heart, who is the most suitable to succeed as the Beamon King successfully develop our races’ potential.”

I thought about the issue before murmuring, “I think that eldest brother is the most suitable. I don’t say this because I bear a grudge against second brother, but rather because of their nature. Eldest brother is simple and honest, but a little slow, while second brother is stronger and shrewd, but he is extremely bossy and arrogant. While under eldest brother, the Beamon Clan won’t flourish, it won’t decay either. But Layhu doesn’t know his own limit, doesn’t think before acting, and has no compassion, if he became the Beamon King I would shudder what would befall on our clan.”

A light shined in my father’s eyes as he nodded slightly, “I might have been a little too biased in the past. Layhu is very much like me when I was young, which might have lead to me favoring him. However, in these past few years he has just been a disappointment. His only redeeming quality is his ability to fight. Your words have brought me back to my senses, I will consider your opinion.”

My father’s current behaviour only deepened my suspicions, I knew he must have been hiding something from me, but what could I do if he wasn’t willing to tell me? Thus I changed the topic, “Father, can we trust Grichen to keep his word? He won’t launch a sneak attack after we sign the pact?”

Father shook his head and said, “No, he won’t. After reaching to a level like ours, lies aren’t even worth using, especially regarding things like promises. Although we never had any good impressions on each other, I know that he will never use lowly means. Besides, didn’t you analyze it the last time, that peace is the Demon Clan’s best option?”

Father shook his head, “No, he won’t. After reaching our level, lies just aren’t worth the trouble they cause. Especially when involving promises. While we have never been especially friendly, I know that he would never use such a lowly method to gain an advantage. Besides, didn’t you analyze the situation before and conclude that peace is the best solution for the Demon Clan?”

I nodded and said, “I hope tomorrow goes well. That way, we can return home and report our success to his majesty.”

Father stood up straight and completely blocking my vision with his lofty body, “I need to rest now, you guys can take note of the matters here.” He then turned and left.

Father’s lofty and lonely figure left an indelible trace in my mind, I secretly swore that even if I hated him, I will fulfil his dream in his place; I shall challenge a four-winged Fallen Angel.

Demon Clan Main Battalion

Grichen awoke from his meditation and the black mist that surrounded him was absorbed into his body. He opened his eyes to see Griffin and Gwynn’s anxious gazes. Myu tenderly said, “Uncle Grichen, are you well? Did you fight the Beamon King? Could it be that you are hurt?”

Immediately after returning to the Demon Clan’s camp, Grichen started healing himself. Not explaining anything to anyone.

Grichen shook his head, sighing, “No wonder Suchar suffered such a defeat, there are a few talents among the occupying force. It seems as though it will be impossible to stop the development of the beastmen races.”

Gwynn asked, “Father, what on earth happened?” Grichen replied, “There was a Twin-Headed Wolf and a Lernean Hydra in the the enemy’s camp.”

Gwynn was shocked, he asked, “Twin-Headed Wolf and Lernean Hydra? What are those? Are they strong?”

Grichen solemnly nodded, “Very strong. None of you would be able to match their might in a duel.”

Griffin remained unconvinced, “How do you know we will lose when we haven’t even fought? No matter how powerful they are, aren’t they just Beastmen? Since they dared to invade our kingdom, we should slaughter them until not even a fragment of armor remains. Father tomorrow I will gather our men and drive these beasts from our land.”

Grichen’s expression changed to one of fury, “Stop fooling around! You are no longer young, so why are you still so impetuous? If I allowed you to lead the troops, you would befall the same fate as Suchar. Tomorrow, we will sign a pact with the Beastmen, allowing us to remain allied in the future. Keep in mind I have already agreed to this pact as according to his majesty’s wishes; no one should make a scene. I do not wish to have to enter the Beastmen’s camp just to save your asses. I meant what I said, you cannot beat them! My injury today was not caused by the Beamon King but by the joint forces of the Twin Headed Wolf, the Lernean Hydra and a Human youth. Moreover only the Lernean Hydra suffered injuries from my attack. Do you still think that you are capable of beating them?”

When Myu heard that there was a human, her eyes shone like brilliant rays and she asked, “Uncle Grichen, what did the human you spoke of look like?”

Grichen turned to Myu, his expression easing as he thought for a second, “The human was about two meters tall, possessed a strong body and had green hair. He was quite handsome and knew how to use chi and was pretty formidable. I can only remember this much about him. Why do you ask? Are you interested in him? Suchar might be right, it is possible that this human was the one who brought these changes upon the beastman clans. Although nominally, the Beamon King was the leader of the beastman forces, there wasn’t a trace of him when I arrived at Stanla. I’m not sure whether the growing power of the beastman clan is a good thing or not.”

The Gu twins looked at each other, each seeing the other’s doubt. Myu glared at them, reminding them of their promise they had made. Satisfied Myu asked, “Uncle Grichen are we really going to sign a pact with them tomorrow? Wouldn’t our people have died in vain if we did that?”

Grichen smiled, “Little princess, you are still unfamiliar with politics; when necessary, your father’s murderer one day can become your ally the next. The beastmen have been quite lenient in this war, while the Dundar province has lost a lot of wealth, if we continue to fight, we will lose even more. And don’t forget, we have a common enemy, The Dragon Empire, they also desire a cease fire. After all, they too are risking the possibility of being attacked while in this dangerous demon beast war. The Beastmen just wish to take back their sense of pride, there is no need for us to fight to the death over this small matter. You still have much to learn, girl.”

Myu pouted coquettishly, “I got it, uncle. And here I thought that there will be a war to fight, who knew it would end this way. How boring. You guys can continue your discussion on serious matters, I will take a stroll around outside.”

Grichen reminded, “Princess, you mustn’t go too far, remember what you promised his majesty back home.”

Myu pouted her tiny lips and replied, “I got it, uncle.” Finished speaking, she turned her head and ran out.

Grichen looked at his sons, his expression sinking, “I know that both of you have been training very hard recently, but your skills are still very limited. You both should know that we recently lost ten fallen angels in a short period of time. Fallen Angels are not invincible, so be careful; never provoke an enemy that you cannot afford to, do you understand? Also do keep a watch on the princess, our mission is coming to an end and I do not wish for any trouble to arise at the last moment.”

“Yes, father”

“Good, you may leave.”

Griffin and Gwynn exited the commander’s tent, Griffin asked, “Brother, do you think that the human that father spoke of is Lay?”

Gwynn nodded and said, “From what father has described, it’s very possible. But since Lay is his majesty’s illegitimate child, why is he in the Beastman’s camp? Didn’t he say that he’s going to carry out a mission in the Dragon Empire? The princess also said that he’s not the son of his majesty, could it be that he lied to us?”

Gwynn shook his head, “I don’t think so, if he wasn’t an illegitimate child of his majesty, how could he possess the physique to train in the Demonic Arts? Furthermore, Lay did say that the princes would not admit his identity, as he is an illegitimate child. Even if he is an imposter, what can we do? If he hadn’t saved us that one time, we would have already met the old man Demon God. Whatever the truth is, he still saved our lives.”

Gwynn sighed and said, “Let’s see, as long as we don’t have any conflict with him, it’ll be like what we promised with the princess, and just think of it as if we never met this person.”

While speaking, the two brothers returned to their own tent.

Behind them, a flirtatious and slender silhouette slowly emerged, the corner of her lips were carrying a trace of deep smile.”


I strolled alone in a somewhat deserted neighborhood inside Stanla City. I had finally managed to secure some leisure time, and I had decided to look at the most prosperous city within the Dunder province.

First brother had regrown his head and had returned to his quarters to restore his cultivation. While Silvin had headed off to search for new things. Mink currently was acting as the captain of the guards. I had a rare moment of solitary rest.

The yellow leaves on the ground rustled in the wind as a cold breeze blew past. My mood was tranquil and serene. I did not want to think about anything, I just walked to wherever my feet took me — for once I felt as if I was completely unrelated to the flares of war.

My mind had gone blank; I didn’t think about anything, let alone the war. When I finally became weary of walking, I jumped atop a relatively high building and reclined against the roof-tiles, gazing at the beautiful, starry sky. I became a little drowsy gazing upon this calm and relaxing scene.

Just as I was about to enter the world of dreams, a cold gust of wind attacked me. Even though I was completely relaxed, I was alert enough to roll to the side and dodge the attack.

I stood up, straightening my back. Just ten meters away from me stood a person wrapped in black clothes. I took measure of my attacker from top to bottom. I concluded that my attacker was a woman considering her slim, well developed figure. Moreover, she seemed familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I had seen her.

I asked in a gruff voice, “Who are you? You are quite brave to attack me!”

The woman just looked at my complicated expression with her big bright eyes. She didn’t reply, enraging me. I formed a shield around myself with my Mad God Chi and prepared to mortally wound her. I couldn’t hold back just because she was a woman; I might regret my decision later.

The woman suddenly spoke, laughing like a clear silver bell, “You seem to lack them altogether, erecting such a strong guard against me.”

Her voice was very familiar, setting off alarm bells in my head as I said, “Could you be The Demon Princess, Myu? How did you get in this place?” Realising her I identity, I became cautious, paying great attention to my surroundings. But the stillness of our surroundings told me that nobody else was nearby.

Myu tore off the mask that was covering her face, exposing her gorgeous looks, giggling, “Not bad, identifying my voice, it seems that you haven’t forgotten about me. Coming here wasn’t easy, so I won’t tell you how i did it, hihi…”

I hadn’t forgotten about the assassination of Wolf and my subordinates, but I knew that I couldn’t kill her here. Her death could lead to an irreconcilable hatred between the Beastmen and the Demon Clan. I frowned saying, “Grichen came to an agreement with us today, so what are you doing here now, coming to our camp so late at night? Also return my horse, Black Dragon to me.”

[EN: Gotta love Layson… asking why she disrupting his peace negotiations, and asking for his horse back. Gotta wonder about his priorities]

Myu’s mouth twisted, sneering, “Black Dragon, huh? Hmph, I won’t return him, besides he is doing much better with me- eating and enjoying luxuries every day; you just put him through unnecessary hardship. As for why I came here?” Her expression abruptly changed, dropping the sneer and becoming noticeably colder, “I still haven’t settled my score with you. Give me an explanation as to why you injured me last time. Not only that, but you are pretending to be my father’s illegitimate child! I honestly cannot understand your thought process. Previously you helped the Dragon Empire and now you are helping the Beast Clan. Do you really hold such a large grudge against us, the Demon Clan? And how is it possible for you to transform into a Fallen Angel?!”

I snorted coldly, “You came here just to ask questions? Why should I bother to answer any of them. But you are indeed brave to come here and take revenge… Perhaps you have trained enough to transform into a Four Winged Fallen Angel? Regardless, this is your final warning, vanish from my sight, otherwise I cannot guarantee that you will survive what I do later. I do not plan to go easy, last time your subordinates killed 18 of my brothers, and I haven’t taken action yet. But if you dare provoke me…”

Myu pouted, “Stop being so scary. I’m curious, so I asked a few questions, what’s wrong with that?”

I coldly snorted and said, “Curiosity killed the cat. But seeing that we are about to sign a non-aggression pact, I will let you go unharmed. Leave Stanla City at once!”

Myu looked up and said angrily, “What would you do if I refused?”

I raged, “You. . . .  good, it is not like I didn’t give you a chance to leave.”

I waved my hand and the yellowish Mad God Chi attacked Myu’s chest.

Not anticipating my attack, Myu let out a cry of alarm, hurriedly leapt aside, narrowly dodging my attack. Her face turned red and began to swell with rage, “You… how dare you… Darkness Condense in Mine Soul. To have Fallen is to be Freed. Awaken! Myriad of Magical Powers that hath Slumbered in Mine Blood!” As she changed, she exuded a dark aura and two wings tore through the back of her clothing, her originally purple eyes turned black.

I didn’t intend to harm Myu with this attack but rather to scare her enough to leave Stanla City. However, I didn’t expect that this attack would enrage her further. While I felt some pressure from her transformation, I knew now wasn’t the right place or time. I was confident that even if I didn’t transform I would be able to hold out against her for a while. I said, “You crazy girl, what are you trying to do?”

Myu’s body shook violently as dark magic poured from her body. Her clothes which covered her body withered away, fluttering down like butterflies, exposing her alluring figure in close fitting leather armor. Her arms were without a trace of fat while her lower abdomen and rounded slender thighs were completely exposed.

Smirking evilly she said, “Even my father, the emperor, never dared hit me, and yet you not only hurt me previously, but intend to hurt me again. I will never forgive you!”

I looked at her coldly, but I was forced to circulate my dark magic to maintain my composure. That was the only way to avoid being tricked by her amazing charms, “And what will your enmity do? Do not forget, I occupy this city! Go now while nothing has happened, otherwise… What do you think will happen if I ask for a few things from the Demon Emperor using you?”

I expected Myu to either run away or strike in anger, but her actions were incomprehensible. She smiled sinisterly, the previous tender and lovely looks were nowhere to be found, “Really? You may regret it…”

I looked at her with interest: “Why would I regret it?”

“You will understand after seeing this.” Myu took a handkerchief from the breastplate of her tight-fitting leather armor, flicking it so fast that its edge was as sharp as a blade.

I focused on the handkerchief, circulating my Mad God Chi around my figures, catching the handkerchief prudently. I watched Myu retreat ten meters, showing me her palms to indicate she wasn’t going to attack me. Naturally I bowed my head, examining the white handkerchief which emitted a faint sweet fragrance. ‘This should be Myu’s fragrance…’ I felt my heart pound a little.

But when I looked down, my vision immediately blurred, and stood dazed. I couldn’t stay calm anymore. A small purple budding lily flower was embroidered. Below this lily were two small fine characters —— Jiyan.

Even if I had never seen Jiyan use this handkerchief, I knew it was hers. Her penmanship was unmistakable, and the Ji character wasn’t on the bottom most right. This was a habit of hers that only the people closest to her knew. It was safe to say that it was Jiyan’s possession. I clenched the handkerchief tightly, suddenly charging at Myu. I had intended to capture here, but I forgot about the ten meter distance between us, and Myu just coldly snorted, and used the black qi arising from her body to block my charge.

She then flapped her wings, flying high in the sky, “If you want to know her whereabouts, follow me.” She then turned and flew off, not bothering to look back at me.

I no longer cared about the time or situation as I hurriedly chanted, “Darkness Condense in mine Soul. To have fallen is to be freed. Awaken! Myriad of magical powers that hath slumbered in mine blood!

My body abruptly inflated and transformed into a Fallen Angel. I was able to see Myu’s figure cutting through the sky due to my enhanced eyesight. I hurriedly flapped my black feathered wings and chased after her.

Myu wasn’t flying very quickly, and my Demonic Arts were already a tier above her’s so I caught up to her very quickly.

Myu noticed that I was following her and accelerated, showing her full speed. She ascended and swooped through the air. I didn’t dare be careless in fear of losing her and kept pace with her. I roared, “Where is Jiyan?”

Myu just looked at me and smiled sweetly, “Follow me.” My mind was in chaos, and I soon lost all sense of direction, just following closely behind Myu. Even if I was walking straight into a trap I would have accepted it.

As far as I’m concerned, Jiyan was more important than anything else. Finally, Myu stopped flying. She landed within a jungle, and watched me drop to the ground in front of her. She narrowed her eyes and musingly said, “Woah, of all the Fallen Angels, your transformation is the most handsome.”

I stared at her fiercely, swaying as I was about to charge at her once again.

Myu quickly moved backwards and cried out in fear, “You’d better not act rashly! Otherwise your Jiyan will be gone.”

I tried very hard to suppress the anger within me and said with contempt, “Hurry up and hand over Jiyan, or I will kill you.”

Myu looked at my furious appearance and giggled, while walking towards me she said, “I won’t let her go, and you can’t kill me or you will never see Jiyan again.”

I had already raised my hands, and I couldn’t put them down. I helplessly sighed, “What the hell do you want? What can I do to convince you to release Jiyan?”

Myu turned around, showing me her back before shaking her head, “Release her? I’ll consider it… First you must answer a few questions, maybe if I’m satisfied I’ll tell you where she is.”

She held my weakness in her hands, so there was nothing that I could do, I grit my teeth, “Ask. Be warned, if Jiyan has so much as lost a single strand of her hair, I will make you pay a hundred fold.”

Myu smiled while turning back, she placed one hand on my shoulder and softly blew on my cheeks. A scent of cymbidium fragrances came to my nose.

Myu smiled while turning back to me. She placed one hand on my shoulder, softly blowing on my cheeks. I smelled the scent of a cymbidium orchid.

I glared at her, “Well, ask?” Myu moved her palm to my chest, pressing closer, “First tell me, who are you? Why can you transform into a Fallen Angel.” I knew that she would ask this question first, but for Jiyan’s freedom I didn’t hesitate, “I’m of mixed blood between Demons, Beastmen and Humans.” Myu looked at me, surprised, “Ah! So you also possess blood of Humans and Beastmen, I wasn’t able to tell.”

I glared at her, “The Beamon King Leo is my father, I am Layson. I consider myself a beastman and that is why I helped the Beastman race and attacked you Demons. But due to my Demonic bloodline, I’m able to cultivate in the Demonic Arts. That enough for you? Tell me Jiyan’s whereabouts.”

Myu raised her head as if she was pondering something, “I need more details, if you are a beastmen, why did I see you among the Dragon Empire’s army?”

I impatiently said, “Can’t I be a mole? Now quickly tell me where Jiyan is, there is a limit to how far my patience will go.”

“Do you love her?”

“Of course, Jiyan is one of those whom I love most.”

Myu pouted and said, “Not sincere at all, ‘one of those I love most’, hmpf, I wonder how sad she would be if she learned you what said”

I glared at her viciously, and roared, “Whether she would be sad or not is none of your business! What the hell do you want from me?” Myu’s complexion darkened, “You hurt me last time, so I won’t let this matter pass like this… I have an idea, just remove both of your arms and I will tell you Jiyan’s location.”

I snorted coldly, “Are you dreaming? How could I cripple myself before ensuring Jiyan’s safety. If I did so then it would be near impossible to save her.”

Myu angrily asked, “What you don’t trust me?”

I raised my head, looking towards the sky before plainly saying, “Are you worthy of my trust?

“You… Good, since you don’t believe me, don’t even think about seeing your beloved Jiyan again. Hmph.”

I looked at Myu with a cold glint in my eyes as my body emitted an icy murderous intent, the wings behind me spreading. Woosh I drew black Sable as I advanced towards Myu one step at a time.

Myu saw my fiendish appearance and fell back, putting a tough front she said, “What- what are you going to do?’

“Hmph, I will seize you, and go to the Demon Emperor and exchange you for Jiyan. I doubt the Demon Emperor would be willing to give up his daughter for an insignificant human.”

Myu drew her own narrow sword, pointing it at me, “Don’t act rashly, I acted on my own, nobody but me knows of her whereabouts.”

I stopped my footsteps and looked at her doubtfully.

Myu’s eyes showed a little panic, but they were clear and transparent. I could tell that she was telling the truth.

I roared angrily, suddenly bringing Black Sable down. A thick strip of black energy appeared, advancing towards Myu, leaving a deep scar in the ground. Myu let out a frightened cry, jumping to the side.

“I’ve told you all that you asked about, now please, tell me where Jiyan is.” In order to obtain Jiyan’s location, I had no choice but to calm down.

Myu smiled lightly, knowing that she had once again gained the upper hand, “You were so fierce! I wonder if I will tell you just based on your attitude…?”

I raised black Sable, resting it upon my shoulder and impatiently asked, “What do you want?”

Myu giggled and said, “Didn’t I just tell you? Remove both of your arms, and I will tell you!”

“You…. How do I know that you will tell me the truth after I have cut off my arms. Of the entire Demon Clan, I distrust you the most.”

Myu said, “Hpmh! You don’t believe in me? Then forget about it. I’m leaving.” Finished speaking, her wings beat lightly as she soared into the sky.

I shouted, “Don’t go.” I leaped into the air, chasing after her.

Just as I was about to catch up to her, Myu turned around, and I could see the cold point thrusted towards me from her chest. I only saw that this cold point was her narrow sword as it reached my chest, and due to the power of my charge, I couldn’t dodge it. I frantically slashed Black Sable across the front of my body. The two swords made a tinkling sound as the scraped past each other. Myu used the momentum of my swing to flip and escape upwards while wounding my on my shoulder.

Myu released countless afterimages of her sword from above. While her Demonic Arts hadn’t improved, she had become more proficient and familiar with the usage of Dark Magic.

Under her unrelenting attacks, I became somewhat flustered, but I managed to create a sword screen in front of me using Black Sable, warding off her attacks. Her attacks weren’t powerful, but it would be best to not get hit by them, after all, she was a Fallen Angel and was only a tier lower than me. Even though I blocked all her attacks, I could sense that my Qi vessels were falling into disorder.

Perhaps due a lack of stamina, but Myu’s hands slowed for a second. I took advantage of this, fanning my wings and flying backwards with great speed to escape her range.

Myu laughed delicately, as numerous ghostly blue light spots exploded from her body, covering a thirty meter area. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to dodge this attack.

I quickly constructed a defensive barrier or Dark Magic but these light-spots just passed through it as though there wasn’t an obstruction and continued towards me with their original speed.

In this life or death situation, I exhibited my true potential. I swung black sable, creating a forcefield like whirlpool composed of Mad God Chi and Dark Magic, deviating the course of some of these ghostly blue luminescent spots a little. I used this opportunity to fold my wings, free falling and escaping from the swarm of ghostly light-spots.

Just as I thought I had completely dodged her attack, my right arm suddenly went numb. I became alarmed seeing that I had been hit by her attack. Not daring to directly confront Myu, I activated my cultivation attempting to seal my wound while I accelerated my descent.

Myu pursued relentlessly, attacking before I could recover. She faced me and dived, her sword and body in a straight line like an arrow. I spread my wings, slowing my descent as passed my sword to my left hand and and brought out my entire cultivation, lifting my sword in the air.

This time I used the Heavenly Berserk Mode, and a thick black energy flew towards Myu. Myu didn’t think that I would still be able to attack her in my wounded state. She cried out in surprise as black light emerged and surrounded her body, swinging her narrow sword as she approached the black light I emitted.


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